Best Lanyards Trendy Reviews And Guidelines

Lanyard is a simple accessory that gives you a unique yet minimalistic look. It’s similar to strap or cord that you can comfortably wear around your neck, wrist, or shoulder. Students, Corporate employees, visitors, attendees can wear it for easy visibilities of their identification card, wallet, keys, or uniform accessories.

So, who doesn’t love lanyards for a sophisticated look? Different materials with various colors and patterns add a chic vibe to your personality and attire. In that sense, you just need to find the best lanyards, which add a great touch to your personality.

However, if you are looking for the best lanyards, you are just in the right place.

Top 5 Lanyards On The Market – Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best Lanyards Reviews

There are hundreds of lanyards available in the market, but clearly, not all of them are great for your ensemble. To assist you, we have listed some of the best suitable lanyards for every professional or personal work below.

1. Thread WalletsThread Wallets Cool Lanyards Review

Thread Wallets - Cool Lanyards - Key Chain Holder

Our first choice for you is this fantastic lanyard from none other than Thread Wallets Company. Their lanyards are an expression of your mood and personality. Besides, super cute, comfortable lanyards that come with simple, basic, and traditional designs.

This unique accessory is ¾ inches wide (2 centimeters) and top of the lanyard has a leather attachment of 17 inches from the bottom. It is made of durable polyester and original leather with a high-quality metal clasp to attach your necessary items. The thread wallet logo is beautifully embossed in the leather part.

Accordingly, this beautiful piece is made with very comfortable and light-weighted material. The durable material ensures the safety and security of your stuff that you are carrying. You can carry your wallet, keys, and ID badges easily. It looks pretty cool around your neck as well as on the side of your pocket or your backpack/purse. 

You can find various patterns that reflect your everyday mood. Outdoorsy and natural themed lanyards reflect your adventurous attitude while bohemian designs show a relaxed and cool personality. 


  • Good quality material with numerous designs
  • Robust and secure clasp
  • Lessens the burden of carrying extra bag/ purse
  • Light-weighted and handy


  • No adjustable buckle
  • Does not come with multiple sizes

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2. InterUS Nike Lanyard Keychain Review

Lanyard Keychain Holder Keychain Key Chain Black Lanyard Clip with Webbing Strap (Nike)

Are you a Nike fan or a person who craves for some simple design? Nike logo adds a positive feeling to your personality. A single-sided Nike logo based lanyard gives you a smart look.

This lanyard is an excellent combination with any Nike products or all alone. The material is super soft and silky. The logo is printed in white that looks so vibrant on the black strap.

Unlike the other one, the lanyard is 12 inches long with an adjustable webbing strap. The silver clasp is 1 inch, and the total product weight is 0.81 ounces. You can carry keys, ID cards, or any other accessories that you wish to attach with a clasp.

It’s very comfortable to wear, and the fabric is so smooth that you hardly get a feeling of something around your neck. People of all ages and gender can wear it. Especially, it’s a brilliant item as a gift. The product is not only classy but also durable. You don’t need to worry about matching it with your outfit as it goes with anything you wear. 


  • Adjustable webbing strap
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect gift item
  • Very comfortable and light weighted
  • Gives you a smart look


  • The logo is printed in only one side
  • Not appropriate for corporate visitors or employees

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3. HOSL Economy Black Badge Lanyards Review

HOSL 100 Pack Economy Black Badge Lanyards Business Card Lanyards ID Card Lanyards Employee Lanyards Students Lanyards Round 36' With Swivel Hook

If you are looking for a high-quality lanyard in a bulk quantity, you are just in the right place. HOSL brings you the best quality lanyard at a very affordable price. This product should be essential for your whole outlook.

It is made with high-quality Nylon and comes with a standard metal swivel J hook. The cord is braided and black. This eye-catchy product is 36 inches long, and the braided cord is 1/8 inches. This product comes in a bulk size of 100 pcs.

Likewise, the thin chord has lasting durability that ensures your comfort. The total weight for the package is 1.54 lb, and its weight capacity is 15 lbs. The cord feels soft and light-weighted as well.

It’s a simple yet classy design that will perfectly match with your personality. Moreover, this unique design is suitable for people of all ages. This product is useful for students, employees, attendees, visitors; they can easily carry their identifications. Thus, thin cord lanyards make your identification more visible than any other lanyards.


  • A perfect combination of design and quality
  • Very affordable
  • Strong and durable
  • Doesn’t irritate your skin
  • Lightweight


  • Unavailable printed design
  • No choice to mix-match several colors in one pack

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4. Buttonsmith Starry Night Premium Lanyard Review

Buttonsmith Starry Night Premium Lanyard - with Buckle and Flat Ring - Made in The USA

If you are looking for an extraordinary design and color combination, this starry night design is just the perfect lanyard for you. Vincent Van Gogh’s piece of art is all you want to express your unique personality. It has a modern touch of expressing creative personality with a vintage piece of art.

This piece has a soft long wide strap, and the polyester fabric has the silkiest texture. The design is made by dye sublimation, so it will not fade. This technique ensures long-lasting color, and you can wash it if you want. You are definitely going to receive a lot of good compliments about it!

At the same time, it has a detachable buckle as well as a premium flat ring and badge clip. The detachable buckle helps you to adjust the size as per your preference. Thus, the item weighs 0.64 ounces and the dimension is 21×0.75×0.25 inches.

You can attach your ID card, key, card carrier, and other light-weighted items on the flat ring/spring clip. This premium product is made in the USA and has a replacement and refund policy.


  • Unique design with a vibrant color combination
  • Detachable buckle
  • Washable
  • Premium quality material
  • Very soft and silky fabric


  • Inappropriate for a corporate look
  • Best for adults only

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5. MIFFLIN Flat Lanyards for ID Badges Review

MIFFLIN Flat Lanyards for Face Mask & ID Badges (Black, 36 Inch, 25 Pack), Comfortable Neck Straps

Our next pick for you is a flat lanyard. It is a great solution for your daily lanyard necessity. Mifflin Company brings you this comfortable lanyard with seven color options to choose from.

This trendy lanyard is made with PET Polyester that is soft, comfortable, and recyclable. It has a beautiful braided design that prevents snags. A metal J-hook is enclosed with a rotating ring that makes the attached accessory easy to move. Also, the ring has a D mount bracket that is connected to the clasp.

Likewise, its neck strap is 36 inches, the looped length is 17.75 inches/ 45.1 cm and the total looped length and hook is 19.5 inches/ 49.5 cm. Each item weighs 7.2 ounces. The product dimension is 9.4×6.7×0.7 inches.

Apart from that, you have seven colors to choose from, and all the colors are standard for your day to day life. The package includes 25 strands of each lanyard that makes it highly affordable.

So, this is the best for school, office work. concerts, events, visits, etc. On top of that, it is going to add a minimalistic vibe without compromising anything.



  • Only one size
  • Fundamental color

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6. Teeqiang Nike Lanyard with Keychain Holder Review

No products found.

If you are looking for a casual and affordable lanyard, it’s the best choice for you. Teeqiang brings you a lanyard that has a beautiful Nike logo.

However, every lanyard has a keychain holder and an adjustable clasp. The beautiful clip can hold your ID cards, keys, cardholders, or any other light-weighted accessories easily.

Moreover, you are getting a pack of five decorative color lanyards with its pack. The colors are blue, pink, white, yellow and of course black. The colors are selected to match with your daily outfits easily. 

On the other hand, the material is of good quality polyester, which ensures your comfort. Length and width size is perfect for your daily activities. The lanyard is 21 inches long from top to bottom and the item weight is 4.5 ounces.

Accordingly, its package dimension is 8×4.1×1.1 inches and it has soft and comfortable material. The fabric is flat and long, which gives you a stylish attitude. 

So, this is perfect to use in school, sports events, personal works, concerts, etc. It’s mainly suitable for the teenage group and adults.


  • Comes with five beautiful colors
  • Perfect for regular use
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Material is soft and comfortable
  • Best use as a school and sports accessory


  • Same design and logo
  • Inappropriate for corporate professionals

No products found.

7. Guardian Fall Protection Internal Shock Lanyard Review

Guardian Fall Protection 11200 IS-72 6-Foot Internal Shock Lanyard with snap hooks

Are you looking for the best lanyard that can help you with your heavy-duty works? This is our pick for your personal and professional heavy works. Guardian Fall Protection Lanyard is the best lanyard for your office, home, or garden use. 

This useful yet classy lanyard is made with heavy-duty outer polyester webbing. To reduce impact forces, there is a polyester core. Thus, it has a snap hook, single-leg webbing, and impact indicator.

Moreover, the vibrant yellow color gives you a stylish touch. The highly durable and shock-resistance property makes it different from other ordinary lanyards.

Fortunately, this Guardian Fall Protection lanyard is even designed to ensure your safety from any severe injuries. The main strength of this product is its 6-foot protection features which are perfect for any heavy-duty work. Steel snap hooks prevent any chances for wear and tear. 

The length of this product is 6 feet, and it’s a single-leg lanyard. The item weight for this product is 2.5 pounds, and the product dimension is 6x6x5 inches.


  • Heavy-duty outer polyester webbing
  • Do not stretch and no shock pack
  • Light-weighted
  • Ensures safety
  • Can be used for industrial work or personal work


  • Only one hook combination
  • Shock resistance, not more than six feet

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8. String Gimp Plastic Lacing Cord Review

String Gimp Plastic Lacing Cord for Bracelets Scoubidou Craft Kits with Snap Clip Hooks 20 Colors

One of our most favorite picks from lanyards is this multifunctional lacing cord set. This set comes with keychain ring clips, snap clip hooks along with the lacing cord. You can make multiple projects or fun crafting from this set. It has a vast diversity to express your creative side. 

The set comes with a pack of 20 scoubidou strings, snap clip hooks, and keychain ring clips. Besides, twenty bright colors allow you to create whatever items you like. It’s fantastic for making bracelets, anklets, keyring decorations, or any kind of crafts.

This set will enable children and adults to have a fun time with one another. No wonder you are going to love this set.

Twenty assorted vibrant plastic lacing cords are attached with this pack where each cord is 16.4 feet long. Thus, each lacing cord size is 0.1 inches/ 16.4 feet, the diameter for the keychain ring clip is 1 inch, and the length of the snap clip hook is 1 inch. The chord is made of PVC Plastic, and the ring clip and snap clip hooks are made of stainless steel.


  • Best as art and craft supplies
  • A wonderful gift to a creative person
  • Comes with 20 vibrant colors
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Not suitable for corporate or professional use
  • Single pattern plastic lasing cord

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9. Dwarm Lanyard Key Chain Holder Review

No products found.

This is a highly recommended lanyard for anyone who is looking for a basic yet stylish lanyard. The pack of this lanyard has just the right primary colors for you. Its Nike logo adds a positive vibe to it.

Dwarm brings three-pack Nike Lanyard with three different colors. They come in black, white and blue. This color is essential for your regular usage. The material for this lanyard is Nylon, which has a soft, durable and non-itchy feel. The metal hook is silver, and it comes with a plastic buckle for quick release and size adjustment.

Similarly, the size of the lanyard is 23×1 inches. It weighs 2.39 ounces, and the package dimension is 5.1×3.4×0.8 inches. The Nike logo is printed on both sides of these lanyards that ensures comfort around your neck.

Likewise, this lanyard is amazing for your school, sports events, or any visits. You can hold your keys, ID cards, badges, or any other accessories with it. Furthermore, this is a perfect gift item for your friend, family members as well as colleagues.


  • Amazing material quality
  • Durable
  • Perfect size
  • Has an adjustable plastic buckle
  • Easy to use


  • Only one design and logo
  • Inappropriate for professional purpose

No products found.

10. Fushing Lanyard with Card Holder Review

Fushing 30Pcs Clear Plastic Horizontal Name Tags Badge ID Card Holders and 30Pcs Flat Neck Lanyards with Swivel Hook

Last but not least, our pick for the best lanyards is this fantastic combo of lanyard and cardholder. It’s the best duo you can find in the market.

These lanyards are black and have a soft nylon double fabric strap. Besides, its J hook is made of premium stainless steel. Thus, the card/badge holder is made of durable clear PVC and has a water resistance property along with low and high-temperature resistance.

In that regard, this horizontal holder is best suitable for ID cards, credit cards, driving licenses, admission tickets, etc. You can use the lanyard not only for the holder but also for keys, wallets, rings, etc.

The smart satin finish of the lanyard makes it skin-friendly. It also has a professional quality crimping and the clip is easy to open with 360-degree swivel.

However, the total length for the lanyard is 18 inches (45cm), Length of J hook is 2 inches (5 cm), Strap width is 0.4 inches (1 cm). On the other hand, the badge holder has three pre-punched holes; the outer size of the badge is 100×85 mm, and the fit card size is 90x55mm.


  • Best duo for lanyard and cardholder
  • Perfect size and shape
  • Suitable for all age group
  • Durable with high-quality material
  • Affordable and user friendly


  • Black lanyard only
  • No option to adjust the size

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Final Verdict

We hope you have already found the best lanyards for you. All the above-listed lanyards are highly recommended in terms of quality and design. Just bear in mind your necessity and pick your favorite one. Visit the respective website for more details.

Furthermore, keeping a budget in mind is highly recommended in case of buying products like these. You don’t want to spend too much on something that’s convenient but isn’t just worth your money.

Look for durability if you work all day long; that’ll help you use only one lanyard for a long time without issues. Good luck with purchasing the best one!

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