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High School Students Not Prepared for College, Career


  • More than 25% of high school graduates fell short of college readiness benchmarks set by the ACT in all four subjects tested (English, Math, Science, & Reading), while¬†60% failed to meet preparedness benchmarks in at least two of the subjects.

  • Only 31% of students demonstrated the necessary math and science skills to succeed in college-level science courses, while more than 50% were deemed unprepared for college-level math courses.


  • Ensuring students are prepared to enter the workforce is critical to their continued success, as companies now struggle to find new talent with the requisite skill set.

  • The global economy requires students to perform at a higher level to compete in the now hyper-competitive job market.


The American education system needs to be reformed to reemphasize the math and science curriculum if our graduates are going to compete for jobs in this increasingly digitized society. The failure to adequately prepare students for success in the workplace will only lead to companies looking elsewhere to fill their vacancies, and weaken our long term economic security and social infrastructure as a whole.

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