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Moles are the worst nightmare for any gardener because they appear repeatedly and damage the plants. It is very bitter finding your flowers dead overnight when you have spent a lot of time and effort growing them. However, applying mole killers in your garden might be dangerous but also having the mole in the yard is even a bigger problem.

Therefore, you only have two options to either trap it or kill it with the best mole killer available on the market. And by the way, if you are a beginner, using the best killer will be the most comfortable choice for you because the mole eats the poison and dies under the soil; hence, you don't have to deal with a living or dead mole layer.

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A Buyer's Guide To The Best Mole Killer

Well, moles mostly feed on worms, grubs and larvae but they still damage the vegetation in your garden intensely. These moles destroy your beautiful lawn by pushing loose soil into the ground. They also dig holes in the raised beds, which can cause damage to the root system.

However, finding the best mole killer on the market might be a daunting task as there are already many mole killers available, and it's difficult to choose from them.

Mole Killer Types
Mole Killer Types

There are different types of mole killers, and each of them works differently. You should be sure which kind of poison you want when buying one, and if you don't get it right, you may not get a refund or replacement from the seller.

Types of Mole killers

Let's look at the various types of mole killers so that you can understand how they work and make the right choice.

  • Pellets

Most of the rodenticides come in the form of small beads and concentrated blocks of poison. They work well on rodents like chipmunks and squirrels that feature incisors teeth that require frequent trimming. Moreover, with the untrimmed incisors teeth, these rodents can chew everything and anything. These pellets contain zinc phosphide, which works excellent for moles and kills them within two to three hours. You only need to sprinkle the poison all over for the mole to quickly grab it.

  • Gas Cartridges

Moles always live in caves, and they can't stand the smoke bomb set off in there. Even if they try their best, they can't breathe properly. The poison bombs are formulated to act as a toxic gas as well as the smothering agent. The cartridges create a carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide after the ignition. The gas kills the oxygen in the air to drive them out, but they all die of suffocation. This also affects all primary sources of mole foods, earthworms, and insects.

  • Baits

These baits come in two forms which include warfarin gel and worm-shaped baits. The warfarin gel contains warfarin, while worm-shaped baits consist of bromethalin. The worm-shaped baits should be injected inside the tunnel.

Top 5 Best Mole Killer Reviews

Top 5 Best Mole Killer Reviews
Top 5 Best Mole Killer Reviews

1. Tomcat Mole Killer Worm Bait Review

Tomcat Mole Killer(a) - Worm Bait - Includes 10 Worms Per Box - Mimics A Mole's Natural Food Source - Ready-to-Use Mole Killer - Effective Against Most Common Mole Species
Tomcat Mole Killer(a) - Worm Bait - Includes 10 Worms Per Box - Mimics A Mole's Natural Food Source - Ready-to-Use Mole Killer - Effective Against Most Common Mole Species

The Tomcat bait mole killer is scientifically designed featuring the feel and shape of an earthworm which is the mole's natural source of food. It is effective on most of the common species of moles but not the star-nosed mole in North Carolina. It also works well on various types of mole tunnels, including deep tunnels and surface runways. Although the mole may consume the poison in a single feeding, it may take several days to die since the time of bait consumption.

To bait the mole, you should look for grassless brown streaks which are created by the moles tunnelling below. Then, using your index figure make a hole on the surface runway top and ensure that it cannot collapse to cover the hole. Wait for up to 72 hours to see if the shaft will be sealed and if yes, then it means it is active, and you can bait it. Also, you should always remember to mark it using a small stick.

Moreover, you will know you have this mole issue in your yard or garden when you start having raised grassless or brown streaks which are created by tunnelling moles.


  • It mimics their natural food source
  • Effective on most common mole species
  • Works on both surface runways and deep tunnels
  • It is ready to use mole killer
  • It is a result guaranteed


  • Can't be used on star-nosed moles in North Carolina
  • Some users say it is not effective

2. Tomcat Mole Killer Review

Motomco LTD Tomcat Mole Killer - 39966
Motomco LTD Tomcat Mole Killer - 39966

If you are tired of trying to get rid of moles from your yard, patio or garden, you need to get a more potent mole poison that what you have been using. The Tomcat 10-pack mole killer mimics the mole's natural food source, which is the earthworm. It is a scientifically created and tested killer that works effectively on most common mole species. You can use it in different quantities or ratios on various points of the tunnel. These worm-shaped baits are designed to start working within eight to twenty-four hours.

However, you will have to test whether the tunnels are still active before inserting the bait. When you add the earthworm-shaped bait, you should cover it with some dirt to prevent it from getting direct light.

These Tomcat mole killers are formulated with active chemicals which start working immediately once they get into the mole's stomach. The main compound in these baits is bromethalin and can be used on all moles except those star-nosed moles of North Carolina.


  • It is ready to use
  • Are packed in sealed trays
  • Works immediately it gets into the stomach
  • Works well on most common mole species


  • Should be prevented from light and high temperatures as well as rain
  • Not for use on star-nosed moles of North Carolina

3. The Giant Destroyer The Super Gasser Review

The Giant Destroyer (GAS KILLER) (12/4PK TOTAL) 48 Kills Moles, Gophers, Woodchucks, Norway Rats, Skunks, Ground Squirrels In Their Holes, Tunnels, Burrows. NO Dealing W/ Dead Pest, Better Than Traps
The Giant Destroyer (GAS KILLER) (12/4PK TOTAL) 48 Kills Moles, Gophers, Woodchucks, Norway Rats, Skunks, Ground Squirrels In Their Holes, Tunnels, Burrows. NO Dealing W/ Dead Pest, Better Than Traps

The Giant Destroyer has successfully been used since 1969 to control pests. This is an effective rodent killer that kills ground squirrels, skunks, Norway rats, woodchucks, gophers, and moles. The effective gasser works by producing smoke bombs along with gas when it bursts in the burrows, holes or tunnels. The active ingredients in this Giant Destroyer gas killer are sulphur, charcoal and Sodium Nitrate. The smoke fills the shaft and produces carbon dioxide and monoxide, which makes the rodents to suffocate immediately.

This rodents killer is formulated using powerful 's' formula, which is the most powerful and largest gasser on the market. It is easy to use poison killer but can only be used outdoor in gold courses, parks, residential lawns, open field and re-forest areas.

You only need to drop this bomb on the hole or tunnel and stay away from the spot. This is one of the best mole killer made in the USA using natural organic substances and doesn't contain poisons which are harmful to the earth.


  • Made of natural organic substances
  • Contains no poisons
  • Kills most rodents
  • Acts faster than other killers
  • It is better than traps as you don't have to deal with dead bodies later


  • May cause an accident

4. Victor Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts Review

Victor M6006 Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts
Victor M6006 Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts

Victor gopher and mole pellets killer comes in a cone-shaped bottle which prevents you from touching the poison when disposing of it. It is designed to attract gophers and moles to kill them quickly. You just have to punch holes in the active tunnels using the cone tip and the critters will transfer the peanuts to the rest of the tunnels. It features a unique formula which is palatable to gophers and moles. The Victor formula is a great choice to help you in keeping your patio or garden free of burrowing critters.

These handy peanut pellets are created to act as both a killer and bait for the rodents to stop lawn damage. The tube designed container makes it easy for you to pour the peanut pellets into the tunnels.

However, you should put these pellets into places which are not accessible by pets and children.


  • The conical shape allows easy pouring of the pellets
  • It has a unique formula
  • They are easy to apply, and they last in the tunnel for long
  • Safe to be used around edible plants
  • Kills both gophers and moles


  • Not usable in PR, HI, NC and NH
  • Should be kept away from pets

5. Atlas Giant Destroyer Gas Bomb Review

Atlas Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb - Gopher, Mole And Rat Killer - Pack Of 2 4packs (8 Total)
Atlas Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb - Gopher, Mole And Rat Killer - Pack Of 2 4packs (8 Total)

This Atlas Giant gas bomb killer is manufactured in the United States of America and has successfully been used for many years to control rodenticides in your garden or yard. It is designed to kill ground squirrels, skunks, rats, woodchucks, moles and gophers. The package contains two cards per pack with each card consisting of four cartilages. However, these gas bombs are mostly old as smoking agents only due to the restrictions of the EPA on rodenticides.

Once the bomb bursts, it produces carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide killing all the oxygen in the air, and the whole tunnel is filled with smoke. As a result, these rodents are not able to breathe, and they eventually die.

Furthermore, this gas bomb only requires you to drop it inside the burrows, tunnel or holes and stay far from the spot. A single weapon is usually adequate for a 30 to 50 ft long tunnel. Additionally, the cartridges are also extinguished using water.


  • Kills different types of pests
  • Can be extinguished using water
  • Act rapidly with a single bomb
  • Comes in a convenient four-pack


  • Not safe enough during setting
  • The smell is awful

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Mole Killer

Q: Are mole killers better than traps?

Answer: Wondering why most people prefer using poisons for killing moles rather than traps? This is because mole poison killers are more comfortable to use. It may be difficult to set up a trap and also to remove as well disposing of the carcass may also be unpleasant. Most of the traps are ineffective while poisons will effortlessly attract moles, they eat it, and it starts acting immediately. Again, with mole killers, you don't have to deal with the dead later as it dies in the tunnels, burrows or holes.

Q: Is it legal to use mole killers in your yard?

Answer: Although, any property owner is allowed to anything in their land, there are restrictions to keep them in legal control. In some states, there are restrictions on both the use and selling of certain poisons for ground pests and rodents. Some of the countries are New Hampshire, North Carolina, Hawaii, California, and New York. The reason behind the restriction is that, if the mole eats the poison and dies, then a protected species feeds on it, this endangers the protected species making it a victim to the lethal poison.

Q: Are there safety regulations concerning mole killers?

Answer: It is essential to keep your children, out of reach of these mole killers. If the child eats the poison, it causes internal bleeding, which eventually causes death. Also, you should keep your pets under 24/7 check because the mole killers are extremely dangerous.

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Final Verdict

Most of the mole killers are easy to use and effective than laying a trap. Instead of sitting back and watch your flowers being destroyed by moles and other rodents, you should purchase the best mole killer that will get rid of the moles for good. They feature simple steps, and you will not deal with dead bodies afterwards.

However, most mole killers are restricted in some states, which is a bigger problem for the homeowners in those areas. Also, it is essential to research thoroughly on them before purchasing any mole killers, because in case of any problem those manufacturers don't offer refund or replacement.

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