Top 5 Best Bulb Auger For Drill

by Lucas Lee

Gardening can be therapeutic for the soul and the body due to all the hard work you have to do to nurture the plants. When you are planting bulbs instead of seeds, you have to dig holes bigger and deeper in size due to the larger space required by a bulb for nourishment.

Doing this yourself can be a lot of tenuous work. You will also get your hands and legs dirty. But we have tools called augers to help you with that.

This article will help you to get to know about the best bulb augers out there. This can save both your time and energy. You will also get a brief idea about how this device works in this article. So read ahead to find out more!

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Top 5 Best Bulb Auger Reviews

Top 5 Best Bulb Auger Reviews
Top 5 Best Bulb Auger Reviews

We have done our thorough research and picked five augers that are the best out there. A detailed review of each of these five products can be found below:

1. Auger Drill Bit 1.8×14.6inch Bulb Auger Review

Auger Drill Bit 1.8x14.6inch Garden Plant Flower Bulb Auger Rapid Planter Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger For 3/8' Hex Drive Drill Earth Auger Drill Fence Post Umbrella Hole Digger
Auger Drill Bit 1.8x14.6inch Garden Plant Flower Bulb Auger Rapid Planter Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger For 3/8' Hex Drive Drill Earth Auger Drill Fence Post Umbrella Hole Digger

The first pick on our list has earned an excellent reputation for itself for being a highly effective bulb auger. Plant lovers will find this product to be highly useful and time-saving. This tool is made out of heavy-duty steel that makes it durable and robust.

Moreover, a glossy black painted finish is provided to give it a stylish look. The machine is also equipped with a drill bit point, which helps to maintain stability during drilling. This prevents constant vibrations and also maintains a minimal distance between the blade start and the drill point.

You won't have to push down on the drill much due to the minimal distance between the drill point and the blade. On top of this, the drill can dig holes that are 14.6 inches deep and 1.8 inches wide. The dimensions of its steel shaft are 0.3 inches, and its hex drive measures 0.3 inches.

Likewise, the earth drill bit that comes along is compatible with any 3/8″ or more massive chucked drill. You can get your work done in minutes and plant hundreds of bulbs.


  • Works very quickly
  • Can be used for other purposes like tilling the soil or mixing seed
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Remains stable during drilling
  • Does not require much pushing down


  • Soil and debris needs to be cleaned off regularly
  • The drilling is a bit fragile and can't handle much pressure

2. Power Planter USA Made 3″x12″ DIY Guru Auger Review

No products found.

Power Planter is a unique name in the USA, which is well-known for manufacturing high-quality gardening tools for plant lovers. These tools are easy to work with and have great features. They also manufacture a bulb auger known as the Guru Auger that was made by collecting insights from family farmers.

This auger is equipped with a non-slip hex drive that can fit any3/8″ or larger drill. Thus, you get a lot of flexibility and versatility while using this tool. You can use the machine to plant bedding plants and mix paint, mortar, or soil in a bucket.

Not only this, but the drill can also be used to create your own potting mix composed of peat moss, compost, and perlite. This saves you from the unnecessary expense of getting a commercialized mix. You can also clear out straight stretches of drains and gutters with this one.

On top of this, all you need is a correctly sized auger to do so. Apart from this, you can install termite bait stations using this tool that will protect your plants from bug infestation.


  • Can be used to make own potting mix
  • Helps to install termite bait stations
  • Suitable for mixing paint or cement
  • Compatible with different types of soil
  • Fits drills that are 3/8 inches or larger


  • Does not dig well on hard ground
  • Fragile construction which makes the durability of the item low

No products found.

3. Auger Drill Bit 1.6″x9″ Garden Plant Flower Bulb Auger Review

1.6'(D) X9'(L) Garden Auger Drill Bit For Planting Solid Shaft Heavy Duty Auger Spiral Drill Bit For Planting Bulb Bedding Plants Plants Drill Bit For 3/8
1.6'(D) X9'(L) Garden Auger Drill Bit For Planting Solid Shaft Heavy Duty Auger Spiral Drill Bit For Planting Bulb Bedding Plants Plants Drill Bit For 3/8

This product made it to our list for its high efficiency and versatility in terms of delivering results. This auger comes quite similar to our first pick, but some of its specifications are a bit different. For example, this one is a 1.6″x9″ drill and is made of heavy-duty steel. It is given a black painted finish that gives it a clean look.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a drill bit point that helps prevent vibrations and maintain stability during the drilling process. In addition, you can also use this tool on hard ground without having to push down much due to the minimal distance between the auger drill bit and its blade start.

Accordingly, both the size of the steel shaft and the non-slip hex drive is 0.3 inches. However, this auger differs from the first pick in terms of the hole it can dig. It can dig deeper holes measuring about 9 inches in depth and 1.6 inches in width when you attach it with a handheld drill.

Not only this, but it also saves your time to a great drill by allowing you to finish planting hundreds of bulbs within minutes. Lastly, you can fit this auger to an 18V or greater voltage of an electric drill.


  • Saves time and works quickly
  • Can be used for making mortar mix
  • Helps in mixing fertilizer and soil
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Compatible with 18V electric drills


  • Needs to be regularly cleaned
  • The tendency to wobble in hard ground

4. Power Planter 3″x7″ Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger Review

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The fourth pick on our list is another great bulb auger tool from Power Planter. This is an amazing tool with versatile features that increases your efficiency while gardening and assists in other operations. The tool is fully made in the USA by taking insights from family farmers, enhancing its ability to fulfill your needs better.

Moreover, the auger is compatible with all types of soils, including loamy, sandy, and clay. It fits with any 3/8 inch drill.

Besides helping you to place auger bulbs, this drill will also assist you in bedding plant augers. You can also use it in several versatile tasks. For example, this tool can help you to install termite bait stations and protect your plants from pest infestation.

On top of this, you can even use it to mix small portions of cement, mortar, paint, or fertilizer with this auger. Lastly, if you are worried about aerating your plants, this tool can help you in doing this job efficiently.


  • Helps in soil mixing and preparing one's own mix
  • Can install termite bait stations
  • Assists in establishing beach umbrellas, and post holes
  • Compatible with different types of soils
  • Aerates plants and trees and helps them to grow better


  • Gets dirty quickly with soil debris and needs to be cleaned frequently
  • Its wield cannot withstand much pressure

No products found.

5. Auger Drill Bit 3″x24″ Bulb & Bedding Auger Review

3'(D) X24'(L) Garden Auger Drill Bit For Planting Solid Shaft Heavy Duty Auger Spiral Drill Bit For Planting Bulb Bedding Plants Plants Drill Bit For 3/8
3'(D) X24'(L) Garden Auger Drill Bit For Planting Solid Shaft Heavy Duty Auger Spiral Drill Bit For Planting Bulb Bedding Plants Plants Drill Bit For 3/8

Despite being the last and the fifth pick on our list, this auger drill bit is no less in terms of its features and functionalities than the rest. In fact, it contains some unique features of its own that set it apart from the other items mentioned on this list.

First and foremost, this tool is made of heavy-duty manganese steel, and is given a glossy black painted finish. This increases the durability of the item and also gives it an attractive look. There is also a gap provided between the digging blade and the drill bit, which saves you from additional hard work required in pushing down the drill into the soil.

On the other hand, this auger has been designed to minimize your effort and save your energy. It has a length of 24 inches that makes it long enough and prevents you from getting backaches from bending down.

Moreover, both its steel shaft and its hex drive measure 3/8 inches. The hex drive is completely non-slip as well. And to add to this, you can dig holes up to 24 inches deep which greatly saves your time and helps the plants to grow better.


  • Capable of planting bulbs in minutes
  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Made of manganese steel
  • A minimal gap is provided between the drill bit and digging blade


  • A tendency to spill soil and make a mess
  • The drilling bit tends to break off if pressure is applied

How A Bulb Auger Works

Bulb augers are a type of drill that helps to dig holes into the ground. It is bigger than normal drills and needs to be fixed with a power drill. Although they can be available in different sizes, the most common size features a 24-inch drilling range.

Having a bigger drill helps you to get done with the process quickly and saves you from back pain. Sometimes, planting seeds won't do the work and you will have to go for bulbs to get a better output. And in order to plant bulbs properly, an auger is a must-have tool. Using this tool can be tricky if you don't have experience.

However, you have nothing to worry about. We have the entire process jotted down to make things simpler for you:

  • Step 1

Bulb augers come with a speed dial.

  1. At first, you have to set the drill at the lowest speed before starting off.
  2. Then you will need to fit the auger with the drill.
  3. After this, turn on the torque setting and make sure that the drill remains on the lowest mark. Setting a lower speed prevents you from putting any extra pressure on your hands or the drill itself.
  • Step 2

You need to keep in mind that this drill does not work the same way as a normal drill.

  1. Therefore, you don't have to keep pushing it. Doing so would rather prevent the auger from spinning and hurt your hands.
  2. Instead, you have to move the auger up and down the soil, and slowly move down the soil as you continue through this process.
  3. In case the drill gets stuck, pushing it down will worsen the matter. Rather, you will have to bring it up and continue with the up-down motion to clear down the path and make a hole.
  • Step 3

Following the up and down motion does not spill any soil and instead leaves a good pile of it around the hole which can, later on, be used to refill the hole once you have planted the bulb.

However, before starting the process, make sure that your battery is fully charged. With a fully charged battery, you will be able to make about 100 holes. But if the battery is low on power, then it won't be able to work efficiently. Following the steps above will help you to plant your bulbs quickly and efficiently.

Final Words

Augers are an extremely helpful tool that lets you plant bulbs in no time. People sometimes make the mistake of using this tool like a regular drill which results in the auger getting stuck midway. Sometimes, the blade can even bend or break off.

To prevent this, you must remember that you should not push down a bulb auger, but instead, use it in an up and down motion to make holes. And our list compiles down the five best bulb augers out there to make the task even easier for you.

We hope that this article will prove to be helpful for you and you won't be left disappointed following our suggestions.

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