Standing up for young americans


the facts

  • Last week, the Obama administration said it will stop enforcing a law that blocks benefits to partners of military veterans in same-sex marriages.

  • Federal benefits to veterans defines “spouse” to mean a person of the opposite sex.

  • Attorney General Eric Holder stated that the definition leaves out legally married same-sex couples and is unconstitutional under the reversal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

  • However, some states such as Texas and Mississippi are reportedly stalling on processing benefits for same-sex couples.

Why we should care

  • Since DOMA was found unconstitutional, the Social Security Administration has started processing spousal retirement claims for same-sex couples and paying benefits.

  • Legally married same-sex couples will also be able to file joint tax returns, even if they live in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriages.

our time opinion

This is a great step in the push for marriage-equality.

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