What Size Curtains Do I Need

Curtains size is a must-do job for the people who are curious about interior design for their room.

If you don’t have curtains with the perfect size, already you have missed a chance to do some amazing interior design in your room. 

Now you may ask what size curtains do I need.

Read the article to know How to measure curtains perfectly to decorate your room with curtains. 

How To Measure Curtains

Step 1: Choose Inside Or Outside

At the beginning of the measurement, you have to think carefully about how you want to hang them outside of the window frame or inside of the window frame.

Determine at first where to the mountain. Here, you may have to look at the window normally and search for the rod. Look at the upside of the window. You will find a rod inside or outside of the frame. 

curtains height

Inside of the window curtains: If the rod is visible inside the window then you may need a short size of curtain. Although inside mount curtains are not common, you may fix it to get a standard look. 

You should keep in mind that inside curtains do not cover the entire window. You may experience the sunlight because it does not block the window completely. 

Outside of the window curtains: Outside of the window, the curtain is very popular and familiar due to its beautiful appearance through the window. This type of curtain enhances the beauty of your interior decoration.

Look at the rod of the window frame. You should get the rod outside of the window frame on the wall. Outside mount curtains are usually larger than that off inside mount curtains. 

This curtain will block air or sunlight approaching from the window completely.

Attention: Determine yourself at first which type of curtain is possible to hang over your window. 

If you want, you can replace the rod position to mount and decorate your room. 

Step 2: Determine the Rod Size

You will see three kinds of rod set in a window. Among the three, two settings are inside the window frame and one is outside the window.

Search for the inside of the window, you will see a rod with caps is holding a snug fit. You may say it inside the trim mount rod. Both insiders should be fixed above 3 to 6 inches far from the window frame.

If you want to fix a curtain rod outside of the window frame then you should drill keeping a gap between 6 to 12 inches from the window frame. 

Step 3: Set Your Curtain Length

Get a measurement tap that is longer than 15 feet. Now hold the top of the measurement tap at the rod and turn the tape below to the ground. 

If you are going to hang an inside-mount curtain than just measure, the window frames.

curtains length

In the case of outside mount curtain, hold the tap to the ground. Keep 12 to 20 inches distance from the ground. You will get the length of your curtain. 

Length is a crucial issue for a curtain that will enlarge your interior decoration. Don’t do any mistake measuring the length. 

Look below to get some general curtain length in inches and centimeter:

54 inches or 137cm

72 inches or 182cm

90 inches or 229cm

Step 4: Determine The Width

At first, you should know that a curtain generally appears with 2 or 4 parts for a single window. So, the perfect width depends on your choice of the curtain.

Get the measurement tape and hold it at a side of the window frame.

Remember; hold the scale keeping a distance of 6 inches on each side. 

After getting the right volume of width, determine how many parts of the curtain you will buy.

If possible get help from an interior designer.  

See some general width size below in inches and centimeter:

46 inches or 166cm

66 inches or 167cm

90 inches or 229cm

curtains width

Step 5: Set The Appropriate Length

Now, you have the length and width size of your window frame. Sometimes, you may consider the actual curtain size.

As an alternative, if you get the window frame size quite the same as my given curtain sizes, you can pick one from here. 

The fact is, when you are determining the curtain length size having the width size, you must keep in mind the value of interior decoration.

Step 6: Think About Interior Decoration

Longer curtains with a broad width size are eminent in the entire world. I would suggest you be a part of the trend. 

Next, examine carefully the fabrics of the cloth carefully so that the curtains do not shrink after a wash.   

curtains rod

Finally, check out the process once again whether everything is all right or not. 

What Are The Crucial Points When Measuring The Curtains? 

Decoration: Window curtains are great stuff for interior decoration providing colors and extra look in the room. Think about the combination between the wall, window, contents of the room, and your choice.

Perfect length and width: Use a curtain calculator to get the right measurement to ensure your perfect choice and suitability. 

Visibility: Too much transparent curtain allows sunlight to come in that may be disturbing when you are sleeping in the morning. 

Make sure that no contents can come in without parting the curtain. Next, too much weighty curtain may look classic. 

What Size Of Curtains Is Perfect F0r My Window?         

Look, the size of the curtains depends on your choice. If you didn’t miss any paragraph of the article, I hope, you got the perfect size for your curtains. 

Examine the instructions twice to get that you are not wrong. For you, larger curtains are more efficient than shorter to decorate the room. 

Pick the larger sizes of curtains fixing the mounting rod on the window frame. Keep in mind the distances that you must keep to mount the curtains.

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Bottom Line

You may have standard curtain sizes in cm in the article. You may take the suggestion, explained in the article in the last paragraph, for your betterment. 

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