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Cellular shades have stood the test of time when it comes to preventing light from coming into a home without turning a room completely black. Being available in dozens of designs and styles, cellular shades are not only easy to install, but can also compliment window curtains much better than blinds ever did. Cellular shades are also much easier to maintain than blinds as well, since blinds can bend and break. None of this happens with cellular shades, and this is one more thing that makes them much less problematic than blinds.

One of the best developments of cellular shades is that some of them are wireless and are remote controlled. This is one of many new developments of cellular shades that keep them relevant when it comes to window shades. The best cellular shades are available in not only dozens of designs and styles, but also dozens of sizes. This is something else that makes some prefer them to blinds and even window curtains.

Despite what many say, cellular shades remain a staple for windows and they should be looked into. While there do exist other options for covering windows, you should not forget about cellular shades as they still have a place. Knowing what exactly the best cellular shades are can be difficult since most of them look the same. This list of cellular shades will help you decide on which ones to install.

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Top 5 Best Cellular Shades Reviews

1. Windowsandgarden Cordless Single Cell Shades Review

Windowsandgarden Custom Cordless Single Cell Shades, 24W X 36H, Amber, Light Filtering 21-72 Inches Wide
Windowsandgarden Custom Cordless Single Cell Shades, 24W X 36H, Amber, Light Filtering 21-72 Inches Wide

If there is one thing about cellular shades that turns others away, it is a lack of available sizes and colors. Most who desire cellular shades are usually turned off because they do not contain the sizes and colors that window curtains do.

Windows and Garden has solved this problem by being available for nearly any size of window. It is also available in nine different shades, each of which will accompany any window perfectly. You can also control Windows and Garden’s cell shades by remote, meaning you do not need to physically pull them down or lift them up. This adds to their convenience.

Another great feature about Windows and Garden’s cellular shades is that they can be installed outside. This may seem irrelevant, but it is very useful for preventing excessive amounts of sunlight from entering your home.

While most cellular shades can open from the top and the bottom, Windows and Garden’s shades only open from the bottom, and that is one thing that makes it less than perfect. You will need to adjust accordingly if you were more used to top-down shades.

2. Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shade by Trader Blinds Review

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A lot of cellular shades are able to filter in light, but they do not do it as well as they could or should. This is especially true with cellular shades that have darker colors, but this is possible with brighter shades as well.

One of the best aspects about Trader Blinds’ cellular shades is that they filter light much more effectively, insulating your home in a much better way than other cellular shades do. This is guaranteed to save on energy costs, especially if these are installed in the living room where they can be affected the most by heat and cold from outside.

Being cordless, you can control how much Trader Blinds’ shades are raised or lowered with the remote control that it comes with. You can also install them pretty quickly by yourself, since they are designed similar to blinds. Something that you need to watch out for with Trader Blinds’ cellular shades is that because they are such a powerful insulator, the material is very thin and delicate. It can tear easily and this is problematic.

Another thing that is problematic about Trader Blinds’ cellular shades is that they tend to get unbalanced if raised or lowered too many times. Be very aware of how much you raise or lower these blinds.

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3. Cordless Cellular Honeycomb Shades Review

Windowsandgarden Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb Shades, 19W X 36H, Amber, Sizes 18-38 Inches Wide
Windowsandgarden Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb Shades, 19W X 36H, Amber, Sizes 18-38 Inches Wide

Despite the claim that they can filter light and ensure privacy, most cellular shades only partially deliver on this claim, which can be frustrating.

Containing a honeycomb design, Windows and Garden’s cellular shades will ensure privacy because they filter light even more than other cellular shades. The fact that they are made of 100% polyester materials contributes a lot to this as well. The polyester materials of Windows and Garden’s cellular shades speak to its durability as well. While most other honeycomb design shades tend to be very delicate, Windows and Garden’s cellular shades will not tear like some other cellular shades do.

If you are in the market for cellular shades that can darken rooms, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. They are only available in a couple of colors that can darken rooms, and the other shades are familiar in color, leaving you with few color options. Windows and Garden’s cellular shades are really good at insulating, but they might not last long in very strong sunlight. This is because they are made of polyester, which means they are a little more sensitive to light than other cellular shade materials.

4. Cordless Blackout Cellular Honeycomb Blinds Review

Cellular Shades Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Window Shades 46' W X 38 ' H, Cool Silver(Blackout)
Cellular Shades Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Window Shades 46' W X 38 ' H, Cool Silver(Blackout)

Most cellular shades filter sunlight, but have nothing to offer when it comes to blackout effects. This can make them one-dimensional in how they function. Different than these, Sbartar’s cellular shades include both light filtering designs as well as blackout designs. This will give you a lot more variety compared to cellular shades that only possess light filtering designs and functions.

Blackout shades can look somewhat unappealing on the outside. Fortunately, Sbartar’s cellular shades can be installed to contain a brighter shade on the exterior and the darker blackout shade on the inside. This prevents nearly all sunlight from entering your home, does not sacrifice any aesthetic value, and still ensures privacy.

Most cellular shades are not made of the most durable material and they can tear easily. Fortunately, the honeycomb design of Sbartar’s cellular shades contain aluminum foil, which makes them much more durable than most other cellular shades. The only real issue with Sbartar’s cellular blinds is that you will need to manually raise and lower them. This is an unfortunate departure from other cellular blinds, which raise and lower by remote control.

Also, keep in mind that Sbartar’s cellular shades are blinds, so they also contain the same kinds of issues that blinds possess. Over time, they can become unbalanced, stuck, and other kinds of malfunctions that blinds encounter.

5. SingleCcell Pleated Cordless Blinds by Allesin Review

Allesin Cordless Cellular Shades, Light Filtering Shades, Honeycomb Blinds For Windows, Perfect For Bedroom/Living Room/Office/Nursery, Beige - 24' X 64'
Allesin Cordless Cellular Shades, Light Filtering Shades, Honeycomb Blinds For Windows, Perfect For Bedroom/Living Room/Office/Nursery, Beige - 24' X 64'

A lot of cordless blinds can start yellowing and cracking from the sun being exposed to them, even if they do contain a cordless honeycomb design. They are also unusually delicate and can tear easily. Different than those types of cordless blinds, Allesin’s cordless blinds are single cell pleated, which makes them much more durable than other cellular shades.

Another good thing about Allesin’s cordless blinds is that different colors of shades can be mounted on the outside and on the inside. This is especially useful when the shades have a blackout design, as blackout shades tend to bring down the overall aesthetic value of a window on the outside.

Blackout shades can sometimes not prevent as much light as they claim. Fortunately, Allesin’s cellular shades are guaranteed to keep light out of the windows that they are installed in at all costs. They also come in filtering designs and colors. A lot of cellular shades use strings and cords to operate, and this can be troublesome. Fortunately, Allesin’s cellular shades are completely cordless, which prevents them from becoming unbalanced like most other blinds.

Something that you should know about Allesin’s cellular shades is that you need to know your exact size of your window as deductions will not be made for you when you order them.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Cellular Shades

Q: Are cellular shades out of style?

Ans: While cellular shades are not as common as other kinds of blinds, it does not mean that they are particularly out of style. They do look different than blinds and curtains, but it is possible for them to look just as impressive as blinds or curtains. Something that can compromise the aesthetic value of cellular shades is that they may not be available in as many colors or designs as curtains.

Q: How much do cellular shades cost?

Ans: The answer to this depends on whether you want you cellular shades to darken or filter rooms and it also depends on the size of the window that you want the cellular shades installed in. Something else that factors into the total cost of cellular shades installation and equipment that you might need to use if you want to install the shades yourself. Cellular shades themselves cost an average of $50 or so per window.

Q: Do cellular shades really insulate?

Ans: The insulating properties of cellular shades are tied to the materials that they are made of. Different than blinds that are made of plastic and curtains that are made of cloth type materials, cellular shades are made of polyester, which are what provides all the insulation. All things considered, cellular shades are much more effective at insulating than blinds or curtains.

Q: Are cellular shades energy efficient?

Ans: Install cellular shades in your home and you will notice a difference in the overall temperature in your home. The ones with darkening shades will prevent your home from being too hot, and cellular shades that contain filtering shades will focus sunlight into a home and make it a bit warmer. In both cases, energy will be saved much more than if your windows had blinds or curtains.


Cellular shades look much different than blinds or curtains, and this departure from the traditional look of blinds or curtains can turn some off from them. However, they are much more functional than curtains and blinds in that they are much more effective at filtering sunlight and keeping rooms dark when necessary. Blinds can only partially filter sunlight. Usually it is much better to raise the blinds to let sunlight into your window instead of just opening them. However, cellular shades contain designs that do a much better job at filtering sunlight than any kinds of blinds or curtains.

The same is true when it comes to darkening rooms. It is literally impossible for plastic blinds to darken any rooms, and most curtains that claim that they have a blackout effect do not completely black out a room. If you get cellular shades that contain blackout shades, you will not be disappointed. Many of them contain shades that will completely turn a room black no matter how much sunlight exists outside. Do not be turned off or intimidated by cellular shades. They are much more useful than plastic blinds as well as window curtains made of cloth materials.

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