Best Low Sugar Protein Bars

Protein bars are a healthy snack you can have on the go and they’re very handy as well. Everyone loves a delicious nutritious protein bar, but not all of them are actually good for your health. It contains a significant amount of protein and a lot of sugar to make the snack tasty. Hence, these snacks can be harmful to your health despite their protein content.

In this regard, we have listed some of the best low sugar protein bars which will provide you the necessary amount of protein, saving you from high sugar intake. Check them out below.

Are Protein Bars Healthy?

Yes. Protein bars contain more protein and nutrients and less carbohydrates or starch. This makes them healthier compared to other snacks like chips or cookies. The bars are often consumed as snacks, but they can be good filler and reduce your need to eat more.

Many protein bars available in the market are great sources of nutrients. They contain calcium, vitamins, and potassium. The bars also contain less fat compared to other common snacks. They are actually very healthy and ideal for both adults and children. Protein bars support weight loss and lean body as well.

Top 5 Low Sugar Protein Bars For You:

What To Look For In A Protein Bar

Before we get to the list, let’s see what you need to look for in a protein bar The following features should be present in a protein bar for it to be considered good:

  • Sugar Quantity

Too much sugar makes the bars taste bad and is also bad for your health. Pick something that’s low sugar.

healthiest protein bars
  • Carbohydrate, Protein Ratio

Protein bars should have more than 15 gms of protein and less carbohydrates.

  • Fat Content

Protein bars with fat are actually good for health. But pick one with no palm oil as palm oil can cause heart diseases.

  • Fiber

Every good protein bar contains fibers. Fiber helps with digestion, controls blood sugar, and also acts as filler. The bars that contain fiber can help curb your cravings. You won’t feel as hungry after you eat the bar if it contains fiber.

pure protein bars
  • Protein Source

Protein sources influence the quality of the protein you are taking. A good source like micellar casein or hydrolyzed whey can highly benefit your health. On the other hand, whey or soy protein isn’t as good and generally cannot boost your energy as much. However, vegan sources of protein are also great for health.

Top 10 Best Low Sugar Protein Bars Reviews

Here comes the list! Below we have 10 amazing low sugar snacks that are perfect for on the go munching. Pick yours to have a good day, every day.

1. Pure Protein Bars Review

Pure Protein S'mores Value Pack 6-50 Gram Bars (Pack of 2)

Delicious, low sugar, and gluten-free, what more can you ask from a protein bar? This one comes in a bunch of different flavors you can choose from. The snack is designed to provide energy and restart your body whenever you are feeling low.

You can get value packs of 6 bars of the same flavor such as s’mores, birthday cake, blueberry yogurt, chewy chocolate chip, chocolate deluxe, chocolate peanut caramel, chocolate salted caramel, dark chocolate coconut, lemon cake, maple caramel, red velvet, strawberry yogurt, and vanilla almond. We couldn’t pick a favorite one because they all taste heavenly.

Each bar contains 20 gm protein and absolutely no gluten. If you workout often but have to depend on junk food during your busy days, these bars are perfect for you. Just pick one and you’ll be energetic for the rest of the day.

The bars are also very low on sugar. Each bar contains only 2 gm of sugar. We definitely recommend you to try this snack for the energy boost you need on a busy day.


  • Many different flavors
  • Value packs
  • 2 gm sugar in each bar
  • No gluten
  • Natural flavors


  • Deforms under heat
  • Dry

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2. ONE Protein Bars Gluten-Free Protein Bars Review

ONE Protein Bars, Blueberry Cobbler, Gluten Free Protein Bars with 20g Protein and only 1g Sugar, Guilt-Free Snacking for High Protein Diets, 2.12 oz (12 Pack)

These snacks are popular among working men and women. The bars contain only 1 gm sugar but offer 20 gms of protein per serving. This is excellent news for people who are trying to lose weight or are diabetic. Instead of sugar, the company uses Stevia which doesn’t raise blood sugar levels.

Accordingly, the bars are available in delicious flavors and our favorite is the blueberry cobbler one. Other flavors are almond bliss, birthday cake, chocolate brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, cinnamon roll, cookies n cream, dark chocolate sea salt, lemon cake, maple glazed donut, peanut butter cup, peanut butter pie, and white chocolate truffle.

As the bars are gluten-free, you can enjoy the delicious snack without worrying about your weight. The bars offer guilt-free snacking during any time of the day. They’re excellent as pre/post-workout protein snacks as well.

The bars are high in fiber and are great for your digestive system as well. As it’s high in protein, one bar is enough to keep you energetic for a few hours.


  • 1 gm sugar per bar
  • 20 gm protein per bar
  • Great for busy people
  • Can be taken pre/post-workout for protein intake
  • No gluten


  • Many fakes are available
  • Small size

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3. Quest Nutrition Birthday Cake Protein Bar Review

Quest Nutrition- High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, 12-2.2 ounce assorted flavors variety Pack

Looking for a pack of bars that offers all the flavors in one? This one is designed to keep you in mind. The variety pack contains all the delicious flavors from Quest so that you don’t have to purchase them separately.

One pack contains 12 different flavored protein bars and each protein bar offers 20-21 gm protein. The bars contain low sugar (1-3 gm) and low carbohydrate (4-6 gm). They are high in fibers and contain a moderate amount of fat which is healthy for the human body.

Besides, these snacks are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization as completely gluten-free bars. So you can put your trust in them to be healthy and diet-friendly. If you are following a keto diet, the bars will certainly accelerate your weight loss process as they are keto-friendly as well.

Flavors in the variety pack include blueberry muffin, chocolate brownie, double chocolate chunk, mint chocolate chip, mocha chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter, oatmeal chocolate chip, s’mores, cookies and cream, chocolate hazelnut, and white chocolate raspberry. The variety pack includes one bar of each flavor.


  • 12 different flavors
  • High fiber
  • Low sugar, No gluten
  • Keto-friendly
  • 20-21 gm protein per serving


  • Increases blood sugar
  • Updated recipes aren’t good

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4. Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar Review

Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar Orignal, French Vanilla Creme, 1.4-Ounce Bar (Pack of 12)

This simple, crunchy wafer protein bar is a favorite of many. The bar’s texture is like a waffle and it has crème inside which makes it so decadent. You can buy the bars separately as a pack of the same flavor, or as a variety pack; the variety pack can contain the top 4 flavors or all the flavors.

At the same time, each bar weighs only 1.4 ounces so you can easily carry 2-4 bars in your office bag. As the bars are crunchy wafers, we don’t recommend them as meal replacements. However, they’re great as light snacks and will definitely fill your stomach and satisfy your hunger.

The snacks come with whey hydrolysates, which are excellent for better protein absorption. This property makes them suitable for pre/post-workout snacks.

As these bars contain less sugar, they are good for diabetic patients and weight loss as well. The bars claim to have a low glycemic response. In other words, they won’t spike your blood sugar. Therefore, we highly recommend these protein bars as on the go snacks for you. These are great for kids as well; you can pack them in kid’s lunch.


  • Low sugar
  • Low glycemic response
  • Contain hydrolysates
  • Crème filling
  • Light and crunchy


  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Bad aftertaste

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5. Built Bar Energy and Protein Bars Review

Built Bar 18 Pack Energy and Protein Bars - 100% Real Chocolate - High in Whey Protein and Fiber - Gluten Free, Natural Flavoring, No Preservatives (Black Cherry)

Manufactured with real chocolate, this protein bar is one of the premium quality snacks you can munch on guilt-free. The bars don’t contain gluten, artificial flavoring, GMO, or nuts.

People who have nut allergy often struggle to find a protein bar that doesn’t contain nuts or isn’t manufactured in a facility that manufactures nutty products as well. Nut allergy is dangerous and can even result in death. As this doesn’t contain any trace of nut or peanut, you can try it out without a worry.

The bar comes in 12 different flavors; peanut butter, banana chocolate, black cherry chocolate, double chocolate mousse, lemon chocolate, coconut almond, coconut chocolate, mint brownie delite, orange chocolate, raspberry chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, and vanilla chocolate. You can get a mixed box that has all the flavors to try them out at once.

All of the flavors have that flavor’s cream filling with a dark chocolate cover. It’s light, decadent, delicious, and melts right in your mouth. You can have this snack anytime you want.


  • 12 flavors
  • Gluten-free
  • No GMO
  • Zero nuts
  • No artificial flavor


  • Expensive
  • Gummy texture

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6. FITCRUNCH Protein Bars Review

Chef Robert Irvine's FITCRUNCH Protein Bars, Full Size Protein Bars, Gluten Free Baked Bar (12 Count, Chocolate Peanut Butter)

The most delicious protein bar you will ever find is this one. With 6 layers of different ingredients, the snack is a small bar bursting with flavors. The bars are designed by renowned chef Robert Irvine. He has incorporated amazing flavors with protein to make a healthy and tasty snack.

It’s available in 6 different flavors; birthday cake, caramel peanut, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter, cookies n cream, and peanut butter and jelly. All the flavors are great but we loved chocolate chip cookie dough the most. It has a gooey soft texture that makes biting into the goodness much more fun.

Each bar contains a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate to provide the best protein content your body can have. You get 30 gms of protein in only one of these bars. Along with high protein, each bar contains only 6 gm of sugar.

So, these are not just any other protein bars; FITCRUNCH Baked Bar is an award-winning snack that you can take any time you want. The snacks are popular among athletes, health enthusiasts, and doctors.


  • Award-winning snack
  • Low sugar
  • 30 gm protein per bar
  • 6 layers
  • Contains a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate


  • Low nutritional value
  • Turns bad in high temperature easily

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7. Perfect Keto Bars-The Cleanest Low Carb Keto Snacks Review

Perfect Keto Bars - The Cleanest Keto Snacks with Collagen and MCT. No Added Sugar, Keto Diet Friendly - 3g Net Carbs, 19g Fat,11g protein - Keto Diet Food Dessert (Salted Caramel, 36 Bars)

Keto-diet is an excellent way of losing weight. But if you are a busy person who barely has time to make keto-friendly snacks, sticking to the diet might be challenging for you. So, having protein bars like this one that support a keto diet, certainly helps with the whole process.

This bar contains protein from organic sources like almond and cocoa butter. The bar also contains collagen sourced from a grass-fed cow which is great for skin, joints, digestive system, and hair.

The low-carb, delicious bars are the best options for a healthy snack. They contain no artificial sugar so you can rely on the snack to be friendly to your blood sugar level. They are great for heart health and proper digestion as well. Tapioca fiber present in these snacks makes them healthy yet flavorful.

You can get one variety box containing 12 bars of different flavors or 3 boxes of them. There are 6 flavors available; almond butter brownie, salted caramel, birthday cake, choco chip cookie dough, cinnamon roll, and lemon poppyseed.


  • Healthy
  • No added sugar
  • Contains collagen
  • Adds tapioca fiber
  • Keto-friendly


  • Breaks and melts easily
  • Tastes bad

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9. think! (thinkThin) High Protein Bars Review

think! (thinkThin) High Protein Bars - Chunky Peanut Butter, 20g Protein, 0g Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners, Gluten Free, GMO Free, 2.1 oz bar (30 Count - packaging may vary)

This gluten-free snack is another very popular protein bar. Each bar of this line contains 230 calories and offers 20 gms of protein. The bars contain no added or artificial sugar, which makes them ideal for weight loss and diet plans.

The high protein content in each bar contributes to lean muscle building, muscle growth, recovery, and elasticity. These bars are also kosher, which makes them ideal for Jews. No artificial flavoring is added and no GMO is used in manufacturing these delicious snacks.

You can purchase 10 or 30 bars of one flavor, or 12 bars of 6 different flavors. The flavors are amazingly tasty and they contribute to the popularity of these bars among people.

Along with unique flavors like coconut cake, the bars come in classics like chocolate fudge and creamy peanut butter. Choosing the best flavor is definitely difficult. Hence, we’ll leave that to you.

There are vegan options and they are suitable for kids as well. You can get any of them to give a try; they all taste good. We recommend purchasing a variety pack of these bars as you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the flavors.


  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial flavors
  • Zero sugar
  • 20 gms of protein in each bar


  • 23 gms of carb per bar
  • Contains sugar alcohol

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9. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Bar Review

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Bar, S'Mores - Vegan, Gluten Free, Non Dairy, Soy Free, Lactose Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, 1.41 Ounce, 12 Count (Packaging May Vary)

Looking for a vegan protein bar that you can munch on the whole day? If yes, this one is just perfect for you. The vegan bar contains no dairy, is lactose-free, kosher, and soy-free.

We loved the formula of this protein bar. It’s the ultimate bar for health enthusiasts and has the power to bring actual changes in your body. You get 10 gms of protein, 3 gm fiber, 4 gm sugar, and 150 calories in each of these bars. The protein is sourced from brown rice, chia seeds, and pea. They are all organic.

If you want something that can support your weight loss process and curb your hunger, we highly recommend this health supplement for you. It’s equipped with nutrition that will help you rejuvenate your body.

Protein bars will help you build muscle, muscle recovery, and also aid your joints. As the bars contain no preservatives, GMO ingredients, or gluten, you can rely on it to be very healthy.

Like the previous types, the bars are available in 4 different flavors; chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chunks, and s’mores.


  • Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free
  • 10 gms of protein per bar
  • 3 gms fiber per bar
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO


  • Metallic aftertaste
  • Grainy texture

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10. Muscle Pharm MP Organic Protein Bar Review

MusclePharm Organic Plant-Based Protein Bar, 15g Protein, Chocolate Toffee Bars, 12 Count

People nowadays look for organic products because they contain no chemicals or artificial ingredients. This particular protein bar is also made of completely organic ingredients. The bars don’t contain gluten or GMOs. They also come certified by Informed-choice, which means that no banned substance is used in these bars.

You can purchase the bars separately or get a pack of 12 pieces based on your preference. They are available in two flavors; chocolate toffee and peanut butter. Both of them tastes amazing and you won’t feel any weird after taste.

This product is completely organic and USDA-Certified. The protein used in this bar is sourced from pea and whole brown rice; both of them are organic. Fibers for better digestion and weight loss are added to the protein for better health.

Apart from that, the bars are suitable for everyone including athletes, housewives, health enthusiasts, doctors, kids, and even corporate jobholders. If you are always busy and need an on the go snack that tastes good, this bar is for you. We recommend you to buy the variety pack so that you get 12 bars of both flavors.


  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • USDA-Certified
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains fibers


  • The new formula isn’t tasty
  • Chalky texture

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Low Sugar Protein Bars

Q. Can I take protein bars as a meal replacement?

Answer: You can but it’s recommended not to. Protein bars contain a high level of protein and a low level of carb. This can seem like a great option if you’d like to lose weight, but meals shouldn’t be skipped in order to do so.

Q. Should protein bars contain fat?

Answer: Yes. But it shouldn’t have any trans fat; only saturated fat is good in protein bars. If you see that a bar has 3 gms or less fat per serving, it’s good.

Q. Is sugar alcohol bad for my health?

Answer: Yes. Sugar alcohol can cause bloating and has a laxative effect. This can be bad for your health.

Q. How does eating too many protein bars affect me?

Answer: Some people might think that too much protein is good for them, but it’s not. Eating too many protein bars can affect your kidneys and it can make you gain more fat as well.

Q. Should protein bars contain oil?

Answer: Protein bars can contain any kind of oil. Except for palm oil and kernel oil, the other ingredients don’t really hurt the human body. Palm oil is present in most bars that contain chocolate; they help in holding chocolate’s texture and taste.

Final Verdict

For busy people like most of us, protein bars are a blessing. They’re tasty, light yet filling, and they’re healthy. Nevertheless, protein bars cannot replace the nutrients you get from a good meal. This is why we recommend taking the bars only when you’re in a hurry and not as meal replacements.

Pick as many products as you like from our list of best low sugar protein bars. We know you cannot choose only one of them; neither could we. Most of the products listed here are budget-friendly, you will surely find something you like that fits your budget.

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