Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals 2021

by Kimberly Hill

In the world we're in, we have all kinds of people, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well, that's what makes the world the way it is now. However, there are certain kinds of people who are well-to-do and, at the same time, benevolent. So, they desire to lend a helping hand to others and society at large. The truth is, these sets of people might not possess everything in abundance. Yet, in their present state, they push out more of their resources, majorly funds, to the general public with whom they have no direct relationship or attachment.

The world has witnessed several people in the rich folk's community that evolved to be cheerful givers and donors. They give their resources, mostly to health, educational and social endeavors.

As you all know, and have witnessed, we're always there to help. Sequel to this, we have packaged, just for you, a robust list of wealthy folks who do money giveaways. This, in turn, shows all and sundry that we can still put our hopes and trust in the human race.

Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals 2021
Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals 2021

Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals 2021

Tim Cook - Rich People Link

Rich People Link
Rich People Link

Tim Cook, who is over fifty-six years now, has cultivated a laudable personality over time. He frequently donates his hard-earned cash to several support foundations. Of recent, he also made mention of his wish to further in this path- the benevolent giver. If the calculation is right, his wealth is noted to have risen to a hundred and twenty million dollars. Trust me, with that massive amount of money, several support and charity works can be touched.

Tim Cook has been actively involved in this path for a good part of his existence. Projects relating to social concern have seen him in action. For the records, he bid farewell to a million dollars for an Anti-defamation cause. In other news, he assisted the victims of the Sandy Hurricane by giving away about $2.5 million to the service of the Red Cross Team.

Being a man known for his interest in several things, he's also giving monetary support to educational needs in the community. He does this by giving out approximately $50 million to Stanford University. We cannot but add his name to this robust list of rich folks who give money away in 2021.

J.K Rowling - Rich People Link

J.K Rowling (NPR)
J.K Rowling (NPR)

Men may have dominated the philanthropy world, but it doesn't sideline the female gender altogether. The writing guru, and well-known author of the Harry Potter series, J.K Rowling, is also worthy of mention.

The truth is, besides her topnotch writing power and good looks, she's got a great personality and involvement in the philanthropic business. Not open to all, J.K Rowling has parted ways with her earnings amounting to about a billion dollars, to provide funds for the needy.

So that you know, her name reflects on the register on support concerning children and women's health needs. This has been done under the umbrella of several programs such as Lumos and Volant. She has thereby conquered the financial crisis in that aspect. For some time now, she has given away about $160 million to fund these two support programs.

If the calculation is right( mathematicians in the house can help verify ), she has deposited about 16% of her earnings into this cause. In one of her statements, she made it clear to all and sundry that the experience she once had living in poverty further enhances her understanding and connectivity with people who don't have money. Little wonder, she donates that much to the cause.

Chuck Feeney - Rich People Link

Rich People Link
Rich People Link

Looking for a business person who has achieved great strides in the financial world? Then Chuck Feeney is your go-to guy. He's very much involved in lots of activities in society. Activities like scientific research, public health, human rights, education, and many other whatnots. He gives about eight billion dollars to this cause. For years, Chuck Feeney has always been all for providing the necessary support and brings to reality the intents of other people, all through his assets.

He has earnestly been building his remarkable career and financial strength with the DFS Group- a travel retailer company based in Hong Kong. Looking back at the history, the venture kicked off as an airport shop. The enterprise experienced huge returns, leaving him with a load of cash.

As he fondly says- A pair of pants can only be worn once. He is, therefore, dedicated to living a moderate life!

Warren Buffet - Rich People Link

Warren Buffet (CNBC)
Warren Buffet (CNBC)

This excellent post will show signs of space if we fail to mention one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet. He willingly donates approximately $2.5 billion worth of cash to develop a support program. The lion's share of his total income is diverted to this cause. More so, he became a member of a somewhat support program called THE GIVING PLEDGE. Bill Gates, and his wife, Melinda, are the founders of the program.

To add to it, Warren Buffet goes deeper into the benevolent act by channeling 20% of his company's profit into support programs, which is about $21.8 billion. These are some of the things he does consistently.

Lee and Jane Seidman - Rich People Link

Rich People Link
Rich People Link

So that you know, this great post comprises a mixture of the male and female gender, plus couples. An excellent example of couples into the philanthropic business is Lee and Jane Seidman. Although there's a nine-year gap between the two, in terms of age, they still get things going together. With the Seidman as an example, we believe that being a philanthropist doesn't have anything to do with age.

It won't sound wrong if they're given the award of the most benevolent couple in Cleveland.

After his retirement as the president of Motorcars Group, Lee dedicated approximately 90% of his earnings. Although, it seems Lee and Jane fix their interest in health-related issues. This is because, in 2011, they gave out $42 million, erecting the Cancer Center of the University Hospital.

In some way, they also give donations to some other respects, apart from health. Two years after the massive donation for the Cancer center, the Seidman's donated the needed fund for the repair of the Ursuline College's gymnasium that was severely destroyed by a tornado.

Bill and Karen Ackman - Rich People Link

Rich People Link
Rich People Link

The other couple on the list! Bill laid the foundational stones of Pershing Square Capital Management in 2003. Together with Karen, his wife, they started a foundation named Pershing Square Foundation, way back in 2006. The foundation targets;

  1. Education
  2. Human rights challenges
  3. Entrepreneurship needs
  4. Social causes and other whatnots.

The total of the funds spent in the course of the support program amounts to about $17 million. This includes the building project of Harvard University FHB ( Foundations of Human Behavior ) initiative.

What's FHB all about? It's merely an initiative pushing to explore and grasp quality understanding about social, economic, biological, and psychological factors that influence human behavior, directly or indirectly.

The newly introduced area at Harvard also directs the funds to make necessary provisions for students of all classes who are into research work.

Ned Evans - Rich People Link

To start with, Ned Evans once occupied the position of chairman of Macmillan Inc. He, however, directs his philanthropic endeavors to the management of Yale School. Doing the maths, this sums up to about $50 million. His donations are geared toward supporting the fund for the building of the new ultra-modern school campus. Of course, the school management is indebted to his kind gesture.

Bennett S. Lebow - Rich People Link

Rich People Link
Rich People Link

We cannot but mention the name Bennett S. Lebow when it comes to being focused and an attitude of benevolence. So that you know, Bennett S. Lebow holds two strong positions simultaneously- the chairman of Vector Groups and also the CEO and chairman of Borders.

Lebow is known to give out his hard-earned money for educational support at Drexel University. Doing the maths, he has donated about $60 million for school grounds to the Drexel University. To add more juice to the mix, he assists the College of Engineering in the same University through donations, such as the $5 million for the construction of the Engineering Center named after him.

Ted Turner - Rich People Link

Last but not least! It has been reported recently that Ted Turner uses about half of his earnings on charity programs and donations. Every person has what draws their attention and interest. For Ted Turner, the need to conserve wildlife and its environs take the top spot on the list. Little wonder he has a foundation called the Turner Global Foundation. To add to it, it has been mentioned that the UN foundation also delights in his act of benevolence. The military isn't left out as Turner is known to be in support of military music.


To give it closure, in this excellent post, we've provided you with a robust list of rich folks who are much involved in the philanthropic business. To help you better, go through their profile and pick one or two compelling points to ruminate on regularly. The act of kindness isn't resident in the size of what you give but the motive behind the giving and the impact it has on lives. It doesn't have to be in all areas. You can create a niche of your own, that interests you, like some of the big names mentioned, do. Do you find this post timely? Then, hit the share icon to make others benefit from the life-giving source.

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