30 Interior Wall Color Ideas You Should Know

You have got the old overalls and the painting rollers ready, but where is the paint? While hoping to feel like Da Vinci or Munch, your mind instead decides to turn off the thinking station.

Enough with the staring back at nothingness. Let me introduce you to some interior wall color ideas before you end up creating a palette maze.

Whether you seek traditional inspiration or modern redemption, below are the colors designers always suggest.

However, you have to learn how to paint interior wall before dipping that roller/brush into the paint bucket. The first step to that chapter is understanding the interior theme. So, shall we move on?

How to Match Interior Wall Paint Color?

Sometimes, we lose track of the old paint can. That makes things extra painful when attempting to recoat the existing color. The years of drilling or spackles do not make things any easier.

I would ask you to use a primer on these flaws before heading for painting over another color. In fact, primer is the best middleman when transforming one color to another.

In any case, get the color swatches from various stores and hold them up on the soon-to-be repainted wall. If that is inaccessible, see if a piece of fabric or a thread matches the accent shade.

Nevertheless, the rising stars in today’s world are the various apps where it finds the matching color. Of course, you will have to fill in some information or take a picture first.

My trick is to figure out the hue in the natural light to find the closest match. It should have illuminating effect to get the best result.

How to Match Interior Wall Paint Color?

30 Interior Wall Color Ideas

Are you ready to digest the information? Do not be nervous; just stop at a shade that brings out your soul, eye color, or mood.

1. Pure White

I hope you have that familiar smile that occurs when you remember a good memory. Going pure white has somewhat that effect on the people – a sense of belonging.

So, it is not old-school to choose an all-white interior. It is, as a matter of fact, the most impeccable color that matches any furniture unit. My finger secretly points to the wooden items, though.

30 Interior Wall Color Ideas You Should Know

2. Smoky Gray

If you wish to give an elegant touch to accent a wall, smoky gray is the answer. It is neither warm nor cool to me, but a feeling that accepts highlighted tones in the room.

3. Glossy White

What happens when the white feels a little bland? You can still give glossy white a shot. It unveils the sophisticated flair that you never thought existed.

Such artistic perception can be achieved in any part of the house, including the washrooms.

house painting colour combinations

4. Kelly Green Splash

Accenting one of the interior walls with Kelly Green Splash brings forth the Scandinavian trace to the room. Throw in some mixed-matched furniture to complete the theme!

5. Forest Green

Adding forest green with white walls surrounding it will transport you in a serene world. It is one of my favorites that corresponds with wooden, golden, or any Nordic furniture like magic.

wall colour design

6. Crisp White

Like I have said, white never goes old. No matter the kind of design idea you have, crisp white is always a trendy color that makes anything festive without even trying.

7. Carmine

When you add a carmine wall to the interior, you are announcing the world of a contemporary transition. It tributes confidence to the well-illuminated living or parlor area.

wall colour design for bedroom

8. Mint Green

If you wish to decorate the room with Monstera and other plants/vines, mint green perfectly accents nature. The color lets you hang those botanical art frames that emphasize the room all the more.

9. Light Oak

You can either paint the whole room in light oak or accent a wall to bring about genuine comfort. This color is a popular choice for kitchen areas where countertops and cabinets offer various ranges of styles.

house painting designs and colors

10. Royal Blue

Entering the room with royal blue will wake you up from the monotonous daze and lift your spirit at best! The shade binds the corner with lively pops that contrast well with a mustard yellow sofa or antique trinkets.

home colour selection

It is the window to a deep personality or even an aristocratic character you have always hidden behind the torn wallpapers.

11. So Golden

How do you find your spiritual world without a touch of gold? It is the type of color that requires patience and subtlety to match with other things in the room.

The moment you find your north – it is the gold shade in this case – you will feel the walls warming up to you. Very few shades have this gift.

12. Dark Gray

As somber as it might appear, with the right tone of furniture and rugs, the place will have its own heart. Dark gray is for the rooms with white ceilings. It is the color that accepts your anger and coolness without judgment.

interior house paint colors pictures

Add a vintage chandelier or a bright orange chair to the place to witness the charming shift in the air.

13. Powder Blue

The paint powder blue will instantly light up the room like no other. Give varieties of decorative items a chance here. It can be black, mint green, wooden, or leather items.

You will not have to work too hard to counterpart space.

14. White and Marine Blue

Give that dull room an accent wall by partnering up with marine blue. It will not let you down, nor will it kill the joy. The color practically makes a home in any section of the house.

Make your house a home with this calming pair where you will love to grow old happily.

two colour combination for living room

15. Salmon Pink

Is it the hallway or a dining corner? It could be the whole room or just the wardrobe wall too. Salmon pink has a softening effect on the surrounding. It even uplifts a person’s bad day upon entering the place.

So, how about saving a wall or two in the interior for the shade to energize your mood?

16. Sage Green

Every time I see a sage green accent wall/room, I am reminded of Italian décor that never goes out of style. If you like to follow the current trend, give the room a touch of tranquility with this tone.

Terracotta colors complement such green extraordinarily. Let your imagination take hold of the ideas.

wall colour design

17. Artful Greige

The artful greige is in huge demand nowadays. But it still makes things too common, you know. It depends on how you set the interior with furniture and fittings.

I believe it is a color that will never go out of style. The shade has such profoundness to it that you cannot help but paint it everywhere. Of course, leave the skirting alone to the traditional white for a better pop-up.

18. Lime Green

You have to be extremely cautious when selecting lime green paints. One wrong shade, the whole room will end up looking like a camouflaged reptile.

My suggestion is to apply this as an accent in a room that allows a lot of sunlight. The reptile effect will dissipate, shifting into a freshly picked lime from the garden!

wall colour combination for living room

19. Olive Tones

Giving the room an olive tone is yet another of my favorite way to discover one’s persona. It suits light wooden furniture units and contributes to your office/study, a sanctuary one desperately seeks.

20. Coral

Anything ivory, golden, forest green, or black easily embraces the coral color in any room. This shade has something in it that undoubtedly erases all the worries and fills your mind with comprehension.

house painting designs and colors

Coral is another name for chic sophistication that drops hints of a trendy vibe as you walk around.

21. Pastel Blue

I find pastel blue a soothing color to the eyes, especially in a bedroom where the window filters early morning sun rays through the light curtains. This color complements various cane and bamboo furniture items tremendously, as if the color was meant for them from the beginning!

22. Ever-Changing Neutral

You know what? You do not always have to stick to one paint color. The ever-changing neutral shades are the biggest example of the cause. As long as you match each wall with the right accent, the interior will light up with the tone anyway.

wall colour design for bedroom

23. Blue Gray

The blue gray reminds me of concord grapes. If you wish to achieve calming air in cool tones that are not too harsh, this color is the long-lost answer.

two colour combination for living room

24. Violet

You have to select the violet shades carefully as well. Do not use the darker version unless it is an accent wall. And matching the furniture and beautifying the room further with this hue is a tough task.

interior house paint colors pictures

Still, the result – upon the proper complement, is a savory delight you will admire every day. Remember, the lighting source is an important factor here to highlight the tone.

25. Creamy Neutrals

If you wish to rescue the interior walls from some hurtful paint colors, head straight for the creamy neutrals. They are the wisest choice when nothing else works.

You will have the freedom to hang bohemian ornaments to the wooden artworks without thinking twice.

house painting designs and colors

26. Ice Blue

Even though the name has a cold undertone, it is nothing but a lively formulation to qualify the old walls. It is unique and almost inseparable from the bond you create with love.

home colour selection

27. Cool Hues

Nothing beats the cool hues when trying to spread relaxing currents all over the house. These hues include the shades of green, purple, or blue.

They can take you back to the oceans, rainforests, and purple twilight sky.

wall colour design

28. Formal Gray

You can paint formal gray to accent the walls with a white ceiling. Keeping modern wooden furniture in the space further sharpens the décor flawlessly.

Do not forget to add a contrasting flower vase to the room as an experiment.

interior house paint colors pictures

29. Pale Blue

If the house incorporates those wide windows, pale blue walls will spread the illumination all over the room. It is a color one can use in a children’s room or on a wall with a modern fireplace.

You might have to sort light-colored items for a better interior structure.

wall colour combination for living room

30. Cream

Lastly, cream is the color that always embraces your tears and happiness regardless of the weather. Its shades are perfect for applying on all the walls without any mistakes.

Besides, it is easy to find a replacement when recoating during renovation.

How to Paint Interior Wall?

Never start without cleaning the wall. Then comes the point where you remove any obstruction on it. Do not forget to move the furniture items from the area unless you want to spray them with paints too!

Step 1: Tapes

Make sure the room is well lit for your own benefit! Get as many wall tapes as possible. Use them around the borders, switchboards, lighting brackets, etc.

In short, surround anything that you do not wish to paint with tapes.

How to Paint Interior Wall with Tapes?

Step 2: Primer

This option is for the walls that already comprise dark/light shades. Applying the primer beforehand will accentuate the intended color to its original hue.

You can avoid this step if the wall is white.

How to Paint Interior Wall

Step 3: Edges

Remember the tapes I suggested plastering around the section? After mixing the paint, take a brush and start painting near these regions. It is better to get over the hard part before the meditating rolling, right?

how to paint a wall yourself

Start from the edges toward the ceiling, then slowly travel down to the floor that meets the wall. This helps keep a smooth pattern without paint running down.

Step 4: Roller

Finally, you will reach the best and most fun part. Take the roller you have been dying to use and dip it in the rolling tray by moving it back and forth. You can do it directly in the paint bucket if it is big enough.

how to get a smooth paint finish on walls

Once again, start from the top, rolling either vertically or horizontally. Try to avoid using both ways; it leaves a rough texture that might not be in your preference.

Lastly, leave some music in the background as you accent the interior wall!


The colors you choose are usually based on your taste and personality. Yet, I found White and Marine Blue, Forest Green, and Ever-Changing Neutral to go with every mood if you ask me.

Besides, Lime Green or Violet is a bold decision for someone willing to live without regrets. On the other hand, Pure White is a favorite to all for being so subtle with any accent color.

Once you adapt how to paint interior wall, there is no limit to your imagination! Let that be repainting, coating, fixing an error, or entirely changing the room theme.

I hope this article aids you in landing the perfect interior wall color ideas to complement the décor.

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