5 Ways To Cover Bathroom Tile

Bathroom tiles, after prolonged use, often get stained due to coming in contact with the different minerals concentrated in water. Once the stains settle, your bathroom can look too ugly and undesirable to the eyes. However, there is a solution to this problem without removing the tiles.

There are different ways in which you can cover your bathroom tiles. In this article, we have included some of the most effective ways to cover bathroom tile. Our recommendations are practical and provide the best coverage for damaged wall and floors. So read ahead to know more!

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Top 5 Ways To Cover Bathroom Tile

1. Tic Tac Tiles Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Wallpaper Review

Tic Tac Tiles Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Removable Stick On Kitchen Backsplash Bathroom 3D Wall Sticker Wallpaper Tiles in Polito Designs (10, Grigio)

We have the Tic Tac Tiles Peel for our first pick, where each pack contains ten tile cover stickers for the bathroom. The stickers’ color is Grigio, and they are provided with self-adhesive to attach to bathroom or kitchen walls easily. The stickers have a 3D printed design, which gives them a realistic vibe.

In terms of the dimensions, the stickers measure 9.37 x 9.25 x 0.39 inches for its length, width and height respectively. These stickers are made in Korea, so its quality is very good. You can install it quickly by simply adjusting the sizes with scissors. All you have to do is peel and stick.

Another great thing about this wallpaper is it doesn’t get damaged by heat, water, moisture, or humidity. On top of this, it is quite durable and lasts on the wall for a long time.

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2. Art3d Peel & Stick Kitchen/Bathroom Backsplash Sticker Review

Art3d 10-Piece Peel & Stick Kitchen/Bathroom Backsplash Sticker, 12' X 12' Faux Ceramic Tile Design

If you are a ceramic lover, then we have got one of the best cover bathroom tile for you. This tile floor cover for the bathroom comes in the form of 3D stickers, which can simply be stuck on damaged kitchen walls or bathroom walls by peeling off its back. It contains adhesive to ensure proper fitting.

The wallpaper is made of vinyl to protect it from damage from water. The dimensions of the sticker is 12 x 12 x 0.1 inches in terms of its length, breadth, and height, respectively. The 3D tiles are in rectangular in shape. And most importantly, it looks like ceramic, which elevates the appearance of your bathroom.

Each box contains 10 panels and is capable of covering an area of 9 square feet. The wallpaper is not damaged even if there is excess humidity. So you can be assured about its durability.

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3. Mosaic Adhesive Thick Self-Adhesive Peel and Stick Wallpaper Review

Mosaic Adhesive Wallpaper Thick Self-Adhesive Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper Matte Bathroom Wallpaper Kitchen Wallpaper Shelf Paper Countertop Vinyl Film Mosaic Wallpaper 15.7'x78.7'

Anyone looking for bathroom floor covering ideas should definitely opt for our 3rd option due to its amazing adhesiveness and longevity. This one too is a peel and stick wallpaper providing an illusion of a mosaic floor. The wallpaper looks so real that onlookers won’t be able to tell it from a real mosaic floor.

The stickers are made of PVC. They come in an attractive shade of green. The product comes in dimensions of 15.7″ x 78.7″, which makes it easier for a single person to install it comfortably. Not only this, it contains grids on its back to help the installer properly cut it with scissors while fitting it around switchboards.

Even if you decide to peel the wallpaper off once you want to move on to something new, it won’t leave any marks on the floor or wall. It has a satisfactory level of thickness, which protects it from damage due to humidity.

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4. BEAUSTILE Decorative Tile Stickers and Tile Sheet Review

BEAUSTILE Decorative Tile Stickers Peel and Stick Backsplash Fire Retardant Tile Sheet (2pcs) (R, N.Blue)

The 4th pick on this list of the best covering old bathroom tiles is this set of decorative stickers from BEAUSTILE. These stickers are self-adhesive for which they are easy to install. You simply have to peel and stick it. You can use a scissor to adjust the sizes around switchboards and other obstacles on the wall.

The wallpapers are made of epoxy resin. And it does not get damaged even after coming in contact with moisture or humidity. Each pack comes with 2 pieces of sheet and six sheets are capable of covering an area of 6.2 square feet. Not only this, you can even stick this one behind a gas stove or kitchen sink.

Moreover, the wallpaper has a smooth glass-like texture which helps to maintain the aesthetics of the bathroom. It is free from toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, phthalates, and cadmium. You can easily clean it up with a wash towel if it gets dirty.

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5. STICKGOO Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash Review

STICKGOO Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash, Sky Marble Herringbone Adhesive Backsplash Tiles, Stick on Tiles for Kitchen & Bathroom (Pack of 10, Thicker Design)

The best way to update bathroom tile without replacing is to get sticker wallpapers which act as a splashback to cover tiles. Our last and 5th pick is one such backsplash sticker from the brand Stickgoo. It is made of vinyl and comes in the color white. It has the appearance of marble tiles.

Due to the illusion created by this wallpaper, you will feel as if the bathroom is covered with real marbles. Each sheet is capable of covering an area of 8.8 square feet. The thickness of the paper is 2-3 times greater than ordinary stickers. So it is more durable and long-lasting.

Self-adhesive glue is provided on the back of these stickers, which is three times stronger than regular glue. So you won’t have trouble attaching it firmly to the wall. It can also remain damage-free for a long time. Cleaning it up is easy as well. It does not get spoilt by humidity or moisture.

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Now that we have come at the end of this bathroom tile cover reviews, we can assure you that following our picks won’t leave you disappointed. Sticker wallpapers are one of the best ways to cover bathroom tiles without bearing the huge cost of replacing it.

It also helps to protect the tiles from stains. So we hope this article will be helpful for you and you can make a good choice following our recommendations.





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