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Custom-made and long curtains have a well-earned reputation for wealth and performance. But the truth is this traditional style for window covering is not certainly the best option for all homes or even rooms. If you desired to have a highly modernized look or a premium space, then Roman shades are the must-have choice. The window coverings will stack effortlessly when drawn back and forth. Combined with an elegant set of draperies, your space will look better and sophisticated.

Even better, the shades work better in projects like furnishing new homes or when looking to bring in fresh life into the existing one. Indeed, this is an excellent way to transform your room’s atmosphere and a practical appeal. Installing the right style can significantly boost your energy efficiency. Not only do you achieve that, but you also stay comfortable in your space. How? It helps in controlling both the light amounts and temperatures during the day.

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Top 5 Best Roman Window Blind & Shades Reviews

Top 5 Best Roman Window Blind & Shades Reviews
Top 5 Best Roman Window Blind & Shades Reviews

As it is for most products, window covers also come in different styles. So, it is always advisable to pick what matches your home’s or room’s needs. Some of the best roman shade models that are available today on the market include:

1. Arlo Blinds Dali Native Cordless Bamboo Shades Review

Arlo Blinds Dali Native Cordless Bamboo Shades Blinds - Size: 19' W X 60' H, Cordless Lift System Ensures Safety And Ease Of Use.
Arlo Blinds Dali Native Cordless Bamboo Shades Blinds - Size: 19' W X 60' H, Cordless Lift System Ensures Safety And Ease Of Use.

There is no easy way to control light and add a stylish look at home than to use an amazing and natural product. The innovative Dali Native from Arlo Blinds will help you achieve this. With its unique design, it suits indoor use and allows sun rays to pass through and bring a warm ambiance.

This shade is created using earth-friendly materials like natural bamboo. It allows you to care for the environment and enhance the design of your home. However, it should not be installed in a damp or moist area to avoid tarnishing the aesthetics.

 It has six different finishes with the option of dark or light appearing wood. The good thing is that despite the variation in colors all of them will retain its real looks.

This 19-inch wide shade is impressively woven to add that really look to the windows. Additionally, a corresponding valance of 7-inch is included on top to complete its elegance. The feature is either installed inside or outside. It’s easy to use lift twines are placed on the right-hand side for use in lowering and raising the shade.


  • Gorgeous natural looks
  • All-inclusive features to enhance the great look
  • Easy to install and use


  • Variation in the material makes it hard to get the perfect color consistency
  • Ideal for privacy purposes and not darkening
  • May not fully be lowered

2. Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades Review

Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades / Window Blind Fabric Curtain Drape, Thermal, Light Filtering - Mountain Almond, 23'W X 64'H
Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades / Window Blind Fabric Curtain Drape, Thermal, Light Filtering - Mountain Almond, 23'W X 64'H

It has never been interesting to hide a window that gives you a beautiful view. Still, sometimes it is worth keeping the interior from the harsh shine of the sun. Chicology Cordless Shade makes the home satisfyingly habitable. Of course, you will enjoy the natural view without too much glare.

This solar shade features a thermal backed material. The fabric has many small holes that filter light that comes in and to enable you to view through. Granted, this see-through shade is fairly reduced for comfort inside. It also enhances privacy during the daytime.

As the name suggests, it can be easily opened and closed. Thanks to the included smart ad safe valance. You simply pull down without exerting a lot of pressure on it and then stop at the desired height. If need be, you can slowly and securely pull in by quickly drawing it at the bottom. For the nighttime hours, it blocks the sun to allow you to sleep without the need to look away.


  • Reduce glares and preserves view
  • Smoothly glides when closing,
  • Easy to use and install


  • Mounting hardware may arrive damaged
  • May need frequent replacements
  • The fabric has poor quality

3. Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades Review

Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades, 24W X 36H, Ashbury Camel, Sizes 20-72 Wide And 24-72 High
Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades, 24W X 36H, Ashbury Camel, Sizes 20-72 Wide And 24-72 High

If you are searching for a simple shade that provides adjustability that meets that modern home look, then the Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shade will work perfectly. Its top-down and bottom-up rail makes it easy to operate by just elevating and lowering.

Depending on the size you select this shade features the same design. The cells allow the needed amount of light to get through the material.  The fabric is moisture controlled by kiln-drying to avoid bending and rotting. This makes the system practical and very reliable with guaranteed extended years of smooth operations.

Available in various sizes and a color that matches most of the room designs, the manufacturer will only deliver as per the measurements of your choice. This shade is excellent for covering windows that are directly facing the sun. that way it is adjusted as per the time of the day to let in or block excess sunlight.

The completely cordless adjustment system makes this shade very safe for use at a home with kids and pets. This safety standard attained, and feature makes it easy to install outside or inside your window frame.


  • Unique finish
  • Child and pet safe design
  • Suitable for inside or outside installation


  • Cells come poorly designed
  • The fabric allows in light even if closed
  • Sometimes fails to auto retract

4. Calyx Interiors Cordless Lift Fabric Roman Shades Review

Calyx Interiors Cordless Lift Fabric Roman Shades In Size 22-Inch Width X 60-Inch Height Color Light Filtering White
Calyx Interiors Cordless Lift Fabric Roman Shades In Size 22-Inch Width X 60-Inch Height Color Light Filtering White

The Calyx Interiors cordless Roman Shade is appreciated by many customers who want complete protecting from direct sun rays. The manufacturer is well known for designing items that are rich in texture and different beautiful colors. The shades protect from excess heat and the cold winter air.

It comes in different sizes and colors that make what suits your needs is not very complicated. The color options include cloud white, espresso, grey, and ivory. The tones are neutral thus can go excellently in nearly every living room. The available are also huge enough ranging from the width of 21 – 72 inches and heights of 24 – 72 inches. This means you can install the window treatments on any window and house.

All you need is to confirm the size of your window and put an order as per that. Besides, it features a valance of 7-inches, the side returns, and all the necessary mounting hardware. The gorgeous shades guarantee a clear view.

Even better, another major appeal of the shades is that all are child and pet safe.  The excluded cord does not pose any threat as kids may wrap around it.


  • Pet and child safe
  • Various sizes
  • For inside use


  • Custom sizing takes one week to be shipped
  • Not good for outside use
  • May not retract

5. Arlo Blinds Light Filtering Fabric Roman Shades Review

Arlo Blinds Light Filtering Fabric Roman Shades, Color: Grey, 22' W X 60' H, Cordless Lift Window Blinds
Arlo Blinds Light Filtering Fabric Roman Shades, Color: Grey, 22' W X 60' H, Cordless Lift Window Blinds

Are you considering buying high-quality shades that offer extreme privacy? Then, you need to check out on a great brand that guarantees also ease and safety during use. The Arlo blinds satisfy such needs and leave your home comfortable.

The gorgeous model is entirely designed from natural bamboo. This means it is environment-friendly and will enhance our decor. The features are all elegant-looking making the cover also appear enhanced. It has nice slats made for faux wood that have a 2 inches width and made in an overlapping manner to each other, this makes it to extensively block out a lot of light.

Generally, this model is an amazing option worth considering. Why? It has controls that adjust how high the shade can go on the right side and on the left it has adjustments for opening the unit. Its mounting hardware and the 7-inch built-in valance are worth mentioning.

The versatile design makes it fit for the purpose of light filtering from the fact that you will find the blinds in almost any size and color. That means it tightly fits any window and matched any existing decor. It also comes in 6 color choices including Dali native, privacy grey washes, petite, rustique, whitewashes, and Tuscan.


  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • Matches any décor and room
  • An elegant look


  • Not sturdy
  • Mounting hardware comes broken
  • Liners may have holes that allow light

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Roman Shades

Q: How much should Roman shades cost?

Ans: The cost of Roman shades usually puts them in the most affordable category. However, there is a vast fluctuation in the pricing to enable everyone to remains within the desired budget. The biggest determining factors here are the size of its width and the fabric used.

Q: Do Roman shades block light?

Ans: While shades are perfect to bring a feeling of privacy and add texture to the home, it also satisfactorily blocks out light. When fully down, it pleasingly makes the room dark especially if it has blackout linings. However, sometimes you will find light slivers from the sides giving you a chance to control the space.

Q: Can Roman blinds be blackout?

Ans: Blackouts usually block light that passes through the blind fabric. The linings are often recommended and attached to Roman blinds if your windows need huge amounts of sunblock. Sometimes a blackout is added on lightweight and thin blind fabrics to bring the desired effect.

Q: Are Roman shades washable?

Ans: Undoubtedly, over time shades begin to collect dirt and even develop mildew. The extent could be too much that just dusting will not be enough to retain its original looks. Fortunately, nowadays several Roman Shades are made from high-quality and washable fabrics. So, they can be gently washed with a lot of ease using water and a mild detergent. The types that are sewn or designed from delicate and non-washable materials should be professionally cleaned. Cleaning can be done regularly like at intervals of 4 – 5 days.

Q: How high do Roman shades go up?

Ans: Custom-designed shades have an extra advantage of professional features. Thanks to its cordless operations, and automatic movement, the units can go greatly as high as required. Homeowners usually select according to the size of the window. The longer a room’s window is, the further its stacking will go.

Q: Can Roman shades be too long?

Ans: Roman shades are the most common and versatile window treatments in any modern home. With different designs and features to select from, they can be made long enough to suit the orientation you want. Customization makes it easy to bring the function you want without too much hassle.


Roman shades have become a common and affordable window covering options. Thanks to the easy and simple design that suits the home. Simply open and look at the outside world or close tightly to bring some privacy and dark. But not all of them are made equally. For decades the market offers many options both traditional and advanced ones.

Keep in mind that some shades will darken a room better than others. Others have features that are specifically intended for a door or window. What is more, the fabrics used to suit any area including the kitchen and bathroom.

You can buy shades as per the stock sizes or even easily order for custom made ones. That avoids the frustration of not having a tight fit to your window sizes. The above-listed options are many people’s favorites to help you make an informed decision. So, dress up your space and enjoy the practical safety from the sun and excess heat.

Of course, there is no other greater way to bring style and comfort to your home than to include a window treatment. The looks and performance are certainly satisfying and improving energy efficiency. That is why natural fiber shades have a growing popularity. They are quite affordable, unique, durable and easy to use and maintain.

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