How Does a Solar Watch Work

Resources are getting scarce with time, which is why the use of renewable energy is high in demand along with eco-friendly mechanisms. Watches aren’t anywhere behind as solar watches are greatly popular and in demand as well. Have you ever wondered or is curious about how does a solar watch work?

With the help of advanced technology, solar energy can now be used to power watches and doesn’t require disposable batteries anymore. If you are someone who wants to know more about how solar watches functions, then you have come across the right article.

What Is Solar Watch?

Many of us might know about what a solar watch is as it is widely advertised due to its benefit and use of renewable energy. However, some of us might still be unaware of this amazing product and be curious to know how it is different from the basic watches.

How Does a Solar Watch Work

Unlike regular watches, a solar watch works with the help of solar power. It doesn’t use the normal watch batteries we see in the non-solar watches we use. Rather it uses the sunlight, and the solar cells help power them. These are eco-drive watches that do not require as much maintenance as normal ones.

How Does a Solar Watch Work?

Solar watches function quite differently in comparison to the normal watches that we know of. Instead of making use of built-in batteries that are replaceable or the winding mechanism, it uses a different form.

Although these watches are still powered by electricity, it uses solar cells to convert solar energy to electricity.

Feature of Solar Watches

The solar watches are made up of stainless steel or titanium cases hence making them durable. It may also consist of sapphire crystals and minerals as well. Some of them may also feature a dial with a blue-grey tint too.

Feature of Solar Watches

This, as a result, helps to optimize the sunlight. Some of them also come with a compass or barometer along with a display that is LCD. What makes it special is the solar cells put under the dial, which helps convert the solar energy to electrical energy.

They are designed in a way to provide you with time information but in an eco-friendly way. These can be found in designs suitable for both men and women with great style and functionality.

Solar Cells

Even though there are different types of solar cells invented to this day, solar watches commonly use PV cells that are also known as photovoltaic cells. For the use of a small-scale type of solar energy, this type is the best to convert solar power directly to electricity.

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Moreover, they are also portable, which is essential when it comes to working with watches. If you are wondering what photovoltaic stands for, then let me break it down to you.

Photo refers to light, and voltaic means electricity. Hence, with the help of light and solar energy, the cells are able to produce electricity for the item to function.

These cells are typically made up of silicon that acts as the semiconductor. All these solar panels have two layers of silicon each. While one layer has a layer of missing electrons, the other has a surplus of electrons.

How Solar Energy Is Converted

The solar cells are commonly placed right below the surface of the watch dial. Once the light energy hits the cells, it causes the induction of electric current by stimulating free electrons present in the panel.

How Solar Energy Is Converted

After that, the electrical energy is passed into the battery, which is then stored. This energy can be stored and released slowly from time to time to power the watch. The rest of the movement is operated the same way the regular watches work, which is why the solar watches are also called solar quartz.

Unlike the basic watches that use disposable batteries, solar-powered ones have rechargeable batteries. As a result, you can have it recharged a lot of times and won’t need any replacement.

Surrounding That Is Best for Recharging

If you want to recharge your watch, it is important to expose the item to light. The light in your room tends to be weaker than the sunlight. So, if you are wondering why it takes a lot of time to recharge under room light, you know why.

Now, if you want your watch to be recharged faster, you should make sure to keep it somewhere exposed to the bright sunlight with the dial facing the sun. However, you must ensure that your watch doesn’t get too heated up by the temperature during the recharging process, as it might damage the item.

Rechargable Feature of Solar Watches

Furthermore, it is obvious that you cannot get your watch recharged if you keep it in a dark place. If you tend to store the watch in a place that is not exposed to light, then it won’t work either. Moreover, it won’t also work if you keep the watch concealed under the sleeve of your clothing.

How Long Does It Take to Recharge?

There are a few factors that determine the duration needed for your solar watch to be charged. These elements include the type of light, the light intensity, and the capability of the watch to absorb the light.

The light energy from the sun will help you with a faster charging process than artificial light. A bright and sunny day will help increase the process comparing to a dull cloudy day.

How Long Does It Take to Recharge

Lastly, depending on the model and technology used on the watch and its solar panel, you will have a fast or slower recharge rate. Mostly, an eco-drive solar watch may take up to 2 hours to charge completely on a bright and sunny day.

How to Know the Charge Level?

The solar watches come with additional functions or options to let you know about the low charge level. Moreover, these watches provide a visual indicator for the power level as a part of the display. It may differ from model to model; thus, the manual will come in handy for you to get further information.

How to Care for Solar Watches?

With years, the solar watches may have their capacity of charging deteriorated. It may occur due to reasons like the using condition and long-term use of the item. Moreover, the mechanical parts being contaminated or oil degradation may also shorten the recharging life.

How to Care for Solar Watches?

It is suggested that you should get your watch serviced after every 3 to 4 years to make sure that the item works out perfectly. That way, you will be able to use it for a longer period of time.

Advantages of Solar Watch

Being able to function on renewable energy is one of the biggest advantages of a solar watch. Besides that, this type of watch doesn’t need batteries, and you don’t even have to go through the hassle of changing batteries as well.

Hence you will save money as you won’t need to buy new batteries when one runs out like in regular watches. Moreover, they are also easy to maintain. It comes with a simple design showcasing the time and doesn’t need extra buttons or any screen to unlock.

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Another benefit is that these items have a rugged design. As a result, it is tough and can work through various harsh situations, being your partner in all the adventures of your life. Lastly, they have sustainable packaging and are eco-friendly as well.


With low environmental footprints, solar watches are cost-effective as well in the long term. It can provide you with a great power reserve off a single charge and give you accurate timings. This has to be one of the greatest creations that make use of renewable energy and is of great use.

We hope this article has helped you gain knowledge about how does a solar watch work along with the great benefits it has to offer. In the present time, the quality of solar watches has significantly improved, so if you haven’t gotten your hands on one, then you really should!

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