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This large clothing brand did WHAT to their employees?

the facts

  • In August, Forever 21 cut hours of some full-time employees and reclassified them as part-time. There is speculation that this action was to prevent the store from having to provide insurance to those employees.

  • Employees who received the Forever 21 memo had their hours reduced to a maximum of 29.5 a week.

  • According to the Affordable Care Act, companies who employ 50 or more workers must provide health insurance coverage for any employees who work more than 30 hours a week— or face a penalty.

Why we should care

  • We’ve seen several major companies, such as Papa John’s, react to Obamacare in a similar way by threatening to reduce employees hours.

our time opinion

Employers of all sizes have a responsibility to treat their employees well. Employers that don’t treat their employees well would be wise to remember that Millennials are more likely to shop at companies whom they view as having a social conscience.

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