10 Best Mechanical Kitchen Timer Reviews

Every cook often desires to have all foods prepared the right way. But, for many, there is too much to be handled, making it hard to watch how long cooking goes. Even worse, it could be detected with a smell of something burnt.

Without doubts, some meals provide the best tastes if accurately cooked. And so to avoid burning or overcooking the next dessert, investing in the best kitchen timer is vital. The devices guarantee that nothing will go wrong at any time. It is therefore bad to underestimate the value of such gadgets. Below is a review to enable you to make the right choice.

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Best Kitchen Timer Buying Guide

Preparing favorite lip-smacking foods needs accuracy and precision. Thus, before settling for a particular model, there are man things to consider.


Kitchen timers can be carried for use outside the kitchen space. And one convenient way is to hang it on the neck. Fortunately, most of the devices are available in compact sizes that occupy little space. Always confirm if it is light in weight and so can be kept anywhere. However, it would be valuable to place it on counters or on fridge magnets.


Most kitchen timer models have beepers and alarms. Ensure the one you choose alerts you at precisely without causing further irritations. The sound should not be weak, but sufficiently impactful. The accurate setting means a lot for some recipes.

Besides it would be valuable to see the amount of time remaining at a glance. A timer should have a clear and large enough display to enable you to see this. This means even the people having sight issues can track everything well.


Kitchen Timers should come with additional functionality. But this should not compromise on the ease of use. The design should allow simplicity in setting up to provide maximum satisfaction. The complicated ones make the device to lose its value. The best ones should allow you to turn or even come with preset buttons.

When purchasing always check if the hanging facility is proper. This can be in the form of hooks, magnetic backs, and stand. In the end, it determines the ability to access or even hang it.

It is also good to have a model that handles more than one task. For instance, count up and down, work as a clock, recall settings, or even time multiple dishes simultaneously.


Kitchen devices often need to withstand the extreme environments there. The timers are no exception so the devices should be able to cope well with heat, humidity, grease, and fat.


While kitchen timers must be functional, the devices should offer more than that. The devices, of course, look great when displayed. The market, fortunately, understands that every user has personal tastes and preferences. So a range is available for you to choose what matches the style of your space. From vintage to modern designs, you get a chance to choose as per your needs.


The alarm of your timer must be loud enough to be heard. Also, it must always last enough time. The period, however, differs with the type, as the analog and digital ones run for different times. some can produce flashlight and other vibration alerts. This is helpful especially for individuals having hearing problems. It as well if there are children sleeping in the house and so will not be disturbed with noise.

Power sources

There is a range of models that means the way the units are powered is different. Some are mechanical and others need periodical replacement of batteries. However, the unit should be turned off to save battery power.

Top 10 Best Mechanical Kitchen Timer Reviews

1. Wrenwane Magnetic Backing Kitchen Timer Review

Wrenwane Timer (Upgraded), No Frills, Simple Operation, Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand, White

Compactness and portability are some useful features of kitchen timers. The Wrenwane device has this nature making it an ideal option. This digital unit has a clear, large, and easily read LCD screen. That means at a glance you can check the remaining time across the kitchen. Besides, the size is perfect for people with visual impairment. Even if the room is dim you can read the screen without straining.

This timer features an alarm that is clear and loud enough. So if you are in a different room,  you can hear the sound. Thankfully, it can count like other timers and stopwatch. Thus, it is perfect for use outside the kitchen. For instance, when doing homework, cooking, classroom, gym, workout, and sports activities. It has a precise and useful timing range from 59 seconds to 99 minutes. Even better, it can recall the previous setting.

Additionally, the timer brags of its versatile display. Its magnetic backing can be used to fix it onto the fridge, a folding stand, placed on a level surface or hang at a convenient place. It is powered using batteries so easy to switch off when not being used.


  • Compact design.
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use.


  • No frills.
  • Poor finishing
  • Loud alarm

2. Habor Kitchen Timer with Digital Clock Review

Habor Kitchen Timer, 24-Hours Digital Timer [Multifunctional] with Clock for Cooking, Loud Alarm & Strong Magnet, Count-Up & Count Down for Kitchen Baking Sports Games Office Study (Battery Included)

One of the most reliable and flexible units is the Habor kitchen timer digital. With it loud and clear beeping sound ranging between 67-94db its rings once the countdown is done. So you have no worries about overcooking while doing laundry or another task. The beeps of the alarm are continued for 60 seconds. Afterward, the timer automatically remembers the last time set.

The device has an adjustable timer with a range of 1 second up to 24 hours. Thus it is perfect for count up or down activities including baking, cooking, exercise, nap, laundry, beauty, kid’s games among others. with its personality design, you can quickly set up the timer. Simply, press the 2 seconds button to forward fast.

Habor has a 2 by 1.2 inches display with large and clear digits. Therefore, it is easily read even if you cannot reach the device. On/Off button saves power, as you have the chance to turn off the unit when not in use. The battery has a maximum life of 18 months. So no worries about frequent replacement.


  • Large screen
  • Convenient to use
  • Warranty included


  • Keying time takes long
  • Fragile stand legs
  • Slips out easily

3. Datexx The Miracle TimeCube Timer Review

Datexx The Miracle TimeCube Timer, 1, 5, 10 and 15 Minutes, for Time Management, Kitchen Timer, Kids Timer, Workout Timer, Green

The most ideal way to efficiently run your activities is by completely focusing on a single task. The Datexx Time Cube is one effective tool that everyone looking to manage time must-have.

Constructed from plastic, this cuboid timer is simple to use. Even with grease-filled hands, you can have it running in no minute. Simply turn it to position the right side facing up. Every face has a preset time including 1, 5, 10, and 15 minutes. It is powered using two AAA batteries that means you can put it off when not in use.

As the timer runs, there is an LED light that blinks on the side of the unit. This allows you to know that the device is timing. As it gets within the last 30 seconds, this red light blinks faster. Then a clear alarm goes off to alert you that the time is over. When this is complete, just turn this cube in a manner that the zero looks upwards.


  • Clean and simple design
  • Ease-of-use
  • No irritating ticking sound


  • Loud alarm sound and volume.
  • Setting exact times is hard with one cube.
  • Batteries purchased separately

4. OXO Good Grips Triple Timer Review

OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

The OXO timer is a versatile, convenient, and effective device. It undoubtedly will complete the job when it is needed the most. One excellent thing about this unit is that it has three in one device. The feature provides enough freedom on what it can be used for. You can set one for the cooking stew, another for baking, and the other for simmering soup. Of course, the all-rounded device will tell when the tasks are complete.

Another interesting aspect that remains a concern is the outfitted LCD display. This allows you to read without difficulties even if you have poor eyesight. Its buttons are easy to push because they are all soft when touched. Also, the size is enough and even from a distance, you cannot risk pressing two of them at the same time.

Do not fear bout how to know the remaining time. There is a tiny LED display that tells the time left to complete some tasks. The unit also comes with an on/off button to allow you to turn off the timer if it is not being used. Its battery life is exceptional, and you hardly need to change them.


  • Convenient
  • Comfortable
  • Sizable display


  • Not ideal for hearing impaired.
  • Ergonomically unfriendly
  • Stops working soon

5. Antonki Kitchen Timer with Magnetic Stopwatch Review

Timers, Kitchen Timer for Cooking, Digital Timer for Kids, Egg Timer, Magnetic Stopwatch Clock Timer for Classroom, Teacher, Study, Exercise, Oven, Baking, Desk - AAA Battery Included - 2 Pack

The simplicity that comes with a multipurpose time like Antonki Digital Kitchen Timer should never miss in your cooking time. This device works well both for count up and count down. Thus it is ideal for use when cooking, kids games, teaching, preparing bbq, in the gym, spa, hair salon, meeting among others.

The package features AAA battery. This reduces the need to purchase an extra one. Even better the battery is energy-saving and long-lasting. It remains in good condition for up to 1.5 years. Once the insulating film is removed, it will work as a standby any time.

What is better, all you need is to press the “Min” or “Sec” to set it to ZERO. After which you can immediately start timing. This simple and tranquil button design makes kids also find the unit convenient. Yes, they can use it with ease without thinking too hard. It has big and clear digits that display well on the large LCD screen. Thus it is fit for use by people without the best eyesight.

Using or keeping it is not a struggle. Thanks to the durable stand included for placing it on to the refrigerator or oven.


  • Reliable
  • Extra-long ring
  • Easy-to-read


  • May arrive with malfunctions
  • Low alarm sound
  • Magnet not stronger

6. Samshow Digital Dual Kitchen Timer Review

Samshow Digital Dual Kitchen Timer - Countdown Timer, Cooking Timer, Stopwatch, Large LCD Display Count Up/Down Timer, Alarm Reminding by Flashing, Magnetic Back, Stand, White, Battery Included

Investing in a standout timer that comes with maximum timing is worth it. The sounds from Samshow Digital Dual Kitchen Timer proves authentic in alerting you when the time is finished. Thus with the capability to count up and down at once, your events will neer go beyond the expected time. It times both in minutes and seconds from 59 seconds up to 99 hours.

Besides, this unit features a green flashing that shows after every 3 seconds. By the time the countdown ends, it shows a red flash that lasts for a minute. With this timer, be sure that all the food cooks with precision. This attention grabber is perhaps a charming way of preventing burning and overcooking.

Precisely, this unit features a large enough LCD screen. The display boasts of large and clear digits for ease of reading even at a distance.  The alarm is audible and not extremely loud to cause irritation to the family. Of course, the volume is adjustable.

It has a magnet at the back to allow attachment to the refrigerator during storage. Besides, it can be left to rest on any flat surface.


  • Easy to set
  • No irritating sound
  • Excellent memory functioning


  • Stops working abruptly
  • Unusable interface
  • Poor user guide

7. Keiastr Kitchen Timer Review

Digital Kitchen Timer Magnetic Back,Cooking Timer,Large Display Loud Alarm Count-Up & Count Down Dual Timer for Cooking Baking,Volume Adjustable,ON/OFF Switch,Battery Including

If you desire to add a high-grade and stylish unit to spice up the kitchen’s aesthetics, then search no more. The Keiastr Digital Kitchen Timer is the top choice. It has a large, LCD display that is easy to read. Therefore, it is handy for everyone having sight problems.

It also features a loud enough alarm with clear sounds to guarantee that no alarm is missed. The beep is not defeating but is precise to avoid undercooking or overcooking. The good thing is that the volume is adjustable with a range from low, mute, and high.

Additionally, it has a magnetic back, hanging hook and retractable stand. This allows for easy attachment or placement to the refrigerator or on flat places.

It works well as a countdown timer in minutes and seconds. The times run from 59 seconds, 59 minutes to 99 hours. Thus it is fit for many applications including exercise, homework, sports, gym workout, cooking, games, and classroom activities.

Even better, it has on/off switches to ensure minimal power use. So if you prefer to power it down after using the subtle knob can help do that.


  • Large readout
  • Multipurpose
  • Loud enough alarm


  • Weak magnets
  • Poor viewing angle
  • Dark display

8. eTradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer Review

Digital Kitchen Timer Stainless Steel - Silver - Strong Magnetic Back - Kickstand - Loud Alarm - Large Display - Auto Memory - Auto Shut-Off - Model eT-26 (Silver) by eTradewinds

The eTradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer remains a top choice for several worthy reasons. It features an automatic shutoff that makes it reset to 0000 after activations. Thus it perfectly works for tasks undertaken more than once. The operation of this unit is quite easy just one press on the start switch. This action makes it count down to the previous setting.

Indeed, it comes with a convenient and standard in-built automatic on/off button. This feature switches the unit off after every ten minutes of idling. The magnet added stops trembling after pushing the or closing and opening the doors. Thanks to its form protector the timer leaves no damages or marks on the surface of appliances. Besides, the package has an original battery and an extra one for backup.

The timer caters to users’ peace of mind. It has protection from an unrestricted lifetime warranty. That means you get replacements in case the timer breaks down. The alarm is loud enough to prevent missing out even if you are away from the device. Of course, the beep reaches even rooms far from its position.


  • Warranty included
  • Automatically switches off
  • Backup battery included


  • Hard to push buttons
  • Poorly glued magnet
  • Piercing whistling sounds produced sometimes

9. XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer Review

XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer Magnetic Countdown Up Cooking Timer Clock with Magnet Back and Clip, Loud Alarm, Large Display Minutes and Seconds Directly Input-White (2 Battery Included)

If you always overcook food or even forget the allotted cooking time, then worry no more. The XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer has a clear and large LCD display. This size is enough to enable you to easily set and read the times. Thus your favorite meals turn out deliciously cooked and lip-smacking. Yes, 2.1 x 0.75 inches for such a device is effortless to read and see the bold numbers.

This kitchen timer is also an ideal choice because the hearing and visually impaired also find it handy. It is easily heard even if you are in another room away from where it is placed. Thanks to the loud beeping unceasing sound . besides, the unit is powered with batteries that ensure it works throughout.


Not only can it be used for count downs, but also as a count up device. The Start/Stop switch is easy to identify behind the timer. Even better, it is simple to set. It recalls the previous time setting and in case it is turned on but not operating, it goes off every 10 minutes.


  • Easy to read
  • Compact design
  • Widely used


  • Batteries not lasting
  • Weak magnet
  • Design flaws on the battery holder

10. Uigos Digital Kitchen Timer Review

Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer II 2.0 , Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand, for Cooking Baking Sports Games Office (White) (2 Pack)

Even though it is not costly, this Uigos Digital Kitchen Timer is certainly worthy considering. Not only because it is a dual pack but also because it has many useful functions. The unit is not a regular device but features an alarm and clock as well.

The outfitted display is easily read particularly if you have sight problems. Simply look across the room to read the big and bold digits shown. Thus, it is a perfect unit for managing time when cooking, classrooms, sports, gym, and other activities.

Furthermore, this device allows count down and up setting for many activities. The range from 59 seconds to 99 minutes obviously helps when dealing with cooking and other jobs. Do this quickly by pushing and holding the on/off button and quickly get it working.

This timer has three different placement options. It is versatile enough because it has a magnet, a stand, and hook. It is also simple to set and use and even comes with on/switch button for minimal power consumption.


  • Quite attractive.
  • Superior quality.
  • Compact design.


  • Difficult to use
  • The dual pack may not be fit for someone in need of one
  • The duration of use is not enough for all recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best kitchen timer?

The market has many kitchen timer models, perhaps for everyone. So personal tastes determine what you purchase. From multifunctional to mechanical ones, the best device should be useful. Of course, it must give a lot of freedom while cooking and managing other activities. More importantly, it should protect from damages and other potential kitchen issues. Always do in-depth research to find something worth considering to suit your needs.

Q: How do mechanical kitchen timers work?

Most devices used in the kitchen depending on the features added to operate smoothly. And mechanical timers are not an exception as the devices get running using the force its users provide. By turning the button, the unit is set and also avails the needed power to finish a cycle. This action compresses the spring forcing it to unwind, turn the gears, and in turn cause it to move.

Q: What is the purpose of kitchen timers?

With many tasks to be handled in the kitchen there is a need to precisely allot time for each of them. The most appropriate device is a kitchen timer. The unit is set to specific minutes and mostly up to an hour. The sound is like an alarm when the time has gone. That is a sign that what is cooking or even baking is ready.

Final words

Even though phones can certainly replace the kitchen timer, the devices will generally survive the many tasks. Using the best kitchen timer provides the freedom to work at home when cooking. Besides, the timers are multipurpose and thus helps in monitoring other projects.

There are many options that the market offers. The truth is that finding the best pick is overwhelming. Whether you want the simplest mechanical or digital ones, this review gives some of the top-rated models will suit your needs. The most practical ones ensure you have successful and precisely cooked food. So make the right choice.

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