How Tall Is A Door

For Exterior Doors

You have to know more about the standard size of the exterior doors if you are going to get one for yourself. The standard size you would get mostly for many houses would be 80 inches by 36 inches. For most newer homes, they would have this type of measurements. Depending on the manufacturer, sometimes you can get the doors coming with a height of 7 to 8 fit and a width of 24 to 42 inches.

As for the fiberglass and steel doors, most of them will have fixed measurements of 6ft tall or 8 fit tall.

The French Doors

the french doors

The French doors are becoming quite common among many users. You will find them being used as exterior doors. These doors will still measure the same size as that of the exterior doors explained above. If you are interested in doing some variations, then this is the way to go.

The Sliding Glass Doors

These types of doors are great for those looking to keep their patio doors looking great and still let in a lot of light too. People love installing them as they are the least expensive when it comes to patio doors. Since they are common, you will get many people using them more often on their patios.

the sliding glass doors

The doors will slide in a parallel motion that makes it easy for the homeowners to have an easy time getting in and out of the house. As for these sliding doors for the patio, you will get that they measure 6 feet 8 inches high and 6 feet wide. This size is best to use shades to enhance beauty. You can get other different sizes depending on what you are looking for.

The Interior Doors

It is also important to consider the interior doors. You need to pick something that will better deliver on quality and still give you that perfect fitting that you deserve. For most passage doors, you will get that they have a minimum of 80 inches height with varying width sizes. The width can vary from 24”, 28”, 30”, 32” and 36”.

the interior doors

In case you are living with persons with disabilities, then you have to maintain the door width of about 36 inches. It is often noted that the thickness of the door would increase with the increase in the height of the door. Get it right, and you should have no problem fitting the door in the frame.

The Closet And Utility Doors

the closet and utility doors

You will find that the closet and utility doors would have tighter passages as compared to the standard doors. For those houses built before the 90’s, they would have such doors as narrow as about 18 inches. The newer houses would have a width of about 30 inches and a height of 96 inches.

Measuring Average Door Width

measuring average door width

To replace the door correctly needs that you have the correct measurements too. Having the wrong measurements can lead to the door not fitting perfectly in the space provided. You have to measure the door from top to bottom, the width, and the thickness. Some people tend to forget about the thickness, which is still important.

Most of the time, you will get the thickness being around 1 ¾ inch. Make sure that the door you get is not too far from such type of measurement. Adding two inches to the width measurement should help a lot in fitting the door and trimming whenever possible. The additional measurement is also called the rough-in measurement. This measurement is important for those looking to use the pre-hung door.

Each time to take a measurement; make sure it is recorded properly in the notebook so that you do not end up forgetting the exact measurement. From the measurements, the storeowner would also know which type of door would work great for you.

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Now that you know the answer to how tall is the average door, you can make a choice feeling comfortable that you have picked the right size. What is important is that you get to pick something that works great for the space provided. Taking the measurements first before heading to the store should help a lot. Most people would feel comfortable knowing that they have the right door they bought in the first place. With the door in place, you will not have to go through the same hassle of installing a new door again.

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