Types of Stopwatches for Work Management

Stopwatches are great tools for relay times, timing laps, and some other time-frame you want to measure. There are different types of stopwatches with variations in their features. When it comes to buying one, you have to consider the functionalities you are looking for.

That’s because the trick is not only getting a stopwatch but the best and most suited one. Here I have listed five different types of stopwatches, including their features and other relevant information.

  1. Memory Stopwatches

memory Stopwatches

This type of stopwatches come with both dual and triple display. The one with dual display shows cumulative running time and cumulative split time. And the extra feature in triple display watch is that, it also shows the previous lap.

In the case of circuit racing, a fast-time 10 stopwatch is the ideal one as it shows the current lap running time. On the other hand, you can stock blocks of times lapped in multiple segments in a fast-time 14 stopwatch. That way, you can save a series of multiple events and review those afterward.

  1. Countdown Stopwatches

countdown stopwatches

There are subdivisions in this type of stopwatch. The one that counts down to zero and again counts upward is known as a stopwatch with count up/down timer. This stopwatch has a repeating countdown timer that starts from a preset time and counts down to zero.

Again it starts to count down from that same preset time. Thus, there are stopwatches with multiple timers. These timers can be initiated independently.

Lastly, the stopwatches that have linked timers have a bank of timers, mostly six, and the timers are connected. The countdown starts exactly when the previous timer reaches zero. This function is a very versatile one.

  1. Decimal Minute Stopwatches

decimal minute stopwatches

This type of stopwatch is perfect for work measurement, motion work, work-study, and time work. It offers timing options that include 1/100th second, 1/100th minute, 1/1000th minute of an hour. Besides, you can store several timers as different segments that have 500 memory capacity. These decimal minute stopwatches have 25mm digits as well.

  1. Time Out Stopwatches

time out stopwatches

Just like the name, the functionality of this type of stopwatches is ‘time out’. You can mostly use it in a team sport. The stopwatch stops automatically with you making any reset.

You can also restart any time you want, and it keeps on counting all by its own. For instance, a team sport is going on for 30 minutes. If, for some reason, the game gets ceased,  ‘time out’ takes place. Later on, it resumes.

  1. Waterproof Stopwatches

waterproof stopwatches

No stopwatch is waterproof. So, you cannot consider operating one underwater and hope it will work just fine. Only diver’s watches have that sort of feature in them.

Some of the generic waterproof stopwatches work underwater for a while until you press any of the buttons. Then water gets into the stopwatch breaking the seal. Therefore, those stopwatches you should not take underneath the water.

Guide For Buying Stopwatch

Stopwatches can be very much expensive, depending on the quality. In this regard, put some thoughts on getting yourself the fittest one, which you are looking for. There are some critical factors that you should consider while buying a new stopwatch.

  • Shape

This one is the most important aspect to consider while buying a stopwatch. The ideal shape is kind of an oval along with squared corners. A stopwatch with such form will ensure it fits the shape of your hand, and you will not get cramps from holding it for hours.

If your stopwatch has a lanyard, that is considered as a bonus as you can hold it almost all the time.

  • Display

Since you will look at the screen a lot, it is essential to get a stopwatch with a functional and bright display. Get something that got a clean screen where you can read the numbers pretty easily. Buy the one that has a considerably big display and have some anti-glare feature in it. The latter one is required as you will go out in the sunlight a lot.

  • Timing Functions

As a stopwatch is a time-telling device, you should get the one that measures everything you want it to do. The primary characteristic that all the stopwatches should have is the ability to do the counting from zero.

On a different note, a stopwatch should be able to count seconds, minutes, hours, and a good one has to be exact within 1/100 of a second.

  • Buttons And Shell

Often your stopwatch slams against your body when it gets dropped. Also, it gets wet pretty often. Henceforth, it needs to have a shell made of hard plastic or rubber.

Concurrently, when it comes to buttons, your stopwatch should have a bit hard plastic buttons, which are supported by springs. The size of the buttons should be accurate so that you can easily press them.

  • Battery Life

The battery life of the stopwatch you are willing to purchase is important as well. In most cases, lithium batteries are used to charge stopwatches. They help the device to last for many years. Once you get to see the display became dim, you have to change the battery, which gets very much costly if you have to do it very often.

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If you are in sports, a stopwatch is an inevitable tool you need to have with you most of the time. A good stopwatch will let you measure the time of laps with more precision and can completely nullify the need for pen and paper.

Besides, you can keep track of time pretty easily with it, without even writing down the documents in papers. Likewise, if you are in a rush in your daily life and there is a task you have to complete in a fixed time, you can certainly use a stopwatch. That is how a stopwatch can also be useful in terms of work management.

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