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If you are someone who always wants to stay organized, you will probably want to get a dry erase board. The use of a whiteboard can go a long way if you want an easy solution for all your visual communication needs. You might think that writing things down is old-fashioned, but many would disagree.

That’s right! There are still people out there who prefer jotting down their tasks on a whiteboard. If you want one, you would find many options in the market to choose from. This article will help you choose the best dry erase board for you!

Top 5 Dry Erase Board – Editor’s Pick:

Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Dry Erase Board

Before you decide which dry erase board you should opt for, you should get to know about some important features on the said product at first. Here is what you should look out for while choosing a dry erase board:

  • Consider The Use-Cases

You have to decide what you are going to do with the board in order to know which type to go for. If you are going to use it in a classroom, you should probably opt for a dry erase board that is heavy-duty. Also, make sure it can be hung on the wall or mounted on it.

Likewise, if you want one for your home, get one that will stick to your fridge for jotting down your lists.

  • Choose Your Surface Type

You need to decide which type of surface the board should have. Dry erase board surfaces are made from various materials. It can be aluminum or steel, or even glass. Sometimes the surface is made of melamine.

If you go for a melamine one, you will be able to remove the marks quickly, but they do scratch easily. Opting for a glass or porcelain board will get you quite a bit of resistance to scratch, but they can get a bit expensive.

  • Included Accessories

Sometimes if you opt for the more premium options, you will gladly accept a few needed accessories that come bundled with them. They include markers, magnets, and erasers. Although most boards will work with any type of marker, some recommend you use the pen that comes bundled in the package.

  • Measure The Space

Before you go out and buy the dry erase board of your choice, make sure it will fit into place with your set up. As the boards are made in various sizes, measure the space where you will put it. That will undoubtedly help you figure out the perfect fit for your space.

Top 10 Best Dry Erase Board Reviews

If you take a look at the market, you will find that the number of brands making these boards is many. Here are the top 10 dry erase boards that you should consider:

1. Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase Board Review

Lockways White Board Dry Erase Board 48 x 36 - Magnetic Whiteboard 4 X 3, Silver Aluminium Frame, Set Including 1 Detachable Aluminum Marker Tray, 3 Dry Erase Markers, 8 Magnets

The first one on our list is this phenomenal board from Lockways. The company has made a name for itself by being a well-known board supplier for professional work, and this board is one of their top ones.

This board from Lockways will work with all the non-permanent markers and also wipe-off markers. The board provides a premium surface that a fair bit of resistance to scratches. The sides of the board are made from anodized aluminum which adds to its sturdy build. You will find three dry erase markers in the bundle along with the board.

Besides, the whole board has a magnetic mechanism. You can easily mount the board on a wall without making a ruckus and the mounting kit will be included in the package. The corners of the board are made of nylon to give it some added strength.

You can use the board with both a portrait or landscape orientation. The smooth surface of the board will make writing on it a breeze. Moreover, you will be glad to know that the board comes in various sizes too. So pick out the one that will fit your space perfectly.


  • The mounting kit is included
  • It comes with three markers
  • Very smooth surface
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be used with all markers


  • The included tray is not very secure
  • It sometimes gets damaged while shipping

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2. VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board Review

VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard/Dry Erase Board, 48 X 36 Inches, Silver Aluminium Frame

The next one on our list is this magnetic whiteboard from VIZ-Pro. This company is very well known for making great whiteboards and this one is no different. You will be delighted to know that the board comes in many sizes so you can pick the one that you prefer.

Accordingly, the VIZ-Pro offers a smooth surface to write on and it packs a good amount of durability. The frame of the board has an aluminum finish on it that makes it look quite eye-catching. It also allows it to have a solid build. The corners of the board are made from plastic that helps it stay on the wall.

Apart from that, the entire setup from VIZ-Pro is quite lucrative as it comes bundled with a mounting kit and a tray to keep your pen on. Also, the surface of the board is resistant to scratches so you can use it for a considerable period. The setup and installation process is quick and easy too.

So, you can use this board at home or in your office and be satisfied anywhere. The board truly outshines with its sturdy build and great quality. You can mount the board either horizontally or vertically.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Very easy to handle
  • Comes in different sizes
  • The mounting kit is included
  • It hangs on the wall effortlessly


  • The board gets tiny cracks over time
  • May bend while shipping

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3. Officeline Ultra-Slim Dry Erase Board & Accessories Review

Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board & Accessories (Includes Whiteboard Pen & Pen Tray, 3 x Magnets & Eraser) (18 x 24 Inch)

If you are looking for the perfect dry erase board but you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, this offering from OfficePro is the one to get. The board has a bigger size than most other boards in this price range and offers you the best bang for the buck.

This board provides you with a versatile experience as you can use it in a classroom or your office. It will do great for presentations too! The ghosting you might see due to the markers is almost next to none as well. Its entire mechanism is magnetic and you can easily hang it on a wall or place it on a stand.

On the other hand, the melamine surface provides great clarity and the board is surely durable. The total package will include some accessories like the storage tray, an eraser, the mounting kit, 3 magnets for mounting, and a marker.

Likewise, the marker and the eraser both have magnets in them so you can stick them to the board after you are done using them. Thus, the ultra-slim design makes it very easy to carry around so you do not have to worry about any additional weight.


  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • The mounting kit is included
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • It’s affordable
  • The magnets make it very convenient


  • Some may find the surface too glossy
  • The mounting kit is a bit flimsy

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4. Whiteboard Magnetic Dry Erase Chore Board Review

Whiteboard Chore Chart - Magnetic Dry Erase Chore Board for Multiple Kids - Chores White Board for Fridge - 17X12” - 5 Markers & Eraser with Strong Magnet - Family Refrigerator Weekly Planner

If you are on the hunt for a chore chart for your kids to get their chores done more efficiently, you should try out this whiteboard from Yaze Magnet. You can keep the chores well organized and equally distributed with the help of this board.

This is the perfect way to keep the chores going in an organized manner throughout the week. The board is lightweight so you can easily carry it around too. Accordingly, the board is completely magnetic so you can easily stick it to the fridge door to keep it visible for you to frequently update it.

As getting things done around the house has never been easier, you can also use it to mark reminders so that you do not have to miss any crucial appointments. The chore chart can also be used as a deadline planning chart or a gym routine chart.

This board is very easy to wipe, clean and the surface has some sort of stain-resistance. Plus, the entire package comes with five markers and an eraser. You’ll be glad to know that these accessories also have magnets. So you can stick them to your fridge door conveniently.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • The magnetic system makes it convenient
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • It’s easy to install


  • The marker ink isn’t too deep
  • Its surface is a little too glossy

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5. QuartetQuartet White Board for Home Office Review

Quartet Whiteboard, 2’ x 3’ Dry Erase Board, White Board for Home Office, Classroom & Home School Supplies, Includes 1 Dry Erase Marker & Detachable Marker Tray, Aluminum Frame, Non-Magnetic (75123)

If you don’t want something flashy and you want to keep it simple, this one from Quartet is for you. The is quite famous for making good quality whiteboards and this one is no different. You can use it at home or in the office; it gives you that professional vibe.

The board gives you the flexibility of hanging it either vertically or horizontally as well. With this one, you can easily jot your ideas down quickly. The surface of the board is stronger than most other boards in this segment. Hence, you can easily clean and wipe off the ink markings from this board without too much of a hassle.

Besides, the frame of the board has an aluminum finish, which adds to the minimalistic look and feel of the board. The board comes packed with a detachable tray to keep your marker on. You will also get a non-permanent marker in the box.

Overall, this board from Quartet is easy to carry and you can easily mount it on the wall with the given mounting kit. But if you don’t want to drill holes, you can opt for 3M tape instead. The box also includes two magnets which will increase your convenience by quite a lot.


  • It’s versatile
  • Larger
  • The magnetic surface helps a lot
  • Perfect for a home office
  • Comes packed with two magnets


  • The included marker is cheap
  • Susceptible to shipping damage

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6. Delane Jumbo Wet or Dry Erase Monthly Wall Calendar Review

KITLIFE Jumbo Wet or Dry Erase Monthly Wall Calendar – Undated Office Wall Planner – Erasable Whiteboard with Calendar Month and Notes – Easy Mount Adhesive Foam Strips Included, 24 x 36”

Planning and organizing your monthly activities have never been easier! How many times have you smudged up a calendar while trying to circle out your important dates? Well, we all face this situation in our daily lives. A way to avoid it is to get a large wall calendar whiteboard.

And this one form Delane is just that! With this dry or wet-erase board from Delane, you can keep your schedules organized and never miss an appointment! The kids love this too since it allows them to keep track of their activities throughout the month.

However, the large size might seem overwhelming at first glance, but this is actually a good aspect as you can keep notes about every day in a month. You can easily keep track of upcoming events with this wall calendar. The surface of the board is smooth and makes writing easy.

With this giant dry/wet-erase board, you will be provided markers and an eraser. You can easily hang or mount it on a wall by using nails or screws. It will also definitely stick to the wall with the adhesive strips included in the box.


  • The large size is perfect
  • Lightweight
  • You can get it in various designs
  • It’s great to keep track of things
  • Comes with markers and an eraser


  • Dry ink is harder to wipe off
  • It needs a microfiber cloth to erase

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7. Rose Home Fashion Magnetic Dry Erase Board Review

36' x 24', Aluminum Alloy Frame, Honeycomb Core, Magnetic Dry Erase Board, White Board, Magnetic Whiteboard, Whiteboard, Magnetic White Board, White Boards for Wall, Large Whiteboard, 1 Pack

This whiteboard from Rose Home Fashion is truly a unique one. What separates it from the others is that the inner core of the board has a honeycomb structure that gives it quite the rigidity without adding much weight. Moreover, the structure helps keep the board flat for a long period of time.

Whether you want a board for your home or office, this one will leave you satisfied. The board does not deform over time and it definitely won’t get damaged easily while shipping. Thus, the frame of the whiteboard features good quality of aluminum which adds to the durability of the board.

Similarly, the surface of the board has been made very smooth by adding 3 layers of paint to it. Hence, writing on it is very easy and effortless. Although the board has an extra honeycomb core, the overall thickness manages to be quite low. This makes the board easy to carry around too.

At the same time, most manufacturers wouldn’t bother about the back surface, but Rose Home Fashions includes a zinc board at the back to keep the board sturdy. Therefore, this dry erase board is overall a solid option for you to check out.


  • It’s magnetic
  • Works with all dry-erase markers
  • The size is perfect for your home
  • The honeycomb structure adds rigidity
  • It has a special 3-layer paint coating


  • The tray isn’t detachable
  • Dry ink is harder to wipe off

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8. AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase Board Review

Amazon Basics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board, 24 x 36 Inch

In this age of being quarantined and homeschooling, you need a whiteboard that’s the perfect size for your home. We recommend this for you as it’s 24 inches in height and 36 inches in width. Mount it up anywhere for great visibility in zoom classes.

Even if you aren’t a teacher, the board can be used for homeschooling, decorating, and routine calendars. The white part of this board is painted-steel and comes with an easy to erase surface. You can use a duster or fine clothing for removing stains off of this board; it’ll come off with a simple swipe.

However, don’t use permanent markers on the board. Even you use it by mistake, just draw over the permanent marker’s line with a regular marker. It should come off then.

Besides, are you done using the board and don’t like the empty look of it? No worries, you can use the magnetic surface of this board to hang decoration pieces or little plant vases. The versatility of this board adds to its value and makes it more ideal for longer usage.


  • Comes with a marker
  • Magnetic board
  • Versatile use
  • Ideal size for many purposes
  • Frame made of aluminum


  • Not great built
  • Doesn’t scrub off marks easily

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9. Mead Dry Erase Board Review

Mead Dry Erase Board, Whiteboard / White Board, 24 x 18 Inches, Silver Finish Aluminum Frame (85355)

If you want a sturdy yet light board, an Aluminum frame is the best choice for you. Thus, this one comes with an aluminum frame, melamine surface, and easy to clean plane. On the other hand, it’s recommended cleaning the board every day for longer usage.

The board from Mead Dry is not too big with its 24 inches X 18 inches body. It will fit in perfectly to your backyard office or even kitchen. The product itself is assembled in the U.S, but some of its parts are imported from other countries. So you’re getting the best framing you can have in a simple yet useful whiteboard.

As it’s a dry erase board, it’s very easy to clean. You can use a fine duster or a simple cloth that won’t scratch your board for cleaning. Nevertheless, the best idea is to purchase a duster along with the board for convenient use.

You won’t need a table or separate section for keeping your marker and other accessories. The board comes with a tray attached to its bottom. It’s also very easy to install as mounting hardware is included in the package.


  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Can be hung both horizontally and vertically
  • Includes an accessory tray
  • Surface made of melamine
  • Easy to clean


  • Not magnetic
  • Bad texture

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10. Quality Ruled Dry Erase Lapboard Review

Quality Ruled Dry Erase Lapboard. Great Whiteboard for Kids Learning Writing. with 6 Magnetic Markers. 9-Inch X 12- Inch

Ever imagined having a margined dry erase board? Well, no need to imagine anymore because we have included the most versatile and margined whiteboard on our list.

Although the board is designed to keep kids in mind, there’s no reason adults cannot enjoy it. The 9X12 square inch board is perfect for a handheld erasable notebook.

Furthermore, the best thing about this product is that both sides of the board are usable keeping no surface untouched. The front side resembles a regular whiteboard and the back has margins on it like a copy. You and your kid both can enjoy the board equally. As it’s handheld, you don’t have to mount it to a wall either.

The board also comes with 6 colored markers that have erasers attached to them. You will never lose the magnetic markers as they can be mounted on the board for easy storage. Along with a regular black marker, you get other colors like blue, orange, purple, pink, and green.

It has melamine finish surface on both sides which ensures that pen glides swiftly over the surface making the board ideal for both painting and writing.


  • Both sides are usable
  • Margined board
  • Lapboard
  • Comes with 6 colored markers
  • Provides erasers


  • Too small for adults
  • Markers don’t last very long

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Dry Erase Board

Q. Does all dry erase board need an aluminum frame?

Answer: Not necessarily. But dry erase boards that have an aluminum frame are better because they’re light yet sturdy.

Q. Can I use a wet cloth on a dry erase board?

Answer: Yes. But only use a cloth that’s wet with water or a liquid cleaner. The board cannot take abrasive cleaners or crusty cloth. Therefore, it’s best to use the eraser that comes with the board for thorough cleaning.

Q. How often should I clean the dry erase board?

Answer: You should clean the board every time you use it or every day. Some magnetic boards will be able to hold other stuff, but you still need to keep it clean.

Q. How long should my whiteboard last?

Answer: Usually, a plastic made whiteboard lasts for a year or a maximum of 5 years. If you want it to last more, invest in a durable and well-constructed whiteboard. They can last for 10-20 years.

Q. Can I use dry erase markers on other surfaces?

Answer: As long as you’re using the marker on a non-porous surface, it should be fine. This includes a mirror, glass, melamine, porcelain, and other smooth surfaces. You can even use these markers on steel made cabinets.

Final Verdict

Staying organized has been easy because of the existence of products like these. Having a dry erase board helps you out on multiple occasions. Whether you are preparing your materials for your next class or studying yourself, jotting down ideas on a dry erase board is always beneficial.

Besides, whiteboards have come a long way and they have seen multiple improvements. However, these are the best dry erase boards in the market and they don’t get smudged easily or show you the math problems from the previous semester. So check these dry erase boards out and pick out the one that suits your needs.

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