10 Curtains To Match Blue Walls

Curtains are an essential accessory in a house to protect its privacy and decorate its interior environment. They also prevent the sun’s heat from getting inside and provide adequate shade. So it is essential to have the right curtains in your home that won’t ruin the aesthetic balance you are aiming for.

Moreover, matching curtains with blue walls can be exceptionally tricky. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have picked out the ten best curtains to match blue walls along with their reviews. So read ahead to find out more!

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Top 10 Best Color Curtains For Blue Walls

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our selections of curtains for blue walls that will not only enhance your room’s aesthetics but also ensure good quality:

1. RYB HOME Semi Sheer Curtains Review

RYB HOME Semi Sheer Curtains - Linen Textured Sheer Light Glare Filter Extra Long Curtains Backdrop for Living Room Patio Door French Door Wall Decor, Navy Blue, 52 x 120 in per Panel, 1 Pair

The first pick on our list is amongst the best curtains for blue living room walls. It bears a subtle blue sheer appearance. In each package, you will get two curtain panels, with each one having a width of 52 inches. The curtains also come with double pockets for inserting the rods which have a universal diameter.

These curtains are made with linen which allows some light to pass through it. This creates a magical aura during the day time without letting too much heat to get inside. Moreover, the curtains are not processed with formaldehyde and therefore are safe for children.

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2. Lush Decor Rowley Birds Curtains Review

Lush Decor Rowley Birds Curtains Room Darkening Window Panel Set for Living, Dining, Bedroom (Pair), 84' L, Blue & Gray, 2 Count

If you are looking for blue walls white curtains, then our 2nd pick would be perfect for you. This curtain set is made out of high quality polyester, making it durable and long-lasting. It has been made in a way to allow sufficient natural light to enter the room while blocking the entry of heat.

It contains colorful birds on a white background, which further enhances the aesthetic appearance of your room. You can clean these curtains easily using a washing machine. Due to its neutral color, this one will not only suit blue walls, but it is also one of the best curtains for blue grey walls.

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3. Madison Park Amherst Faux Silk Rod Pocket Curtain Review

Madison Park Amherst Faux Silk Rod Pocket Curtain With Privacy Lining for Living Room, Window Drapes for Bedroom and Dorm, 50x84, Navy

On our list of curtains for blue room, the third entry is a classy and vintage looking set of curtains. This one is made of polyester, which makes it highly durable. It also contains faux silk fabric which gives it an elegant vibe. Therefore, the overall look of your room is elevated once you put these curtains on.

In terms of its design, it contains multi-colored blocks featuring blue and white colors. These light colors allow natural light to enter into the room. However, the curtains are thick enough to prevent your privacy from getting interrupted.  Lastly, you can wash these curtains on a machine.

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4. Floral Room Darkening Thermal Rod Pocket Curtain Panels Review

curtains to match blue walls

For people who love floral designs, our 4th pick can be great for them. This set can be considered as great curtains to go with light blue walls. In fact it is adorned with a graceful combination of colors and a charming design which elevates the beauty of a room.

The set comes with its rod pockets to help you install it easily. The pockets have a wide enough diameter to fit most rods. On top of this, the curtains come in a pair of panels, so you can cover an entire window with it. Lastly, it filters light effectively to block out harmful sun rays.

5. Medallion Linen Textured Curtains Review

Jinchan Curtains Medallion Linen Textured Curtains for Living Room 84 Inch Length Drapes Damask Pattern Flax Draperies Window Treatments Room Darkening for Bedroom Curtain Panels 2 Panels Blue

For people who love sober designs that add a light and breezy appearance to your room, this curtain set from medallion will be great. The curtains included here come in a pair of panels. The material it is made of is linen, and it contains a decorative textured design which increases its beauty.

Once you put this curtain on your windows, you will notice how efficiently it filters light to only allow the beneficial portion of it inside while preventing the entrance of harmful sun rays. You will be able to enjoy a good shade with only about 50% of the natural sunlight coming inside.

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6. Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels Review

curtains to match blue walls

If you ask us what would be the best curtain color for blue walls, then we would highly recommend this silky and smooth curtain set from Blackout that bears a beautiful shade of blue. It is made of high quality polyester.

The package comes with a pair of panels which has a width sufficient enough to cover a window. You will easily be able to wash these curtains using a washing machine.

7. GoodGram 2 Pack Sparkle Chic Thermal Blackout Curtain Panels Review

GoodGram 2 Pack Sparkle Chic Thermal Blackout Curtain Panels - Assorted Colors (Grey)

Our 7th pick is a fancy curtain set for those who love a bit of sparkle in everything. It has a funky and chic appearance and you can find it in a range of colors. In fact, it can be considered one of the best curtains for navy blue walls due to its unique and distinctive appearance.

For those who want minimal sunlight to enter their room, this curtain set can be a good fit. It contains blackout panels which blocks out most of the light rays coming from outside. It also prevents cold air from entering inside during winter

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8. Blue Mandala Medallion Moroccan Window Curtains Review

blue wall curtains

We felt that on our list of curtains for light blue walls, our 8th pick has the most distinct and soothing appearance. It contains blue mandala designs on a white backdrop that gives it an ornamental look.

This curtain set can be put up anywhere starting from balconies to bedrooms. It also contains pom poms and tassel lace, which further enhances its appeal. Lastly, the curtains are made of cotton.

9. Floral Embroidery Blue 63 Inches Sheer Curtains Review

Floral Embroidery Sheer Curtains Blue 63 Inches, Rod Pocket Voile Drapes for Living Room, Bedroom, Window Treatments Semi Crinkle Curtain Panels for Yard, Patio, Villa, Parlor, Set of 2, 52'x 63'.

An elegant and appealing curtain set with exquisite floral embroidery is the 9th entry on this list. When you are looking for curtains with blue walls, this one can be a good candidate due to how its sheer white surface shines against a blue backdrop.

But you should keep in mind that due to the sheer texture of this set, it allows a lot of natural sunlight to enter inside. So this curtain is more of a decorative piece, instead of something to provide shade.

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10. Lush Decor Zuri Flora Window Curtains Panel Review

Lush Decor Zuri Flora Curtains Room Darkening Window Panel Set for Living, Dining, Bedroom (Pair), 84' x 52', Blue and Coral, 2 Count

Although this curtain is available in a range of colors, we have picked the blue and coral one since this list focuses on the best curtains for dark blue walls. It contains floral patterns on its surface, which gives it an elegant appearance.

And the material of the curtains are thick enough to darken a room and filter out harmful sun rays. It is made of polyester and completely safe for washing on machines.

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We hope our article for the best curtains to match blue walls was helpful for you. If you follow our suggestions, you can get yourself a good set of curtains to match your wall.


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