Best Way To Hang Pants

Messy closets are usually unattractive, bad looking, and painful. The junk makes it hard to find something to wear for any occasion fast. Even worse, it may come wrinkled and out of shape. Hangers are one of the best ways to keep the closet organized. Yes, using this item for pants saves time and maintains its quality.

What is more, to achieve that fine arrangement you do need standard utilities. People often use hangers constructed from thin wires or plastic. The result is the products are not durable. And end up damaging your properly washed panties easily.

Not only is it vital to use high-grade hangers but also buying a full set of similar types is worth it. Granted, the storage space will remain neat and orderly always.

But nowadays searching for good quality items is nerve-wracking. The worst that happens is that you may end up purchasing what you do not need. Remember the market has a plethora of options and some are just false advertisements. Never become a victim of frustrations but be sure with what you are buying.

This article presents trustworthy picks from committed manufacturers. Here is a review of the best pant hangers with promising results.

List Of The Top 5 Pant Hangers – Our Top Picks:

Top 6 Best Pants Hangers Reviews

1. Devesanter Pants Hanger Review

Pants Hanger Multi-Layer S-Style Jeans Trouser Hanger Closet Stainless Steel Rack Space Saver for Tie Scarf Jeans Clothes(4 Pack )

Devesanter Hangers is a handy product for anyone looking to bring more space in the closet and have it organized. Using this product satisfies every hanging need and saves space. The excellence in its construction allows it to accommodate five pairs of jeans, dress, ties, and sweatpants simultaneously. What is more, despite the weight of the clothes it will not stretch or lose its shape.

Thanks to the quality of the material used in construction. Stainless steel makes the hangers durable and almost not lose its exceptional shape. Its surfaces are smooth and coated using a clear rubber. That means the product is scratch-resistant and so protects clothes from wrinkling.

The hanger perfectly fits any bathroom, house, apartment, or dorms. It features compatibility with other garments including scarfs, towels, pants, and ties. This makes the product to qualify to be one of the best ones in the market. The design is unique and offers convenience for both hanging and removing pants. The included caps at the end are non-slip to prevent the pants from falling.


  • Space-saving.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Decent design.


  • Bars are short so pants fall off
  • Metal clanks on another
  • Coating chips off sometimes.

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2. Premium Children’s Hangers Review

USA Made Premium Children's Clothes Hangers - Very Durable Heavy Duty Tubular Kids Hangers Plastic, Baby Hangers for Closet, 60 Pack (White)

For a comfortable way of keeping the closet arranged and organized, you need high-quality made hangers. The Premium Children’s Hangers from Hangorize guarantees to maintain the original value after long years of use. Designed with a lot of excellence, the white color makes any closet appear stylish and good-looking.

The hanger features a very smooth surface for a reliable and non-slip grip. Thanks to its material it will firmly hold the kids’ clothes and ensure none falls off. This also ensures a tight grip and securing of the garments through the hanger’s entire width. The hangers come in a set of sixty to allow use for many years. You will enjoy its versatility because it accommodates different types of clothing.

With this, you get the perfect time to remove any mess from your child’s drawer or closet. The hangers are made with high-quality material, so they are durable and strong enough. The finish on the rods also means no worries about rust problems.

This is also practical as it saves you space because of the slim size. Your closet will be more spacious and easier to access without the bothers of getting hanger folds.


  • Comfortably fits standard closets.
  • Very durable.


  • Clothes at times fall off
  • Arrives broken
  • Recommended for newborn’s clothes.

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3. HOUSE DAY Velvet Skirt Hangers Review

HOUSE DAY Velvet Skirt Hangers - Pack of 24 - Velvet Hangers with Clips Ultra Thin Non Slip Velvet Pants Hangers Space Saving Clothes Hanger (Beige)

If you are looking for the best hanger that can easily match with your preferred pants, look no further. House DAY Pant Hangers will transform the tiring experiences you have with the closet. This product ensures your clothes stay uncluttered and not constantly fall off. Why?

The product is not only strong and firm but also comes with reliable clips. This helps in holding all the skirts and jeans that you have and leave you with an organized space. Constructed using high-quality plastic it remains break-resistant. That means the number of jeans, trousers or skirts you have is not an issue. Just hook them and get to see the transformation in your closet.

Yes, the hangers are luxurious because they do not take a lot of space in the closet. The 360-degree rotating hook makes it easy to hang and access the clothes. It is also designed from stainless steel with a rust-resistant chrome finish. This ensures you get complete smoothness that does not scratch your clothes. The plastic is thickened to provide a solid and firm feel.

To avoid tumbling of pants, the hangers have clips. This provides a strong grip and eases to press.


  • Space-saving design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Well packaged
  • Big non-slip clips.


  • The grip leaves marks on clothes
  • Not long enough for large clothes
  • Easily breaks

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4. Devesanter S-Shape Pants Hangers Review

devesanter Pants Hangers S-Shape Trousers Hangers Stainless Steel Clothes Hangers Closet Space Saving for Pants Jeans Scarf Hanging Silver (4 Pack with 10 Clips)

If you have the longing to rearrange your closet, then looking for a durable hanger is the point of rescue. And considering Devesanter S-Shape hanger is worth it. It is multipurpose to save you space and make it neat looking. With this product, you can hang pants, clothes, belts, scarves, ties, and towels. It features an S-shape to add to its ability to save space because with just one unit you will hang more items at the same time.

The hanger is created from high-quality stainless steel to guarantee strength. This robust construction makes it resist scratch and marks over time. The strength enables it to keep its shape. It will not bend even if you hang 5 large size pants. Besides, it resists rust thanks to the transparent rubber coating.

The tips of the hanger have plastic covering to prevent tumbling of clothes. This layer also makes it non-slip to avoid clothes from becoming creased. It makes this product user and environment-friendly because it is not harmful. With no chemical or strong smell, it works well for any family members’ clothing.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Multi-purpose
  • Convenient for clothes drying.


  • Overpriced compared to similar products
  • Pants will not lie straight
  • Annoying when returning clothes

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5. IEOKE Pant Hangers Review

IEOKE Pant Hangers, Skirt Hangers with Clips Metal Trouser Clip Hangers for Heavy Duty Ultra Thin Space Saving (20pack)

Are you looking to renovate the looks in your closet space? Adding a feel of high-quality metal hangers from IEOKE will be worth it. Made from zinc alloy, the original quality of this hanger will be preserved for many years. The coating protects its look and enhances the wardrobe’s appearance.

The twenty pack hangers work well to allow you to hang various clothing. The clips allow you to freely adjust the width as per the size of the item you want to keep. From adult pants to kids’ leggings the multifunctional hangers go to an extent of preventing cluttering of the drawers and closets.

The hangers are both strong and durable thanks to the top-quality and compact anti-rust metal used. Unlike other pant hangers, this model has a slim shape to keep the closet neat and without clutter.

It also features clips for powerful grasping force on the clothes. The rubber coating on it increases friction and reduces the worry when hanging silky clothes. Guess what? This design eliminates the long-standing hanger marks on your clothes.


  • Saves space.
  • Versatile and multifunctional.
  • Reliable non-slip grip.
  • High quality


  • Hinges become loose
  • Uncovered sharp edges
  • Gets caught on another easily

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6. Royalhanger Pant Hangers Review

COLIBROX Pant Hangers 10 Packs, Royalhanger Metal Open Ended Hangers Skirt Hanger Strong Durable Space Saving Jeans Trouser Hangers with Non Slip Rubber Coating

Royalhanger hangers are expertly designed to provide convenient access to slacks.  With an open-ended Z-shape, you get to save time because you do not need to remove other slack hangers to get what you want from the rack. This pack, of course, leaves any closet highly functional and organized.

The set is designed from stainless steel which is well coated for a smooth finish. The material makes the hangers durable and without deformation even with heavy pants. It features a black rubberized coating on the bar to ensure no damages or falling of clothes. This strong-grip on the arms also prevents creasing of pants.

The open end makes it simple to use, just slip in the pants and bring them in the closet. Other than the comfort in fitting it in most standard closet rails, its edges are not sharp. This makes it not to damage your clothing or even cause harm to users’ hands. You also effortlessly remove the pants without interfering with the wardrobe.


  • Accommodates multiple clothes.
  • Safe for clothes and users’ hands.
  • Fits most standard closets.


  • Width is not adjustable
  • Loop does not glide
  • Hanger hook may bend

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How Do You Hang Pants With Pant Hangers?

It is so frustrating to find creases on the knees of your favorite pants. Well, this scenario is entirely avoidable if you change how you hang the pieces. Ideally, people fold lengthways and put them flat if there is enough space. Here is what to do to avoid hard-to-remove creases:

  1. Think About Your Hanger

With a standard hanger, nothing will be too hard for you to achieve. Fold pants end-to-end towards the center on the hanger. Put the pants with the pockets facing the inside and the seat on the outside.

  1. Begin Draping The Pant

Wrap one of the pants’ legs to the other side of your hanger. Then slip it through the horizontal bar. When the process is finished, its waistband must touch the cuffs.

  1. Put The Pant In Place

Repeat the folding on the other legs until both folds on each other. Adjust the lengths to get the right balance and avoid sliding off the hanger.

  1. Put The Hanger In The Closet.

The pants should not be slipping off. So, ensure they are secured using clips on the bar.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Pant Hangers

Q: Is it better to hang or fold jeans?

Answer: Many clothes look good when hung using suitable hangers in loss crowded closets. Equally, others benefit so much from neat folding. Regarding jeans, both methods will work well unlike trousers or dresses. Jeans are very durable meaning you can fold it without worries about creasing or loss of shape. Also, you can absolutely hang jeans.

Q: Why are wire hangers bad?

Answer: Truly wire hangers have a thin design. This causes uncomfortable marks on clothes and it also bends over time. The result is clothes hanging at funny angles and unappealing bunch-ups in the closets. Keeping your favorite garments on a flimsy metal for a long period leads to lasting damage.

Q: Are wooden hangers worth it?

Answer: Wooden hangers are worth buying because the units are durable, hardly bends or lose shape even if you hang heavy clothes. Not only will this enhance the elegance of your closet, but it also contributed to the clothes presentation. It symbolizes value thanks to its quality.

Q: Are plastic hangers toxic?

Answer: Although plastic hangers are not costly to make and buy, the products are not ecofriendly. Even worse most of the items are disposed of in landfills and trash. The truth is the material takes a long time to completely breakdown.

Q: How much do wooden hangers’ cost?

Answer: With the growing push and need to turn the style and organize closets, many manufacturers are looking to lure customers. The luxury product and treat to your clothes if made from wood comes with different prices depending on the brand.


Finally, the time and money spent investing in pants equally call for worthy means of storage. Looking for something that will make you to easily access them while free from wrinkles pays off. Of course, getting the best pant hangers enables you to keep all the bottoms like trousers, jeans, and skirts conveniently in the wardrobe. This also means you get the chance to use the existing space efficiently.

But if you are intending to overhaul your closet, the market offers unlimited hanger choices. For the accurate selection of the right type, you must always think about the total pants you need to hang. Remember some sets specifically accommodate a small number of pants.

With the above listed best pant hangers, it is undoubted that you will enjoy the utmost quality and reliability. So, organize your closet now and have wrinkle-free clothes with one of these products.

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