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Fed up with duct tape or sub-par gaff tape leaving icky residue and creating light reflection? We know how it feels. The terrible tape can ruin so much, starting from objects to a perfect shot, thanks to the pesky glare it gives off. However, your days of worry are now long gone.

We put several gaff tapes on the market to the test and have selected seven top picks. So if you are looking to purchase the best gaff tape, you have come to the right place. All of these products check off all our boxes in terms of price and quality and we hope you will love them just as much as we do!

List of Top 5 best Gaff Tape – editor’s pick:

Top 7 Best Gaff Tape Reviews

Let us take a look at the seven best gaff tapes. We assure you, these gaff tapes will not disappoint.

1. Gaffer Power Premium Grade Gaffer Tape Review

Gaffer Power Premium Grade Gaffer Tape, Made in the USA, Heavy Duty gaff Tape, Non-Reflective, Multipurpose. 2 Inches x 30 Yards, Black

Right off the bat, we have a professional-grade gaff tape for you. The reel is 2 inches wide and 30 yards in length. This tape does not reflect light so it is perfect for shooting sets or for taking pictures. You can also use this in your house to tape wires to the floor and prevent people from tripping on them.

The tape holds so strongly that it is a wonder that it does not leave any residue behind. Once you pull the tape off, the surface will remain intact and absolutely free of any adhesive residue. The edges of the tape do not peel off by itself either, ensuring you get to use the whole reel efficiently.

Additionally, the tape is water-resistant. Neither the adhesive nor the cloth degrades when in contact with water. This makes it a great choice for outdoor use. It is also very easy to tear strips of this tape with your bare hands, no scissors or knife required.

Whether you are trying to set the stage or just need to tidy up at home, this gaff tape can be the solution to all your problems. You can also pick from several different color choices. Completely mess and hassle-free, this is one of the best gaff tapes you can purchase!


  • Heavy duty
  • Professional grade
  • Water-resistant
  • Leaves no residue
  • Easy to rip


  • Inconsistent adhesive

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2. AmazonBasics Non-Reflective Gaffer Tapes Review

Amazon Basics No Residue, Non-Reflective Gaffers Tape - 2 Inch x 90 Feet, Black

Next up, we have a sleek looking standard black gaff tape. Made with cotton cloth roll, this tape has really impressive flexibility and strength. You can use it to secure loose cords, tape cloth, and make labels for storage and so on. The strength of the adhesive can do it all!

It is worth mentioning that this tape is not water-resistant, thus it is best used indoors. Despite the stronghold, the tape does not leave any residue behind so you do not have to worry about ruining your floors or walls. The tape stays in place but when you wish to pull it off, it will come off without any hassle.

Besides, this tape is available in two colors (black and white) as well as two different sizes (90 ft. long at 2 inches wide or 3 inches wide). It is always great to have more options so you can purchase according to your needs.

With its non-reflective finish, this gaff tape is a necessity in every toolbox and can help with several different problems around the house. You can use it on painted walls, metal, wood and several other types of surfaces.


  • No residue
  • Strong adhesive
  • Flexible
  • 2 width and color options
  • Non-reflective


  • The black dye may dissolve if the tape becomes wet
  • Weave not aligned

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3. Pro Gaffer Gaffers Tape Review

Pro Gaffer Gaffers Tape, 2 in x 55 yd, Black

The next product on our list comes in several different colors, widths and value pack options. As you know, we love having our options open! With a proprietary backing of Synthetic Rubber Adhesive, the tape holds on to the surface with immense strength yet removes clean and mess-free.

Compared to natural adhesive, the synthetic adhesive also makes the tape more resistant to contaminants and chemicals, making sure it does not degrade with use. The tape is also outdoor-friendly as it can resist temperatures from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a non-reflective finish, this tape can be used in stages or sets for photos and videos. The matte tape is easy to tear by hand in both directions; thus, the reel will not get skewed in any direction, thanks to the high-quality weaving.

Moreover, the strong adhesive also means that the tape holds on just as well to irregular surfaces. You can also use markers on the surface of the tape to make labels. The bright and fluorescent colors also make for great stage markers.


  • Color and size options
  • Available in value packs
  • No residue
  • Easy to tear
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive backing


  • Black tape not dark enough
  • Relatively expensive

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4. XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape Review

XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape, 3 Inches x 30 Yards (White)

The next amazing cloth gaff tape on our list comes in standard black and white options. It had a very matte finish which makes it a great choice for photo sets to avoid reflection. Additionally, this tape can be used to conceal and secure the wire at home, for basic repairs on the automobile and several other uses.

Accordingly, the tape is loaded with pressure-sensitive adhesive, a type of adhesive that guarantees the tape has superior hold but does not leave back any residue. This makes it safe for use on every surface, even the walls of your beautiful home. Moreover, the adhesive will not stick to unwanted surfaces such as your fingers.

At the same time, the tape has reinforced backing. Reinforced backing allows you to tear the tape with your hands in both directions without skewing the weaving. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to cut perfect edges using scissors or anti-cutters.

Furthermore, this premium-grade gaff tape is also weather-proof so it can stand quite a bit of beating and be used outdoors. However, the tape cannot withstand very high temperatures which you may want to keep in mind.


  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Matte finish
  • Premium-grade
  • Reinforced backing
  • Weatherproof


  • Cannot resist substantial heat

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5. REAL Professional Grade Gaffer Tape Review

Professional Grade Gaffer Tape 2' X 30 Yards by EdenProducts, Strongest On The Market, Residue Free, Heavy Duty Non-Reflective Matte Finish Cloth Gaff Tape, Multipurpose – Black

One feature we look for in any product is its affordability, and our next product hits the nail right on the head. This is one of the most affordable premium grade gaff tapes on the market. However, do not mistake the lighter price tag for poor performance and quality!

First of all, the tape is completely matte and non-reflective. It is also available in a neutral tan color in addition to the standard black and white. The tan color does an impeccable job of blending in with floors and other surfaces to give them a smooth, uninterrupted look.

Furthermore, the adhesive on the tape does not leave behind any residue. This makes the tape safe for use on several different surfaces, including walls and floors. You can also use the tape on painted surfaces without worrying about the paint or varnish being ruined.

The gaff tape is also water-proof and abrasion-resistant. Both of these features are a great bonus and they allow you to use the tape outdoors as well. All of these features make this gaff tape one of our top picks.


  • Residue-free
  • Heavy duty
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Water and abrasion-resistant
  • Does not remove varnish or paint


  • Not suited for long periods of use

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6. Lockport Black Gaffers Tape 2 Pack Review

Lockport Black Gaffers Tape 2 Pack — 30 Yards x 2 Inch — Premium Gaff Tape — Non Residue, Waterproof, Matte Cloth Gaffing Tape for Professional Photography, Filming, & Stage Backdrop

If you are looking for value packs, we have a great one for you. This 2-pack of gaff tape is a great straightforward tape for daily use. As for all good gaff tapes, this product is matte and anti-reflective, meaning it can be used in professional photo and video sets without worrying about glare.

The tape has a strong adhesive that sticks to almost all surfaces regardless of finish. It works especially well with wooden floors and other smooth finishes. Furthermore, the tape has high tensile strength so it is nearly impossible that is will split or tears when being applied.

Another great feature of this tape is that it is waterproof so it can be used outdoors too. Water will not ruin the adhesive or the cloth. Additionally, the tape has a very strong backing and can be torn into pieces easily without any scissors or cutting tools.

Moreover, the tape is also heat, weather and abrasion-resistant, making it pretty much indestructible. Thus, with so many amazing features, this is definitely one of the top gaff tapes to keep in your consideration set.


  • Multipack, good value for money
  • Strong adhesive
  • High tensile strength
  • Waterproof
  • Matte and anti-reflective


  • Edges may curl with prolonged use
  • Some users complain of residue

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7. Devek Professional’s Choice Premium Gaffer Tape Review

Devek Professional's Choice Premium Gaffer Tape Matte Cloth With Rubber Adhesive 12.5 Mil Thick 2 Inch x 50 Yards Black

The last product on our list sports a price tag heavier than most of its competing products on the market. This is a vinyl-coated cloth tape which is a pretty unique type of gaff tape. It produces a very strong and sturdy tape which can then be used for various purposes.

In terms of its features, the tape has a strong adhesive so it can hold on to almost any surface without fail. You can use them in automobile repairs, floors, walls, for storage labels and several other applications like so. The adhesive does not leave any residue so it will not ruin the surface.

Moreover, the tape has a high tensile strength making it very durable. Durability is also boosted by its ability to resist high temperatures for up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it can be used for quick engine repairs and such too.

At the same time, it is also very easy to tear the tape by hand, making application quick and easy. Taking the tape off is also hassle-free and ensures that the tape is not being left for a long time as it can break down the adhesive and result in the residue. So, it is best to keep replacing the tape if you need to secure something for a long time.


  • Vinyl coated cloth
  • Temperature resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Strong adhesive
  • No residue


  • Expensive

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Final Verdict

With all our favorite gaff tapes reviewed, we hope you will find one that works best for you. If we had to give you a verdict, we would highly recommend Gaffer Power Premium Grade Gaffer Tape for all the standard features needed in good gaffer tape.

On the other hand, if you are looking for several color and size options, look no further than the Pro Gaffer Gaffers Tape. It has several options that you can explore and find a great fit for yourself. We hope this article helps you find the best gaff tape and solve all your gaff tape issues!

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