Best Thayers Witch Hazel Reviews And Buying Guide

Skincare products are not the essentials you want, but you need it in your life. And in these times, the environment around has become so polluted that it is causing difficulties in maintaining a proper skincare system.

However, another hard pillow to swallow in this category is that expensive products are always better than the regular priced ones. That is the reason why you should get yourself the best thayers witch hazel. The model contains no harmful ingredients, and it is as effective as it gets.

So, if you are tired of purchasing generic products that are degrading your skin, please spend some time and take a look at this article.

Top 5 Thayers Witch Hazel – Comparison Table:

Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Thayers Witch Hazel

When you go out to buy a thayers, a handful of critical factors are important for you to set to get the ideal product mostly. That’s because the witch hazel consists of a ton of variants that need to match your skin needs.

  • Features & Specifications

Now, it is the utmost importance for you to know about the bells and whistles of a product before you go for the purchase. It is through such measurements you will get to know the effectiveness of a Thayers original. Therefore, when you choose a specific model, be sure to check the attributes beforehand.

  • Brand Significance

Thayers consist of a lot of brands that have a unique selling point of their own. They can be features, price, packaging, or anything that goes with the purpose of your need, which is always something that the competitors cannot provide.  

  • Quality Of The Product

Product Quality is the core assurance of peace in mind. However, with Thayers, you will not always get the bang for your buck. At times you will get more, and at times you will get less. Hence, make sure to do proper research before choosing the right model.

  • Reliability

Sturdiness and durability are the keywords in this factor. The measurements of strength are crucial when it comes to knowing how long will an original thayers last for you.

  • Reviews & Ratings

These factors are critical as you are getting first-hand details for the consumers who are using a specific witch hazel product. Thayers recently got a meteoric rise in the Amazon market. Hence, if you are looking for intricate information from the consumers, that is the place to go.

Top 7 Best Thayers Witch Hazel Reviews

After going through hundreds of product-reviews, online forums, and algorithms, we have come up with the Top 7 thayers witch hazel models in the market.

1. Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner Review

THAYERS Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera Formula, 12 Ounce

Let us begin with the best seller in Amazon because not only is it affordable but it is also highly effective. This model is an all-natural skin toner that moisturizes and cleanses with witch hazel & rosewater extract alongside a garnish of Aloe Vera.

The witch hazel sector of the product contains approximately 195% more tannins than the rival companies out there. This feature will ensure a tightening of pores without drying out your skin by drastically reducing excessive oil production. Thus, swollen skin and redness will become a thing of the past from now on.

Moreover, the tannins contain a moderate amount of antioxidant properties. This factor leads to a reduction in skin irritation so that you do not have to feel insecure while applying the product. Furthermore, the ingredient ensures a proper balance in maintaining clearer skin.

Lastly, the bottle comes in a conveniently sized measurement, which consists of around 12 ounces. Therefore, the un-distilled Bottle has a substantial amount of volume to ensure a long-lasting effect.


  • Secure from redness and skin irritation
  • No.1 Best Seller product in amazon
  • Contains mild antioxidant features
  • The bottle size is 12 oz.
  • Consists of around a hefty percentage of tannins


  • Does not completely smell like a rose
  • Skin breakage

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2. Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Facial Mist Toner Review

THAYERS, AlcoholFree Witch Hazel Facial Mist Toner Clear, Rose Petal, 8 Fl Oz

With 8 ounces of convenient bottle size, this facial mist toner contributes to the betterment of your lifestyle. The toner contains ingredients such as witch hazel extract, rosewater, and droplets of Aloe Vera that ensures an even distribution of effectiveness.

Accordingly, the company has a substantial amount of tannins included in the model and you will have much cleaner pores and clearer skin. Other issues, such as skin breakouts will not give you any sort of headaches.

Moreover, after a few days of usage, you will see a distinctive loss in oil production without drying your skin. The formula even will bring significant control over your acne and redness problems. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to give a few trials with a cloth first.

What’s even better is that there are mild properties of antioxidants inserted in this toner. This factor ensures maximum reduction of irritation and balancing of proper care so that you do not go through any struggles of keeping clean skin.


  • Moderate levels of antioxidant included
  • 8 oz. of bottle
  • A proper mixture of witch hazel, Aloe Vera and rosewater
  • 195% more tannins compared to competitors
  • Highly affordable


  • Feeling of stickiness
  • Complaints on the smell

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3. Thayers Original Witch Hazel Astringent Review

Thayers Original Witch Hazel Astringent with Aloe Vera, 12 ounce bottle

You know it is a premium product when a company decides to pour in more than 180% of tannins compared to the competitors. This particular witch hazel extract will ensure the removal of extensive oil production in your pores so that you don’t concede any bacterial infection.

The benefits of having more tannins are that the product contributes to decreasing skin irritation. This factor happens due to mild antioxidant functions enabled in this astringent.

Likewise, the astringent contains a certified natural Aloe Vera formula that supports in moisturizing, toning, and cleansing the levels of your skin. Therefore, you will have a smoother experience with this purchase.

The Bottle consists of a solid size of 12 ounces in general. Hence, you will have more than enough volume to get clearer skin within no time. This attribute shines because of the affordability that comes alongside it. Overall, you will not find a better versatile product on the horizon.


  • Benefits of extended tannins
  • Reduction in oil breakouts
  • Decreases in irritation and acne
  • The convenient packaging of 12 ounces
  • Certified Aloe Vera formula


  • Emphasized more on the alcohol segment
  • Redness might occur

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4. Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Veraa Review

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera - 12 oz.(2 pack)

This model stands out from the rest of the products in this list because it contains alcohol. As a result, there will be no increase in skin sensitivity, irritation, or burns.

Not only that, but this model also does not contain propylene glycol and parabens. It is completely made of organic and all-natural Aloe Vera that will ensure a gentle relief from oily skin and inflammation. You can even use the witch hazel extract to create your acne cleanser, deodorant and face wash, and so on.

A unique factor about this product is its rose petal scent. This attribute makes the conditioning and cleansing procedure of your skin much more lenient. Moreover, the fragrance does not remove any sort of essential moisture amid the process.

Finally, to top things off, this model, in particular, comes in a pack of two un-distilled 12-ounce bottles. Hence, you will receive the ingredients in its purest form and have a substantial volume to last for a long time.


  • Soft Rose Fragrance for better cleansing
  • Un-distilled hazel packaging
  • Pack of two 12-ounce bottles
  • Alcohol-free
  • Decrease in oily-ness


  • Expensive
  • Added glycerin could be harmful

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5. Thayers Medicated Skin Irritation Relief Review

THAYERS Medicated Aloe Vera Topical Pain Relief Pads, Clear/White, Witch Hazel, 60 Count

Let us get out of the liquid zone for a while and enter into a more hands-on experience. This model comes alongside around 60 conveniently sized witch hazel pads that do a great job against various issues related to skincare.

These botanical all-natural pads contain ingredients such as eucalyptol and camphor with fillings of Aloe Vera. Thus, the mixture combines together to ensure proper cleansing and condition of your skin.

Besides, the Witch Hazel’s specific proprietary extract consists of a lot more tannins than the standard products you will find in the market. This increase in percentage plays a crucial role in constricting blood flow, tightening pores, and reducing oil production.

Most of all, such extraction of tannins contains a mild level of antioxidant that reduces significant skin irritation. That factor is a major solution to the usage of Thayers Witch Hazel models as a hefty amount of individuals feel insecure about blemish and burns.


  • Includes 60 certified pads
  • Ensures relief from skin irritation
  • Reasonable price range
  • 195% more extraction of tannins
  • The mixture of Aloe Vera, camphor and eucalyptol


  • Might cause a little rough-ness
  • Not an ideal product for sensitive skins

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6. Thayers Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner Review

THAYERS Alcohol-Free Original Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera Formula, 12 Ounce

Nothing will make your skin come alive other than an Original Thayers Witch Hazel toner. This model contains a substantial amount of 12 ounces that is more than you can possibly ask for in a long-term period.

The product comes alongside the Original Witch Hazel ingredient with a texture of Aloe Vera. This mixture will make sure your skin gets the toning, moisturizing, and cleansing that you solemnly desire.

One of the highlighted factors about this model from thayers is that the company emphasized more percentage on the tannins from Witch Hazel extraction. Hence, you will have much better control over your acne issues. Moreover, your pores will tighten up a lot without creating any drying problems for the skin.

Apart from that, this product originality consists of no alcohol and moderate properties of antioxidants. Therefore, problems such as skin irritation and burning will become a thing from the past even though it is better to use a cotton ball before applying for safety measurements.


  • Size of 12-ounce
  • The original formula of Thayers Witch Hazel
  • Non-alcohol product
  • Comes at an affordable rate
  • More tannins than rival industries


  • There is more water added than witch hazel
  • Can cause some breakouts

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7. Thayers Alcohol Free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner Review

Thayers Alcohol-free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner (12-oz.) ( Pack May Vary )

The last model in this list comes with an ”unscented” factor that sets it apart from the rest. That is because the product does not contain much fragrance, and that makes sure no unpleasant odors occur. This factor allows you to apply the product leniently without getting distracted from any weird smell.

Besides, the formulation of the product took place with organically certified Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel. As a result, this product is quite possibly the ideal model to properly soothe and cleanse your skin overall.

If you are someone with sensitive skin, this toner will not cause any allergic reactions as it is hypoallergenic. Moreover, the product is naturally preserved and paraben-free; hence, oil production and inflammation will not cause any type of struggles.

Finally, there is more than enough volume available inside the bottle for you to have a full-fledged skin treatment, 12-ounces, to be exact. Furthermore, major issues such as irritation of skin and burns will not create any struggles as the model is alcohol-free.


  • Great product for toning and cleansing
  • Free of alcohol
  • An “unscented” formula
  • Naturally preserved and Paraben-Free
  • No allergic reactions


  • Contains bits of phenoxyethanol that can be harmful
  • Concerns in deterioration

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Thayers Witch Hazel

Skincare products are popular for raising questions. Here are some of the most searched one’s for you to get a necessary briefing.

Q. How often should we apply Thayers Witch Hazel?

Answer: Twice every week is better to stay on the safe side because going beyond that will lead to over usage and skin damage.

Q. Is Witch Hazel good for dark spots removal?

Answer: Well, it depends on how much does the company emphasizes the tannins. If the amount is significantly high, it can eradicate dark spots; otherwise, they’ll fade.

Q. Can Thayers Witch Hazel have good control over acne?

Answer: Most people use this product to nullify any type of expansion of acne. This factor is strengthened due to the utilization of tannins in the Witch Hazel extract.

Q. What is the core difference between Thayers astringent and toner?

Answer: They are both properties of the Witch Hazel formula, but toner is mostly referred to as the water-based models. On the other hand, Astringents tend to contain more alcohol.

Q. Are Astringents better than toners?

Answer: The debate totally depends on the product actually. However, toners are great for sensitive skins, whereas astringents lock in the pores very tightly for oil control.


Thayers have been the primary industry for skincare products for centuries, and their launch of the Aloe Vera ingredient brought significant changes to everyone’s lives. That is the reason why you should place the best thayers witch hazel in your bucket list because no other products do a better job at skin cleansing than this company.

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