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by Kimberly Hill

If you have to retain moisture, improve the soil structure, and even suppress the weeds of your garden, mulching is the best process that you should go for. Not only it looks beautiful, but also it effectively adds fine polish to beds and borders.

Mulch comes in different colors, artificial and natural. The current one that is on high-demand is the black mulch. Gardeners around the world prefer to use it most of the time in this kind of situation, and because of that, it came to limelight successfully.

From the following article, we will cover some of the best black mulch that you can go through to pick the ideal one. Let's check it out.

Top Black Mulch by Editors

Top 5 Best Black Mulch Reviews

Top 5 Best Black Mulch Reviews
Top 5 Best Black Mulch Reviews

Since there are many variations available in the market, we have selected the top 5 for you. Keep reading.

1. Rubberific Rubber Mulch Bagged Brown Review

Rubberific Rubber Mulch Bagged Brown
Rubberific Rubber Mulch Bagged Brown

This product is quite renowned among people due to its multiple benefits. It is made from 100% recycled rubber, and fortunately, it won't fade, rot, and compress.

Although it will get exposed to different elements and weather conditions, it will remain intact when it comes to its beauty and original form. If you are a homeowner, you will be able to save some time and money with proper maintenance.

Also, it can be used for playground coverings, and your kids will love it for sure. The elements are non-toxic, and IPEMA certified so, you can have a sigh of relief.

Likewise, if you talk about its benefits, it preserves ground moisture efficiently, and prevents the growth of weed. In this way, the plants stay healthy all the time. Its quality is so good that you don't have to reapply every year.

The good news is it won't attract termites, carpenter ants, or other harmful insects as well. This keeps your beloved landscape protected and healthy.


  • 100% recycled rubber
  • Stays beautiful in all weather conditions
  • IPEMA certified
  • Non-toxic
  • Doesn't attract harmful insects like termites, carpenter ants, etc.


  • Pricy
  • Takes a large quantity of mulch to cover the ground

2. Play safer Black Rubber Mulch Review

Playsafer Black Rubber Mulch 77 Cu. Ft. - 2000 Lbs. Pallet - 50 Bags
Playsafer Black Rubber Mulch 77 Cu. Ft. - 2000 Lbs. Pallet - 50 Bags

Are you looking for the one that protects your ground and keeps you out from injuries as well? Then, you should consider having this product. This mulch provides a playground protection surface and gives unmatched shock absorbency. Whether you are playing an intense match or not, the chances of injuries will be less.

Another remarkable feature is its soft cushioning effect that it provides on the ground. As a result, your kids will definitely have an enjoyable time. For 310 square feet of ground, it provides 3 inches of coverage smoothly. When you purchase, you will get it on a pallet with 50 individual bags.

Unlike the low-quality ones, you need minimal maintenance, and thankfully, it dries quickly after rain and won't lose its original look. Don't worry, it is durable enough to last for an unimaginable amount of time.

It is 99.9% steel-free and has 100% recycled scrap tires, which makes it highly suitable for landscaping. Yes, it is environmentally-friendly and has zero risks for society.


  • Safe from playground injuries
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Dries quickly after rain
  • Won't decompose with time
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • Gives an artificial look on the ground
  • A large area will require more than one pallet

3. Play safer Rubber Mulch Nuggets Protective Flooring Review

Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets Protective Flooring For Playgrounds, Swing-Sets, Play Areas, And Landscaping (40 LBS - 1.55 CU. FT, Black)
Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets Protective Flooring For Playgrounds, Swing-Sets, Play Areas, And Landscaping (40 LBS - 1.55 CU. FT, Black)

If you are looking to provide your kids with a safe and secure playground, this product has can satisfy your requirement. The material is strong enough to absorb external pressure, and due to that, playground injuries can be prevented.

It is IPEMA Certified, which means you are buying a product that has gone through an in-depth factory test. Thus, it is made from recycled tired, which is safe for the environment and is 99.9% metal-free.

You don't have to maintain it regularly as only a small amount of caring will do the work. Furthermore, the spreading process is easy, and there is no need for you to reapply annually. Just spread it a single time, and you are good to go.

During the rainy season, the ground will stay intact, and it has the potential to get dry as quickly as possible at any time. Besides, it won't freeze in colder weather, and you can have peace of mind every time you lay your feet on the ground.


  • Safe for the environment
  • Doesn't attract insects
  • The spreading process is easy
  • Prevents playground injuries
  • Has IPEMA certification


  • Have to use additional pallets for large grounds
  • The outlook looks cheap

4. Longleaf Pine Straw Mulch Colored Black Review

Longleaf Pine Straw - Mulch - Colored Black - 5 Bags Per Box 100-140 Sq. Ft.
Longleaf Pine Straw - Mulch - Colored Black - 5 Bags Per Box 100-140 Sq. Ft.

With this product, you will be able to elevate the beauty of your straw to a large extent. It has all the benefits that a typical non-colored one lacks. After you apply, it will protect the straw from harmful UV rays, and because of that, the colored leaf lasts longer than usual. Plus, it gives a fresh look that goes on months after months.

In the first glimpse, you will get that vibrancy that you have been looking for in the first place. It is made up of non-toxic material (100% natural longleaf pine straw), which is safe for the environment, people, and pets as well.

During the time you install, you will have an enjoyable experience without a doubt. You can easily do it by yourself or can use your family member as support.

Accordingly, you can use it for smaller footprints like small tree rings herbaceous (color) plant beds, courtyards, gardens, or townhomes. It is also suitable for tight landscaped areas surrounded by hardscapes like sidewalks, pools, or business fronts.


  • The installation process is easy
  • Stays fresh in all situation
  • Gives protection from UV rays
  • Safe for the environment, people, and pets
  • Applicable for smaller footprints, and tight landscaped areas


  • Doesn't smell good
  • Light product

5. Pratt-Read 2Cf N.Scapes Black Mulch Review

2Cf N.Scapes Black Mulch
2Cf N.Scapes Black Mulch

Having a product that performs marvelously on a daily basis is nothing more than a heavenly feeling. This one fits the category in a good way. People around the world love it because it has successfully lived up to their expectations.

It gives a classic look when you will open the packaging. The materials are all high-quality, and this is the reason it is highly durable. Applying to your desired area is not tough because it is user-friendly. If you are interested, you can even use a helping hand to finish the work in a shorter time.

Also, this one offers 30% more vivid color that remains in much after a year. Moreover, it uses proprietary technology that allows up to 30% less water usage. As you can see, it has loads of positive sides that make it unique from others.

Who wouldn't love a weed-free garden? Everyone right! This stunning product prevents weeds in a natural way that is simply mind-blowing. Your garden will stay healthy in all seasons, thanks to this mulch.


  • Allows 30% less water usage
  • Prevents weed in a natural manner
  • Efficient product
  • Not challenging to apply
  • Durable product


  • Overpriced
  • Changes color after it gets dried

How To Use Black Mulch

How To Use Black Mulch
How To Use Black Mulch

Using black mulch is not a tough process if you know the information in advance. Below, you will find a step-by-step guide that you can follow to get the job done.

Things that are needed:

  • Soil amendments
  • Rocks
  • Tiller
  • Scissors
  • Bulb planter
  • Drip irrigation system or soaker hose

The Process

  • Step 1: Go to the planting spot, amend and till that area slowly.
  • Step 2: If you are using the black plastic much, place the soaker hose on the soil or install the drip irrigation system. Only use this step when you are using the plastic version as it is impenetrable, prevents additional water from coming in, and retains moisture.
  • Step 3: Before you start planting, roll this mulch gently over the area. Use the scissors for cutting purposes.
  • Step 4: Hide the plastic edges in the dirt, and make sure the plastic is tight over the soil. Leave the dirt so that it warms up before you begin the planting process.
  • Step 5: Take the bulb planter or scissors, and cut holes in the mulch. This is mainly done for the plants.
  • Step 6: Finally, go on with the planting.

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Does Black Mulch Kill Flowers

If you use this colored mulch, unfortunately, it will be unable to break down to enrich the soil like the natural ones. Besides, the color will start to leak, and it will slowly go into the soil.

This harms or even kills insects, soil bacteria, and earthworms. In some situations, the plants become the most vulnerable. Moreover, this dyed mulch contains polluting substances like chromium, copper, arsenic, etc. Along with the color, it also spreads into the soil.

On top of that, the sad thing is, this kind of mulch takes the nitrogen from the soil and creates a gruesome situation for the nitrogen dependent plants. Overall, black mulch is considered deadly for young plants and new landscapes.

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