Types Of Roof Shingles

If you are building a house, then it is essential to note that roofing is one crucial thing that enhances your house’s aesthetic value. Apart from style, the type of roof you select can also add value to your home. In this article, we are going to look at the various kinds of roof Shingles you can use to roof your dream house.

What are roof shingles?

Roof shingles are a collection of various materials that are out together, mostly in rows, to protect your roof from water, ice, and snow. Shingles are installed on roofs begin from the bottom to the top with overlapping joints of shingles.

Importance Of Roof Shingles

1. Water Protection

Shingles act as a water barrier on your roof to prevent leaks from entering your house through the roofs. Such leaks can lead to molds or even rots in your house, which may not be appealing.

2. Improves The Look Of Your Home

The type of shingles you choose will affect the overall look of your home. It is therefore advisable that you go for shingles that match your taste and within your budget.

3. Energy Efficiency

Did you know that roof shingles can help you regulate the temperature in attic spaces and the roof deck? Well, the color and materials of your shingles help do this. For instance, a lighter color can reflect away excess heat and vice versa.

4. Improves Your Home Value

Your roof type and it’s quality will affect how long your house may last. Go for quality roofing shingles that will keep your house value maintained for a long time.

Types Of Roof Shingles

1. 3- Tab Roof Shingles

3 tab shingles installation
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This happens to be among the most common shingles used in North America, often referred to as Asphalt shingles. This type creates a simple rectangular shingle. If you’re working on a small budget, then you can consider this type as it is cheap and easy to install.

3- Tab comes in hundreds of colors to match with any house design.

2. Architectural Roof Shingles

3. Tile Roof Shingles

Terracotta clay tiles are also a typical roofing style used in most parts of the world. These roofing shingles made from clay are said to be more energy-efficient compared to those from asphalt.

It comes in seral colors and styles and can last up to 100 years.

Tile Roof Shingles

4. Wood Roof Shingles

Wood shingles are also among the most popular roof shingle used in today’s modern houses. They have been used for quite a while, and they aren’t going to leave this space any time soon. When comparing wood and asphalt shingles, wood offers way much better insulation.

When combined with a couple of styles, you are sure to get a unique feeling of your home, apart from the primary function of shingles. Wood shingles are divided into two;

Wood Roof Shingles

Wood Shakes

These are split on either or both sides, which gives them a textured grain effect. They are also thicker than the standard wood shingles.

Wood shakes

Wood shingles

Its sides are sawn together to give a smooth shape, usually tapered in most cases.

5. Shake Roof Shingles

Shake shingles have also been in the market for decades now. Traditionally, woods and tree logs were split along their grains to form Wood shakes. Cedar shakes were most commonly used during this era, especially in the colonial period.

Wood shakes and shingles are different in such a way that shakes are more textured with a rustic appearance. Shakes have distinct designs that can be used to enhance their looks.

They can either be sawn on both of its sides or sawn on one side and split on the other. Lately, there are new materials that can be combined to create more durable shakes that last longer.

Shake Roof Shingles

6. Slate Roof Shingles

Slate roofs came into existence in the mid-1800s and fast gained popularity such that it started to replace wood shingles. These roof shingles are eco- friendly, fireproof, and more durable than other shingle types. They are eco- friendly and 100% natural since they are only made from stones. Different colors of stains can be combined to give a beautiful finish.

Slate Roof Shingles

7. Solar Roof Shingles

Wow! This is just a new invention in its way. Many people are now opting to install solar panels on their rooftops to act as shingles. This type of roofing comes uniquely through the use of photovoltaic cells, which are preferably thin.

Apart from acting a roof shingles, they also convert sun energy into electricity used for various purposes in the house. These shingles are made from sturdy materials that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions like high winds and storms.

Solar Roof Shingles

8. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a common type of roofing style with standing roof seam being the most common style used here. These kinds of roofs have ridges that run down the metal panels. The main materials used here include stainless steel and aluminum.

In addition to raised ribs in the iron sheets, metal shingles can now be made out of metal. The shingles can also come looking like slate, clay, or wood shakes.

Metal roofing

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Materials Used For Shingles

1. Asphalt

Roof shingles made of asphalt contains fiberglass that is saturated under hot asphalt. The top surface is covered with some granule mineral. In ancient times, this fiberglass was organic, and it comprised of wool, wood fiber, cellulose, and waste paper. These organic ones are no longer in use since they have a short lifespan.

2. Cedar

After manufacturing, these shingles come out as smooth and tapered shingles from wood with a refined rustic look. They are very expensive and generally used in high-end residential areas.

3. Clay

This is one of the best materials for shingles, also categorized under cool roofing shingles. This hard burned clay is 100% natural and comes naturally I colored depending on the color of earth from which it was extracted. Minerals can also be blended to form a variety of colors.

4. Composite

These shingles are mainly synthetic, made from a variety of materials to imitate the look of clay, cedar, wood shakes, asphalt and slate shingles. They are made from different resins, polymers, fibers, and dyes to give a cheaper alternative to the natural shingles.

5. Concrete

Did you know that roofing tiles can also be manufactured from concrete? These shingles have less the same characteristics as clay tiles in terms of durability and resistance to harsh conditions.

6. Metal

Metal roof shingles have come a long way since when it was only a flat shape to now when it can be corrugated. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. It is durable, weather-resistant, and doesn’t catch fire.

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