10 Best Heavy Duty Picture Hangers Reviews

Hanging a picture on the wall enhances the aesthetics of the room. It also gives onlookers a glimpse of your elegance. But hanging a massive picture on a simple nail and screw might not be a good idea. Simply banging in a pin on the wall and putting up the picture won’t ensure sturdiness either. The picture might fall off at any moment.

Therefore, what you will need is a heavy duty picture hanger, which will reinforce the picture’s placement. To help you with this, we have listed down the ten best heavy duty picture hangers. Stick around to read our comprehensive reviews provided below!

Top Picks : 5 Heavy Duty Picture Hangers

Top 10 Heavy Duty Picture Hangers

We have given a detailed review of each of our picks along with their top features. Read on below to find out more:

1. Command Picture Hanging Strips Review

Command Large Picture Hanging Strips Heavy Duty, White, Holds up to 16 lbs, 14-Pairs, Easy to Open Packaging

When you hear about heavy duty picture hangers, you might picture a sturdy looking nail or a hook. However, our first pick is nothing like that. It is more of a white-colored hanging strip that needs to be stuck on the frame’s backside to attach a painting on the wall.

Each packet comes with a set of 14 pairs of strips, and four teams can support a frame size of 24 by 36 inches. And the best thing about these strips is, once you take them off, they won’t leave any marks on the wall. You will also be able to install it easily without the help of any tool.


  • White-colored strips, available in a pack of 14 pairs
  • Does not leave any marks on the wall
  • Capable of supporting frames of 24 inches x 36 inches
  • It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including walls, metal, glass, etc.

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2. Command Universal Frame Hanger Review

Command Jumbo Universal Frame Hanger, Holds up to 8 lbs, Decorate Damage-Free, Easy to Open Packaging

Our second pick is also manufactured by Command Universal, just like the first one. This one is quite similar to the previous selection, but comes in a smaller pack. If you don’t require 14 pairs of strips at once, you can opt for this option, which contains three hangers along with eight strips.

These strips can be attached to the backside of a frame and then can be used to hand the picture on the wall. It has a maximum weight holding capacity of 8 pounds. Moreover, you won’t have to drill a hole in your wall to use this.


  • Won’t leave any spots or marks on your wall
  • Provides durable support
  • Smaller pack containing 3 hangers and 8 strips
  • Compatible with different types of surfaces like wall, metal etc.

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3. Hangman Z-Hanger Heavy Duty Mirror Review

Hangman Z-Hanger Heavy Duty Mirror, Picture and Panel Hanger -Aluminum: Z-12-2

Unlike the previous two picks, this one comes in the form of a physical hanger that is made of aluminum. Manufactured by the brand Hangman, the dimensions of this hanger is 13.5 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches in terms of its length, breadth and height. Not just pictures, but you can also use it to hang mirrors and heavier frames.

Installing this hanger is very simple. All you have to do is install wall brackets where you can adjust the hanger. This hanger is capable of supporting up to 100 lbs and is equipped with interlocked brackets.


  • Made of aluminum
  • Capable of carrying up to 100 lbs.
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely secured and strong

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4. ANCIRS Picture Frame Hangers Hooks Review

ANCIRS 10 Pack 100 lbs Picture Frame Hangers Hooks with Nails, Picture Hanging Hooks, Heavy Duty Plaster Wall Pro Photo/Heavy Mirror Hanging Kit (10 Pack)

If you want something more durable and sturdy that can support heavy mirrors and wall paintings, then our 4th pick will be a great choice for you. This one comes in a pack of 10, where each pack contains 3 stainless steel hanging nails. These hangers can support a frame weighing 100 pounds easily.

The nails are made of steel and protected against rust. And installing it is also not that difficult. All you will need is a hammer to stick it in the wall. And if you are worried about damaging your wall, then let us relieve you because it will only leave a small pin hole once removed.


  • Available in a pack of 10
  • Each pack contains 3 hangers made of stainless steel
  • Capable of supporting 100 pounds
  • The nails are protected against rust

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5. Command Heavy Duty Strips Picture Hanging Material Review

command strips picture hanging

If you don’t like banging your wall with a hammer to put up metal made hangers, then these easy to install strips are the best choice for you. Command Universal is the best in making such strips, which are durable. These also provide sufficient sturdiness to a frames measuring up to 24 x 36 inches.

These strips will only need a minute or two to install. All you have to do is stick 4 pairs on the back of the frame for maximum stability. Removing it is also simple, and it will leave no marks on the wall.


  • Does not damage the wall
  • Easy to install and remove
  • 14 pairs available in a single pack
  • Capable of supporting a maximum frame size of 24×36 inches

6. Hangman Heavy-Duty Mirror and Picture Hanger Review

Hangman Heavy-Duty Mirror and Picture Hanger with Walldog Anchorless Screws - Aluminum: HM-30D

Till now, we have mentioned hangers which are capable of supporting frames having a maximum weight of 100 pounds. However, the sixth pick on our list is a lot stronger, and has a capacity of supporting 300 pound frames. Thus, if you are planning on hanging huge wall paintings at your home, you can opt for this one.

These hangers are made of aluminum brackets, and you will get all the necessary equipment needed for installing this unit. Its screws are anchorless, which saves you from additional hassle as well.


  • Hangers made of heavy-duty aluminum
  • Can easily support 300 pounds
  • All the required installation equipment are provided
  • Comes with a bubble level which can be removed

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7. Heavy Duty D-Ring Picture Hangers Review

Heavy Duty D-Ring Picture Hangers - 50 Pack - 2 Hole with Screws - Picture Hang Solutions

This hanger is suitable for pictures that are a bit lighter, weighing up to 40 pounds. Each pack comes with 50 hangers along with necessary number of screws to install it on the wall. Moreover, the hangers are made of steel which ensures durability and sturdiness. The dimensions of each hanger is 5 x 2 x 9 inches.

Each hanger contains two holes where you can put on the screws to install it on the wall. It follows a D-ring design and is equipped with a heavy strap. However, you should not hang anything too heavy with it.


  • Comes with two holes to install screws
  • Best for small sized frames weighing up to 40 pounds
  • Made of steel
  • Follows a D-ring design

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8. Assorted Picture Hanging Kit Review

Assorted Picture Hanging Kit | 220 Piece Assortment with Wire, Picture Hangers, Hooks, Nails and Hardware for Frames

If you are a DIY enthusiast, who loves to do everything by hand, then our 8th pick is surely going to be loved by you. It is an assorted set of picture hanging equipment that contains various type of accessories like hangers, nails, hooks etc. You can choose from this collection the ones you deem to be the most suitable.

Each kit comes with 220 pieces of hardware and can be used to hang a maximum number of 85 frames. Not only this, each nail comes with a matching hook which reduces the hassle of wasting time looking for the matches.


  • Assorted kit with 220 pieces of hardware
  • Capable of holding 85 picture frames
  • Can support a variety of picture frames weighing up to 75 lbs.
  • Each nail comes with a matching hook

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9. Heavy Duty Picture Hangers with Nails Review

20 Pcs Heavy Duty Picture Hangers with Nails, Hommie Professional 100lbs Picture Photo Frame Hooks Large Picture Hanging Kit on Drywall/Wooden Hanging Hardware for Pictures,Canvas,Mirror (100LB)

Our 9th pick is also a kit, which contains a lesser number of items than the previous pick. Each pack contains 20 pieces of hangers, along with supportive nails and hooks. You can hang a variety of items like picture frames, mirrors, canvas etc. with it. Moreover, it supports a weight of 100 lbs.

The best part about this hanger is its ability to be recycled. It can be removed and used elsewhere quite easily. And to install it, all you will need is a hammer. Once you remove the hanger, there won’t be a visible damage on the wall as it only leaves a small pin hole mark.


  • Each set contains 20 pieces of hangers
  • Easily supports weight up to 100 lbs.
  • Only leaves a small pin hole on the wall upon removal
  • Cannot be used on concrete or ceramic wall

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10. Coologin Professional Photo Frame Hooks Review

Picture Hangers, Coologin 120 Pieces Professional Photo Frame Hooks, Heavy Duty Picture Hanging Kit with Nails for Wall Mounting, Holds 10-100 lbs,Golden

Made of carbon steel, our last pick on this list is highly durable and sturdy. Each pack contains a set of 120 pieces of hooks, which can be used to hang heavy picture frames weighing up to 100 lbs. You can also hang smaller frames quite easily with this hanger.

In order to install it, you will have to nail it with a hammer on the wall. And removing it will only leave a small pin hole, which won’t be very noticeable. Therefore, you can rest your worries about damaging your wall.


  • The nails can be reused
  • Each set contains 120 pieces of hooks
  • Can support a maximum weight of 100 lbs.
  • Does not cause much damage to the wall and only leaves a small pinhole

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This list mentions a wide range of heavy duty picture hangers starting from simple strips to steel made hardware. We have made sure to include every type to provide you with maximum number of choices for flexibility and convenience.

By following our list, you can hang up any wall painting or picture frame without any worries. We hope the list will be helpful for you in making your decision.

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