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    Trying to sleep during the day with patio door wide open is close to impossible. With sun shooting its rays right into the room will surely stop you from sleeping. Whether you are furnishing an already existing home or you want your home to have a great atmosphere, the sliding blinds are the best for changing the atmosphere in your living room. Sliding shutters ensures proper ventilation, enough natural light and you as well customize it to suit your needs.

    Moreover, blinds will increase the overall comfort and the energy efficiency of your home by controlling the room temperature and its brightness.

    Top 3 Sliding Door Blinds – Our Editor’s Pick

    A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Sliding Door Blinds

    With the profoundly changing technology, you can now get the sliding blinds from an online store or in your local stores. However, getting a high-quality curtain is what may give you a daunting task. To choose the right sliding blinds, it requires you to understand the wide variety of materials and styles. Ensure you buy a durable and quality sliding blind that will serve you for several years, and you will have enjoyed its cost value. Sliding blinds will enhance the appeal of your house and also help you in covering the door leading to the patio, deck, balcony or backyard.

    • Room Type

    Each room in your house requires specific blind styles that suit them better. For instance, a bathroom needs a blind that offers sufficient privacy when closed and also one that is resistant to moisture. On the other hand, studios also prefer window curtains that let adequate natural light. Again, if you have children in your home, you should choose cordless blind. The kitchen windows will as well need blinds that will open wide.

    panel blinds for sliding doors
    • Privacy

    If you do not want anyone to view the inside of your home, it’s better if you go for a heavy-duty material. These types of blinds offer different levels of protection and privacy. If the blind is for a shared bathroom, a quality one is required to prevent inconveniences.

    • Style

    The sliding that you choose should match the decor of your room. It enhances the aesthetic appearance of your place if you add colorful and stylish designed blinds. These covers feature different colors and styles that blend well with your rooms. For instance, wood blinds give you room a natural and relaxed appeal.

    • Lighting

    The type of sliding blind you choose determines the amount of light that gets in the room during the day. You should decide the amount of light you want in the place when buying a sliding blind.  Some furniture does not need direct sunlight; otherwise, it will increase tear and wear. The right blinds should either block completely or partially filter light that is getting into your room.

    Top 5 Sliding Door Blinds In The Market

    1. Chicology Adjustable Birch Truffle Blinds

    This is an imported woven sliding panel that is made of 40% polyester and 60% paper. These natural materials blend well with the walls decor and do not wear out quickly. Moreover, this sliding blind can be adjusted to fit in your door with 44” to 80” and panels length of 96”. It is best for large windows, room divider, closet door, balcony door, patio door and French door. The upgraded in modern days designs to add privacy and beauty your windows.

    The natural woven curtain filters enough light and also provides privacy sufficiently. You can as well use these sliding panels to divide a room instead of building another wall. The Chicology natural woven sliding panels are easy and quick to install as it comes with all the tools needed as well as an instruction manual.

    Furthermore, it features a flexible mounting so you can fix it inside or outside the frame there is no limitation. It will fit on your wall or ceiling easily. However, inside mounting requires a minimum depth of 1.5 inches while outside mounting needs a minimum bracket height of 2.125 inches. The designer blind is made to hide space, separate area, and add beauty to a room because it blends well with the room’s decor. Besides, you can use it in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, office and nursery.


    • Quality and durable panels
    • Quick to install
    • Has a flexible mounting
    • Can be mounted on both outside and inside
    • Adds privacy and beauty


    • The product color may not be the same as in the picture

    2. GoDear Design Deluxe Adjustable Sliding Panel Track Blind

    The GoDear design’s sliding blind panel is made of natural woven-blend that consists of 72% paper and 28% polyester. It comes with a 4-rail track that is adjustable with 45.8 inches to 86 inches and four panels that feature 96 inches tall and 23 inches width. Also, the panels allow you to trim their height to your desire as well as installing the bottom rails to enhance the custom look. The naturally woven curtain provides enough privacy as well as filtering the sunlight gently. This sliding blind is ideal for dividing a wide range of a room and window coverings.

    Furthermore, this blind is best for large windows, room divider, large picture window, sliding glass door, closet door, balcony door, patio door, and French door. It also features an easy to clean design by using a vacuum or duster to remove all dirt effortlessly. Besides, it has broad compatibility that fits in almost all the doors or windows. 

    It as well features an easy to use and installation design that comes with two control stack options. The blind can be easily slid with a solid metal wand from left to right. However, the inside mounting requires a minimum depth of 2.5 inches and 2.25 inches requires a minimum bracket height of  2.25inches.


    • Simple to use and effortless installation
    • Durable, stylish and natural
    • Feature a wide compatibility
    • It provides privacy and filters enough light
    • Has an easy to clean design


    • It may not fit well in your window, and you might have to trim it

    3. Chicology Sliding Panels Cut to Length Vertical Urban White Blinds

    This chicology urban white vertical sliding panel consists of 40% polyester and 60% paper. The imported filters sufficient light due to its quality polyester. With its adjustable head-rail, it can be extended from 44” to 80” wide. This fantastic blind comes with four fabric panels, each measuring 22 inches by 96 inches.

    Furthermore, in a case where the panels fail to fit in your door, you can trim their heights to length. It has a modern upgrade that adds privacy and beauty to large windows such as balcony doors, French door, and patio doors. It is best designed for large windows, room divider, closet door, balcony door, patio door and French doors. The package comes with all the hardware and instructions needed for installation.

    Moreover, it features a flexible mounting, whether on the ceiling or wall. However, just like other Chicology sliding panels, it requires a minimum depth of 1.5 inches and 2 inches for a flush. For outside mounting, you will need 2.125 inches bracket height. These Chicology curtains are designed for hiding space, separating area, filtering light, creating privacy and adding beauty. It will perfectly fit in your kitchen, office, bedroom, or living room.


    • Has a wide compatibility
    • It enhances beauty and privacy
    • Trimmable panels
    • Has flexible mounting
    • Safe for kids and pets
    • Stylish and cost-effective


    • It might not help in keeping the room warm

     4. GoDear Design’s Trimmable Pleated Natural Woven Fabric Blind

    This GoDear Munich castle sliding blind adds beauty and fresh, natural look to your room. It is made of a natural woven blend containing 39% poly and 61% paper. It features a 4-rail track that can be adjusted anywhere from 45.8 inches to 96 inches wide. This blind comes with four panels, and each of them has 96 inches height along with 23 inches width.

    However, the panels may not fit in your door, and hence you are forced to trim them to the required height. You should as well install the bottom rails to enhance the finished appeal. The natural woven fabric is ideal for a wide range of room divider and window coverings.

    Furthermore, this fresh-looking covering is durable and best for large windows, room divider, large picture window, sliding glass door, closet door, balcony door, patio door, and French door. Not only does this brings a new look to your house but also nature-inspired design. The fabric texture and woven look offers sufficient privacy as well as filtering light through.

    You don’t have to worry about dirt because it can easily be cleaned using a vacuum or duster. Again, it only has two control stack options which are sliding it to the left or right with a solid metal wand. Its inside mounting requires a minimum depth of 2.5” while the outside mounting involves a minimum of 2.25 inches of bracket height on the top.


    • Effortless installation
    • Easy to use and simple mounting
    • Provides privacy and enough light
    • Wide compatibility


    • Does not come in many colors

    5. GoDear Design Deluxe Extendable 4-Rail Track Blind

    GoDear shadow has a natural woven blend available in different colors which include cinnamon, steel, shadow, lemonade, olive, pale grey and cappuccino. It is made of a durable material containing 39% poly and 61% paper. With the adjustable four-rail track you can adjust its width from 45.8” to 86” for it to fit in your door. It also comes with four panels featuring 23 inches wide and 96 inches tall.

    They have a stylish design that offers privacy and a comfortable place to hang out with friends as they are an upgrade of the traditional vertical blinds. The natural woven fabric improves the beauty of this sliding panel. It fits well in large windows, room divider, large picture window, sliding glass door, closet door, balcony door, patio door and French doors. Its texture and looking woven fabric allows it to gently filter light into the room as well as enhancing privacy.

    Furthermore, this type of blind is more comfortable to wash using a vacuum or duster. It requires simple installation as well as smooth operation.


    • Wide compatibility
    • Easy to clean
    • Simple and easy installation
    • Increases privacy and beauty
    • Natural design
    • Trimmable panels


    • No warranty

    FAQ Section

    Q: Which are the best blind types for children?

    A: Remote-controlled and cordless blinds are the best for homes with children. Having cordless blinds for your doors prevents strangling and choking hazards. To get the best curtain for your kids, you should look for the one with a ”Certified Best for kids” label. This was launched by Window Coverings Manufacturers Association to enforce the child safety regulations.

    Q: How often are the blinds cleaned?

    A: These blinds only require occasional dusting or quick vacuuming while cleaning the house. Once you maintain a clean blind, it helps in eliminating dirt or dust build-up. It is also easy to clean them although with the dusting you can clean them twice per year.

    Q: What is the difference between the outside mount and inside mount?

    A: An outside mount is a window covering that can be adjusted beyond the frames and covers the window completely while the inside mounting fits into the window well. The interior mounting requires accurate precision and measurements. However, the outside mount offers more leniency and freedom with design and length.

    Q: Which blinds offer the best insulation?

    A: All the blinds are designed to prevent light from warming your cellular shades, and shutters. They trap warm air between the window to stop it from permeating to the rooms.

    Final Verdict

    Sliding blinds give your room an elegant look and make it feel more comfortable for chilling out with friends. They are designed to enhance privacy if you don’t want passers-by to see inside your room. It can also keep the room dark in case you want to sleep during the day. Most of them have broad compatibility and come in different colors to blend well with your room decor.

    Moreover, most of the sliding blinds filter enough light, especially in the studios. They are also easy to maintain and clean. So what are you waiting for? Get one for your home whether to divide a room or put in the balcony door it will look great. 


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