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College Textbooks? Forgedaboutit!

A new study from our friends at U.S PIRG reveals the majority of students have skipped buying a college textbook because the prices are too damn high!

the facts

  • The cost of textbooks average over $1,200 for each student per year.

  • If you add on student loan debt, which averages $30,000 per student, clearly we have an even bigger problem, Houston.

  • The dirty secret about textbooks is that they don’t need to be so expensive; online rental programs or open source formats can be used to reduce costs and improve instruction.

  • Clearly someone is getting rich of these things, and it ain’t the students.

Why You Should Care

  • Well for starters, textbooks will probably take a hit to your wallet at some point. Or perhaps they have already. But more importantly, it’s hard to be academically successful if you forego the books that your professors require.

OurTime Opinion

Thankfully, Senators Dick Durbin and Al Franken have some pretty good legislation: it creates a grant program to expand the use of textbooks that can be made available online and offered with free access to the public. In other words, free open source textbooks for all! You can support this concept and also ask your schools to help out by signing our petition here: