Best Weight Gain Pills On The Market

As we all know, most people vocally seek out ways to reduce their weight. A considerable amount of people opts for weight gain pills since consuming food just would not knock down their metabolism.

Particularly, what could be a better option than this if you are suffering from anorexia? Such conditions can be fatal if not treated.

However, regardless of your cause, finding the best weight gain pills in the market can get quite precarious. If caution and carefulness are not properly maintained, you may be unable to avoid the faulty or defective products, which can potentially hamper your health.

Besides, avoiding adverse-effects and securing both effective and efficient drug should be a customer’s ultimate goal.

Top 5 Weight Gain Pills – Comparison Table:

Why Use Weight Gain Pills?

  • People rarely turn to weight gain pills due to the stigma associated with the pills being dangerous. So far, that was the case before safer drugs came to the market that helped patients deal with several medical issues.
  • When we randomly remark a person with, “you are blessed with a skinny body”, sometimes, people do not consider it as a blessing. There is a body type known as ectomorph; people with such body types cannot gain weight even if they try.
  • And that can lead to difficulties if they are underweight, which would end up interfering with their health. Moreover, some doctors prescribe their patients with weight gain pills after enduring severe sickness and that results in drastic weight loss.

Top 10 Weight Gain Pills Reviews

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; there is no doubt in that. However, if your health does not bode well with your size, you better find the best weight gain pills available in the market.

In that regard, this article caters to you with the top 10 options that will most certainly help you with your dilemma.

1. OPTIMUM NUTRITION Weight Gainer Protein Powder Review

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D for Immune Support, Chocolate, 6 Pound (Packaging May Vary)

Talk about obtaining a bang for your buck; this product is the ultimate solution to your weight gain problems. For you to increase body mass, you need to ensure the calories you are consuming influence your body. And with this product, in a double scoop serving, you attain 1,250 calories.

The chocolatey taste is a plus among many attributes of this supplement. Most importantly, to boost your immune system, this product contains vitamins C, D, and E along with zinc. If you lack all of this essential nutrition in your body, the weight gainer will help fulfill the basic requirements.

Subsequently, with each serving of the supplement, you will sustain about 50 gm of protein and over 250 gm of carbohydrates, which will help you with superior muscle formation.

Combined with a nutrition-based diet and proper bulk up training, this supplement can miraculously bring about the physique you wished for. About 25 kinds of vitamins and numerous minerals, including glutamine and creatine are present in the recipe.

The dynamic duo of creatine and glutamine ensures to restore your energy level, which in turn enhances the functionality of your body and ensures proper muscle gain. With the incorporation of zero sugar policy, this supplement thrives among other products in the market.


  • Contains high calorie of 1,250
  • No inclusion of sugar
  • Consists of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Affordable


  • You may experience bloating
  • The carb blend could be better

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2. Endure Hemp Extract Weight Gainer Review

Endure 500 MG Hemp Extract Weight Gainer and Appetite Booster Ewill Help Women and Men Gain Weight Fast. Liquid Weight Gain Supplement Works Faster Than Weight Gain Pills and Helps You Sleep

Have you had enough observation with no result after using protein powder to gain weight? Fret not, this small vial of hemp extract promises you with an outcome at all cost.

The in-demand liquid weight gainer sets the seal on increasing the appetite that ensures you gobble up adequate calories to build up your muscles.

Certainly, this small liquid container may require an initial investment, but successful aftermath is guaranteed with the 500 mg of pure hemp extract. Above all, it will relax your body so much that you can sleep soundly with utter composure and tranquility.

As soon as you intake the weight gainer, it instantaneously begins the powerful execution of resurrecting your dead appetite. Moreover, the product also increases protein intake and improves the balance of cortisol and fat in your body.

Furthermore, hemp oil is known for its pain-relieving characteristics. Besides, this supplement will help you regain your tissue’s capacity to grow resilient and powerful. As far as your physical development is concerned with proper exercise and training regime, you will be shredded in no time.


  • Assist in proper sleep
  • Provides pain-reducing attributes
  • Increases appetite
  • Makes you strong physically


  • Expensive
  • May take time to show the result

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3. B-12 Chewable Weight Gain Pills Review

Gain Weight Fast w Weight Gainer B-12 Chewable Absorbs Faster Than Weight Gain Pills for Fast Massive Weight Gain in Men and Women While Opening Your Appetite More Than Protein

Did exhaustion overcome you after tirelessly seeking out weight gain pills? Are you a victim of trying out over-the-top expensive and infamous drugs that not only harm your health but also don’t show any positive result in your body mass? Well, you are not alone!

However, this specific weight gain pill bodes well with all your safety measures. It significantly increases your desire to gulp down your protein along with essential food.

Besides, the vessel consists of 100 tablets that include vitamin B-12. It increases the growth of your muscle and tissue cells with the help of hypertrophy muscle training.

Other than that, the pills ensure that you get enough sleep and relieve you from stress and anxiety. With a positive mood, your body will readily restore muscle growth and recover your lost appetite as well.

Another additional benefit of vitamin B-12 is it aids in the formation of red blood cells and inhibit anemia. So, bid goodbye to those days when you felt ashamed about showing your body off since this product works fantastically with a fast execution process.

You can always take the pills without any additional protein intake, or you may combine the product with a protein powder to access super-fast result.


  • Helps boost muscle and tissue growth
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Maintains a proper sleep cycle
  • Increases appetite


  • You may experience headache or dizziness
  • Only increases appetite

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4. Appetitol Natural Appetite and Weight Gain Stimulant Review

Appetitol Appetite-Weight Gain. Natural Appetite and Weight Gain Stimulant for Underweight Children Fortified with Vitamins B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12,Folic Acid , Iron, Zinc, Flax Seed Oil. ( 8 Fl Oz)

Next up is an incredibly potent candidate among the crowd of available products. This particular product aids in increasing your appetite. Not only that, but this weight gainer is also children-friendly and assists in alleviating their desire to eat.

Therefore, if your child suffers from fussy eater syndrome, you can use this product to help enhance your kid’s hunger. Chiefly, this weight gainer contains almost all the necessary vitamins, including vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, and B-12.

All of this ingredient improves the overall health of an individual and boosts the immune system by offering proper nutrients. Inadequacy of energy and vigor cannot be seen with this product.

Moreover, the inclusion of folic acid supports the formation and nourishment of new cells. If you are suffering from underweight issues, the nutrients in this product fulfill the supplements your body requires.

It also includes additional benefits of proper conversion of food to energy and mending cellular damage. The involvement of Omega-3 fatty acids is simply a cherry on the top since you can feed this product to your kid. It is the perfect addition to the ingredients.

Omega-3 fatty acid promotes improved brain development and ensures better functionality among children. Besides, it also helps fight against depression and anxiety.


  • Contains Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Consists of numerous vitamins
  • Increases appetite in both children and adults
  • Aids information of new cells


  • Sour taste for kids
  • The smell is not too good

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5. Appetite Booster Weight Gain Pills Review

Gain Weight Fast w Appetite Booster Stimulates Appetite Enzymes Better Than Weight Gain Pills for Fast Massive Weight Gain in Men and Women While Opening Your Appetite More

Next in line is a weight gainer that makes certain genuine weight gain no matter what. You may have tried many chemically induced weight-gaining products, which most certainly did not bring good omen to your health. So, as of today, you can swear off all toxic supplements and embrace an au natural product.

This certain supplement consists of organic Coriandrum and Zingiber Ginger Root. That improves your appetite by stimulating the gastric enzymes in your stomach through all-natural methods. Above all, the supplement does not contain sugar, gluten, or any additives, including color or preservatives.

The formula also includes B-12 vitamins in its regime. First and foremost, vitamin B-12 aids in producing red blood cells. It also helps in building your bone formation stronger.

Additionally, among many attributes, this ingredient assists in reducing depression and anxiety. In simpler terms, you will no longer suffer from vitamin B-12 deficiency once you purchase this.

Accordingly, you may want to gain some weight, but you do not want to carry around a slab of fats along with you, and that is a given. By activating hormones in your stomach, this supplement makes sure it concentrates on lean muscle and increases your body mass overall. Coming soon, the summer body you always dreamt off.


  • Consists of B-12 vitamin
  • Contains natural product
  • Concentrates on lean muscle
  • Aids in increasing desire to eat


  • May give you a headache after intake
  • Can makes your throat dry

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6. VH Nutrition Weight Gain Pills Review

Eatmor Appetite Stimulant | Weight Gain Pills for Men and Women | Natural Hunger Boosting Orxegenic Supplement | VH Nutrition | 120 Capsules | 30 Day Supply

There is nothing like an organic product that ensures weight gain. Although however promising a product may sound, there is nothing as promising as a natural remedy.

This supplement container holds up to 120 pills and guarantees you the result in one single month at all costs. Primarily, the weight gain pills consist of Gentiana Lutea Root Powder, Centaurium erythraea Powder, Zingiber Officinale Root Powder, Medicago Sativa Powder, and Curcuma Longa.

All the ingredients may sound absurd but ensure an absolute natural solution to your weight loss problem. Also, the supplement works great on older citizens.

The natural ingredients stimulate the user’s body with increased appetite and hunger that allows them to devour sufficient nutrition as well as adequate sustenance.

On the other hand, gaining weight can be tricky if not properly handled. That’s because you do not want fat at the wrong places, which will result in a disproportionate physique. Hence, this product ensures proper growth of muscles and alleviated level of energy.

Furthermore, the supplement makes sure that your body gains weight at the right places so that you acquire a perfect frame to hit the beach. Above all, this supplement works well with both genders.


  • Stimulates the body to increase appetite
  • Weight gain happens proportionally
  • Exhibits result very quickly
  • Consists of natural herbal and ingredients


  • Not recommended for those with underlying stomach issues
  • May make you dizzy or drowsy

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7. XXL Weight Gain Pills Review

Gluteboost - ThickFix XXL (1500 Mg) - All-Natural, Plant-Based Weight Gainer and Appetite Stimulant - Curve and Muscle Enhancing Protein Powder - Volumizer Supplement for Women - 2 Month

Supplements are an essential part of life if you are underweight or struggling to gain weight. As for this particular product, it provides you with organic and herbal remedies. That will inherently raise your appetite and help you consume a considerable amount of food for sustenance.

Along with sufficient weight gain training, this tablet is also capable of working miraculously. Predominantly, this supplement consists of gluteboost that ensures appropriate weight gain in the rear-end area of your body.

It also makes sure to increase both energy level and body mass along with the improved immune system. Each container consists of 90 pills and the formula of the weight gain pills accommodates Zinc, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D-3.

As for zinc, it displays many important roles in the body, including boosting the immune system and consists of healing properties. Vitamin E, however, ensures protection from cellular damage and provides extended cell life.

Additionally, Vitamin D-3’s beneficial attributes contain decreasing anxiety and stress levels as well as aids in keeping your bones healthy. It also helps in the fight against depression.

Likewise, both males and females can use these tablets. You can take the pill three times a day, but make sure you take it at least 30 minutes before your meal.


  • All-natural and herbal ingredients used
  • Increases your desire to eat
  • Consists of Zinc, Vitamin E and Vitamin D-3
  • Reduces anxiety and stress


  • May take time to work
  • A little pricey

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8. Naturade All-Natural Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix Review

Naturade All-Natural Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix, Vanilla, 40.6 Ounce

Have you tried eating everything and still failed to gain weight? Well, it is not your fault. What could be more satisfying than purchasing a weight gain formula that you have always desired? Now is the time to try a completely balanced diet.

Above all, not only are you obtaining an adverse-effects free product, but you are also optimizing your calorie consumption to the fullest.

With an improved workout regime along with this supplement, you will achieve your body goal in no time.

With this supplement, each serving consists of 22g of carbohydrates, 10g of protein and 10g of fat. Along with a nutritious meal, this supplement works significantly well.

On the other hand, the intake of calories enhanced further by adding enzymes to the formula to stimulate better performance. The added triple enzyme includes Papain, Bromelain, and Pancreatin that increases muscle growth and aids in calorie consumption.

Besides, the product in question guarantees a steroid-free execution and does not bring harm to your health. Plus, the taste of the supplement is not influenced by any additives and comes from the natural ingredient present in the product. This product exhibits a sugar-free formula.


  • Contains three natural enzyme
  • Per serve consists of 22 gm of carb, 10 gm of protein and 10 gm of fat
  • No added sugar
  • Zero side effects


  • Leaves a metallic after taste
  • Looks chalky

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9. VH Nutrition Appetite Stimulant Review

VH Nutrition | FoodBoost MAX | Appetite Stimulant for Men and Women | Natural Weight Gain Pills - 30 Day Supply - 120 Capsules

How many times have you opted for weight gain tablets and ended up with zilch? If the answer is countless times, you have come to the right place. The world has witnessed a revolutionary change in the weight gain industry. With products like this one, in particular, reliability and safety are ensured at all times.

The 120 capsules in the container consist of the ability to increase your appetite and get your munching monster ready to start feeding. If you have a senior citizen at home, whose appetite seems to decrease with each passing day, you may opt for these tablets as it can surely increase their desire to eat.

Along with weight gain, this supplement comes with enhanced digestion ability as well. That stimulates the rapid consumption of nutrients. This stimulant can alleviate you very well from issues concerning your stomach.

Apart from that, the all-natural ingredients involved in the concoction of the tablets improve your acid-stomach reflux and alleviate you from nausea by reducing water retention. That’s because the supplements consist of anti-diarrheal agents that regulate proper bowel movement and several more health benefits.



  • May take time to work
  • Can give you a headache

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Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor; 2-User, 200-Reading Memory, Backlit Display, TruRead Technology, Bluetooth Works with Amazon Alexa by Omron

There is hardly anyone in the world who does not crave an incredible body. This supplement contains 200mg of 5-Hydroxytryptophan, better known as 5-HTP that includes L Tryptophan, and serotonin synthesizers, SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) that guarantees you with a remarkable physique.

However, it turns out that to further enhance your mood, and achieve upgraded conversion to serotonin, the formula includes a fair amount of vitamin B6. It is the key ingredient in the conversion procedure and it has been clinically proven that the insufficiency of vitamin B6 can hamper the effectiveness of 5-HTP.

You should know that 5-HTP is an essential component in producing serotonin in your body. With an alleviated level of serotonin, a cheerful mood along with a reduction in anxiety and proper sleep is assured by this product.

So, if you decide to purchase this supplement, you will achieve not only good shape but also gain good spirits. Since the manufacturer is a doctor himself, the product pledges to bring about Doctor Emil’s proficiency and expertness come to life. With quality par excellence, the superlative outcome is promised as well.

The supplement includes a variety of vitamins, minerals, extracts from herbs, and maintains gluten-free and top eight allergen-free in this particular product.


  • Consists of components that alleviates mood
  • Helps get adequate sleep
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Does not contain top 8 allergens


  • A little on the pricey end
  • May be problematic for people with a sensitive stomach

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How Do Weight Gain Pills Work?

  • As far as the functionality of weight gain pills is concerned, these tablets consist of multi-vitamins, minerals, and several healthy ingredients. For those hoping to bulk up, the vitamins and other ingredients take care of the deficiencies in your body and then alleviates your appetite to gain few pounds.
  • However, along with the weight gain pills, you will need to have a proper workout regime and nutritious meal to achieve your desired goal.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Weight Gain Pills

Let us have a look at the most asked questions by the customers.

Q. What are weight gain pills?

Answer: These are simply the supplements required to gain weight. There are two types of weight gain pills; the first one is Over-The-Counter pills, which are not clinically approved but aids in gaining weight. The second one is the prescribed pills, which the doctors can only give you, depending on your condition.

Q. Is it safe to use weight-gain tablets?

Answer: The over-the-counter pills available are pretty safe for usage, but as the prescribed drugs are concerned, it can be quite dangerous and can contain side-effects.

Q. Can doctors prescribe weight-gain capsules?

Answer: Depending on your situation and choice, the doctor can prescribe you the pills. However, prescribing illegal drugs containing steroids is completely prohibited.

Q. Where to buy weight-gain pills from?

Answer: You can always look around the store next door, or scavenge through online to find your desired weight-gain pills.

Q. What are the common side effects of prescribed weight gain pills?

Answer: There can be a range of side effects. Mild adverse effects are mood swings, irritability, confusion, impaired judgment, and many more. Severe effects may be cancer, liver damage, kidney damage, and several more.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, weight gain pills can offer adequate supplements to ensure proper functionality of the body, which in turn will aid you in gaining weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. For that, this review on the Best Weight Gain Pills will provide you with sufficient insight and knowledge.


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