Best Stain Remover For Teeth

A bright smile can make anyone’s day. Having shining and attractive teeth improves our mood and boosts our confidence level. Besides, it has become more of a beauty trend to have whiter teeth; all the more reason why you should be wary if your teeth have stains.

We’ve made a comprehensive list of the best teeth stain removers in the market that are safe and most effective. There is also a buying guide to help you search for the product that suits you best. So just go through the reviews and you’ll be able to buy your desired item without stress.

Top 5 Stain Remover for Teeth – Editor’s Pick:

A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Stain Remover for Teeth

Before we jump into the review section, you’ll need reliable information about stain removers and their features so that you know they’re safe to use and won’t leave you out of pocket. Thus, you will want the following to be featured in your device.

  • Features And Specifications

The functions that the device can serve are essentially the most important part to discuss while searching for a good stain eraser. While most of them can do their job just fine, it comes down to a matter of which product can do it more quickly, efficiently, and without any discomfort.

Most of them support 2-3 vibration levels for people with varying teeth sensitivity. Some offer mirrors and LED lights so that you can do it with ease. However, you should consider all these features before making a purchase.

  • Durability

When buying such an expensive item, you will want it to last for some time before getting another one. Some products last 2-3 months and need replacement, like any other toothbrush.

Sometimes the whitening pens run out of the necessary gel and the electric removers can have their batteries dried out. Also, there’s even damage to the circuits and the device stops working altogether.

Therefore, you should get the item that will last longer and will run without any hiccups.

  • Additional Items

You should keep an eye on all the add-ins that different companies throw in with the product itself. Many brands give away dental mirrors, LED lights, surgical blades, storage bags, stands, etc. Again, many don’t even give you a charging cable for their electric removers.

Top 10 Best Stain Remover for Teeth Reviews

1. Meeteasy Dental Calculus Remover Review

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Meeteasy brings you an electric sonic dental calculus remover which will make you feel like you’re visiting a dentist every time you use it. This can remove plaque, tartar, and stains very easily. It is designed to be comfortable to hold and reach your teeth without any hassle.

The vibration level is tuned for accurate and comfortable cleaning. They claim it to be foolproof and it’s been tested to be 100% safe and effective. The product can be used by both kids and adults. It’s absolutely painless and you’ll find it very easy to use.

After the first use, you’ll find your teeth to be noticeably whiter and cleaner. The build is quite premium and it doesn’t feel like you’re using anything cheap. Its stylish design and color make this item a favorite among the customers. It takes around 30 minutes to charge and it does its job rather well.

Accordingly, it doesn’t take long until you get a grip on how to use it. Although there are mostly positive reviews about the item, people with sensitive gums should use it with caution. Overall, a great product that’s very easy to use.


  • Fast results
  • 100% proven safe and effective
  • Can be used by kids and adults both
  • Comfortable hold
  • Completely painless


  • Not for people with highly sensitive gums
  • Some might find difficulty in using the first time around

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2. Life Basis Electric Tooth Cleaner Review

Life Basis Electric Tooth Polisher, Household Dental Calculus Remover for Fighting Tooth Smoke and Tea Stains Teeth Cleaning for People and Pet Dog, USB Charging with 4 Heads

This product from Life Basis provides powerful cleaning and effectively removes dental plaque, calculus, tartar, and stains. Using it will help your teeth to prevent gum diseases. Also, maintaining a dental routine with it will decrease the level of bacteria in your mouth resulting in a fresher breath. However, it is meant to be used with toothpaste.

The remover has a simple structure and is very convenient to use. It comes equipped with 4 different types of replacement heads: silicone brush for sturdy dental plaque, flat brush for food residue on your teeth surface, sharp brush for tartar between the teeth and silicone cup brush for polishing teeth and gum care.

On the other hand, the device supports 3 different vibration levels. It can be charged by USB cable as well as 2 AA batteries so that you can use it on the go. One unique feature is that this product can be used for pet dogs as well.


  • Powerful cleaning
  • Lowers bacteria level for fresher breath
  • Comes with 4 different replacement heads and 3 levels of vibration
  • Can be charged by USB cable and AA batteries as well
  • Usable for pets


  • Sometimes causes itching or slight bleeding
  • Must be used with toothpaste

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3. Colgate Optic White Overnight Whitening Pen Review

Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen, Gentle Teeth Stain Remover to Whiten Teeth, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel - 0.08 Fl Oz 1 Count

Colgate is a world-renowned dental care brand. They have come up with an overnight tooth whitening pen that can whiten your teeth up to two shades. The teeth whitening gel pen formula works its magic when you sleep.

You will have whiter teeth in a week though two weeks of treatment is recommended for the best results. The pack includes 1 teeth whitening pen and 1 overnight stand for easy storage. This whole formula is made with 4 simple ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, an alcohol solvent, copolymer and water.

It’s very easy to use with an enamel-safe whitening solution that dries up in seconds. Apply the pen’s gel to your teeth and work your way through the mouth. Leave it on while you sleep and brush in the morning as usual to remove it.

Repeat the process every night for one week to whiten your teeth by 2 shades, or for two weeks for 3 shades. Since the product is from Colgate, you never have to worry about safety issues.


  • A reliable and renowned brand
  • Whitens your teeth by 2 shades
  • Very easy to apply
  • Safe for enamel
  • Can target pinpoint specific teeth        


  • The gel needs to be kept on teeth overnight
  • Requires 1 whole week for complete treatment

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4. EKUPUZ Dental Calculus Remover Review

Electric Plaque Remover for Teeth, EKUPUZ【3rd Generation】Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner with LED Light, High Efficiency Electric Dental Calculus Remover Tooth Tartar Remover (2 Clean Heads+Carry Case)

This next product is made of safety and quality in mind. With stainless steel and food-grade silicone as materials, this plaque remover is much safer than similar dental cleaning tools. It has 3 different adjustable vibration modes for teeth of all types of sensitivity.

Its newest generation high-frequency vibration mode can remove stubborn calculus, tartar and tooth stains more efficiently than ever. The new matte pointed head and flat head combined with high-frequency vibration will make sure you have the utmost comfort while you clean your teeth.

Similarly, this device supports USB charging with a 300 mAh internal battery capacity and can be used both at home as well as outdoors. Although it is very lightweight, it houses an LED light in its body to help you spot the stains. The package includes a dental mirror and tongue cleaner as well.

Likewise, the mirror and the LED will help you find the dirt and stains effortlessly. This device saves your time and money you would have spent on dental floss and mouthwash by keeping your teeth, and gums healthy all the while.


  • Made with premium materials
  • Very comfortable
  • 3 adjustable vibration modes
  • Built-in LED light
  • Comes with a dental mirror and a tongue cleaner


  • The body shouldn’t be soaked in water
  • Somewhat expensive than others

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5. Dental Duty Oral Care Kit Review

Dental Duty Hygiene Kit, Calculus and Plaque Remover Set, Stainless Steel Tarter Scraper, Tooth Pick, Dental Scaler and Mouth Mirror, Dentist Home Use Tools, Blue

Dental Duty offers an amazing professional dental kit that can effectively help you clean pinpoint spots in your mouth whereas a toothbrush simply cannot. The set comes with 1 dentist mirror, 1 dentist scaler, 1 tartar scraper/ plaque remover and 1 dental toothpick.

It does not require any toothpaste or mouthwash. Dedicated to quality and style, all of the tools are manufactured using the highest quality surgical rust-free stainless steel.

Besides, the dental tools come in very handy as they can reach tight areas and you can keep your teeth and gums completely healthy at home. They are constructed with durability in mind and are fully sterilizable. Moreover, they also feature textured grips to help you keep a firm hold on each tool as you work.

Overall, the Dental Duty kit is one of the best ways of keeping odor-causing bacteria at bay. At the same time, healthy oral hygiene takes more than just regular brushing and flossing. So, with the help of this kit, you can have an extra deep cleaning and superior oral health at home.


  • Professional dental hygiene kit
  • Includes dentist mirror, dentist scaler and tartar scraper
  • Doesn’t require toothpaste
  • Surgical stainless steel made
  • Helps prevent mouth odor


  • The mirror fogs up sometimes
  • Tools are very sharp

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6. MBM Teeth Whitening Pen Review

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MBM Beauty brings you a set of teeth whitening pens that can remove years of stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda, etc. It is a set of 3 pens that uses the world’s most premium quality whitening technology. Thus, it does not cause any sensitivity issues to your teeth or gums; instead, its natural mint flavor keeps your mouth fresh.

Therefore, it’s the perfect home solution for fast premium quality teeth whitening treatment. Its compact design measures at 5”, making it easy to carry and use anywhere. Likewise, it is 100% risk-free as it contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide which is the key ingredient to removing the stains from years back.

So, consecutive use for just 1 minute daily can whiten your teeth up to 4-8 shades. It even comes with a standard dental mouth opener, making it easier for you to keep your mouth open and hands available for inspection and treatment. In that regard, it’s the complete premium experience in a single package.


  • Can remove years of stains
  • No sensitivity issues
  • Fast results
  • Compact design and travel friendly
  • Premium experience


  • Should be kept on for 30 minutes
  • Limited amount of gel

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7. ZWEESAIT Dental Calculus Remover Review

Electric Dental Calculus Remover Tool Kit, High-Frequency Vibration Tooth Scraper Tartar Removal Cleaner Kit with 2 Matte Head - OUZIGRT 3rd Gen Teeth Stain Polisher Plaque Removal

It’s the latest 3rd gen electric dental cleaning tool with a matte head design. Being updated with the 90-degree cleaning head, it allows you to clean the inner walls of your teeth more clearly and effortlessly. It supports 3 different vibration modes as well as LED lighting to help you remove the unwanted plaque, tartar and stains.

The electric tartar scraper is made of food-grade silicone material and medical-grade stainless steel for 100% safety and comfortable feel. It is also IPX6 grade waterproof and can be cleaned with water directly. Apart from that, the device comes with a USB charging cable. Its small size makes it suitable for use at home as well as while traveling.

The package includes an electric dental calculus remover, 2 sets (4pcs) of cleaning head with silicone covers, 2 packs of teeth whitening strips, a mouth mirror, a pack of dental floss, a charging cable, and a user manual.


  • Unique 90-degree head design
  • Matte head cleans better and is more resistant than previous versions
  • 3 vibration modes with LED lighting
  • High-grade materials for safety and comfort
  • Includes several items in the package


  • May cause gum bleeding
  • Takes more than 2 hours to fully recharge

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8. Cosy Life Dental Calculus Remover Review

Electric Sonic Dental Calculus Remover,Dental Plaque Stain Remover for Teeth Tartar Removal Cleaner,High Frequency Vibration,USB Rechargeable (Black)

This next product is from Cosy Life which brings high frequency and strong vibrations to the table. It supports 3 vibration modes as well as a well placed LED light. The device houses a 300 mAh battery but does not come with an adapter. Thus, its design is much humanized.

With charming colors and portable size, it’s a great dental care product for you and your family. The device conforms to ergonomics quite well. The silicone handle feels comfortable to hold and its size is very travel friendly. Food-grade silicone and professional-grade alloy metal make the experience feel very premium.

It can get rid of all of your calculus, plaque, stains and tartar through maintaining safety at all times. Two different types of replacements give you access to all the hard to reach areas around your teeth. Its high power vibration will get those stubborn stains out in no time.


  • High frequency and strong vibrations
  • 3 different vibration modes with LED light
  • Well designed for ergonomics
  • Silicone handle
  • Easy to use and carry due to small size


  • No free adapter
  • Malfunctions in charging and turning on

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9. DaskFire Teeth Stain Remover Review

Teeth Stain Remover, Dental Plaque Tool, Tartar Eraser Polisher, Professional Tooth Whitening Polishing Cleaning Kit, Home Calculus Removal Effectively, NOT Electric Cleaner Brush/Dentist

DaskFire Stain Remover is a great auxiliary tool for dental care. It is used to remove the stains caused by everyday food and drinks. The stain remover material is made of Polypropylene and it’s easy to clean with just water.

It features an angled soft pumice stone that can reach the most challenging spots. The handle is designed with non-slip rubber too. Using this product for a few minutes will make your teeth healthier and more radiant. Moreover, for stubborn stains, DaskFire recommends using it regularly and with patience.

Additionally, each family pack includes 3 pieces of dental calculus eraser. It should be used before brushing and should be replaced every three months or so. Although this item is not meant to replace a professional dentist, it sure does keep your teeth free from stains and helps you develop good dental hygienic practices.


  • High-quality material used
  • Can be cleaned with just water
  • Results can be felt almost immediately
  • Family pack includes 3 pieces
  • Non-slip rubber handle


  • Can hurt enamel
  • Tartar remover may cause nausea in some cases

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10. SUNVING Dental Calculus Remover Review

Electric Dental Calculus Remover, SUNVING Teeth Cleaning Kit with 4 Replacement Heads Plaque Remover for Teeth Tartar Scraper Dental Stains Scaler for Kids Adult

Finally, SUNVING brings you a superb set of electric calculus remover that can reduce the frequency of your visit to the dental hospital. A pointed and a flat cleaning head make sure your teeth are free of any type of stain, calculus, or tartar.

Its 3 modes of vibration ensure that all stubborn stains are removed efficiently, the high-frequency mode being the most effective. This is suitable for both adults and kids and it can cater to the dental servicing needs of you and your family for a long time.

Likewise, the device comes with IPX6 waterproof grading along with work lights and dental mirrors. It supports USB charging with a 300 mAh battery and the small size makes it easy to carry for outsides use too.

However, the package includes 2 sets (4 pcs) of cleaning heads and 2 storage pockets. Its colorful storage bags can help you identify your personal set from those of your family members. So, this all in one dental care pack that is sure to keep you and your loved ones satisfied.


  • Suitable for both adults and kids
  • 3 modes of vibration
  • Comes with work light and dental mirror
  • Pack includes 2 sets with 2 colorful storage bags
  • Reduces your visits to the dental hospital


  • First-time use may cause gum bleeding
  • High voltage adaptor will damage the motherboard components

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Final Verdict

Oral care is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dentists should encourage their patients to give up smoking and cut down on alcohol consumption as these are the prime reasons for stain build-up. In that sense, using a straw helps whenever having acidic drinks as well.

Always remember that a few lifestyle changes can make an enormous difference. In case you’re having problems with any kind of stains or plaques or tartar, you should keep a dental care pack at home. And if you’re stressed out about buying the best teeth stain remover, then this guide is sure to scratch that itch.

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