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    Brooms have evolved since the days when straw threads were tied around a stick with a piece of string. Brooms come in small or large sizes, and are manufactured in a variety of materials. The best broom for a wooden floor will be the easiest to use and the most effective, although it should not scratch or overshadow the beauty of your floors.

    #Top Brooms And Brushes Picks By Our Editorial Team

    Types Of Brooms And Brushes

    Microfiber brooms

    Often, microfiber brooms are called “mops”; however, they do not necessarily use water or liquid to remove dirt and dust. The advantage of using a microfiber broom is that it glides over the floors easily, almost effortlessly, and the compartments inside the microfiber material trap dirt and dust. This prevents you from collecting and collecting dirt from the wood floor. Microfiber mops come with reusable covers that can be thrown into the washing machine, or you also have the option of purchasing disposable covers. Some of the most popular brands of microfiber brooms are Swiffer, Scotch-Brite and Mystic Maid.

    Traditional broom

    The traditional broom is one that most people would draw if they were asked to draw a broom. Most of them have a triangular shape, both with synthetic or natural “straw” strands, which extend from the broomstick. This type of item is used to sweep dust and dirt in a movement that goes towards your body. Once you collect the dust in a pile, you use a shovel to collect the dirt and discard it. While these brooms are suitable for gathering large particles, they often require passing the mop below. In order to protect your wood floors, use a traditional broom made of rubber fibers, which are softer and less abrasive on the floor. There are many brands that offer this type of brooms, such as Ace and Rubbermaid.


    In general, swabs are made for larger floor spaces. The swab gets wider in order to cover a larger area, as you push it from behind. Frequently, the fibers are synthetic, rubber or other such materials, and are better for more industrial areas. If you use a swab on wooden floors, make sure that the strands do not wear too much, which will have a more abrasive effect on the floor. Use a swab with rubber threads, and after sweeping do not forget to pass the mop. Ace and Harper are recognized brands that offer swabs.

    Top 10 Best Hardwood Floor Broom

    1) Evriholder – FURemover Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle


    Got a carpet full of dog hairs you need to clean before the guests arrive? Have you spilled a jar of coffee on your parquet and now need to clean up the mess? Well, this here product can help you do just that! It’s called Evriholder pet hair remover, and it can tackle with ease a wide variety of messes around your house – whether it’s a hardwood floor or a carpeted surface. 

    The reason why this product is so good at removing pet hairs from your floor surfaces is that it’s made out of 100% natural rubber. This material is well-known for easily attracting hairs, so you won’t really have any problem with picking up any sort of ‘fur leftover’, so to speak. Whether it’s dog hair or cat hair, a couple of swoops with this Evriholder FURemover will do away with even the most stubbornly stuck pieces of fur!

    Surprisingly enough, this cleaner also works on fibers, so you can use it to clean up messes located on your pet’s bed cushion, for example.


    • Works well on rugs, tile, parquet, fabrics and even windows
    • Comes with a built-in squeegee edge
    • Perfect for removing pet hairs
    • Telescopic design for a bigger reach
    • Easy maintenance


    • Some customers have complained about poor handle quality
    • Not as effective on carpets (especially if they have long fibers)


    2) TreeLan – Dust Pan and Broom

    If you’re in need of a product that provides both a sturdy broom AND a dustpan as a whole package, look no further than this TreeLan combo. To make your life as a user easier, the folks at TreeLan made sure that the handles for both the dustpan and for the broom are long enough for you to use this product standing up.

    For all of you environmentally aware folks who care about global warming and saving baby polar bears, the TreeLan folks have prepared for you a little surprise. Namely, the bristles on the brushes they’re manufacturing are made out of high-quality recycled PET bottles, so the plastic is not wasted or otherwise disposed of somewhere in the ocean or something.

    Thanks to its plastic build, the broom, together with its recycled bristles, is resistant to water, so you can rest assured that this cleaning contraption will do its job well even if you’re cleaning some spillage or the other.

    Also, for easier storage, there is a single hole at the end of both the dustpan and the broom. If you have some hooks in your larder or kitchen, you can simply hang this duo on it! Saves space and these two are neatly stored – what’s not to love?


    • The bristles are made out of recycled PET bottles
    • Long broom bristles for easier cleaning
    • A large capacity dustpan
    • Comes with long handles on both the dustpan and the broom
    • Works well on multiple surfaces


    • The dustpan does not always lay perfectly flat to the floor surface
    • The stickers can be tough to remove


    3) Bissell – Smart Details Hardwood Upright Wide Floor Push Broom


    Simple looks, excellent performance, and sturdy bristles made out of horse hair are what makes this broom from Bissell a mighty tool in the hands of any person, really. (The thing is, though – this model does not come with a dustpan, so you’d have to figure that part out for yourself.)

    The main purpose of this particular tool is to take care of the hard floor and carpeted surfaces. All you need to do, really, to make good use of this product is to extend its broom (since it’s extendable), and start swipin’! When you finish using it, simply contract the collapsible broomstick into its lower, hollowed-out part, make sure the whole thing clicks and is secure, and then that’s it!

    Similarly to the product above, this broom has also got a special little circle on top of it, for easy storage. You can keep it in your pantry or wherever you have a surface with enough hooks on it, so to speak.


    • Bristles made out of horse hair
    • Designed for wooden floors and hard floors, in general
    • There’s a hole on the top of the handle for easy storage
    • The handle is extendible


    • Some customers have complained about this brush losing hair
    • Some users didn’t like the length of the bristles



    4) GLOYY – Long Handled Push Broom with Soft Rubber Bristles Squeegee Edge

    Although mostly lovable and cute, our pets are also perfectly capable of making our lives miserable with their merry little ‘accidents’ that tend to pop up in the most awkward places around your house. Think about pet hairs, for a minute. To be fair, pets can control when their hair is going to fall off, so you should expect to see volumes upon volumes of pet hair on your furniture all over the place.

    Well, here’s the deal. This GLOYY long-handled push broom can be a perfect tool for getting rid of these annoying hairs quickly and easily. Thanks to its soft rubber bristles, this broom doesn’t need to be used aggressively in order to swoop up the stray hairs around your house.

    By simply dragging this broom across your carpet or a hard surface, the bristles will attract the hairs into themselves and make them stay there! This is due to the electrostatic effect that happens when these rubber bristles come in contact with the fibers of the carpet and the hair.


    • Excellent for picking up pet hair
    • Works wonders on flat surfaces
    • Comes with an easy-to-carry brush
    • Extendable handle pole
    • Attractive design


    • Doesn’t work as well on carpets with long fibers
    • You have to twist hard to lock the telescoping handle in place


    5) Evriholder – FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom and Lint Brush Combo


    Suitable for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces including hard floors, carpets, rugs, tile, and more, this Evriholder FURemover is a piece of hair removal weaponry that every pet owners should have. To make this mini anti-pet hair arsenal more complete and well-rounded, the folks at Evriholder included a little lint brush as a special addition.

    Both the broom and the lint brush are made out of 100% rubber, which is a material that fares pretty well with all sorts of surfaces including linoleum, hardwood, rugs, and even carpets to an extent!

    The secret is in the contact between the rubber bristles and the fibers of the carpet. When these two materials touch each other, they create an electrostatic effect, which acts as a de facto magnet for hairs and small particles.


    • Works on a wide variety of different carpeted and non-carpeted surfaces
    • Made out of 100% rubber
    • Comes with a built-in squeegee edge
    • Adjustable, telescopic handle
    • Easy, no-hassle maintenance


    • Performance on carpets with long fibers is not really great
    • Some users have complained about the quality of the extendable handle (It breaks off way too easily.)


    6) LandHope – Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper


    Thanks to the materials of choice for this broom, which is mostly rubber, the folks at LandHope have devised a cleaning contraption capable of easily swooping up a variety of pollutants, including pet hairs, ash, dust, spilled coffee or other similar matter, and others. 

    One of the constant concerns with swooping up ash, dust, or some other sort of tine particle, is that the broom is going to make the fine powder disperse into the air. With cleaning utensils that have rubber bristles, however, this won’t be a problem, because rubber has the special ability to make the dirt stick to its surface due to electrostatic effect. (We’ve already described it above.)

    To make sure that cleaning flat surfaces is as efficient as possible, the folks at LandHope have also devised a squeegee edge. This thing will help you scrape off some of the tougher stains or stuck particles easier than the bristles, which are there mostly to gather around the dirt and dust. 


    • Bristles made out of rubber
    • Long and adjustable handle
    • Easy to clean after use (Some warm water under the faucet will do.)
    • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


    • Cleaning corners can be tricky
    • Some users have reported problems with the telescoping handle


    7) RAVMAG – Rubber Broom & Squeegee


    Need a simple broom that can tackle all sorts of messes both indoors and outdoors? Well, this RAVMAG cleaning utensil is just that! It features a simple design with rubber bristles and an additional squeegee that can easily take care of even the most annoyingly persistent pet hairs and spillages.

    Since its bristles are made out of natural rubber, you don’t need to worry about using it on wet surfaces or even outdoors. Rubber has excellent water-resistance properties, so no matter how moist it gets, there’s no risk about the bristles ever rotting or getting damaged by water. This makes it a perfect cleaner’s weapon of choice for tackling surface that is both wet and dirty!

    Other than offering excellent performance in most areas, this cleaning tool also performs well when it comes to taking care of different pet hairs. Thanks to the phenomenon called electrostatic effect, rubber bristles engage the hairs by attracting them to themselves. After you’ve finished picking up the dog or cat hair around, simply wash off the accumulated mess under a stream of water, and that’s it as far as maintenance is concerned!


    • Made out of 100% TPR rubber
    • The long handle makes swooping easy (No need to bend down.)
    • Comes with a multi-purpose squeegee
    • Can be used for windows and car windshields (the rubber squeegee part)
    • Works both indoors and outdoors


    • Doesn’t perform as well on wooden floors
    • Some users have complained about the head attachment socket


    8) Superio – Horsehair Broom


    Horsehair is an ancient material used for a limited amount of purposes, so to speak. For example, it’s mostly used for string instrument bows, where its unique texture produces some of the greatest sounds known to man’s ears! On the other hand, it’s also used to make brooms. And it seems to do one heck of a job in this department, as well.

    There are a couple of things to take into consideration here, though. For example, there’s the fact that you can’t really use it on carpets because the bristles are too soft to adequately tackle the dirt stuck underneath carpet fibers.

    On the other hand, the area where these horsehair brooms tend to shine is hardwood floors. If you’ve managed to spill something all over your parquet, for example, or have loads of pet hairs strewn around your linoleum, using this particular cleaning tool will probably be the best thing ever for you.


    • Works best on hardwood floors (and other hard surfaces)
    • Sturdy, hardwood handle
    • Comes with a rubber bumper to protect the walls while you’re cleaning
    • Excellent for sweeping pet hairs


    • Can only be used indoors
    • Only works on hard surfaces


    9) OLLSDIRE – Broom and Dustpan Set


    Capable of tackling tough messes both indoors and outdoors, this broom & dustpan set form a company called OLLSDIRE is a perfect example of a well-rounded cleaning utensil. Particularly, if you like having just one cleaning tool that can take care of multiple surfaces, this product might be just what you need.

    One of the problems with these dustpan and broom combos is that the dustpan can be tough to place perfectly onto the floor. Usually, there can be gaps between the end of the plastic and the floor, so you can end up trying to sweep up the same heap of dust over and over again with little success.

    To avoid this, the folks at OLLSDIRE built in a small rubber section at the end of the dustpan, so that it can comfortably sit on the floor beneath. This means that you can pick up a heap of dust in a single swoop quickly and efficiently.


    • Comes with a special rubber lip on the dustpan for easier swooping
    • Long handles on both the dustpan and the broom (You can use them standing up.)
    • Excellent customer service
    • Sturdy design


    • Some customers have reported problems with connecting metal handlebars together (the parts don’t fit apparently)
    • Poorly-organized instruction manual


    10) Quickie – Bulldozer 24-Inch Rough Surface Palmyra Push Broom


    Rough and ready, this Bulldozer Palmyra push broom is a tough and sturdy cleaning contraption best used for taking care of hard surfaces. Thanks to its strong bristles, this broom can be used to wipe off small stones, ruble, mulch particles, and other similar unwanted small objects on your floor.

    Since this cleaning product was made to be tough and sturdy, the folks at Quickie have installed on it a strong steel handle that will serve you for years to come. The reason this handle is reinforced is the fact that this broom works on the simple principle of pushing. So, if you want to make it clean up a floor, simple push the dirty particles off it!

    Built into the broomstick, there’s also a scraper you can use to scrape off any excess dirt of this cleaning tool. The whole thing is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.


    • Powder-coated steel handle
    • Can be used to sweep stones, ruble, mulch, and other messes
    • Built-in scraper
    • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty


    • Some users claim the broom is too difficult to push
    • The head can sometimes randomly detach itself



    Of the 3 options our propose is the main thing to choose the broom. In the house of our grandmothers and mothers the broom has always been used to sweep the floor but nowadays we have a great variety of accessories. The broom can still be used for a first general cleaning of the house or in specific places such as the kitchen with hard materials floors to remove the most visible dirt. For the bathroom, we recommend brooms with rubber bristles to collect the hair remnants and on wooden floors, brooms with hard bristles and perform the movements gently so as not to scratch it.


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