Best Tow Chain Reviews- Strongest & Heavy Duty Feature

Tow chains are tough and robust, which are usually made of materials like grade 70/80 chain. These are a necessity to some; and, for many, a security measure. Nonetheless, a lot depends on these things.

As for their purposes, most people use them as safety chains that keep the vehicles together in case the primary strap/chain/rope fails. With this safety measure, you don’t have to worry about them separating.

And if you are going to purchase a tow chain, you are in the right place. We have the best heavy duty tow chain compiled for your convenience. 

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Top 5 Heavy Duty Tow Chain Reviews

Finding the right tow chain for your specific purpose might seem daunting at first. Below are the ones that we think will provide you with a satisfactory result.

1. Reese Towpower Safety Chain Review

Reese Towpower 74059 72' Safety Chain - 5000 lb. Capacity

At first, we have a safety chain from Reese Towpower. As we have already talked about, these chains are used as safety chains – meaning that they prevent the separation between vehicles when the primary means have failed. 

This chain is about 72 inches in length (6 feet). It also has two 2-inch quick links. You can use these to connect one vehicle to the other and be free from worries.

The quality of the quick links could have been slightly better, but they are still ample, so you do not need to be worried about that. In terms of weight capacity, this chain has a rating of 5000 pounds, which is pretty decent for safety chains.

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2. Camco Heavy Duty Safety Chains Review

Camco Heavy Duty Steel 48' Safety Chains with Spring Hooks - Secures Tow Vehicle to Trailer | Class II 3,500 lb Capacity | Great for RV, Trailer, and Boat Towing |Rust Resistant - (50023)

Up next, we have a 48 inches long chain made by Camco. This here is a durable safety chain that can effortlessly handle situations like a vehicle towing a trailer.

As you know, the most important bit is the weight capacity of these chains. This one is a class II chain, and it can handle around 3500 pounds of weight. Once again, it is more than sufficient for typical situations.

It includes two spring hooks on each end. The hooks are used for connecting the vehicles, and they do a pretty good job. What makes the deal better is the budget-friendly price tag it comes with. Just like its performance, the price will leave you satisfied as well. 

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3. Buyers Products Safety Chain Review

Buyers Products 11275 3/8' x 35' Safety Chain with Clevis Style Slip Hook

Some of you might need a chain that can handle a bit more weight with comparative ease. We realize that fact, and for our third pick, we have got a chain that can handle a massive weight of 15000 pounds without breaking.

The diameter of this chain is 3/8 inches, and the length — 35 inches. This diameter is pretty standard for something that can handle this much weight. Moreover, to prevent itself from corroding, this chain is zinc-plated.

It includes a clevis style slip hook, which provides more security than traditional methods. That is because it does not allow the hook to slip in any circumstances, meaning that the vehicles are going to be connected no matter what.

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4. Curt Trailer Safety Chain Review

CURT 80304 35-Inch Trailer Safety Chain with 5/16-In Clevis Snap Hook, 18,800 lbs Break Strength

Here we have another high-strength safety chain. You can throw a large trailer at it, and it will still get through the job without facing any issues. How strong is it, you ask?

Well, the breaking strength of this towing chain goes up to 18,800 pounds, which is remarkable. Moreover, it uses grade 70 chains that can handle a serious amount of pressure without any hiccups.

To make coupling your vehicles easier, it also comes with a quality safety chain hook that is pre-attached. And as it is a clevis hook, it has a spring-loaded lever that needs to be pushed in when attaching it to the vehicle. Hence, it will not come off easily.

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5. ASC Low Carbon Steel Case Coil Chain Review

ASC MC168103002 Low Carbon Steel Case Hardened Proof Coil Chain, Zinc Plated, 3/16' Trade, 3/16' Diameter x 2' Length

Lastly, we have a chain from ASC that can come in handy for purposes like fabricating tow chains or tying chains down. In Layman’s terms, this one is not load rated and should not be used for actual towing.

What you can use this for, as we have already talked about are things like fabricating tow chain. This chain is zinc plated, which means it does not rust easily.

When it comes to the diameter, it is 3/16 inches. The length is around 2 feet, which should be fairly adequate. Lastly, the material that this chain is made of is carbon steel. The build quality is decent, too, along with a reasonable price tag.

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Heavy Duty Tow Chain Buying Guide

Regardless of which purpose you are going to use your tow chain for, there are some particular aspects that you should keep in mind.

  • Weight Capacity

This is one of the most crucial parts of anything that is used with a towing setup. Usually, you might use the chain for two purposes — either as a secondary chain to ensure the safety or as the primary one, although rare.

Most people use these as security chains, meaning that they are there to ensure that if the primary strap/rope fails, the safety chain will manage the vehicles from separating by holding them together.

That is why it is paramount to make sure that the chain you buy will be able to hold your vehicles together without breaking. 

  • Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of a safety chain/tow chain refers to the amount of force it can withstand. You will hear jargon like G70, G80, and so on. These refer to the grade that tells you about its tensile strength.

For instance, a G70 grade chain can handle 700 newtons per square millimeter. You can obviously find even stronger chains, but chains starting from these points do pretty well in most situations.

A G70 chain might slightly elongate if there is a lot of pressure, but it still is more than strong enough for most towing operations. If you go through a much heavier workload, consider getting something of a higher grade.

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We understand the importance of a tow chain, and we also realize how baffling it can be to find one that would suit your budget and needs. Above was our list of the best heavy duty tow chain to rid you of that headache. 

These chains do a great job of providing the protection that your vehicle needs. Make sure you know your vehicle’s weight and match it to the bearing capacity of the chain you are buying, and have easy sailing.

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