How To Move Heavy Furniture On Carpet

Moving heavy furniture on carpets can be one of the most tiresome tasks you can do at home. Whether you are merely shifting the heavy furniture for a short distance to clean the house or even running them for longer distances to rearrange the house, the task is always one of its kinds.

Many people believe that moving furniture across the carpet is a collective task that one should carry out with the help of others. What about when you are alone in the house? What if there is no one around your homestead and you urgently need to move your furniture?

These two questions make moving heavy furniture an individual’s task that one needs to perform alone and comfortably. How then can this happen over a thick carpet? Here is the answer to your disturbing questions.

plastic furniture sliders

How To Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself

1. Use Carpet Sliders

Carpet sliders are materials that are smoothly designed and can quickly move on thick carpets. With its strong rubber or plastic material, this equipment presents you with a stronger material which can easily withstand the weight of the most substantial furniture in your home.

To use this material to move your furniture, place the form directly under the leg of the furniture to be moved while ensuring that your plastic material part of it lies against the carpet itself. After that, lift the furniture slightly while centering the sliders below the furniture stands.

After that, pull and push in the direction to which you plan to go. With this simple means, you shall have lifted away from your furniture on the carpet without stress.

Carpet Sliders

2. Use Containers Or Plastic Lids

By turning your plastic lid upside down to ensure that the smoother part is on the carpet, place it under the legs of the furniture for all the legs available. Try sliding the now smoothly moving furniture to your desired location while taking a keen note on the carpet and the furniture never to destroy both. Depending on what suits the purpose, this can be done by either containers or their lids, so pick wisely.

3. Use A Piece Of Cardboard On The Legs Of The Furniture

Cardboards can also serve the purpose very quickly and cheaply. If you are seeking to move heavy tables and even seats, you can look for strong cardboard and place them on the furniture legs. Here, you will be keen to ensure that the legs of the furniture are always within the boundaries of the cardboard not to slip away.

You can also connect lots of cardboard pieces to ensure that they are strong enough to serve the purpose. In this manner, you will be able to move the sturdiest furniture there can be using cardboards.

permanent furniture sliders

It would help if you recalled that sliding this furniture only needs you to find a smooth object that can withstand the weight of the furniture, and all is done. Therefore, the cardboard will be one of the cheapest means.

4. Use A Shoulder Dolly

With a shoulder dolly, you will be forced to utilize your shoulders and your legs to lift furniture. To make it possible, you will be required to attach the webbing after fitting it through your buckles. The strap then goes under the furniture, which is then used in lifting the furniture carefully to move it over a carpet.

While this method may be more natural for you to lift the furniture over a carpet, it only works when you are two people and cannot be performed by one individual. Again, it only works with the large and high furniture that allows for the upright posture when moving the furniture.

Shoulder Dolly

5. Use A Moving Dolly

Other than shoulder dolly, you can also use a moving dolly to move your more massive furniture on the carpet. A moving dolly is generally an attached wheel that can be used to wheel roll furniture over any surface available. In modern days, most furniture is made using the moving day to ensure that they are easily movable over thick carpets.

However, if your furniture does not have a moving dolly fitting, you can still use one to move it. You can use a dolly attached to a flat surface, which then will act as the landing surface of your furniture. Therefore, by using the handles of the moving dolly, you will draw or push the furniture to the decider location.

Moving Dolly

6. Use An Aluminum Foil

Moving furniture over carpets has become as more comfortable as using a piece of aluminum foil to complete the task. By tearing a bit of an aluminum foil, fit it under the leg of your furniture. To ensure that it remains in place, mold the foil on the furniture leg. With the thick foil molded under the leg of the furniture, push or pull the furniture on the carpet to move it from place to place as per your needs.

Use an Aluminum Foil

7. Use Frisbees

Frisbees are durable plastic materials that are specifically meant to help you slide objects, especially the heavy ones across surfaces. To use them to move your furniture under a carpet, place them upside down and ensure the legs of the furniture lie on the bottom of the Frisbees.

With the legs secured with the curves of the Frisbees that face the upper side, it will be more comfortable and more efficient to slide the furniture over the carpet.

However, it would help if you did not make it hard for you to use this material by applying the one having a hole at the center. It will not allow for the protection of the furniture leg on the carpet.

Use Frisbees

The Bottom Line

Moving heavy furniture on a carpet has become easier than ever. Today, there are lots of methods that one can use to move your furniture with a lot more ease. Even if you are alone in the house, you do not need to panic. You can handle your house cleaning practices with the least effort possible while using the most convenient ways to move furniture back and forth. Right from using the aluminum foils to the use of moving dolly, the work has become more comfortable and more efficient than ever thought of.

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