Hayward AquaNaut 400 & 200 | Reviewed

by Kimberly Hill

When we first own a pool, people tend to underestimate the work it takes to keep it operational. As much as it is lovely to have a pool in the back yard, maintaining its cleanliness often takes part of the fun from it.

Hayward PHS21CST vs PHS41CST AquaNaut Suction Pool Vacuum Review (AquaNaut 400 / AquaNaut 200)

Automatic pool cleaners: AquaNaut 200 and AquaNaut 400.
Automatic pool cleaners: AquaNaut 200 and AquaNaut 400.

Released in the fall of 2014, The Hayward AquaNaut 400 and 200 are suitable for cleaning swimming pools. They are reliable and efficient at cleaning your pool, best performance when powered by a variable speed pump. Large pools require the AquaNaut 400 4 x 4 robotic pool cleaner, while the AquaNaut 200 2-wheel is better suited for small pools.

The Hayward AquaNaut robotic pool cleaner's overview.

We live in an age where robots carry out tasks that people would do manually. Cleaning a swimming pool is one of these tasks. Even though it may prove cumbersome over time, it is a necessary chore for pool owners. The fast advancement in technology has lowered the price of robotics generally. It is easily noticeable how much time and energy these robotic pool cleaners save over the years.

Hayward AquaNaut 400 & 200 | Reviewed
Hayward AquaNaut 400 & 200 | Reviewed

I value my time more than anything, and I believe it is the same for most. Time lost can never be recovered, and remember, it is a finite resource. Money well spent can save you a lot of time.

PHS41CST Hayward AquaNaut 400 Review

The AquaNaut 400 travels 11 to 14 feet before turning between 90 to 540 degrees; hence it is suitable for cleaning large pools. This model comes with 40 feet of hosepipe.

Hayward AquaNaut 400(Good for the deep end)
Hayward AquaNaut 400(Good for the deep end)

Features :

  • Optimizes power flow for all flow levels through the V-Flex variable vane technology.
  • Power maximization at any flow using self-adjustable turbine vanes, which allow passage of different sized debris.
  • Consistently cleans the entire pool using multiple pre-programmed steering patterns.
  • Tire treads allow the cleaner to climb and maneuver obstacles.
  • Three optimized interchangeable throats that maximize suction performance and debris collection, perfect for variable speed pumps.
  • Maintains suction on uneven surfaces due to the adjustable roller skirt.
  • Easy to set up.

Documents for the AquaNaut pool cleaners:

PHS21CST Hayward AquaNaut 200 Review

The AquaNaut 200 can travel up to 10 feet before turning at 90 to 450 degrees, coming with a 33 feet hose.

Hayward AquaNaut 200 (Turns every 8 to 10-feet)
Hayward AquaNaut 200 (Turns every 8 to 10-feet)

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Below is a detailed discussion of the both robotic pool cleaners.

How a Robotic Pool Cleaner Works

Robotic pool cleaning technology has positively influenced the maintenance of pools. Even people who opted not to have one of their own now feel confident enough to maintain one. I will dive into the benefits of having a robotic pool cleaner after I highlight how they work.


Suction and pressure based pool cleaners are more popular because they have been around for longer. Robotic pool cleaners have a bit of technicality in the way they work. Even though all these pool cleaners clean the pool, robotic pool cleaners accomplish it uniquely.

Video Review | AquaNaut 400

They require a power source around the pool and have a built-in transformer that lowers the voltage to boost safety. A motor installed in the machine sucks in water and shoots it through the other opening to propel it moving forward. As they automatically navigate the swimming pool, an in-built filtration system collects the debris.

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

I believe you have understood the basic way in which these cleaners work compared to their rivals. I have reviewed the benefits of robotic pool cleaners and compared their features to the suction and pressure pool cleaners.

Your Life Will Become Much Easier.

This product is for you if you own a pool and do not want to deal with the cumbersome work of manually maintaining its cleanliness. Robotic pool cleaners such as AquaNaut 400 clean automatically. Spend no time cleaning your pool regularly. Compared to its rivals, you will save even more time because of a feature I discuss below.

Hayward AquaNaut Installation Video

Self-Contained Filtration System

Robotic pool cleaners like the AquaNaut 400 have a self-contained filtration system. This is a major upgrade! Debris collected by the cleaner is stored within the cleaner for easy emptying when you pull it out of the water. However, using a suction or pressure pool cleaner, the debris will still have to go through the pool's filtration system, which forces you to maintain the filtration system even more frequently.

In-Built Motor

The in-built motor eliminates the need to connect the cleaner to your pool pump, unlike suction and pressure pool cleaners, which require a pool pump to work, and even an extra booster to function. You can also clean the pool any time you want, no matter the time of the year.

Video Review | AquaNaut 200

Stunning Cleaning Abilities

These 'beasts' clean every corner of your pool provided your pool angle is right; otherwise, they may not be able to climb and clean the walls. This only happens if you have an abnormal pool angle. It will scrub the pool floor, the walls and collect debris on the floor pool, and water surface under normal circumstances.

Large and Small Pieces of Debris

If the debris is too large, the robotic pool cleaner can't clear it up. In addition to their extreme sizes, the robotic pool cleaner will take care of any other debris size. The top models pick up even the finest of debris for consumers who want that extra spotless cleaning.


Fast, Efficient & Powerful

A robotic pool cleaner saves you time, as discussed earlier, and it takes less time than its rivals to clean your pool. This entirely depends on the size and shape of your pool. Leave aside the extra time you will need when using suction and pressure cleaners to maintain its filters separately.

Different Modes

The versatile designs of robotic cleaners can satisfy people's needs have different pool shapes and sizes though most times they are the same. They come with a built-in selection of pre-programmed steering patterns. There are models you can control using a remote control, but all can work on their own. They work the same as robotic vacuum cleaners sweeping across home floors, except they do it in the swimming pool.

No Need for Lots of Chemicals

Robotic pool cleaners do an exceptional job cleaning the pool. Ultimately, you will find yourself without the need to use chemicals to clean and maintain the pool. In the end, this proves to be costly.

Hayward PHS21CST AquaNaut Suction Pool Vacuum (Who knew a robot could be so affordable)
Hayward PHS21CST AquaNaut Suction Pool Vacuum (Who knew a robot could be so affordable)
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Energy Efficient

Robotic pool cleaners have proved to be 93% more energy-efficient because they cut down on the pool filtration system's power. Running a pool on low power is good for the environment, and the cost you save should offset the price of the robotic pool cleaner.

Hayward | The Revolutionary Pool Company

Hayward has been innovating robotic vacuum cleaners for over 80 years, keeping customers happy with new pool technology advancements. They are on a mission to ensure everyone enjoys owning a swimming pool, whether residential or commercial. They have a selection of great products in their product line, but the AquaNaut 400 and 200 robotic pool cleaners are the newest technologies impacting the market.

Shared Features | AquaNaut 400 + AquaNaut 200

AquaNaut 400 and 200 have similar features. In the below discussion, we have touched on the innovative technologies found in both systems.


Patented Tire Treads

To allow maximum movement and maneuvering around the swimming pool, both the AquaNaut 400 and 200 have patented tire treads. They give the cleaners the ability to climb pool walls and maneuver obstacles.

V-Flex Vane Technology

These robotic pool cleaners have a patented V-Flex variable vane technology that you can adjust to handle different debris sizes. It prevents the cleaner from clogging up and maximizes the power they have no matter the flow. They will therefore run efficiently even in very dirty pools.

Adjustable Roller Skirt

To maintain constant suction, the AquaNaut 400 and 200 are fitted with a patented adjustable roller skirt. This comes in handy, especially when your pool has an uneven surface.

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Pre-Programmed Steering Sequences

These machines maximize the pool coverage using built-in pre-programmed steering paths. You can select the best steering sequence for your pool once and do not need to change it ever.

Self-Cleaning Swivel

The self-cleaning swivel ensures debris does not clog the swivel nose cone. This prevents the hose from coiling up; therefore, it keeps the device working.

Differences Between the Two

There are some differences between the AquaNaut 400 and AquaNaut 200. These differences are for separate purposes depending on the type of swimming pool you have.

AquaNaut 400

This device gets its name from the fact that it has a 4-wheel drive mode. It differs from the 200 model because of its ability to work in bigger and deeper pools while still maintaining optimum power and balance. It has three programmed turns between 90 and 540 degrees and travels around 11 to 14 feet before the turn.

AquaNaut 200

With only a 2-wheel drive mode, the AquaNaut 200 will not be as effective as the AquaNaut 400 used in large swimming pools, but it will still get the job done. It has five different programmed turns that range from 90 to 450 degrees and can travel around 8 to 10 feet before turning.

AquaNaut 200
AquaNaut 200

Which AquaNaut Pool Cleaner Should You Choose? AquaNaut 400 vs200

Which AquaNaut Pool Cleaner Should You Choose?  AquaNaut 400 vs200
Which AquaNaut Pool Cleaner Should You Choose? AquaNaut 400 vs200

Both the AquaNaut 400 and 200 come packed with similar amazing features. Your choice mostly comes down to your pool. Larger pools require the AquaNaut 400. Robotic pool cleaners are a necessity when it comes to maintaining your swimming pool. Manually cleaning a swimming pool is no longer an issue as these robotic pool cleaners are the way to go.

Visit the Hayward site to learn more.

Preparing your Pool for the AquaNautSuction Pool Vacuum

Preparing your Pool for the AquaNautSuction Pool Vacuum
Preparing your Pool for the AquaNautSuction Pool Vacuum

According to the AquaNaut 400/200 manual :

  • Remove large debris manually from the pool (mostly after a storm or pool opening).
  • Perform a backwash while cleaning your filter, skimmer, and pump basket.
  • Ensure you have the correct chemical balance in the pool before using the robotic cleaner.
  • Point the return fittings downwards.

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