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What the hell is voter purging?!

What the hell is voter purging?!

In recent under-covered news, the state of Florida considered purging non-legal voters from state lists for the second time in two years. At face value, this doesn’t seem like a bad thing. After all, people who are not American citizens do not have the right to vote, and trying to stop that from happening is simply trying to enforce the law.

In practice however, voter purging is actually disenfranchising eligible American voters and failing to serve its purpose in preventing voter fraud. One reason for this is that voter fraud is incredibly rare. According to the Presidential Commission on Elections and the National Weather Service, a person is more likely to be struck by lightning than commit voter fraud. Since voter fraud is so rare, an election would have to have a margin of fewer than roughly five votes for it to impact an election. The other issue is that the lists of supposed illegal voters are often incorrect, usually including hundreds of American citizens, if not more.

In this particular case, the Florida Secretary of State, Ken Dentzer, is the one trying to purge the voter rolls. He first called for a purge in late 2011, which was ended by the Department of Justice after hundreds of legitimate voters were included on the list. Florida Governor Rick Scott claimed it was accidental while critics claimed it targeted minorities. Mr. Dentzer planned to resume the purge in 2013, but met intense pushback and was forced to promise and end to the purges until 2015 just last week.

It seems that America may finally be getting closer to the point where most people in any party realize that these purges are costly, ineffective, and damaging to our Democracy. We wholeheartedly agree.