15 Best Curtain Rods for Blackout Curtains

It goes without saying that a room would be incomplete without curtains. They play a big part in increasing the overall aesthetics of your house and making them more welcoming. Alongside that, they also have a significant role in the case of offering you an adequate amount of privacy from outsiders.

However, not all of the drapery rods are adequate for the large-sized drapes that are out there. So if you are planning to hang large-sized and relatively heavy drapes, you would require the best curtain rods. And because of how oversaturated the market is, it would be pretty tricky for you to get one of them.

But you can stay a bit worry-free about the choosing process because we are here to make things easier for you.

Top Picks : 5 Best Heavy Duty Curtain Rods

Top 15 Heavy Duty Curtain Rods

As we have mentioned, not all of the drapery rods you are going to find in the market can hold heavy curtains. Alongside that, not all of the heavy-duty ones would be worth your money either. To make sure that you do get one of the worthy ones, we have huddled a list for you. The list goes something like this:

1. AmazonBasics Room Darkening Curtain Rod

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Rod - 48' to 88', Nickel

This particular brand seems to be offering every basic stuff for every home. And they are also offering one of the heavy-duty rods to the crowd too.

To begin with, it is available in three different colors. You can choose from nickel, bronze, and black. All of them look pretty exquisite and will definitely boost the aesthetics of your room.

Aside from that, there are three different length versions. Each of them is adjustable. Depending on the version you pick, you can extend them from 20 to 40 inches in size. Also, each of them is 5/8 inches in diameter, making them capable of holding about 20 pounds of weight.

The packages come with all the mounting hardware, which will make the installation task much easier.

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2. Kenney Chelsea 5/8″ Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Chelsea 5/8' Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod, 48-86', Black

Are you on the lookout for a versatile curtain rod? Well, look no more because we have the right one for you. And yes, it is from Kenney.

First of all, it is available in two different sizes. You will be able to pick it up in 28 inches and 48 inches. And both of them are extendable, which is what makes these extremely versatile.

Apart from that, there are a few color options as well. You can choose between seven different aesthetically pleasing color coatings. The body of each of the units is made of metal, while the finials are of resin.

As the finials are round in shape, it will blend pretty well with the rest of the furniture of your room.

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3. Decopolitan Marble Ball Double Telescoping Drapery Rod

Decopolitan 30023-36BR Marble Ball Double Telescoping Drapery Rod Set, 36 to 72-Inches, Brown

You might find the simple-looking finials that most of the drapery rods include a bit bland. Well, in that case, you should consider what decopolitan is offering here.

To start with, it has finials that are of marble. That finial will add an aesthetic touch to your room. Your rooms will be more welcoming after installing this.

On that note, the installation procedure is pretty straightforward as well. It includes all the hardware in the box. You will be able to set it up within a matter of minutes. Also, there are two different color options available for this.

Apart from that, these feature a telescoping design that allows them to extend up to double the size. You will have a choice in the case of the size option too.

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4. AmazonBasics 1″ Curtain Rod with Round Finials

Amazon Basics 1-Inch Curtain Rod with Round Finials - 1-Pack, 72 to 144 Inch, Espresso

When it comes to having an extensive lineup of reliable products, AmazonBasics is always the brand that will come into people’s minds. And they did not fail to offer that reliability factor with this rod.

Just like most of the other rods, this one is also available in multiple sizes. It starts from 28 inches and ends at 72 inches. All of the options are extendable, thanks to the telescoping design that they have.

Apart from that, you can choose between a few color options as well. Because of the inclusion of round finials, all of the colors look pretty exquisite.

Also, because each of these is 1 inch in diameter, these will be able to hold a load of 22 pounds without any issues.

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5. Umbra 245973-104-REM Cappa Curtain Rod

Umbra 245973-104-REM Cappa Curtain Rod, Includes 2 Matching Finials, Brackets & Hardware, 36 to 66-inches, Brass

Ill-matching finials can look pretty odd in the case of curtain rods. Well, Umbra kept that in mind when they were producing this rod.

To start with, the overall design that these boasts is pretty basic yet elegant. It sports a universal design that will go well with most of the drapery. Because of that, you will not have to worry about your room aesthetics that much.

Aside from that, you will have the full freedom of choosing between four colors and three sizes. The colors that you can pick are brass, black, nickel, and polished silver.

Other than that, you will have no trouble at all in the case of setting this up. It includes all the mounting hardware.

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6. Kenney Adler Indoor/Outdoor Wrap Around Curtain Rod

Kenney Adler Indoor/Outdoor Rust-Resistant Wrap Around Curtain Rod, 28-48', Black

If you live in a place where the moisture level is relatively high and things get rusted pretty easily, you should definitely check out this unit that is being offered by Kenney.

Unlike some of the rods, this one sports a rust-resistant coating on the body. Because of that, worrying about it getting rusted over time would not be something that you would have to do.

Aside from that, it is also available in multiple color and size variants. There are two different sizes and colors available for this. Each of the size options is extendable. They can extend to up to 20 to 40 inches.

Besides that, the unit features an industrial build quality, which means they will be able to hold large-sized and heavy drapes without any issues at all.

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7. Kenney Kendall Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Kendall Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod, 28-48', Brushed Nickel

You might not be looking for something that has an over the top design. Instead, you might want something that has a standard yet exquisite design. For that case, you should put this one that Kenney is offering in your consideration list.

Like most of the other rods, it comes in two sizes. Alongside that, it also has a few color variants too. You can choose anyone from antique rust, oil rubbed bronze, black, and brushed nickel.

Other than that, all of the sizes that it comes in are adjustable. That adjustable design that it boasts will make it much easier for you to install these on your window.

Besides that, you will receive all the necessary hardware that is required for installing these in the box. There would not be a need to purchase anything extra.

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8. AmazonBasics 1-Inch Wall Curtain Rod with Urn Finials

Amazon Basics 1-Inch Wall Curtain Rod with Urn Finials, 36 to 72 Inch, Nickel

In the case of having different designs and different types of finials, AmazonBasics has been one of the top brands. And they did not disappoint us with this unit either.

First of all, the finials that these features are urn-shaped. Because of that, it will be able to add an elegant touch to your rooms. The rooms will look more aesthetically pleasing and more inviting.

Also, you can choose from three colors and two different sizes for this one too. No matter which size option you pick, you will be able to extend it to double the original size.

Aside from that, the load that these can carry is higher than most of the other rods. These can easily hold up to twenty-two pounds of weight.

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9. Decopolitan Leaf Ball 5/8″ Curtain Rod Set

Decopolitan Leaf Ball 5/8' Curtain Rod Set, 26 to 48 Inches, Distressed Ivory

On the search for something that is a bit fancy? Want something that features a unique design for the finials? Well, then you should check out this unit that is from decopolitan.

First of all, the diameter of the rod is 5/8 inches, and it is made of high-quality metal. As a result, the durability of the unit is quite higher than most of the average rods that are out there.

Aside from being durable, the load capacity is quite high too. It will be able to easily accommodate large-sized and heavy curtains. There would be no sagging, nor will there be any drooping.

Lastly, the finials feature an elegant design that makes them look reasonably fancy. Also, the length of the unit is adjustable. You can increase it according to the size of your window.

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10. Decopolitan Room Darkening 1″ Telescoping Single Rod Set

Decopolitan Room Darkening 1' Telescoping Single Rod Set, 72-144', Black

Among all of the designs that are available, the ones that have wrapped around finials can effectively darken the room. And if you were looking for one, this one from decopolitan might be the one for you.

As we have mentioned above, the unit features a wrap-around finial. For that reason, your drapes will be able to cover the entire window, leaving no space for the light to get inside.

Apart from that, the rod boasts a telescoping design. Because of that, both of the two size options that are available can be extended to double the original size. This makes them achieve a universal design.

Other than that, the overall construction is of robust steel. That makes them comply with the heavy curtains that are out there.

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11. Beme International Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Telescoping Drapery Rod Set

Beme International Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Telescoping Drapery Rod Set, 18 to 36-Inch, Brown

Even though there are many designs available for the finials, most prefer the urn design. And if you are one of those people, then Beme International has got your back with this unit.

To begin with, just like most of the other rods, you can choose from three different sizes. The smallest one is 18 inches, while the largest one is 72 inches. There is one for all of the window sizes.

No matter which size you pick, you will have the full freedom to extend them, thanks to the telescoping body that they have. These can extend to up to double the original size.

Besides that, it is available in multiple colors. All of the color coatings are elegant and will definitely blend exceptionally well with the other furniture that you might have in your room.

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12. Decopolitan Industrial Wrap Around Telescoping Curtain Rod Set

Decopolitan Industrial Wrap Around Telescoping Curtain Rod Set, 18-36', Black

Usually, the drapery rods that feature an industrial design are the most durable ones. Well, decopolitan has factored that in mind, and that is why they are offering this unit.

As we mentioned, the unit features an industrial design. That means the overall construction is pretty rugged, and the materials utilized are of high quality. For that reason, you can expect it to last for a prolonged amount of time.

Aside from that, it is also available in numerous sizes. The sizes start from 18 inches and end at 72 inches. Each of them can extend up to twice the initial size because of the telescoping body.

Other than that, it also has wrap-around finials, which will enable the curtains to achieve a full light blocking capability.

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13. AmazonBasics 1″ Wall Curtain Rod with Square Finials

Amazon Basics 1' Wall Curtain Rod with Square Finials, 72' to 144', Nickel

The curtain rods that have an adjustable body are the most versatile rods that are out there. And AmazonBasics is here to offer you one of those.

To start with, the lengths that this comes in are 36 inches and 72 inches. Both of the length options are adjustable because of the telescoping body that it has. You can extend the 36 option to 72 inches and the 72 inches to 144 inches.

Aside from that, the finials of these are square-shaped. That makes these look comparatively high-end. After installing these on your windows, your room will surely look more inviting.

Other than that, the holding capacity of these are comparatively high as well. These can hold curtains that are up to 22 pounds in weight.

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14. Kenney Rachel Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Rachel Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod, 28 to 48-Inch, Italian Pewter

Having options in the case of anything is always a good thing. And you are going to have options regarding both the size and color for this rod that is from Kenney.

First of all, the build quality of the unit is pretty sturdy. It is made of high-quality metal that will let it achieve a reasonably high level of durability. Also, the unit is capable of holding large and heavy curtains because of that.

Other than that, the rod is 5/9 inches in diameter, and the number of options regarding the length is two. You can choose the 28 inches one or the 48 inches one.

Lastly, the exterior has a powder color coating. Both the Italian pewter and the antique white color that this comes in looks aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes.

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15. Turquoize 3/4-Inch Single Window Curtain Rod

3/4-Inch Single Window Curtain Rod for Windows 28 to 48 with Decrative Urn Finail Window Treatment Drapery Rods Set Length Adjustable Petwer Curtain Rod (Pewter, 2 Pack)

Getting two-pack bundles of the curtain rod can definitely save you some money. And Turquoize is here to offer you exactly that.

As we have stated, you are going to receive two rods in the package. The length and the color of the rods will depend on the option that you pick. And the sizes are 28 inches, 48 inches, and 66 sizes. The colors are pewter, nickel, gold, and black.

The finials that each of these sports are Urn-shaped. Alongside that, the elegant colors that these come in will definitely be able to boost the aesthetics of your room.

Besides that, it will include all the required hardware for the installation process. As a result, the process should be pretty easy for you.

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Hopefully, after going through our best heavy duty curtain rods reviews, choosing one will not be that hard for you now. To sum things up, we would like to end this article here by wishing you a dash of good luck and hoping that you can make an efficient decision in the case of choosing a curtain rod for yourself.

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