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White House to colleges and universities: NO SERIOUSLY, PROTECT YOUR STUDENTS

  • Recent events have not only shown just how common sexual violence is on college campuses across the United States, but also how poorly many schools handle the issue.

The Facts

  • In late January, the White House created a task force to protect students from sexual assault amid hundreds of reports from thousands of colleges across the country.

  • Recent studies show that one in five women have experienced sexual violence in college. College men are frequently victims of sexual violence as well, with 10% of men being sexually assaulted over their lifetimes.

  • According to federal policies, schools are supposed to provide students with information on sexual assault prevention programs as well as provide victims with information on support services.

  • Recent events prove these policies are not adequately followed.

  • The White House task force will create new guidelines on dealing with sexual assault in colleges and universities to distribute and enforce.

Our Opinion

The health and safety of students should be an obvious priority for all schools. Rather than cover up the problem (to save face with public relations?) it’s time for schools to confront reality.

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