Best Collagen Peptides Powder

We have all heard of collagen peptides; they gained their popularity for the health and beauty benefits they offer. Compared to proteins, peptides are easier to digest and work faster because they’re smaller. The best collagen peptides powder can bring amazing changes to your joint, hair, nails, skin, and muscles.

Whether you are a beauty guru, a fitness enthusiast, or a regular person, you can try this supplement out and see the changes for yourself. We have listed some amazing peptides powder which is both affordable and of great quality. Read on to check them out and pick your supplement.

Top 5 Collagen Peptides Powder On The Market – Comparison Table:

How To Pick The Right Powder

Before we get to the reviews, let’s check out some things that you need to consider for picking the right powder for yourself.

  • Collagen Type

Some powders contain many types of collagen from 1-5 and others contain 2 or 3 types of collagen. Each type of collagen adheres to different parts of our body. For example, collagen 1 makes the skin tighter and collagen 2 improves cartilage structure. So, pick something that suits your needs.

  • Hydrolyzed Protein

This property makes the peptide bioavailable and makes it easier for the human body to absorb the nutrients. Peptides are complex molecules and sometimes it’s hard for our bodies to absorb it. Therefore, hydrolyzed protein is always better for consumption.

  • Ingredients

Collagen peptide powder or not, checking ingredients of supplements is always important. You’d want something compatible with your diet, doesn’t contain anything you’re allergic to and tastes great. Sources also matter if you’re following a paleo diet.

  • Formula

There are thousands of different collagen powders available in the market nowadays. Check how versatile the powder is and whether it can be used in baking or not before purchasing. A wider usage option will give you more flexibility.

Top 12 Best Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Here come the reviews, we have listed 12 amazing products below for you to choose from. Go through the reviews and pick one that suits you best.

1. Sports Research Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Collagen Peptides Powder | Hydrolyzed for Better Collagen Absorption | Non-GMO Verified, Certified Keto Friendly and Gluten Free - Unflavored

Offering 11 gms of collagen peptide per serving, the supplement tastes excellent with morning coffee and shakes. It’s a dietary supplement so if you are hoping to lose weight, the peptide powder will help you out.

The powder is paleo and keto-friendly. It comes certified by the Paleo & Keto Foundation so you can completely rely on the authenticity of this supplement. Along with being gluten-free, the powder is non-GMO as well. It’s verified by the IGEN program and designed for people of all ages and body types.

Accordingly, the powder comes in 3 different sizes and sachet packs. If you are always on the go and don’t really have the time to make drinks, just keep one pack in your bag for instant protein drinks.

Nevertheless, manufacturers recommend not to take too much of this protein as it may cause bloating or diarrhea. The unflavored formula allows users to mix this supplement into anything; take it with oatmeal, soup, or sauce and it’ll taste great.


  • Paleo and keto-friendly
  • 11 gms of protein per serving
  • Unflavored
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free


  • Doesn’t mix in cold water
  • Clumpy texture

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2. Physician’s CHOICE Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Collagen Peptides Powder - Enhanced Absorption - Supports Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints and Post Workout Recovery - Hydrolyzed Protein - Grass Fed, Non-GMO, Type I and III, Gluten-Free, Unflavored

Containing type I and II collagen peptide sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone-free cattle, this supplement is great for skin and hair. If you are looking for a protein supplement to take after your workout sessions, this powder is ideal for you.

Equipped with DigeSEB digestive enzymes, these double hydrolyzed collagen peptides are easiest to digest and absorb. They work faster on our bodies for their bioavailability and smaller structure.

Likewise, this particular supplement contains 14 amino acids that are necessary for our body and they make the powder ideal for skin, joints, bone, nails, cartilage, muscles, and hair. The product is manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facility and comes certified by 3rd party. So you can trust that it’s safe for consumption.

Moreover, no GMO ingredient is used in this powder. You can mix it with anything and take the supplement any time without any complications.


  • Equipped with DigeSEB digestive enzymes
  • Contains type I and II collagen peptide
  • Non-GMO
  • Manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facility
  • Certified by 3rd party


  • Chaky texture
  • Bad aftertaste

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3. Wholesome Wellness Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Multi Collagen Protein Powder Hydrolyzed (Type I II III V X) Grass-Fed All-in-One Super Bone Broth + Collagen Peptides - Premium Blend of Grass-Fed Beef, Chicken, Wild Fish, Eggshell Collagen

This one comes with all the collagens from type I to V. The peptides are tracked from different sources and come hydrolyzed for better absorption in the human body.

Sources of the collagen in this supplement include grass-fed beef, certified wild fish, chicken, and eggshell membrane. All of them are safe for consumption and non-GMO. The product is manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facility so certain guidelines are maintained for making this powder safe for consumption.

The powder supports the reduction of cellulite, healthy skin, nails, hair, teeth, joints, gums, tendons, muscles, ligaments, weight loss, ketosis, antiaging, for both men and women. It’s a supplement packed with beauty and health benefits; whether you’d like to lose weight, have lean muscles, or great skin, the powder can definitely help you out.

Being keto-friendly, organic, and 3rd Party Lab Tested, the powder is highly reliable. It works really fast as well.


  • Keto-friendly
  • Organic
  • Dairy-free
  • 100% Hydrolyzed 
  • Gluten and soy-free


  • Sour aftertaste
  • Gooey texture

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4. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder - Pasture Raised, Grass Fed, unflavored 20 oz

This dietary supplement contains a good amount of collagen which is sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle. These cattle don’t have hormones or GMOs in them and are completely organic. So the collagen you are getting is safe for consumption.

As it is hydrolyzed, it’s easier for our body to absorb and dissolve quickly in beverages. You get maximum benefit by absorbing and digesting the peptide powder faster in your body.

The powder can improve your skin, hair, nails, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. If you are recovering from a ligament injury, we highly recommend this supplement for you as it will help you heal faster.

Additionally, you get 28 servings of powder per container and 20 gms of collagen per serving which is enough for most adults. It is soluble in both hot and cold water. Thus, you can mix it in soups, tea, coffee, shakes, or anything else.

Approved by whole30 and paleo-friendly, this gluten-free supplement is definitely worth a try.


  • Approved by whole30
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Hydrolyzed


  • Many fakes in the market
  • Rare yet severe side effects

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5. LiveWell Labs Nutrition Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Collagen Peptides - Hair, Skin, Nail, and Joint Support - Type I & III Collagen - All-Natural Hydrolyzed Protein - 41 Servings - 16oz

This keto and paleo-friendly peptide supplement work amazingly on everyone regardless of age and gender. Have saggy skin? The supplement will fix it. Struggling with joint pains? Take this supplement religiously for aid.

The powder contains type I and III collagen. It’s sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle who contain no hormones or GMOs. As the collagen is hydrolyzed, it mixes easily and absorbs faster in our body. You can trust this supplement to bring actual changes in your body.

Besides, containing low-sodium, zero gluten, zero dairy, and no soy, this powder is ideal for people with allergies and who are following certain diets. The supplement can be mixed with almost anything for being unflavored. You can put it in baked goods, pancakes, coffee, and shakes.

No artificial ingredient is used for making this collagen peptide powder. It’s an all-natural supplement that works magic in the human body. We definitely recommend you to try this out for taking years off your face.


  • Keto and paleo-friendly
  • Contains type I and III collagen
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten, soy, and dairy-free


  • Not FDA approved
  • Not completely unflavored

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6. Zammex Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (21oz) - Non-GMO, Grass-Fed, Gluten-Free, Pasture Raised Cattle - Unflavored and Easy to Mix - 100% Pure Ultimate Collagen Powder Type 1&3

Looking for a great quality peptide powder at an affordable price? Then this one is for you. The powder comes with two types of collagen, type I and III, sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle. It’s an unflavored powder, so you will be able to mix it with almost anything.

Containing 18 amino acids, this hydrolyzed collagen is great for your body. The amino acids help in building muscles, joints, ligament, tendons, and also tighten skin, brighten hair, and strengthen nails. It’s the perfect package of beauty and health benefits.

The enzymatically processed peptide powder is available in 2 different sizes and sachets. We loved the sachets as it allows users to carry the protein in bags and drink it whenever, wherever.

Along with building bone density, supporting cartilage, repairing tissues, and maintaining joints mobility, the powder also helps with liver detox and boosting metabolism.


  • Contains 18 amino acids
  • Helps with liver detox and boosting metabolism
  • Non-GMO
  • Hydrolyzed collagen
  • Enzymatically processed peptide powder


  • Slight smell
  • Bony flavor

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7. BioSchwartz Collagen Peptides Protein Powder Review

Collagen Peptides Powder - Grass Fed, Pasture Raised with Aminos - Promotes Healthy Skin Hair & Nails – Bone & Joint Support - Hydrolyzed, Unflavored, Non GMO, Gluten Free - Easy to Mix -16 oz

Available in two different sizes, this collagen peptide protein powder supports bone, joints, muscles, hair, skin, and nails. The powder has a simple formula and mixes very easily in beverages. It contains type I and III collagen along with 18 essential amino acids.

With a professional-grade logo on the package, this supplement is highly reliable when it comes to quality. It’s a hydrolyzed protein so the peptides are easily absorbed into our body and help with digestion. The powder doesn’t contain any artificial coloring or flavors. It’s an all-natural supplement.

The protein powder is ideal for everyone as it’s free from lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, tree nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, and fish. You can rely on the authenticity of this supplement because it’s certified by 3rd party.

Furthermore, if your body is failing to produce the collagen you need and your developing other symptoms of aging, we highly recommend this protein powder for you. Take it religiously to revive your skin and health.


  • Lactose-free
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • 3rd-Party certified
  • Hydrolyzed


  • Some users found black spots
  • Many fakes available

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8. NeoCell Super Collagen Powder Review

NeoCell Super Collagen Powder, 19oz, Non-GMO, Grass Fed, Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, Collagen Peptides Types 1 & 3 for Hair, Skin, Nails and Joints (Packaging May Vary), 82 Servings

This unflavored powder contains everything you need for getting that beautiful body you have been hoping to have for years. The supplement comes with type I and III collagen along with 18 amino acids which are present in these two types.

You get 6,600 mg of collagen per serving of this powder. The supplement is available in both flavored and unflavored versions. Although many people love the unflavored peptide powder because that can be mixed with anything, we loved the French vanilla and berry lemon flavors of this powder.

Apart from that, hydrolyzed collagen will mix easily into your system and make you beautiful from inside out. The supplement specializes in making skin, hair, and nails look youthful so that your whole appearance looks younger as well.

Therefore, it’s recommended to drink the enzymatically hydrolyzed peptide powder in an empty stomach for the best results. The powder will not only make you look younger from outside but will also support your joint structure and muscles to improve their condition.


  • Contains type I and III collagen
  • 6,600 mg of collagen per serving
  • Contains 18 amino acids
  • Enzymatically hydrolyzed peptide
  • Mixes well


  • Price rises
  • Slightly meaty taste

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9. Orgain Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Protein Powder Review

Orgain Grass Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Protein Powder - Paleo & Keto Friendly, Amino Acid Supplement, Pasture Raised, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Type I and III, 1 Pound

This one comes with type I and III collagen along with the 18 essential amino acids. The powder is excellent for hair growth, gut health, skin tonicity, and joint pain relief. Thus, the collagen in this powder is sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle that contain no hormones.

Consequently, this product is available in stick packs and jars. You get 20 gms of collagen hydrolysate and 18 gms of protein per serving of this powder. The doctor-developed formula of this powder doesn’t contain glucose, dairy, lactose, sugar, or soy.

It’s completely GMO-free as well. So you get no chemicals or harmful ingredients in your protein powder.

Similarly, being a paleo and keto-friendly supplement, the powder gets all its ingredients from organic sources. The odorless and tasteless powder is perfect for women as it supports joint function, stronger hair, better nails, muscle recovery, radiant skin, and better digestion.


  • Comes with type I and III collagen
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Paleo and keto-friendly supplement
  • 20 gms of collagen hydrolysate and 18gms of protein per serving
  • Doctor developed


  • Bitter aftertaste
  • Gritty texture

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10. Purely Inspired Multi Collagen Protein Powder Review

Collagen Powder | Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides Powder | Collagen Supplements for Women & Men | Collagen Protein Powder with Biotin | Paleo + Keto Certified | Unflavored, 1 lb (packaging may vary)

Along with collagen, this protein powder also contains biotin, which makes skin and hair shinier and more beautiful. It comes with type I and III collagen and the 18 amino acids present in them.

Accordingly, the supplement offers 20 gms of collagen and 18 gms of clean protein per serving. This is more than most other brands. The Protein you get in this powder is sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed bovine which doesn’t contain any hormones and is completely natural.

Moreover, vitamin B added to this supplement improves metabolism and generates more energy. Thus, both protein and vitamins are essential for our body and this particular supplement is offering a good blend of the essential nutrients.

If you are looking for a keto-friendly powder, this one is perfect for you. As it’s unflavored, you can mix it with anything including soups, coffee, shakes, and baked goods.

No sugar or rBGH is added to the supplement and everything is kept completely natural for safer consumption.


  • 20 gms of collagen and 18 gms of clean protein per serving
  • Keto-friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains No sugar or rBGH
  • Contains biotin


  • Tastes bad with water
  • Leaves residue on the glass

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11. Custom Collagen Unflavored Peptides Powder Review

Collagen Peptides Powder 5lb (80oz) Pouch - Clean Collagen® - Unflavored, Grass Fed, Paleo, Non GMO, Kosher - Highly Soluble Protein

Finally, we have kosher protein powder in our list for the Jews. The powder is unflavored and contains protein sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised South American cattle.

This is an easy to use supplement; you just mix it in beverages and you’re done. The unflavored supplement tastes good in the water as well. Offering 10 gms of protein per serving and containing 18 amino acids, the powder is great for people of all ages.

In that sense, it’s recommended to start taking collagens from the age of 25 as our body makes less collagen from that age. The powder works finely on decreasing wrinkles, sagginess, and blemishes on the skin. It will also improve your metabolism and joint structure.

Not only that, but the powder can also help with your gut leaking and liver function along with detoxification in your body. It’s available in 4 different sizes and very easy to mix in drinks and has a bunch of benefits for its users. We definitely recommend this for you.


  • Kosher
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Helps with detoxification
  • 10 gms of protein per serving
  • Great for skin and hair


  • Bony taste
  • Too strong gelatin taste

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12. Zint Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Zint Collagen Peptides Powder (32 oz): Paleo-Friendly, Keto-Certified, Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Supplement - Unflavored, Non GMO

This collagen peptide powder comes with type I and III hydrolyzed collagens and designed to increase your body’s collagen supply and make you look youthful. The protein in this supplement is sourced from grass-fed beef. It contains no hormones or antibiotics and is completely safe for consumption.

The premium quality powder is unflavored, which makes it ideal to be mixed in almost anything. You can mix it in your morning coffee and get the daily dose of collagen every day.

It’s a keto and paleo-friendly product which is also kosher certified. So the supplement is ideal for a wide range of diets and can cater to your needs perfectly. Containing no preservatives and being non-GMO, this supplement is the best all-natural protein powder you can have in your pantry.

Furthermore, the collagen hydrolysate present in this supplement is bound to restore your whole body and take years off of it. So, try it out to have the youthful skin and health you deserve.


  • Comes with type I and III hydrolyzed collagens
  • Unflavored
  • Natural
  • Keto and paleo-friendly
  • Kosher


  • Slight beef taste
  • Was recalled by FDA

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Is Collagen Peptides Powder Good For The Skin?

Yes, collagen peptides powders are great for the skin because they contain elements that can increase the elasticity of your skin and make it glowy. As we age, our body produces less collagen and this process starts at the age of 25 on average. That is why our skin forms wrinkles and gets saggy as we grow older.

However, we all have seen celebrities and regular people who have great skin even in their 50s; how does that happen? Well, turns out that their diet contains a great amount of collagen and that contributes to the great skin texture.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Collagen Peptides Powder

Q. Is collagen peptide and BCAA the same?

Answer: No. collagen might or might not contain BCAA. The three amino acids present in BCAA are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. So they might be present in collagen or not based on the type of collagen.

Q. Does consuming collagen peptides powder have side effects?

Answer: As long as you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, you shouldn’t face any side effects after consuming collagen peptides powder. Nevertheless, we recommend choosing a powder that’s approved by the FDA.

Q. Is it better to take collagen peptides in an empty stomach?

Answer: Yes, this allows stomach acid to break down collagen in a better way. Thus, you will get more benefits and have a faster result.

Q. How long does it take for collagen peptides powder to provide energy boost?

Answer: In 30 minutes of eating, the collagen reaches muscles and after 90 minutes it’s at full capacity. So you should feel energetic after 90 minutes of taking the collagen powder.

Q. Can I hide belly fat with the help of collagen peptide powder?

Answer: Yes. The powder can reduce cellulite’s appearance in your body and increase the elasticity of the skin on the belly. That will help hide your belly fat easily and quickly.

Final Verdict

Collagen is gaining popularity every day for the amazing benefits it offers. You can see actual changes in your body after taking a simple powder for a few months; that’s magical. Therefore, to find the best collagen peptides powder, go through our reviewed products thoroughly and pick the one that suits your needs best.

Take only the amount that’s recommended on the package because eating a huge amount of protein will upset your stomach and cause bloating. We have included products from all price ranges on our list. So finding a product that fits in your budget won’t be difficult. Good luck!

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