The 10 Best Biometric Time Clock Reviews

In the past biometric technology suffered from various critical security shortcomings. But over the years it has become more reliable for extensive usage. Even better it is quite useful for every environment whether it is dirty or cold. However, it is difficult to get the right system to choose from the ones available.

Perhaps, the complexity of features makes it hard to match the right one to the existing needs. The best biometric time clock often does more than monitoring attendance. With the right device, it calculates hours, accommodates shift dealing, or remain as adjustable standard punch-clock. This guide presents some of the top choices that guarantee efficient operations.

List Of The Top 5 Biometric Time Clock – Our Best Picks

A Buying Guide To The Best Biometric Time Clock

Since there is no best way to reduce buddy punching, biometric time clocks can make it possible. But when purchasing there are many things worth looking at in a device. Some of the considerations include:

  • Remote Access

Commercial biometric technologies are increasingly becoming easy to manage. The reason is that everything in the devices gets incorporated over the Wi-Fi. That consists of fingerprint scans and others. Having the ability to remotely access all the data is always an ideal thing. This ability makes the type of support offered to become appealing to various business owners. Although this depends on the quality of the app and the cloud provided. So the capability will vary extensively between different models.

  • Software

The way someone views and interacts with the collected data through biometrics time clocks is essential. Many of the devices come with some type of interface for use. Some designs can allow printing of hard copies, and others depend entirely on digital communication. In such an instance the key thing is to meet the unique needs depending on the conditions. Without producing the prints then there is an ability to save a huge amount of effort, time, and money. But if this is essential, then look for printouts having equal clear and economical parts to print.

  • Scalability

The number of users to bee registered or tracked with the select time clock matters. Many biometric scanners limit the number of users. Some, however, allow expansion and others allow connection of many devices into a united network. Never think of scalability to be less important since the aspect is not always available. Thankfully, specific manufacturers mention and include it.

  • Security Features

Before handling user logins, it is good to think about additional security features offered. For example, the registered individuals can clock-in using both a fingerprint and a badge. Then again, the device can allow the use of fingerprints and a pin-number. Securing the information, therefore, should not worry you in any way. However, pulling the data from the unit should be easy.

Regarding this, there is more than one thing to have in mind. The use of biometric scans can be for specific users or in select areas. Of course, it is not worth forcing everybody’s data into this system. In addition, the scanners will not eep images of people’s fingerprints. The only thing recorded is threads of letters and numbers. The details thus become encrypted in many cases.

Top 10 Best Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews

1. Compumatic Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Review

Compumatic XLS Bio v2 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock System, WiFi, CompuTime101 Software Included, 0 NO Monthly Fees!!

Durability is a top aspect worth considering while shopping for the best employee time clocks. Having this feature in mind, this Compumatic fingerprint system comes handy. The package comes complete with all the parts needed to quickly setup.

Constructed from premium materials, its design remains classy and heavy-duty. Also, there is a combination of both digital and analog LCD screen. The features add more convenience and functionality.

The clock is easy to use thanks to the automatic punch feed system. Simply align your fingers and touch once the screen for verification. Additionally, it supports up to 3000 finger template. For this reason, the device suits businesses having a large number of workers.

It has an intrinsic battery that serves as a backup when there is a power shortage. Most noteworthy, the featured wired, WiFi or USB download helps in communication. There is no need to constantly connect computers. The punch memory has a high capacity that stores a maximum of 50000 transactions of downloads. The incorporated flash memory will save data even if there is no power.


  • Features packaged.
  • Easy to use
  • Inbuilt battery included


  • Warranty runs only for one year.
  • Some features are sold separately

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2. Creative Time Solutions Face & Fingerprint System Review

Biometric Face Recognition Time Clock | 100% Non Contact Solution, Just Face & GO | No Need to Press in/Out Keys | Cloud Monthly Subscription | Login from Anywhere | ADP-PayChex-QB-Others

If you have a sensitive business then investing in the Creative Time Solutions Fingerprint Time Clock comes handily. This unit is highly efficient and it has full-time clock support from the manufacturer. That means, in case of any issues you can call and get help.

There is the option of paying some monthly fees the unit provides a reliable payroll interface. This feature has many things including time card consents, punch rounding, and recording of daily or weekly overtime. What is more, no installation is required and clocking in and out can continue even if there is no internet.

This system is flexible to allow users to add very many employees as desired. Also, different clock places can be added. Besides, its cloud storage allows the keeping of all the information stored securely for future use. For convenience reasons, the unit uses fingerprints. The information is then accessible from any place and anytime through different devices.

Lifetime warranty provision is a clear indication that the manufacturer is designing and choosing construction material in the right way.  Also, it consists of technical support to prove that every purchaser will confidently use the unit.


  • Simple to use interface.
  • Warranty included


  • Cards cannot be used
  • Many confusing features

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3. Icon Time Systems Biometric Time Clock Review

Icon Time Systems TP-BIO TotalPass Small Business Premium| Biometric Time Clock

If you need a superb biometric device that covers many needs, then it is worth considering the Icon Time Systems. This unit provides great money value since its package includes all that is needed to automatically record all the employee’s information.

It nearly needs no extra software installation to start using it. of course, after putting the system up, you can immediately start punching. This device suit well small businesses because its capacity holds between 5-500 fingerprints. Even better, the information on this machine is accessible from many devices. That means you can view all the logs effectively.

The device also provides all the users several ways of punching in. The options included using a badge, a pin, a Web punch or a fingerprint scanner. Web punch systems are especially beneficial if an organization has employees who work from home or even away from the office. And with it, 15 WP authorizations are issued. This unit as well utilizes a camera if the fingerprint of someone is not recognized. This is an ideal security measure.


  • Great value
  • Many times of punch options
  • Camera available for extra security


  • Extra costs for upgrade choices
  • Short unpaid support periods

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4. Fingertec TA300 Fingerprint Desktop Time Clock Review

Fingertec TA300 Desktop Time Clock & Attendance Fingerprint Terminal Totally Portable for on The Go Training Centers, Trade Shows & Construction Workers

If you need a package out of a time clock system, then check out for the Fingertec Time Clock. This device is amazingly fast and accurate, thanks to its advanced high-speed CPU. Its simplicity and flexibility make the device fit for jobs that need attendance. This entire unit is quite thin and slim, standalone, and looks quite specialized generally.

The selling point of this device is on the design and capacity. This item accommodates a large enough number of fingerprints and thus will serve many users. The size makes it practical for use even by bigger companies and offices. Of course, this advanced machine is ideal for monitoring time attendance and it works similar to mobile gadgets. The reader does not need to be connected or installed to function.

Of course, if you find it hard to use. Calling tech support is very helpful, and all your questions will be answered. Luckily, the team is responsive and specialized.  You will be attended to immediately and excellently.


  • Fast processing
  • Suitable for big companies
  • Built-in features work well


  • Hard to download data
  • Not compatible with all computers
  • Not compatible with Wi-Fi

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5. Allied Time USA Biometric Employee Time Clock Review

Biometric Employee Time Clock with Online Reporting - Face, Palm, Finger, Badge, WiFi Ready (#CB4000)

When shopping for any device for business, its cost is a key factor not to be overlooked. Keeping it in mind, this Allied Time USA biometric time clock is a quality product developed and available at a reasonable price. The designed allows it to compute both normal and overtime accurately. That means employee payments are rightfully done without paying for the time no work was done. The system is easy-to-setup and so is usually ready for use within no time. As a fully standalone clock no PC connection is required. This is an excellent unit for reducing fraud since all the information gets encrypted.

Using this device either is more direct for the employees all that is needed is to drop in the cards to punch. Also, this unit provides the benefit of use depending on all pay cycles. From monthly to bi-weekly and even weekly all is possible. Besides the employer can adapt the display and print format.

The unit comes with all the necessary accessories. This means minimal extra cost gets incurred in seeking the supplies. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee.


  • Precise recording.
  • Completely automatic.
  • Warranty included


  • Instruction may be hard to follow.
  • Overpriced

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6. FingerTec TA200 Plus Color Fingerprint Clock Review

FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 Plus Color Fingerprint + RFID Time Clock

If searching for something that removes buddy-punching with a high level of specialty, then you need this FingerTec Time Clock. This biometric device clock uses a fingerprint scanner, RFID, or pin numbers.

The system is quite advanced that it takes the user’s data and then transfers it to a scanner. The scans are then removed, as a safety measure, and the details are stored. So that when the user goes to the scanner later, this device matches the information with what is stored.

One thing making this device highly great is that it is impossible to fake the information. It works precisely so that it absolutely prevents buddy punching. Employees are mistaken to think that the device can be triced. Of course, it remembers every detail that was initially captured.

As for its capacity, the system has a storage memory of up to 10000 individuals. That said, it is more fit for big offices and businesses. Its display is colored with user-friendly interface features. The information gets downloaded from the network through CAT5 cable or USB drive.


  • Advanced fingerprint recognition
  • Nearly hard to fool
  • Reduces buddy punching completely


  • Expensive
  • Only six months of free support offered

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7. Timedox Silver D Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Review

Timedox Silver D Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock for Employees | $0 Monthly Fee | One Time Payment for The Software Required | Arrange in Out Automatically

The most ideal solution to time and attendance needs device that is features packed. And the convenience is provided by the Timedox Biometric Time Clock. Unlike other detached software, this device offers excellent money value. Thanks to the cloud program that allows automatic IN and OUT punches. Pressing is not confusing anymore. And the information collected is loaded through a USB drive ad transferred to the cloud.

The unit tracks all the data that is vital for lasting growth and steadiness. The summaries of present or absent employees on a weekly or daily basis lead to automatic deductions and accurate payment reports. Even better, the data presented is clear enough and easy to transfer to payroll.

With the Timedox time clock no monthly or annual fee is required. And it supports about 500 users having the ability to store the information of the last transactions. This is available even is there is no power. Also included is a fingerprint reader and pin code for use when fingerprints cannot be read. The uses have the ability to view all the cumulative hours as well.


  • Fast processing.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Great for any company size


  • Software issues
  • Extra costs incurred on software
  • No wifi connection

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8. Allied Time USA Fingerprint Employee Time Clock Review

AT5000 Fingerprint & Badge Employee Time Clock with Printer, Battery, USB Drive and 5-Badges Included

With enough capacity that saves a maximum number of 25 payroll hours from every employee per year, this Allied Time USA AT5000 Time Clock is built to improve the productivity of any business and thus increase the profits. This unit prints both date and time and also allow users to select from the preprogrammed data when printing time-sensitive forms. Of course, it comes with all that is needed to have it plugged in and ready to use.

Also, this time clock is efficient for use throughout the day and year. Its design allows for printing the calculated time on the included thermal rolls. The seasons and days are also adjusted automatically thus quite easy to set and use.

This unit accommodates unrestricted workers’ numbers so it has great importance. The presence of secure RFID Badge and Fingerprint Scan allows for the collection of punches. This feature calculates all work hours and then prints out the time cards.

As a standalone unit, its in-built functioning battery makes it easy to move. Even better it allows you to use it for a maximum of 6-hrs even without power.


  • Compact design.
  • Easy to use
  • Precise data.


  • May come without batteries
  • The software is not compatible with Mac.

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9. Creative Time Solutions Fingerprint Clock Review

Biometric Fingerprint | Monthly Subscription | Life Warranty | Daily-Weekly Overtime, Approvals, Accruals, Lunch-Break Rules Exceptions | Login from Anywhere | ADP-PayChex-QB-Others

Time clocks need to be not only amazing but also extraordinarily accurate. This Creative Time Solutions model makes the perfect device for stopping buddy punching and potential ways of time-stealing. If your business is more delicate then you will find efficient time every month and annually. Thanks to the incorporated payroll interface that comes packed with many features. It utilizes fingerprint and allows upto 15 Active users.

Even better, this unit is flexible and it allows employees to add very many users as desired. Also, different clock locations can be added and the information can be accessed from anyplace and anytime with different devices. Of course, no installation is required to have it running. And the information is stored safely to the cloud for convenient access in the future. When there is a need to use the data, they are accessible remotely.

The free lifetime warranty provided shows the devotion of the company in offering the best solution to the customers. Additionally, this consists of technical support. The good thing is that no installation is required.


  • Accurate services for multiple events
  • Simple to use interface
  • Easy to install


  • Needs monthly subscriptions
  • Hard to access online accounts.
  • Complicated software

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10. uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Time Clock Review

uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

If you need to overcome the shortcoming that time and attendance systems have, then you need to try uAttend Wi-Fi Time Clock. Not only is this device budget-friendly, but also it has high quality that is readily accessible. Likewise, as an employer, you can gain awareness about the employees. It also checks the accumulated benefits. With a single swipe of the card, all the data is transferred to the cloud.

Yes, with this unit buddy punching is never an issue anymore. This system ensures only the specific user clocks in and out. When there is overtime, the managers and supervisors receive an alert. Besides, automatic actions save the employer much from monitoring attendance.

Even better, this system ensures the company’s payroll gets processed as fast as possible. And the data is exported precisely making it easy to trace the pay hours. And if your rules are strict, this machine can be used to implement all using lockouts. This ends up saving a lot of time always as the employees can request the time.

The manufacturer further offers a lifetime warranty for replacement and also limitless customer support. The team is reachable 24/7.


  • Very precise.
  • Cost-effective
  • Data is available anywhere.


  • Monthly subscriptions required
  • Wifi connectivity issues

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Frequently Asked Question On Best Biometric Time Clock

Q: What is a biometric time clock?

Ans: The biometric time clocks are a tool used by employees to record the time employees clock in/out. This is better than the traditional system that sees employees writing down the details.  The exact time the device is used is recorded. Since its invention, there is no more use of manual clocks. Instead, people now punch in cards, electronically print the information, and the latest fingerprints and face recognition technology.

Q: Why do all businesses need a biometric time clock?

Ans: Hourly paid employers are usually paid for the total time spent working. The precise time work starts and finishes is different from the written starting and finishing hours. Generally the time registered by an employee is different from what the time clock records. The device shows the precise minute that it is used. That means rounding of time is eliminated and no one is favored.

Q: Will a small business benefit from using Biometric Time Clocks?

Ans: For a business, this question is fair. Employers often would like all the employees to behave well and arrive at the workplace early enough. That means, there is maximum productivity, and consequently high profits. However, outdated clock systems became easily duped. That is the point buddy-punching is handy. Since ancient systems could not know the unauthorized punching of other people, the tools could be misused. It became an issue since workers who delayed for some minutes would turn to clocks. At the same time, others would take paid off.

In essence, one big benefit of using biometric time clocks is that the devices excellently stop buddy punching. The equipment also tracks who is present and absent, the number of overtime or break hours is available. All this helps in creating a better workforce image, and even better pay depending on the merits. Biometric time clocks are as well an ideal safety measure. The application of face and fingerprint recognition makes it hard to have unauthorized people to gain access to areas meant for employees only.

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Final remarks

As biometric technology commercializes, more businesses are using this tool to gain competitive advantage. From locks to mobile phones, its application is gradually becoming normal. For employers, it now indicates that attendance can be tracked efficiently using the best fingerprint time clocks. With fingerprint recognition, the devices have made things highly efficient and useful.

But choosing and purchasing the right one has many considerations. The process may appear challenging especially without a detailed guide. Hopefully, this article helps you make the proper decision regarding such products. You can never go wrong by selecting among the 10 products.


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