Best Toilet Seal For 2021 [Reviews And Buying Guide]

by Lucas Lee

Toilet seals are something that assures our daily life to be a little less stressful by ensuring our commodes are leak-proof. We never really need to think about it until there arises the need to replace or add one.

Since you're here, you must be in a similar situation. There is a lot to choose from, but only the best toilet seal will give you the most satisfying result. And to help you out on that quest, we will let you know about the best products and all the things you need to know to get the right one. So continue reading.

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Top 7 Best Toilet Seal Reviews

Top 7 Best Toilet Seal Reviews
Top 7 Best Toilet Seal Reviews

As a first-time buyer, getting a toilet fastener can get quite overwhelming, and it's understandable. So we've boiled down to a list of some of the best ones for you!

1. Fluidmaster Universal Toilet Seal Review

Fluidmaster 7530P8 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Seal, Wax-Free Toilet Bowl Gasket Fits Any Drain
Fluidmaster 7530P8 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Seal, Wax-Free Toilet Bowl Gasket Fits Any Drain

If you don't have much idea about installing one, you might want to consider going for something other than wax. Besides, you also need one that's easy to install.

Luckily, this commode seal is made from rubber and that is perfect for people with no experience. Plus, the rubber and the additional slide-on spacer makes it easy to adjust or reposition it accordingly, all without the mess of a wax type.

Moreover, it is universal, meaning it can fit any toilets or drains. So there's one less worry for you. Besides, it's very durable, and plunging too often won't cause any leaks.

Adding to the clogs is easy to install, and it comes with bolt holes, so you know exactly how and where to screw them. The brass bolts are also rust-free. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about any sunken flanges due to the floor condition.


  • Beginner-friendly and easy to install
  • Can be adjusted or repositioned without trouble
  • Universal, fits all commodes and drains
  • Won't cause leakage from over-plunging
  • No sunken flanges caused by uneven floors


  • Might be hard to compress the commode for some types
  • The slide-on spacer may be tough to use

2. Mission Automotive Dometic Toilet Seal Review

Mission Automotive Dometic -Compatible Flush Ball Seal For 300/310 / 320 RV Toilets - Comparable To Parts Number 385311658 Kit - Ideal Replacement Gasket
Mission Automotive Dometic -Compatible Flush Ball Seal For 300/310 / 320 RV Toilets - Comparable To Parts Number 385311658 Kit - Ideal Replacement Gasket

Getting a plumber to change a commode fastener can be surprisingly costly. Due to that, people usually consider taking it in their hands to change one to save money. And if you have a Dometic300 or 310 or 320 RV model, we've got some great news for you!

These flush ball seals are a perfect fit for those models, including motorhome and trailer toilets. With the provided step by step guide, it's also quite convenient and easy to install, saving you all the extra money that you would've used on a plumber.

Besides, made from a high-quality application-specific rubber blend, these gaskets work very well in preventing any leakage. It also makes them very durable and will last you for a long time.

You can use petroleum jelly, silicone grease, and spray silicone as lubricants while installing. For your Dometic models, this is the easiest and most compatible gaskets to use.


  • Made from high-quality application-specific rubber blend
  • Perfectly compatible for Dometic models 300, 310 and 320
  • DIY installable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The provided guide from the manufacturer makes it easy to install


  • Not compatible with any other models
  • Might show leakage for some

3. NEXT BY DANCO Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring Review

NEXT BY DANCO Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring | Wax-Free Toilet Seal | Toilet Installation & Repair (10718X), Black
NEXT BY DANCO Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring | Wax-Free Toilet Seal | Toilet Installation & Repair (10718X), Black

Wax rings are popular because of their strong occlude, along with many successful installations. But as it comes with wax, they easily create a mess everywhere and cleaning them after installation is an effort.

Nevertheless, with this wax ring, you don't have to worry about any cleaning afterward! Its hidden wax ring makes sure you get the perfect enclosure minus the mess of the wax. The simple and convenient build of the ring provides a success on the first try.

Moreover, it has a three times stronger sealant than other wax rings. The commode can also be repositioned if necessary without any problem, thanks to the rubber gasket encasing.

Impressively, it fits both above and below the floor, with allowing flange height from 0.5 inches above to 1.5 inches below it. It also comes with an adapter for easier management. Besides, you can remove the black plastic ring in the casing if it fails to provide a good blockage.


  • Rubber gasket encased wax ring ensures mess-free installation
  • Provides 3X more seal than other wax rings
  • Can be repositioned easily
  • Fits both above and below the floor
  • The additional black plastic ring ensures a perfect enclosure


  • Might be hard to install
  • May not be suitable for some floors

4. Korky Universal Toilet Wax Free Seal Review

Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal With Hardware - Toilet Installation Made Easy - Made In USA, Red
Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal With Hardware - Toilet Installation Made Easy - Made In USA, Red

When it comes to rubber toilet fasteners, not getting it securely tight is usually a common issue. Moreover, there's always a concern for it not being able to resist any bacteria, chemicals or hard waters, etc.

However, this red rubber seal is built to provide not only excellent concealment but also resists chlorine, bacteria, hard water, city water treatments, well water, etc. As a result, it's very durable under all sorts of conditions.

Apart from that, all of the parts included in the kit are universal. It's compatible with both old and modern models making them a versatile choice and very convenient to install. Also, you can reposition them easily as needed.

Besides providing a solid airtight compartment between the floor and commode, the product also fits on all levels as required. It can adapt in both above and below the floor and perfectly ground level as well.


  • Red rubber resists bacteria, chlorine, hard water, etc.
  • Universal parts can fit both old and modern models
  • Durable and versatile
  • Can be easily repositioned
  • Fits above, below and ground level to the floor


  • Might leak without an even flange
  • Might deteriorate over the years

5. Sani Seal Waxless Toilet Gasket Review

Sani Seal Llc BL01 Waxless Toilet Gasket
Sani Seal Llc BL01 Waxless Toilet Gasket

Wax and rubber are the most common choices to go with. However, if they both failed you or are unsure about using them as occlude, maybe try going for a foam one.

This innovative foam toilet seal, made from polyurethane, has a durable covering that won't deteriorate quickly. It's also extremely easy to install, making it one of its other selling points among customers.

It comes with steel bolts that you can insert on either end of the product. The product's simple nature makes it very quick and easy to repair, replace, or add a sealant around your commode.

Moreover, weighing around 6.4 ounces, this product is lightweight and can be easily repositioned to get the perfect waterproof-ness. Measuring 8 inches width, 9 inches height, and 2 inches length, you can place it above and below depending on your flange height.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Can be repositioned whenever needed without trouble
  • The foam makes it very lightweight and flexible
  • Can be placed both above and below floor level
  • Comes with accessories to get the perfect sealant


  • The outer layer may delaminate over time
  • May show leakage over time

6. Fernco Inc Wax Free Toilet Seal Review

Fernco Inc. FTS-3 3-Inch Wax Free Toilet Seal
Fernco Inc. FTS-3 3-Inch Wax Free Toilet Seal

It can be hard to install a toilet seal as it is, but if you have different flooring other than a tile, it can be even more challenging. It can especially be the case if you want to use anything other than wax.

At the same time, what if we tell you that there's an easy solution for all of the above? Yes, that's right! This wax-lessfastener is suitable to use on wood, tile, carpet, and linoleum flooring. It works well on raised floors as well.

Moreover, the sticky adhesive method of installing is the easiest and most efficient way to make sure you have leak-proof commodes. This two-step installation takes away all the hassles of screwing bolts in place, while not compromising the performance.

Likewise, the sealant, made from flexible PVC, is versatile and durable as well. The strong adhesive makes sure it's entirely waterproof and will last you for a long time. Even more, you can use it on a several in-house and sewer connections, be it drain, conductor, waste, vent piping, and roof drains, etc.


  • Two-step extremely quick and easy installation
  • Works on all different types of flooring
  • Can be used on different in-house and sewer connections
  • Made from flexible PVC
  • Versatile and long-lasting


  • Glue may prove to be weak for some commodes
  • Commodes with smaller bases may rock around

7. Kohler-Compatible Canister Flush Valve Seal Review

2-Pack Of Kohler-Compatible Canister Flush Valve Seal Replacements For Toilets (Equivalent To K-GP1059291)
2-Pack Of Kohler-Compatible Canister Flush Valve Seal Replacements For Toilets (Equivalent To K-GP1059291)

Replacing the toilet fastener is always a good choice if it didn't require so much effort and time, that is. However, if you own a Kohler commode, things are looking up for you.

These flush valve seal's straightforward installation makes it possible to replace your old one within minutes, and that's no exaggeration! Made from durable rubber, they come with a pack of two, so you have an additional one when replacing it is necessary.

It creates a tight enclosure while also improving the flushing pressure. The quieter and better flushing power will make your commode feel like brand new. Plus, with the freedom of being able to replace it with ease means you don't ever have to deal with a poor sealant or flush!

Besides, you don't need to remove the base of the commode to install it. It makes it more convenient and hassle-free. It works on all Kohler models with a canister flush valve.


  • Can be replaced within less than 5 minutes
  • Improves flushing pressure
  • Made from high-quality durable rubber
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Comes with detailed instructions


  • Too much flushing pressure might break the product
  • Might form "blisters"

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Toilet Seal

Whether it's your first time installing a commode sealant and cleaning the toilet using tank cleaners, there are things you should always remember and consider before getting one. They increase the chance of a successful blockage and saves you from disappointment.

The Material

The sealant material is crucial as it will determine how compatible and long it will last your commode. While wax and rubber are the most commonly used, you can also find it in silicone, foam, and neoprene, etc.

Wax is notorious for being messy, but they're very long-lasting. However, for heated floors, they can't be used as it will melt. Rubbers are easier, while silicones are more durable and adjustable.

Foam is very flexible, but not very durable. Lastly, neoprene is quite versatile but hard to find in products.

Flange Height And Drain Size

If the product doesn't ensure the flange is completely covered, it can not only cause leaks but also may rock your commode, which is not a fun experience. Rubber is a good choice for flanges above floor level, but if you need more flexibility or height, foam seals are easily stackable. They're also suitable for uneven floors.

As for drain size, you can always go for a universal size that fits all. While the standard drain size is around 3 to 4 inches in diameter, they might show issues in special cases. Ring types are very flexible, making them an overall great choice.

Experience And Quality

Make sure to check for the instructions manual before purchasing a product online. Usually, they have a video tutorial to help you as well. Also, chose a type that's re-adjustable and can be tried a couple of times. It's better to completely rule out wax once as you only have one chance to set it.

So, it's always a safe bet to go with a well-known brand. However, do check if the product is genuine or not before buying. You can also go with a brand with the same as your toilet. In most cases, they will have a perfectly fitted block for it.

Fluidmaster Toilet Seal vs Wax Ring

There's always the question of which is better, wax-free, or wax seals? Well, there are many things to consider when it comes down to it, and honestly, it's more about preference.

1. Fluidmaster Toilet Seal

They're made from rubber, making them very flexible and easy to install. It's also mess-free. Moreover, if it's in good condition, it can be quite easily adjusted if needed.

When it comes to sealing, the results are medium. As its rubber with many conditions can damage the product, causing leakage, it's not that common.

2. Wax Ring

While wax rings create a mess on your hands to everywhere on the floor, if installed correctly, they will last you for a long time. However, if you mess up the process in any way, you will have to start over again with another ring.

This makes it not a favorite choice among DIYers. Thus, professional plumbers swear by it, thanks to its perfectly leak-proof results.

Final Words

No one wants to spend their weekends replacing or repairing their commodes. So it's essential to understand what it takes to get the best toilet seal for you. As you can tell, there are many things to make sure of, but don't be overwhelmed! Calling a plumber is obviously a secure option, but you never know until you try, right?

If you wish to save money and learn the process, the sooner you start, the better! Considering all the options from our comprehensive list and guide, apply them in your case, and you can surely find one that's the most appropriate for the one you own.

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