Top 10 Best Floating Shelf Reviews

Floating shelves are fantastic. They give you a minimalistic aesthetic, and they don’t cost much or take a lot of space — all while displaying your items in style. Besides, everything is much more organized.

There are a few headaches, however. For instance, not all shelves can handle an equal amount of weight. To help you choose, we have gathered the best products for you.

Not just that, we will also help you figure out what you need. Now then, let’s move on to the list of 10 heavy duty floating shelf.

Top Picks : 5 Heavy Duty Floating Shelf

Top 10 Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Reviews

From books to show pieces to toiletries — floating shelves are suitable for everything. You should be able to find what you need from our picks below.

1. Soduku Floating Shelves Review

Soduku Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Kitchen, Bathroom,Set of 2 Brown

The first shelves that we have for you are some high-quality wooden ones from Soduku. First of all, the dimensions are 16.14 x 5.5 x 3.14 inches, meaning that it is not too short or too long.

These shelves use a metal structure along with the wooden body to ensure that you get an impressive weight-bearing capacity. Moreover, there is also a towel holder that you can use in case you are mounting these shelves in the kitchen or bathroom.

And the holder is removable too, so no worries if you do not need it. But as you can guess by the dimensions, these shelves suit well in a kitchen or a bathroom.

However, they do look good in almost any setting due to the beautiful pine finish and minimalistic design. A solid option overall.

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2. Melannco 5091215 Floating Wall Mount Review

Melannco Floating Wall Shelves for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Nursery, Set of 4, White, 4 Count

Up next, we have a set of four attractive shelves. If you want something more than just a piece of wood (or two), these are a pretty good option. And for something so affordable, they certainly look the part.

A huge percentage of users still prefer wood more than anything when it comes to shelves or any furniture. These shelves are made of wood and can give your room a look you have been yearning for.

Moreover, an admirable side of this set is that all of its shelves have a lip along with the usual ledge design. That means you don’t have to worry about anything slipping off and falling on the floor.

Another good thing is the ability to customize the look and feel, as there are four separate pieces. Furthermore, the necessary hardware is included in the box too.

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3. BAYKA Wall Mounted Rustic Wood Floating Shelves Review

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3, Rustic Wood Wall Shelves for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom Gray

It is time for a three-piece set. And quite an unusual one at that. Firstly, the three are of three widths — 16.5 inches, 14.2 inches, and 11.4 inches. The difference in size allows you to get creative and achieve what you want.

Speaking of unusual, the thing that will catch your eye first is the triangular design that they boast. You can make the shelves look like they are hanging or mix and match them with the triangular decorative pieces for desired results.

The installation process is vital, as well. For these shelves, it is as easy as it gets. You can get the brackets up in no time and mount these shelves wherever you want.

What makes them even better is their design. You can place these shelves on any contemporary space, and they will look fantastic.

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4. Wickes 3 Piece Floating Shelf Review

heavy duty floating shelf brackets

What we have next is another three-piece set of floating shelves. This time, they are from Wickes. Unlike most of the other ones, these shelves have a boxy feel to them, which is quite unique.

For the material, this shelf set is crafted from manufactured wood. And it looks fantastic too. The three pieces of this set are all sized differently. These allow you to customize the shelves and achieve the flavor that you desire.

As with any floating shelves, these need to be mounted to the wall with necessary mounting hardware. And as expected, all of them come in the box, ready for you to set them up and mount the shelves.

In total, the whole setup and mounting process should not take more than 15-20 minutes. And since the price is budget-friendly as well, it is easy to recommend this one.

5. InPlace Shelving in H Floating Wall Shelf Review

InPlace Shelving, Black 0191402 36 in W x 10 in D x 2 in H Floating Wall Shelf with Invisible Brackets, x x

We have already talked about shelf sets that consist of two, three, and even four shelves. But what if you are only looking for something that takes little space, looks clean, and comes as one piece?

Well, we have got you covered. This shelf is about 36 inches wide, meaning you will have plenty of space even if it is only one piece. Its weight-bearing capacity is decent as well (around 17 lb.).

There is one slight issue though, some customers have complained that the mounting hardware’s quality could have been better. It is not a huge deal-breaker, but something you should know, nonetheless.

Lastly, it uses medium-density fiberboard to give you a durable and good-looking product. And indeed, it looks pretty decent in most spaces. In essence, it is a remarkable product.

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6. GRAINandGRIT Wooden Floating Shelf Review

GRAINandGRIT Floating Shelf

Continuing with the trend of single shelves, we have a fantastic wooden shelf from Grain and Grit. This shelf is a handmade one handy for things like showcasing pictures or any items that you want.

The classic rustic look that it boasts is an instant favorite for most people. Moreover, you can mount this shelf in any space and watch it fit in right away. Not just that, you can find this shelf in various sizes.

This option allows you to mix and match and create a combination with as many or as few of them as you want. Besides that, you can also find slight variations in the color of this shelf if you so wish.

Moreover, the installation process is rather straightforward. All in all, for an attainable price, you get a fantastic shelf that looks splendid on any setup.

7. Greenco 4 Cube Floating Shelves Review

Greenco Decorative 4 Cube Intersecting Wall Mounted Floating Shelves- White Finish

Well, back to the fancy shelves. Among all the ones that we have reviewed, this one probably is the most unusual looking. And it is not just because it is a four-piece set; there is more.

First of all, the pieces are of various sizes, starting from bigger to smaller. However, the shelves each come with a few cut-outs in them. That is because you can join them like a puzzle piece and turn them into one.

Except it is way simpler than solving a puzzle. But the result it provides is mind-blowing. Together, these shelves look like they are intersecting one another. Along with the skillful design, it is made of durable MDF.

And the beautiful white finish this set comes in fits right into any room you want to use it in. Even with all of these, this shelf set is pretty budget-friendly.

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8. KingSo Wood Floating Shelves Review

KingSo Wall Shelf Rustic Wood Floating Shelves,Decorative Wall Shelf for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office and More (Round)

We have had our fair share of boxy shelves; time for some roundness. For our next pick, we have a modern set of shelves from KingSo that will give you an exceptional look.

First of all, it comes with a round metal frame. However, you can fit three straight shelves into the places dedicated to them. This design gives you a new look while maintaining all of the functionality.

The usage of this frame also ensures that the whole structure is very durable. Do not fret by thinking that this shape will make mounting these shelves much harder — it will not.

Instead, it takes a short amount of time to mount this set of shelves, thanks to the accessories and hardware that come right out of the box. Now, to talk about the price — these shelves are reasonably priced for what they offer.

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9. Greenco Decorative S Floating Shelves Review

Greenco Set of 2 Decorative S Wall Mounted Floating Shelves- Espresso Finish

Here we have another set of shelves from Greenco. Like the previous one, this one also features a somewhat bizarre design. As the name suggests, these shelves are shaped like an S.

The two shelves complement each other by pushing the shape slightly on the opposing sides. More about the design — these shelves come with a dark espresso finish that suits most spaces.

In the case of their dimensions, the width is 22.75 inches for both of them. To give you an idea of the S shape, they are 4.75 inches high and 4 inches deep. Again, this unconventional shape gives you more options to explore.

To ensure that these shelves are durable while maintaining their affordability, Greenco has used MDF laminate. The mounting process itself is rather simple, too — making it a great choice for anyone looking for a two-piece set.

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10. U Shape Floating Wall Shelves Review

u shaped wall shelf

Last but certainly not least, we have a three-piece set of shelves. The most noteworthy side about these shelves is how inexpensive they are. It is no wonder that they are rather popular among consumers.

Being such a well-reviewed product means that it ensures quality while maintaining affordability. They also feature a clean design that would look good on any kind of contemporary space.

For the build materials, these shelves are made of medium-density fiberboards, meaning that they will last long. The usage of this material also plays a part in its affordability.

The three pieces in this set are not equal to each other and are all less than 50 cm. However, mounting them requires no extra hassle. There are no additional parts that are needed for the mounting process.

Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Buying Guide

When buying floating shelves, you need to look out for a few things like the materials they are made of and how much weight they can bear.

  • Used Materials

This bit is crucial. Most shelves are usually made of wood, metal, medium-density fiberboard, or glass:

  • Wood

One of the most commonly used materials for shelves is wood. Wood suits most spaces and has an impressive weight-bearing capacity. It also gives your room a raw and rustic look, which is cherished by most.

  • Metal

As you know, metal is a very durable material. They look brilliant as well. You can use these shelves to give your space a modern look, in contrast to something like wood.

  • Medium-Density Fiberboard

This material can be found for a lower price than wood. Moreover, its surface is known to be quite smooth. You can find these in a lot of styles and finishes, providing you with more options.

  • Glass

Glass shelves do a great job of displaying your items and giving your space a bright and compact look. However, the fragility of glass is something you should keep in mind.

  • Weight Capacity

The ability to hold weight is paramount for something that is made for holding stuff on it. Therefore, we will talk about that as well.

You first need to be certain about what you are going to keep on that shelf. If what you are going to keep are mostly a bunch of action figures and showpieces, then any shelf will do for you.

However, if you intend to keep something heavier on it, you need to look at the material and the shelf bracket. Usual shelf brackets can handle 20-85 lb, but a lot of the heavy-duty ones can hold up to 300 pounds.

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Floating shelves are an incredible and elegant way of reducing the clutter in your room and improve its aesthetics. Our favorite heavy duty floating shelf will help you with just that without breaking the bank. Find out the one that suits your space, fits your budget, and most importantly — feels right.

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