Best Lamp Shade For Brightness : Top 8 Picks for 2021

by Kimberly Hill

Logically, an item with an addon feature looks more beautiful. And so the lamps are made more elegant by decorating it using a shade. The question, however, is what is the benefit of the pretty looks? Of course, when buying LED lamps you aim at getting the shining light.

Many times lampshades are used for a certain purpose. For instance, bare bulbs spread their light equally in every corner of a room. But staring at this directly is so uncomfortable especially if you accidentally look at it.

To prevent further harm to the eyes by lighting sources, it is usually important to buy a shade. Why? The items will block your eyes from looking directly into the bulb, and also concentrate the light straight where it is needed. At the same time placing the units in the living room, wooden furniture or on a study table makes the house attractive.

Top Best Lamp Shade for Brightness Top 8 Picks for 2021 by Editors

Top 5 Best Lamp Shade Reviews

Top 5 Best Lamp Shade Reviews
Top 5 Best Lamp Shade Reviews

1. IMISI Lamp Shade Review

Lamp Shade IMISI Linen Fabric White Lamp Shade Small 5' Top Diameter X 9' Bottom Diameter X 7' Tall (white With Gold Threads)
Lamp Shade IMISI Linen Fabric White Lamp Shade Small 5' Top Diameter X 9' Bottom Diameter X 7' Tall (white With Gold Threads)

IMISI offers a simple to install and practical lampshade as it offers desired brightness. Although it is hand-designed, it creates an ideal recreational corner in the bedroom or dining place. The white fabric used not only brings the decorative aspect but also diffuses lighting well. Besides, it can be easily tied to any other furniture. The result is a soft, natural, and warm room for you to rest and also feeling awesome.

The art in this lampshade comes from the pure white fabric used. This gives a luxurious ad low profile look with guaranteed durability. Of curse, you will use it for a longer time without the need to consider replacing it. without forgetting its dimensions are fit enough to allow sufficient light. That is why it works best as a table or reading lampshade.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer provides a 24 hours customer support. The team is available directly to help solve any arising concerns. But in case the item is not satisfying your needs you easily get a refund.


  • The dimensions are accurate.
  • Perfect brightness
  • Easy to connect to any furniture.
  • Fabric lampshade diffuse light well.


  • Light glows sometimes when turned on.
  • Very delicate
  • Overpriced

2. White Mushroom Glass Shade Review

Satco 50-330 9.5-Inch Replacement Mushroom Glass Shade, 7-7/8 Inch Fitter, White (50/330)
Satco 50-330 9.5-Inch Replacement Mushroom Glass Shade, 7-7/8 Inch Fitter, White (50/330)

If you are looking for perfect ornament for your dream home lighting system then the White Mushroom Glass Shade from Satco is handy. The reason is over time most light bulbs and even the battery-dependent devices die or burn out. This button shade will go into the ceiling fixture and fit perfectly within minutes. The dimensions are very accurate and standard thus reducing the need to buying or installing a new fixture.

This beautiful enhancement fastens without any troubles. It is not a problem whether you are searching for a fun and trendy item or a standard and simple shade. The superiority in this model makes it an ideal accessory for your floor lamp. It will brighten the whole room and leave the perceived experience. Perhaps it will enhance your feelings to entirely a new level.

The color is intense, bright, and complementing for maximum visual experience. This makes it pleasing to the eyes thus surprisingly adds value to your bulbs.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable even for replacements


  • Thin and flimsy
  • Costly
  • Gets hot 

3. Alucset Barrel Fabric Small Lampshade Review

White Lamp Shade, Alucset Barrel TC Cloth Small Lampshade For Table Lamp And Floor Light, 6x10x7.5', Natural Linen Hand Crafted, Spider (Ivory White)
White Lamp Shade, Alucset Barrel TC Cloth Small Lampshade For Table Lamp And Floor Light, 6x10x7.5', Natural Linen Hand Crafted, Spider (Ivory White)

Are you looking for a convenient way to bring a new feel and look at your house? Well, the Alucset Barrel is the right lampshade to give you both brightness and decoration. The perfectly multipurpose shade has a lively design that is luring and with a comfortable look.

Although hand-tailored Alucset embraces natural fabric and soft linen. This gives a more unique look thus it is perfect for use in any room or corner of the house. It suits any necessary update or repair as it will perfectly fit.

What is more, to satisfy the various preferences of homeowners. The product is available in multiple shades which is a good collection to choose from. The measurements of this lampshade are 6 inches on Top x 10 inches bottom x 7.5-inch height.

The company is committed to serving its customers. Therefore, provides a one year warranty. This commitment shows that the lampshade is of high quality and look.


  • Attractive design
  • Well-priced
  • Easy to install


  • Rips off and falls sometimes
  • Comes with dark spots
  • Small if you need something bigger

4. WESTINGHOUSE Corp Mushroom Ceil Shade Review

WESTINGHOUSE Lighting Corp 85613 6' Mushroom Ceil Shade, 1 Pack, White
WESTINGHOUSE Lighting Corp 85613 6' Mushroom Ceil Shade, 1 Pack, White

Purchasing the exceptional ceiling light shade like Westinghouse is worth it. The mushroom design is perfect as the globe works well as a new or replacement furnishing. This is why this shade is unique to give you a glowing room and an excellent light diffusion.

Crafted from white acrlic it produces refined looks enhancing its distinctive quality. Fit for use in any room or corners, this is a fabulous decision since it is durable. It has UV inhibitors that make it shatter-resistant and also prevent yellowing.

Even better its installation is so easy and does not leave you feeling bad after use. The one-piece lampshade is molded with 7.5 inches in diameter and a 6-inch fitter neck.


  • Excellent Design.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Water-resistant.


  • The fitter opening could be smaller
  • Globe may arrive broke
  • Suitable for smaller bulbs

5. Original Arch Light Filtering Fabric Shade Review

Redi Shade 3206075 Original Arch Light Filtering Fabric Shade, 72 In X 36 In, White
Redi Shade 3206075 Original Arch Light Filtering Fabric Shade, 72 In X 36 In, White

If you have an arch window then you need to thank the Original Arch Shade. This model has a size of 36 inches length and 72inches width to fit in perfectly into the half-round window. All you need to do is to confirm your measurements before purchase.

It comes in two color options including white and natural. Not only will this shade help in light diffusion but it is also a unique decorative element. So it is valuable to include it in any room to provide privacy.

When it comes to installation, the process is easy. You simply need to peel and stick it to the area desired. The manufacturer guarantees it will completely and strongly hold to the fitter. As a result it will still allow in enough sunlight and also prevent direct glare to the bulbs.

The main material used is light filtering and UV resistant. That means the floor will not fade even after a long time of use.


  • Environment friendly
  • High brightness
  • Weather-resistant


  • Misleading dimensions
  • No complete light blocking
  • Very flimsy

How Do I choose A Light Shade? / Buying Guide

While shopping for lampshades, it is worth noting the fact that the market offers a range. The differences come clearly on the colors, size, and fabric used. Well, it is important to ensure that what you select matches your desires. Here are some of the things you should not overlook.


The reason for having a lampshade is worth worrying about before purchasing. Fortunately, there are many options to enable you to make the right choice. You will find a type meant for lighting, reading or working that reduces eye-straining. Generally, the right bulb needs appropriate stuff. For instance, the fabrics should logically suit the styles without showing any variation.


Whether you bought your lamp because of its style or just a side object, it is vital to pick a shade that matches its size. Basically, its width must be in harmony with the foot’s height. In case, you are looking for a replacement, all you need is to simply measure the initial size and find a similar unit.

An extensive base needs a wider shade to provide visual balance. Besides, an accurate length will be enough to hide other attachments including the fasteners. A space of about 3inches will also ensure that the element does not burn


Ample shades often perfectly covers-up all of the lamps’ hardware. Even better it has a place that allows the heat produced by the bulb to easily dissipate. The foot often needs an attachment that should be screwed or fastened tightly. So always select something which is appropriate for assembling.


Color has a key role in lampshades’efficient functioning. Traditionally the units have been known to be white to simply illuminate the entire room. It helps to bring classy lighting while more of the light is directed downward. Consider colors that can blend well with your room’s décor for extra visual excitement.

Frequently Asked Question On Best Lamp Shade For Brightness

Q:Who invented lampshades?

Ans: The history behind the current light elements used at home traces to many years back. In the 17th-century lampshades were seen everywhere in the Parisian streets. Until in 1879 when the first commercial light bulb got invented by Friedrich Albert Winsor. This transformed everything as the sunset hours expanded. The main reason was to disperse the harsh brightness from the bulbs.

Q: Why do we use lampshades?

Ans: Without lampshades, the entire light produced from a bulb disperses equally in every direction. Even worse, it is uncomfortable to look directly at a bare bulb. The glare, in fact, damages the eyes. Using shades prevents starring at the glare openly, and also directs the light only where it is needed.

Q: How do you cover a lampshade with fabric strips?

Ans: At times finding the right handy lampshade for your room is hard. However, with a small amount of time and effort, it is possible to have the best choice. With a bit of fabric, glue, and paint you can have an unsightly cover.

Start by removing any trims and then stick the fabric strips around the lampshade with the right side facing down. Then roll on both directions ensuring no wrinkles form and trim the excess especially the edges.

Q: What are the different types of lampshades?

Ans: There are various types of lampshades available to enable you to land on what is right for your home. For that matter, modern ones are classified according to shape, material, fitter, or functionality. This ensures you settle for nothing less than what is suitable

Q: Do lampshades need to be fire retardant?

Ans: When buying or making a lampshade, the fabric chosen for this job matters greatly. Materials can melt, burn, or discolor if they become hot. So it is necessary to consider a unit with a fabric that withstands heat without becoming damaged. Equally, the bulb is important and too high wattage poses a fire danger.

Q: Are paper lampshades safe?

Ans: Paper lampshades are a big fire hazard. The risk increases if the bulbs are used improperly. For safety purposes, if you must use one ensure you follow the safety precautions. Never forget to leave them on when you are not around.

Q: Can I use PVA glue on a lampshade?

Ans: Adhesives are the most vital item that every crafter must-have. It goes to the extent of ensuring you have a durable and effective result. Choosing the versatile type, PVA will be of great help. Os course, you can use it on many surfaces including fabric, paper, card, plaster, wood, among others. It is perfect for basic art and also safe for kids.


Considering low-cost items is a common occurrence when it comes to home decoration. But luxury lovers often opt to purchase exceptional and new things just to be unique. The best lampshades are one easy and reasonable way to bring a breath of life not only to the favorite lamp but also to your space. This has become a decor element that totally transforms how a room feels and also looks.

The idea of having lampshades is intended to provide a shining atmosphere even at night. Even better it controls the amount of lighting that has the potential to cause irritation of the eyes. So it is totally up to you to look for the type which is going to fit your home well to avoid the worst.

Luckily, because you need to benefit from the investment, the market offers both new and replacement lampshades. They are available in different colors, sizes, styles, and shapes. This has resulted in tricky moments when choosing the best type for brightness.

With this guide and the 5 reviewed options, you can replicate the former brand or opt for a new look. So have an easy and fun shopping experience and get to add something gorgeous to your room.

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