How to Quit a Part Time Job

Do you feel like it is time for you to move on from your part time job? Maybe you want to try something new or just need to take a break. No matter what your reason is, quitting a part time job may seem daunting, especially if you are unsure how to break it to your boss or manager.

Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will be telling you how to quit a part time job, by guiding you through the process and help you avoid some of the common mistakes a lot of people tend to make when quitting their jobs, part time or otherwise. Without any further ado, let us get to it!

How to Quit a Part Time Job

You may be tempted to just walk away without giving them any explanation. However, you do not want your colleagues or your boss to remember you as someone irresponsible. Who knows, you may even run into them in the future, especially under career-related circumstances.

So, here are some of the ways you can smoothly handle the matter and turn in your resignation.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here we have a few common mistakes people tend to make when quitting their part-time job.

  • Thinking You Don’t Need to Resign

Often part-time workers think they do not need to really resign from a part time job. You may feel that way, too, since you are not really getting any of the perks you get from full time jobs.

However, it is important that you handle this professionally; you do not want to leave a bad impression and break the work-relationship with your boss and colleagues.

Just telling your employer that you want to quit can make you look bad. Not just that, it can be a hassle for your boss since it does not give them time to prepare for your replacement.

How to Quit a Part Time Job

  • Not Finishing Your Two Weeks

When it comes to part time jobs, people often feel they do not really have to complete those two weeks. However, that can make your employer think you were not happy with the job or that you did not take it seriously.

This can prove to be problematic for you in the future, especially when you need a reference for job applications in the future.

  • Not Getting a Letter of Recommendation

Speaking of recommendation letters, you should definitely get one. Even though your job was part time, getting a recommendation letter can still help you a great deal in your future career.

To get this recommendation, though, you have to make sure you avoid the mistakes mentioned earlier. If you do not resign smoothly and without finishing those two weeks, you may find it difficult to get that letter.

part time job resignation letter

  • They Do Not Resign with Grace

You should handle the whole thing professionally. Do not text or leave a voicemail to inform your employer that you are quitting. It is always better to do this in person, so you can explain to your boss that you feel it is time for you to move on with the next big thing in your life.

However, if the circumstances prevent you to do so, like the current pandemic situation where a lot of people work from home, or if the place you work for has some sort of a policy that you have to resign through email, you can send them a resignation email as well.

Telling Your Employer You Want to Quit

So now you know which mistakes to avoid. Now comes the most important part, telling your employer that you want to quit. Here are some steps you can follow when doing so.

STEP 1: Ask for a Meeting with Your Boss and Have the Conversation

You can start by asking to see your employer by setting up a meeting.

During the meeting, you can start the conversation by mentioning how much you appreciate and how thankful you are for the work opportunity and all the knowledge you have gained while working there. Then make sure to tell them that you would now like to move on towards other opportunities.

how to quit a part time job as a teenager

Talk to your employer and decide on an end date for your employment. This can be your two weeks’ notice, and it gives your boss enough time to find a replacement.

STEP 2: Finish the Last Days with Dedication

Just because you will be leaving soon does not mean you should slack off. You may not have the same drive to work as you did before in those last days, and that is pretty normal.

However, you should try and focus and get the job done. This will show your employer and colleagues that you are a dedicated worker and can help you get that letter of recommendation.

STEP 3: Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation can always come in handy, regardless of whether or not you work in the same field in the future. You know, a part time job is still a job, and your future employers will want to know what your old boss or manager thinks of you.

how to quit a part time job without notice

Writing a Resignation Letter

Next, you have to write your resignation letter. If you have never written one before, you might be unsure where to start. Not to worry because I have got you covered. Here are some tips that you can follow when writing your resignation letter to make sure things go smoothly.

  • Start with a Header

First, you need to start with a header, and it should include the delivery date, the name of the recipient, and the company’s name, address, and ZIP code. Go through your company’s policies on resignation. You may be required to address the letter to your manager or HR as well.

part time job resignation letter

  • Declare Your Resignation

You should make the intention of the letter clearly in the first sentence. Mention that you will be resigning.

  • Departure Date

Make sure you try to send the letter at least two weeks before the day you plan to leave. Set up a definitive date for the last day of your employment. This will allow your manager some time to start preparing for your replacement.

quitting a part time job while on unemployment

  • State Your Reason for Quitting

This part is optional. If you want, you can let them know the reason for your departure. The reason can be anything such as health issues, new work opportunities, or to give more time to family.

One thing to note here is that even if you have some complaints or dissatisfaction with the company, it may not be a good idea to mention them here.

should i quit my part time job while in college

  • Express Gratitude

Take the time to end the letter by expressing gratitude towards your manager for the opportunity you were given. This will add more sincerity to the letter.

  • Add Your Signature

If it is a resignation email, typing your name at the end is enough. However, for a hard copy of the letter, sign the letter and put the typed name below.

  • Additional Details

After that, you can list your current contact information under the typed name that your manager or employer can use to reach you.

  • Sending the Resignation Letter

There are different ways you can send the letter, depending on your working situation. If you work remotely, you can email the letter to your manager, making sure to mention that you will be resigning in the subject section. Also, make sure that you include your name as well.

how to quit a part time job immediately

This way, they are likely to open and read the email earlier. For whatever reason, whether the email got lost or any other reason, if you do not get a response in time, you can call your supervisor or manager to let them know of the email.

However, if you work in a traditional office environment, it is better that you do it in person. All you need to do is give your manager the letter when or after telling them that you will be resigning.

Train Your Replacement

This one is optional, but it can help out your employer a great deal. You can choose to train your replacement in the two weeks before you take your leave. This will help with the transition, and your manager will surely appreciate it.

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Jobs come with responsibilities, and as important as it is to work with dedication, you should also quit the job with grace. Quitting a part time job can feel overwhelming, especially if this is your first job. However, I believe these steps will make the whole thing easier for you.

Make sure to avoid the mistakes mentioned above. This is a pretty small world; make sure not to burn your bridges while you do so. Whatever you do, do it professionally and with grace, and your employer and colleagues will surely remember that and may even help you out in your career in the future.

I hope you found this article for how to quit a part time job helpful, and it will allow you to handle the process smoothly. Good luck on your next journey!

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