Kitchen Table With Bench And Chairs

A dining table set your kitchen to be elegance, making people enjoy sitting together to have meals. It should be stylish and blending for family members to feel comfortable and be happy. The kitchen table with a bench and chairs is not only a focal point but also a gathering for friends and family. No one will want to miss coffee time at the dining table where people chat and give a recap of what happened at their workplaces.

However, there are many dining tables to choose from in the market, but deciding on which one to buy may be difficult because all the brands are working hard to bring out the best product. Do not rush into purchasing a dinner set; you can read customer reviews on different products on the internet.

Rustic Kitchen Table With Bench And Chairs

Here are some of the best dinner sets that have great features and we believe this article is going to help you select the best dining table for your family comfortably.

1. Solid Wood Karven Dining Set

This Roundhill Furniture Karven elegant dining set is designed to add value and style to your lounge, dining room or kitchen. It is made from dense wood with a beautiful dark hazelnut finish; hence it cannot bend due to weight like metal sets.

The hazelnut finish prevents it from stains or scratches and also enhances its look. The six-piece package includes a bench, four chairs and a table. The table is full of much space to accommodate your mats and flowers.

dining table set

It features a cross back and backrest style on the chairs. All these furniture requires assembling, although that is simply because the package comes with a guide. The table features stable legs that have X-shaped design which also makes it attractive.

2. Gray Homelegance Dinnerware

The Homelegance dinnerware is a quality selection for anyone who does not want dinner set constructed from metal. It’s a classy and simple design that comes with a bench, four chairs and a table. The bench outlook allows you to accommodate an increased number of friends during meals. This set features a transitional style and a grey finish making it catchier to your eyes.

rustic dining table

It is also a durable set that is made of eye veneer and quality wood. Its chairs and the bench are padded to allow each person to sit comfortably for several hours. This is a sturdy set to welcome your friends and family for social gatherings or dinner.

3. Solid Oak Better Homes Traditional Dining Set

Better Homes dining set is a traditionally designed white set that comes with four chairs, a bench and table. This white looking wood furniture is gorgeous and good enough to make friends sit and chat while waiting for dinner. Better Homes have also taken care of people with small spaces but still love quality design.

dining benches with backs

The set is crafted from solid oak which makes it more durable compared to other designs. It is constructed to accommodate up to seven people which is a perfect fit for a medium-sized family.

4. LIFE Home Leather Dinner set

This dining set is designed with kids in mind to reach for food on the table. The rectangular design allows you to fit it well in your small space. If your family is small, then this is perfect for your home. It features ample table space for you to decorate it with flowers and also place fruits.

corner bench kitchen table

The LIFE Home dinner set is constructed from Asian hardwood material, making it last for many years without replacement. The seats and bench are also padded for comfort while sitting.

5. Dark Brown 5-set Coaster Dining Table

The Coaster dinner set comes with a table, bench and three chairs. It features a dark brown finish making it beautiful and elegant. The classy looking set is made of Okume veneer and tropical Asian wood which guarantees you that it is a quality and durable furniture.

5 piece dining set with bench

Besides, the bench and chairs are made of leather for easy and quick cleaning. The bench and chairs are also padded to provide comfort to the users. Although some parts are assembled, you will be required to fix some parts to place.

What To Look For Before Finalizing Your Kitchen Tables

The market has been flooded with dining tables consisting of seat and chairs, that is why it’s crucial to check thoroughly before buying because most of these products don’t have a warranty. There are several features you need to look for in a dining table so that you can enjoy the value of your money over a while.

kitchen table
  • Stability

You should choose a stable and robust dining table set that will suit everyone in your home, including those with a lot of weight; otherwise, it may turn out to a fatal accident. The table must also be stable to avoid spills while people are still eating or having coffee.

  • Durability

I’m sure you don’t have a budget for replacing an item each time it breaks. You need to purchase a piece of furniture that will last several decades before thinking of doing a replacement. The wood or the material that is used for making the dining set should be quality.

Go for mahogany, maple, teak, walnut or oak. Some of the products are a mixture of soft and hardwoods.

dining room tables
  • Assembling and size

Ensure the size of the set will fit into your kitchen space and also the furniture should not give you much work when assembling it.

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A dining table with a bench and chairs will always make your home to look beautiful and inviting for meals. Your family will still enjoy snacks and coffee sitting comfortably, unlike when sitting on the sofa sets. This also minimizes spills on the sofa sets which are hard to clean all the time. If you choose a quality dinnerware, you will stay for years before you decide to change it. You don’t have to buy it abruptly because you can set out a budget and start saving for it. Consider going for quality.

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