Top 7 Swiffer WetJet Reviews

    Swiffer WetJet Reviews

    When it comes to floor cleaning tools, Swiffer is one of the manufacturers that have an extensive lineup of products. From manual mops to spraying mops, they have it all. Now, are you tired of having stubborn stains on your floor? Want something that will let you loosen them up effortlessly? Then the WetJet lineup is the one for you.

    However, because of all the variations, it would be quite challenging for you to settle with one of them. Well, to make that easier for you, we are here to present to you our take on the Swiffer WetJet reviews. Hopefully, it will be much easier for you to choose one by the end of this article.

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    Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Swiffer WetJet

    swiffer wet jet complaints

    Even though most of the WetJets that the Swiffer offers might seem the same, there are some differences between the kits. To get the one that will work well with your type of cleaning workload, you should keep some factors in mind. They are:

    • Floor-type

    Each of the WetJets is for one type of floor. If you get the one that is for hardwood floors and your floor is of delicate wood, you will cause damage on the surface. That is why you should first check whether the set that you are shooting for is for your floor type or not.

    Other than that, getting the right one for your surface will make sure that you can carry out the cleaning task efficiently too.

    • Pads
    Best Swiffer WetJet

    Even though all the sets will come with pads, not all of them will come with extras. Some sets will also come with different types of pads such as wet pads, dry pads, power pads, and many others. Those will let you carry out different types of cleaning tasks at ease.

    • Head

    Most of the WetJets will come with a similar type of head, but there will be some that will come with a swiveling mechanism. This swiveling head will let you easily maneuver them around tight corners and hard to get spaces. So, we would recommend you to opt for those.

    • Handle

    As most of the units have a similar footprint, the handle will be somewhat similar too. But some will have a lengthy mid-frame, which will allow you to reach further under the furniture without having to bend that much.

    Alongside that, some might also come with flimsy handles that will make it hard for you to loosen up tough stains from the surface. For that reason, you should keep the handle of the units into consideration.

    Top 7 Swiffer WetJet Reviews

    Just like all the other lineup of cleaning products that the Swiffer has, the WetJet one is quite extensive as well. Not all of them will be able to offer you a decent amount of cleaning performance. For your convenience, we went through all of them and picked only the ones that do offer that. They are:

    1. Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop Cleaner Starter Kit

    Getting a starter kit that has all the elements is one of the most convenient ways of starting your cleaning adventure. And this kit is here to offer you just that. Let us talk about all the things that you are going to receive with the kit first.

    The set includes one spray mop, four original mopping pads, six pad refills, one bottle for holding cleaning solution, and lastly, four batteries. This kit contains two times more pad refills than any other standard kits that the Swiffer has. You will not have to get anything extra after getting this kit.

    Likewise, the unit comes with a dual spray nozzle on the front of the cleaning head. It is battery operated and will be able to disperse cleaning liquid efficiently on the surface to let you loosen up the stubborn stains. The solution dispersion amount is totally up to you. You will be able to control it with the reinforced handle that it comes along.

    Apart from that, the mop is safe for all types of finished hardwood floors that are out there. You will not have to worry about damaging the surface if you clean it with this mop.


    • Safe for all finished hardwood floors
    • Comes with ten mopping pads
    • Has a sturdy handle
    • Dual spray nozzle
    • Battery operated trigger mechanism


    • Not suitable for unfinished hardwood floors
    • The assembly process is a bit challenging

    2. Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit

    Manually covering the floor with a cleaning solution can be a big hassle. However, you will not have to worry about that anymore because this one that the Swiffer is offering can coat the floors evenly with a cleaning solution automatically.

    To begin with, it comes with a mist spray nozzles on the cleaning head that will evenly coat the surface with the cleaning solution. So, because of the ultra-fine dispersion, you will not have to worry about the floor not getting covered with cleaning solution.

    On the other hand, it comes with cleaning pads that are specifically for wooden floors. Besides, it provides ten of the pads, which means you will not have to worry about buying replacement pads anytime soon after getting this kit.

    Accordingly, this cleaning cloth has a microfiber like soft texture on the bottom as well, which will make sure that you do not damage your delicate wooden floor while cleaning it.

    Also, the head that the unit comes with is flexible. Due to this flexibility, you can swivel it around, which will let you easily maneuver it around tight corners. It also comes with nozzle light that will let you clean your floor even if there is not enough environmental light.


    • Comes with nozzles that spray solution evenly
    • Includes ten cleaning cloths
    • Gently cleans the upper surface of the wooden floors
    • Features nozzle lights
    • Has a swivel mechanism on the head


    • Not for the floors that are not wooden
    • The length of the handle is a bit short

    3. Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit, 5 Pads, Solution, Batteries

    The pad that most of the generic cleaning tools come with will also drag the dirt and dust on the floor, but that will not happen if you clean your floor with this one.

    It has three power pads and two of the original mopping pads. Both the pads come with a proprietary lock and absorb technology. This technology makes sure that the dirt and grimes that are on the floor do not only get dragged along. Instead, those get trapped in the pad, which ensures efficient cleaning.

    Just like most of the floor cleaning mops that are from Swiffer, this one is also safe for finished wooden floors. Hence, it will be gentle to the delicate floor surface, but will be harsh to the stains and grimes that the surface might have.

    Other than that, the unit comes along with a relatively large cleaning solution bottle. The overall capacity of the container is 500 milliliters, which will let you go through a large amount of surface area without having to refill it frequently.

    It also offers a battery-operated dual spray nozzle on the head. They will evenly distribute the cleaning solution on the surface and loosen up the stubborn stains that might be on top of it.


    • Comes with five extra mopping pads
    • Features lock and absorb technology
    • Includes a 500 ml cleaning solution container
    • Battery-operated nozzles
    • Will not cause damage on delicate wood floors


    • The included batteries do not last long
    • The sprayer tends to jam frequently

    4. Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet All Purpose Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit

    By now, you are probably wondering that if the Swiffer has any cleaning tool that is for the floors that are not of wood! Well, yes, they do have them. And this one is a perfect example of that.

    To begin with, you are going to get a plethora of cleaning pads with this kit. It comes along with three heavy-duty wet pad, four dry ones, ten sweeping pads, and lastly, two wet mopping ones. So, you are probably not going to have to buy any other pad for quite some time after getting this kit.

    However, the heavy-duty pads are the highlighting factor of this kit. These pads can trap about fifty percent more dirt and grimes compared to other ones that the Swiffer offers. With that, you will be able to get a squeaky clean floor in no time at all.

    Above all, the wet pads that the unit comes with are quite efficient as well. As a result, you will not have to worry about the accidental spills on your floor anymore because these pads will be able to absorb and trap the liquids easily.

    Lastly, the head that the unit features swivels at a full 360 degrees, which will make it easier for you to maneuver it around tight spaces.


    • Comes with a plethora of pads
    • The dry pads can absorb and trap dirt and grimes efficiently
    • The included wet pads are highly efficient
    • Easy to maneuver
    • Features a swiveling head


    • Does not have any spraying mechanism
    • The handle feels a bit flimsy

    5. Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit OLD WetJet Starter Kit

    Purchasing a cleaning solution separately after you buy your cleaning kit is not the most cost-efficient option. Well, the Swiffer understands that, and that is why they are offering this kit in the market.

    Just like we mentioned, the kit comes along with a patented Wood Quickdry cleaning solution. That means you will not have to get yourself a separate cleaning solution after getting this kit. This hexoxyethanol cleaning solvent is quite efficient too. It will be able to fight with tough stains and remove them from the surface.

    You will also not have to worry about damaging the upper surface of your delicate wood floor with this because the solution is ideal for all types of finished wood floors.

    Likewise, the kit comes along with five pads that are like microfiber cloths. These will not drag the dirt around from one place to another. Instead, they will lock them inside and offer you a squeaky clean floor.

    Just like most of the cleaning tools, this one also comes along with the mist spray. The spray nozzles are on the handle, and they will be able to coat the surface with the cleaning solution evenly.


    • Ideal for all type of wooden floors
    • Comes with five cleaning pads
    • The pads are quite efficient
    • Features two spray nozzles on the head
    • The nozzles evenly distribute the solution on the surface


    • Does not come with any instructions
    • The liquid container is not refillable

    6. Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop Floor Cleaner Starter Kit

    Fighting through the tough stains and stubborn mess on the floor can be quite impossible if the cleaning tool that you are using does not come with a sturdy handle. And this one should be in your consideration list if you are looking for something like that.

    Unlike some of the cleaning tools that Swiffer offers, this one does not come with a flimsy handle. It has a handle that is reinforced and is quite sturdy. You will be able to fight the stubborn stains on the floors without having to worry about any flexing and bending.

    Moreover, the kit comes with two pads. One of them is the normal pad, and the other one is the extra power pad that Swiffer provides. Both of them come integrated with the lock and absorb technology, which will trap the dirt and grimes inside instead of just dragging them around.

    Like the other spray mops, this one also comes with dual nozzle sprayer on the head. These nozzles will spray the solution on the floor evenly and make sure that the stains on the floor get covered properly.

    Other than that, it also comes along with one cleaning solution that is quite effective on all types of floors.


    • Features a sturdy handle
    • Comes with dual nozzles
    • Sprays liquid evenly on the floor
    • Includes one cleaning solution
    • Comes with two efficient pads


    • Might be too heavy for some users
    • Does not come with batteries

    7. Swiffer 92811KT WetJet Mop Starter Kit, 46-Inch Handle

    Having a sturdy handle is great and all, but if the handle is short, you are going to have a tough time trying to maneuver it in tight spaces and corners. For that reason, we would recommend you to have a look at this kit.

    Just like the label suggests, the kit comes along with a cleaning tool that has a large 46 inches handle. Because of that length, you are not going to have to bend down just to get a stubborn stain off the surface. It will also make it easier for you to maneuver it around corners and spaces under the furniture.

    Furthermore, the tool is quite lightweight too. It has an overall weight of one pound, which will make it easier for you to carry it around from one place to another. Thus, you will be able to get your floors free of stains and dirt effortlessly.

    Keeping the tabs up with most of the cleaning tools that Swiffer offers, this one also comes with the dual nozzle sprayer on the head. This battery-operated mechanism will spray cleaning solution on top of the surface evenly and will loosen up stubborn stains and grimes.


    • Exceptionally lightweight
    • Comes with a 43 inches handle
    • Easy to maneuver
    • Features dual nozzle sprayer
    • Sprays cleaning solution evenly on top of the surface


    • The tank is not refillable
    • Does not come with extra pads

    Why Use Swiffer WetJet?

    The Swiffer has one of the most extensive lineups of cleaning products. They are quite known for offering reliable cleaning tools too. The WetJet that they are offering is one of them. These make cleaning floors feel like taking a walk in the park. You will be able to go through most of the surface area in no time at all with one of them.

    Alongside that, these are also known for efficiently sanitizing floors. The cleaning solution that the manufacturer offers is quite efficient. It will not only be able to loosen up the dirt and grimes on the floor but also be able to make your floors free from germs and bacterias.

    What Type of Floor is Suitable?

    Use swiffer wetjet

    The floor type that the WetJets are suitable is clearly stated on the packaging of each model. For example, the Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop are ideal for hardwood floors only. On the other hand, the Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet All Purpose Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit is suitable for all types of floors.

    However, if you have a delicate wooden floor, you should opt for the one that is meant for your type of floor, or else you might damage the upper surface while cleaning it.

    How Does it Work?

    Most of the Swiffer WetJet comes with a similar footprint. They will have a thick re-inforced handle, a somewhat length middle frame, and a cleaning head. The first thing that you have to do after getting a WetJet set from the Swiffer is to unpack it and see what the package comes with.

    Depending on the model, you might have to assemble the cleaning head by attaching on the handle. After that, you will have to attach a cleaning pad with the head. Most of the packages will come with a plethora of pads inside. So choose the one that is suitable for your type of cleaning task.

    How swiffer wetjet work

    After attaching a cleaning pad with the head, you will have to install the cleaning solution container with the body. You might have one inside the package, but if the package does not come with one, you will have to buy them separately.

    At the same time, in the case of installing the bottle, make sure that the top is appropriately attached or else you will have leaking problems.

    Most of the WetJets will have battery-operated nozzles on the head that will allow you to coat the surface with the cleaning solution. To activate that, you will have to press the trigger that the handle comes with.

    After the surface on the front is covered with the cleaning solution, all you have to do is drag the head over, and you will eventually have a squeaky clean floor.

    Why Trust Us?

    Well, to begin with, we have spent hours researching the WetJets, and the information that we provided in our review sections. All the information that we included are from the manufacturer, and those were also verified from the user reviews.

    We did not only put in the good part about the products but also nitpicked the bad sides and presented that too. And we did all this to save your valuable time and to make sure that you spend your precious money wisely.

    If the reasons stated above are not enough for you, you can justify the information that we included in this article by yourself and check whether they are contradicting or misleading.

    Final Verdict

    After going through the entire article, you might already have figured out the one that you are going to opt for. However, if we were to recommend one to you, we would suggest you look into the Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop Cleaner Starter Kit for the efficient cleaning performance that it provides.

    With that, we would like to conclude our Swiffer WetJet reviews here by wishing you good luck and hoping that your floors remain squeaky clean and free from all the dirt and stains.


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