Best Foaming Root Killer

by Lucas Lee

Are you worried about sewer lines, storm pipes, and septic systems, which might get destroyed and require you thousands of dollars to repair or replace? Then, put your mind at ease because here is the best solution for you i.e. foaming root killers.

As the killer contains Diclobenil, it foams up as soon as it gets in contact with water to destroy roots that might have entered into the sewer line. Here, we are including a helpful and reliable review along with a buying guide and FAQ section to help you out with the purchase. Have a look at them.

Things To Check Before Choosing Best Foaming Root Killer

Best Foaming Root Killer
Best Foaming Root Killer

Before we jump into the review section, let's check out what you need to look for in a root killer. The following features must be present in a foaming root killer so that it can be effective.

Ease Of Usage

You might think that all of them might have the same procedure of use, but that's not the case. As plumbers are going to use them, it's necessary to look at the way they are to be used so that it doesn't harm the plumber.

As well as that, they should not damage the metal structures (of pipes etc.) which might cause further damage. In that regard, the ingredients used should be looked at carefully while buying.

Areas To Be Used

Most of them are required to be poured down the holes leading to the sewage area, but if your house doesn't have such kind of holes, you should be careful not to buy something like that. Instead, you should be focusing on the one that has to be poured down the toilet.

Organisms Affected

This is another prime concern to be focused on. Not everyone might require the same feature; you might be needing a root killer for root intrusion only. Then the one with pesticides is not for you.

On the contrary, if you need to get rid of pests, the one with pest-control in it is the right choice for you.

Duration Of Activity

How long does the chemical stay in contact with the pipe surface? How much time does it take to complete its action? And how long does it prevent re-growth? These are the considerable factors here. These factors are important in terms of chemical toxicity also economic reasons.

Ease Of Removal

Care must be taken for the removal of such products as they are highly toxic. They might cause various sorts of damage even in some extreme cases to you or your family.

Top 4 Best Foaming Root Killers Reviews

Here come the reviews! Check out all the products thoroughly to find the best one for you.

1. Roebic FRK-1LB FRK Foaming Root Killer Review

Roebic FRK-1LB Foaming Root Killer, Clears Pipes And Stops New Growth, Safe For All Plumbing, 1 Pound
Roebic FRK-1LB Foaming Root Killer, Clears Pipes And Stops New Growth, Safe For All Plumbing, 1 Pound

The first one listed is the most affordable and environmentally friendly. It contains a specific herbicide that does its work without harming nearby organisms and doesn't include some harmful ingredients.

This product also contains a foaming agent that foams in contact with water. It clears out existing roots and stops their re-growth by forming a layer that further continues its herbicidal action.

Since it goes through the pipeline and comes into action once, getting in contact with water it doesn't harm any other living beings outside the sewage line. It is suitable for every type of plumbing and is very user friendly for your plumber as well.

If you are having root problems every other week, this is the root killer you need in your life. As it stops re-growth very efficiently. Also, it's a favorite among people around the world.

Furthermore, the formula of this root killer comes with no copper. Hence, it becomes environmentally friendly and economical as well.


  • Compatible with every plumping type
  • Ease of use
  • Doesn't harm the surrounded living beings
  • Safe for every type of plumbing
  • For root problems that keep on occurring


  • Not made for roots in a system beyond the septic tank
  • Dilution reduces effectiveness

2. Green Gobbler FOAMING Root Killer Review

FOAMING Root Killer | Kills Tree Roots In Pipes & Sewer Lines | Contains No Copper Sulfate … (10 Lb Jug)
FOAMING Root Killer | Kills Tree Roots In Pipes & Sewer Lines | Contains No Copper Sulfate … (10 Lb Jug)

Looking for a foaming root killer that comes in a bigger container? This one should satisfy your needs. The product comes in a large jug of 10 lbs and is ideal for professionals who like to keep a root killer in their case.

Oftentimes, products like these tend to damage trees while trying to damage their roots. But if you use this one with caution and follow the directions diligently, you will be able to protect your trees while dissolving the growth of its root inside pipes.

On the other hand, many of us pay for cutting out roots and it piles up a significant amount if needed to be done frequently. With this root killer, you can completely prevent re-growth of roots without spending a lot of money.

So, to maintain the new condition of your pipelines, follow the maintenance direction of this product. This will help you keep the pipes safe from root growth and unwanted weed.

Moreover, the company offers reimbursement options if you aren't happy with their product. You just need to mail them or give them a call to voice your problems.


  • Refund policy
  • Prevents re-growth
  • Includes the directions for pipeline maintenance
  • Doesn't damage trees
  • Comes in a large container


  • Irritates skin
  • Need to be used very carefully

3. RM43 Total Vegetation Control Review

RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control, 1-Gallon
RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control, 1-Gallon

This one is not just a root killer but a weed preventer as well. So you can use it for cleaning pipelines and to clean your garden. The product can work on an area of 17,297 square feet. This will save you both time and money.

At the same time, it is recommended to use the weed preventer in areas where your plants don't live. You can use it on roadside, farmyards, vacant lots, and gravel paths. The product is good for pretty much any surface as well.

The preventer will not just kill weeds in your pipeline, it will also ensure that your pipeline stays clean for at least a year. So you won't have to invest in plumbing jobs or weed care for almost a year with this product.

With a combination of 2 surfactants and herbicides, the weed preventer doesn't restrict access to areas after it has dried. It can cut weeds of 6 inches or more. The formula of this product also contains 43.68% of Glyphosate. It's a powerful crop desiccant and herbicide.

Follow the direction of use that comes in the package to clean your pipelines effectively.


  • Works as a weed preventer
  • Can be used on many surfaces
  • Comes with a combination of 2 surfactants and herbicides
  • Contains 43.68% of Glyphosate
  • Covers an area of 17,297 square feet


  • Kills trees if roots are in pipeline
  • Not very environment friendly

4. Rooto Corp Root Killer Review

Rooto Corp. 1185 Root Killer 2 Lb
Rooto Corp. 1185 Root Killer 2 Lb

This particular root killer is fairly popular among users for its versatility. You can use the product in pipelines, sewers, toilets, and even other pipes without risking the damage of your possessions.

If you often are facing clogged drainage issues and don't really have the time to call a plumber, simply use this formula for an easy yet effective fix. The killer will unclog your pipe as it goes into the pipeline killing roots and cleaning the way.

Likewise, pouring it into the line of the septic system will give you the best results. This will make the killer more active and effective in cleaning your pipelines.

Although it doesn't foam up by itself, a good quality foaming product will make the root killer perform outstandingly. You can purchase the foaming product with the root killer; you might get a discount for doing so.

However, as the root killer is very powerful, you need to use it very carefully. It is made of 99% copper sulphate pentahydrate and that can be dangerous for human skin. Only 1% of the inert ingredient makes its formula very reactive. So don't shake the bottle and follow the instructions file very carefully before use.


  • Can be used on pipelines, sewers. and other plumbing jobs
  • Very powerful
  • Highly reactive with 99% copper sulphate pentahydrate
  • Works quickly
  • Can be poured into septic system line


  • Requires a foaming product
  • Doesn't have a long-lasting effect

Frequently Asked Questions Best Foaming Root Killer

Q. How are mechanical cutting and chemical treatment with foaming killers different?

Answer : Treating pipes with root killers take less time compared to mechanical cutting and provides longer-lasting results.

Q. Should chemical treatment with foaming agents and mechanical cutting be done simultaneously?

Answer : If your pipes are being treated for the very first time or they are completely blocked, the plumber can clear the already present blockage by cutting the roots first. Then he should use the foaming agent to kill the remaining roots and leave a barrier on the pipe to prevent re-growth within one hour of cutting the roots for the very first time.

Q. Where should the foaming agent be applied for maximum benefit?

Answer : For residents, the most preferred way is the cleanout since it's the closest to the pipes where roots might create problems. If there is no cleanout at the house, it can be applied to the toilet.

Q. How quickly are the results seen?

Answer : Foaming agents kill roots on contact and destroys the whole root structure within the very first hour after application by your plumber.

Q. Does any of them stop or block any kind of flow during application?

Answer : No, they create foam on contact with the water surface, and it uses the line's natural flow to spread the foam throughout the pipe. Thus, wastewater continues to flow under the foam, so its usage does not cause any service interruptions.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, your confusion regarding the best foaming agent and which one to buy have been cleared. Also, do keep in mind about your requirements, the ingredients from which the product is manufactured, and the desired price range while considering the final best foaming root killer.

The list of the foaming agents provided above is among the best ones according to consumer choice and in terms of effectiveness and longevity. In addition to that, each one of them is of different prices. As the price range is huge, you can easily choose one according to your feasibility.

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