9 Best Heavy Duty Tension Rod For 2021- Strongest Curtain Rod

A proper shower can energize you after a long tiring day. And for a proper shower privacy is a must. In fact, it is one of the main factors for every bathroom. And when it comes to privacy, no other alternative can provide what curtains can provide, besides maybe a solid wall.

However, hang curtains for the shower, regular rods that are for windows and doorways will not cut it. You would require the tension rods that are specifically for bathrooms. And getting one of the decent heavy duty tension rod units is where you are going to struggle with. But you can stay entirely worry-free because we are here to make getting one of them more manageable for you.

Top Picks : 5 Best Heavy Duty Tension Rod

Top 9 Heavy Duty Tension Rod Review

Though there are plenty of tension rods out there, not all of them will be worth the money. To make sure that you do not get the most out of your money, we have handpicked the ones that we believe are worth every penny. Take a look at the ones that we have picked for you exclusively:

1. AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod Review

Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod, Adjustable 24-36' Width, White

One of the brands that seem to have every basic household items is AmazonBasics. They are also offering reliable and worthy tension rods too. And this one can illustrate the quality of their offering perfectly.

First of all, there are multiple variants of the unit. It comes in four different sizes and five different colors. The sizings start from 24 inches and end at 78 inches. And the colors that are available are white, nickel, chrome, bronze, and black.

No matter what size you pick, you are going to end up having something that is extendable. For example, the 24 inches one can extend up to 36 inches, and the 78 inches one can extend to 108 inches. So even if you have a fairly large bathroom, you will have nothing to worry about.

Aside from that, the installation process is relatively easy. You would not require any tools for that. And the knobs on the side are of durable materials, which will ensure a long-lasting holding performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple size options available
  • Comes in plenty of different colors
  • Each of the sizes is extendable
  • The installation procedure is easy
  • Features durable knobs on the sides

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2. BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rods Review

BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rods 27-43 Inches, Never Rust and Non-Slip Spring Tension Rod, Polished 304 Stainless Steel

One of the main problems that occur if you install metallic rods in the bathroom is that they have a high possibility of catching rust overtime. But that is not really a factor for this one that is offered by BRIOFOX.

Just like some of the other units, this one also comes in a few different colors. To be exact, you will have the freedom to choose from six different color coatings. All of them look elegant and will surely be able to blend well with the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Aside from that, the units are made of 304 stainless steel. For that reason, you can expect these to last for an extended amount of Also, they have a rust-resistant coating on the exterior. That coating will ensure that these do not catch rust or corrode over time.

There are two different size options too. Both of them are extendable, thanks to the telescoping body that they have. You would also not have to go through extra hassles while installing these because they have a tool-less installation process.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Features a rust-resistive coating on the exterior
  • Extremely resistant to corrosions
  • Five different color options available
  • Boasts an extendable body

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3. AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod Review

Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod, Adjustable 54-90' Width, Nickel Finish

Having plenty of size options can come in handy because not all of the bathrooms are generally of the same size. And AmazonBasics is here to deliver that with this unit.

To start with, it is available in four different sizes. The smallest one available is 24 inches, and the largest one you can get is 78 inches. All of the sizes features a telescoping design. Because of that, they will be able to extend at least 12 inches in size. And as these are extendable, you would not have to worry about the proper fit that much.

Other than that, there are multiple color options too. In fact, there are five different sizes that you will be able to choose from. There is nickel, white, chrome, bronze, and black. All of them are have a proper coating and will look elegant in your bathroom.

Lastly, AmazonBasics has implemented high-quality materials for the overall construction. Alongside that, the installation process is pretty simple as well. You would need no tools at all.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in four different sizes
  • Plenty of color variants to choose from
  • The construction is of high-quality material
  • Has a tool-less installation process
  • Reasonably durable

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4. Decopolitan Urn Single Curtain Rod Review

Decopolitan 27865-36BW Urn Single Curtain Rod, 36 to 72-Inch, Bright White

Are you tired of having basic finials on the rods of your bathroom? Want something fancy? Then you should definitely take a  look at what Decopolitan is offering here.

Just like most of the units, there are multiple sizes available for this one too. It comes in 18 inches, 36 inches, and 72 inches. All of them extends to about double the size. For that reason, no matter how large the distance is in between the walls in your bathroom, it would be pretty easy for you to get a proper fit.

On that note, the installation process is hassle-free. It comes with all the mounting hardware. You would not have to purchase anything to get it installed in your bathrooms. And for the urn finials that they have on the side, your bathroom is going to look more aesthetically pleasing after installing it.

Other than that, the inner diameter of these rods is 1 inch. And these are constructed of sturdy stainless steel. It will not start drooping even after you hang heavy curtains on these.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a size adjustable body
  • The body is of sturdy stainless steel
  • Can hold large and heavy curtains
  • Includes all the mounting hardware
  • The diameter of the rods are 1 inch

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5. AmazonBasics Curtain Rod with Round Finials Review

Amazon Basics 1-Inch Curtain Rod with Round Finials - 1-Pack, 72 to 144 Inch, Nickel

If you were on the lookout for something that comes with fancy finials and has reflective color options, then AmazonBasics might have the right one for you.

First of all, it implements an adjustable body. The body has that telescoping design that most of the brands are implementing nowadays. For that reason, you will be able to change the length, which will make getting a proper fit in between the walls an easy task for you.

Apart from that, the ends come with fancy round finials, which makes these look exquisite. Alongside that, there are plenty of aesthetic color options available. One of them is the nickel coating, which has a reflective metallic look to it. With that, you will be able to boost the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Besides that, you can also get these items in different sizes. Each of them is 1 inch in diameter, which makes them capable of holding up to 22 pounds of weight. It also comes with wall mounts that have a width adjusting mechanism. You will also receive anchors and screws in the package.

Highlighting Features

  • Metallic color option is available
  • Features fancy round finials on the ends
  • The rods are 1 inch thick
  • Includes adjustable wall mounts
  • Comes with all the anchors and screws

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6. BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod Review

BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod 27-43 Inches, Rust-Resistance Shower Curtain Rod for Windows or Doorways, Matte White

Having to drill holes on your precious bathroom walls can ruin the color coating and their aesthetics. But if you get this unit that BRIOFOX is offering, you would not have to do that.

Let us talk about the overall construction first. The tube is made of high-strength steel. The thickness of the tube is sixty percent higher than most of the average rods that are out there. For that reason, it can easily hold curtains that are up to 30 pounds in weight.

Other than that, the exterior of the unit has a highly advanced electroplated coating. That electroplating makes these achieve high rust and corrosion resistivity characteristics. Also, the plating will make sure that the colors do not chip away that easily. You would not have to worry about the color fading either.

On that note, you can choose from five different colors. Alongside that, you will have the option of choosing from three sizes. All of the sizes extend to at least sixteen inches, thanks to the telescoping design that these utilize. Also, the knobs will offer you a tool-less installation experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Does not require any tools for installing
  • Features electroplating on the exterior
  • Can hold about 30 pounds of weight
  • Has the ability to extend to at least 16 inches
  • Can resist rust and corrosion

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7. AmazonBasics Room Darkening Curtain Rod Review

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Rod - 28' to 48', Black

Even though there are plenty of curtain rods available out there, there are only a few heavy-duty darkening units. And this one from AmazonBasics is one of them.

First of all, the unit is 5/8 inches in diameter. Because of being that thick, it will have no trouble at all in the case of holding curtains that are up to 20 pounds in weight. It will not droop, nor will it bend that easily. And the heavy-duty construction material further enhances the stability of the unit.

Aside from that, it is available in a few different elegant color options. You can choose one from black, bronze, and nickel. These colors will easily blend well with the aesthetics of your bathroom. And as these have wrap-around finials on the sides, these will be able to offer full coverage, which will maximize your privacy.

Also, there are different size variants available too. You can choose anyone from 28 inches, 48 inches, and 88 inches. All of them extend because of that telescoping body. And you will get different hardware needed to install in the box.

Highlighted Features

  • Has wrap-around finials
  • Multiple elegant color variants available
  • The units are 5/8 inches thick
  • Utilizes a telescoping body
  • The size is extendable

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8. Amazer Shower Curtain Rod Review

Amazer Shower Curtain Rod, 42-72 Inches Rust-Resistant Curtain Rod Adjustable Spring Tension Shower Rod for Bathroom, Bronze

Among all of the units that are available, the ones that do not require any drilling or tools for the installation process are the easiest ones to work with. And a perfect example of units such as that would be this one that is from Amazer Shower.

Unlike some of the units, this one has knobs on each of the sides. Those knobs have springs on the inside, which makes them attach to walls without needing any drilling. That means you would not have to operate intricate tools to get this up in your bathroom.

Alongside that, Amazer Shower utilized a telescoping design for this unit. For that reason, you will be able to adjust the length. The largest size option that is available can extend to up to 110 inches.

Besides that, the build material is of high quality as well. For that reason, these achieve a high level of durability. The exterior also has a chip-resistant coating, which will ensure that the colors do not fade away that quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Features springy knobs on the side
  • The installation does not require any holes
  • Sports chip resistant coating on the exterior
  • The build is of high-quality materials
  • Boasts a telescoping body

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9. iDesign Cameo Metal Tension Rod Review

iDesign Cameo Metal Tension Rod, Adjustable Customizable Curtain Rod for Bathtub, Shower Stall, Closet, Doorway, 26-42 Inches, Matte Black

There are many rods that feature a knob design but does not utilize a high-quality spring. Well, that is not the case for this one that iDesign is offering.

To begin with, it features a high function spring on the knob. For that reason, these will slide pretty easily in between the walls. The installation process will be entirely free of hassles for you. You would not even require any sort of additional tools for the process either.

Aside from that, it comes in various colors. There are matte black, white, dark bronze, and dark bronze colors available. All of them have an elegant outlook and will blend pretty easily with the walls of your bathroom. It also is available in four different sizes. The options start from 26 inches and go all the way up to 78 inches.

Alongside that, the exterior has a rust-resistant coating. That, combined with the stainless steel construction, you will be basically signing up for years of use. It will also not show any signs of corrosion over the lifespan.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts high functional springs on the knobs
  • Simple installation process
  • Durable overall build
  • Multiple stylish colors available
  • The length is extendable

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Heavy Duty Tension Rod Buying Guide

Heavy Duty Tension Rod

Before you decide to spend your precious money on any of the units that you stumble upon, you would have to keep some things into your consideration. That will help you scrutinize the rods efficiently. As a result, you would end up getting the most out of your money. The points that we are talking about are as follows:

  • Build Quality

First and foremost, you need to consider the build quality. In this case, what you need to ensure is whether the one that you are going for has a construction of high-quality materials or not. If you happen to get one that is not of high-quality material, you will end up with something that would not be that durable.

  • Coatings

Other than the build quality, you should also consider whether the unit has appropriate coatings or not. We would recommend going for the ones that have rust resistive coatings on the exterior. With those, you would not have to worry about the rod catching rust or corroding over time.

  • Installation Process

The last thing that you need to factor in is the installation process. Make sure that the unit comes with all the necessary hardware. Also, if you want a tool-less installing experience, you should go with the ones that come with springy knobs on the ends.


We hope that we were able to make it easier for you to choose one of the heavy duty tension rod units. We would like to end things here by wishing you good luck and hoping that the one you get lasts for a long amount of time and looks good in your bathroom.

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