Standing up for young americans

About Us

What is

A nationwide non-profit organization that leverages online organizing, new media, and popular culture to enhance the political voice of young Americans.  Each day, we break down news and need-to-know policy into quick memes, short videos, and key bullet points.  We also lead campaigns that register voters, remove ballot barriers, and fight for economic opportunity.

What are some of your key issues?

Each day we break down the news and educate young Americans on key topics including voting rights, campaign finance reform, college affordability, marriage equality, and healthcare reform, to name a few.

Who is behind this?

A bunch of millennials. OurTime was founded by Matthew Segal and Jarrett Moreno, two friends from Kenyon College in Ohio who saw a need to make politics more relevant for their peers. It has since attracted many additional twenty-somethings to join the team based in Washington DC.

Are you liberal or conservative?

We like to call ourselves “pro-generational,” meaning that we carefully consider the majority views of our generation and do our best to represent those positions without shilling for political parties.