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The Environmental Protection Agency is about to make a major move to curb carbon emissions

Today, the EPA will release its plans to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions from US power plants by 30% by the year 2030. This comes after an especially damming report from the UN in March listing the dangers of continued inaction on global warming, and an April report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showing that carbon dioxide levels had reached the highest level in 800,000 years.

Under the EPA’s proposed plan, states would have the ability to figure out the best way to reach the goal numbers, but they must enact rules and implement a plan by 2016. This would be the United States’ most significant attempt to control Carbon pollution in its history, and the first time any national limits would be set.

According to the American Lung Association, almost half of all Americans live with seriously polluted air, and children, the elderly, and low-income communities are the most affected. Children in low-income communities, especially minority communities, are also more vulnerable to the effects of polluted air.

If the US is seriously committed to children’s health, as well as reducing disparities for low-income and minority communities, then not only is this a necessary step, it’s also just the first of many.