Best Combustion Analyzer [Reviews and Buying Guide]

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The fire might be the oldest invention in humankind’s book, but there are so many other inventions surrounding fire and how to utilize it properly. One such product is a combustion analyzer that can accurately tell the temperature, hue, and even digitally name the number of gasses emitted from the combustion.

However, you need the best combustion analyzer if you want the readings to be accurate and precise. Moreover, when it comes to combustion, you should not take any risk as things can quickly go south if the measurements are not correct.

Accordingly, as you can tell, this product is quite technical. But do now worry, you have this article to find answers to any of your questions!

Top 5 Best Combustion Analyzer

Top 5 Best Combustion Analyzer
Top 5 Best Combustion Analyzer

It is an easy road to buying such a product when you have a list ready for you. That is why we gathered some models that will certainly not fail.

1. Testo Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit Review

Testo 0563 3220 71 320 Residential/Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit With Printer
Testo 0563 3220 71 320 Residential/Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit With Printer

A combustion analyzer seems like a very technical tool, and the most popular models are not suitable for non-professionals. However, what if you want a kit for your house to be sure that you are breathing clean air?

Well, the Testo analyzer kit is the perfect residential product. It has an easy interface with all the modes on display. You can detect mono-gas, which can be lethal, check flue gas levels, and even identify any gas leak. So, this product makes it very easy to take precautions against fire hazards.

Moreover, it also has printing options. So, after it analyzes and shows data, you can print it out on a hard copy. To make connectivity even easier, it also has USB facilities, so you can simply plug the device with a printer.

As we know, gas and particles can jam the device, and that might cause inaccurate readings. Hence you will receive replacement filters as well. A big case with slots to hold all the tools of the kit will also be available.

Key Features

  • Has a digital menu that is easy to understand and use
  • Can detect and measure different flue gas
  • It can identify the level of CO gas produced from combustion
  • Comes with USB connectivity features
  • Has replacement filters

2. Residential Combustion Analyzer by Forensics Review

Basic Combustion Analyzer By Forensics | Flue Gas Analyzer | CO And O2 Sensor | COAF & EA | Water Trap, Particle And NOx Filters | USB Recharge | USA NIST Calibration |
Basic Combustion Analyzer By Forensics | Flue Gas Analyzer | CO And O2 Sensor | COAF & EA | Water Trap, Particle And NOx Filters | USB Recharge | USA NIST Calibration |

If you plan to bring a combustion analyzer kit for your house, it cannot be overly critical. It can be tough to work with professional kits. However, if you get a well-rounded kit with only the essentials, the process might become easier for you.

Therefore, Forensics came out with a set with all the things you would need for running tests at your resident. A humble set with a digital reader, long antenna, and an easy plugging solution means that anyone can use it.

At the same time, these compact products are packed with features so that you get a full analysis. It can be about measuring the level of CO2 or O2. The digital reader can also calculate various statistics for a comprehensive report.

It has particle and NOx filters to reduce errors in calculation and also works with if the air has humidity as it has a water trapping system. Besides, the product itself is quite robust, so water cannot cause much harm.

Key Features

  • Has high quality sensing ability because of the long antenna
  • Different types of filters help reducing cross sensitivity errors
  • The sturdy exterior makes the product durable
  • A well-rounded kit with all the essentials
  • Comes with necessary wires for flexible plugging

3. Testo Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit Review

Testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit I Flue Gas Detector Set For Heating Systems
Testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit I Flue Gas Detector Set For Heating Systems

It is time-consuming to hold a measuring device on the one hand and trying to do the rest of the work with the other. Many people also face this issue while using a combustion kit, and you have to hold the tool to take the readings.

However, the Testo 310 model has a hands-free feature that allows you to stick the tool to any magnetic surface. So, you can plug in the rest of the wires and take the readings comfortably. Having a flat surface also ensures that the device does not shake much.

It also has a backlit display that features two lines. So, the numbers on the screen appear in an organized fashion, and you can easily understand what they mean. It also has several logic analyzers to calculate the numbers.

Besides that, the product is small, compact, and even leak proof. It has a special hose that ensures zero leakings, and a condensate trap helps to discharge the accumulated water efficiently.

Key Features

  • The backlit display enables easy viewing
  • It takes little time to start functioning
  • Has logic analyzers to calculate and figure the meaning of different numbers
  • Ensures minimum leakage with the help of a kink-resistant hose
  • Enables hands-free reading
  • Small and compact product

4. Bacharach Fyrite Insight Combustion Analyzer Review

Bacharach 24-8250 Fyrite Insight Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 24-8250 Fyrite Insight Combustion Analyzer

Products like these are getting fancier by the minute. It also means that even simple analyzers are becoming complicated. If you are someone who cannot be bothered by all of that and just want a simple combustion analyzer, try the Bacharach Product.

Its old school design with buttons for navigation will surely make you feel at home. The display is wide enough to view things clearly, and all the functions are accessible with the buttons.

Apart from that, the product is very compact and looks like an old cell phone. It does not have any other accompanying product either. So, you can plug in the device with the wires and start working at any time.

However, its digital manometer and other sensors are very upgraded, and they can measure CO, ESP, pressure, and eight other fuels. Hence, it may look medieval, but it still has modern functions. The product can even measure up to 999 degrees Fahrenheit like a professional thermometer.

Key Features

  • Can test and identify eight different fuels
  • Versatile product can also double up as a thermometer
  • Has a digital manometer for measuring gas pressure, draft, ESP, etc.
  • An extremely compact and portable product
  • It can detect the presence of CO and CO free air

5. Fieldpiece Combustion Check New Review

Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check New With Hard Case
Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check New With Hard Case

Unless you are a professional dealing with multiple combustion tools, you do not need a full set with several technical products. Moreover, such kits can be very expensive. So, what to do if you want a tool when a full analysis is not necessary?

This SOX3 model is a perfect low maintenance product with quite some features for working in residential places. As a result, it is not hard to understand, plus this model is extremely affordable compared to many others.

Even though it will not run a full analysis, it can still measure CO2, O2, and other gasses’ flue gas levels. The digital monitor at the front will show the results in an easily readable manner.

Another convenient factor is the limited attachments needed to run the tests. It only requires a cable and a long sensor, both of which will be available with purchase. The long sensor is also helpful in fine-tuning different combustion tools.

Key Features

  • Allows you to fine-tune combustion tools
  • It can detect the presence of excess air
  • Enables calculation of CO2 and O2 flue temperature
  • A beginner-friendly analyzing tool
  • Comes with necessary attachments

What To Look For Before Buying Combustion Analyzer?

The product itself is small but often has several attachments along with it. So, you should be aware of a few things before you buy a combustion analyzer.

Gas Detection

Even if the product is residential friendly, it should detect more than one type of gas. Usually, such devices can also tell the level of excess air present so that you can adjust other combustion tools.

These detectors can commonly tell if excess CO2 is present, but if you want a better analysis, try to look for tools that also detect various gas compounds of oxygen and nitrogen.


If the product showed a bunch of numbers, that would not make sense, especially to a beginner. Besides, professionals also do not want the hassle to make additional calculations to derive the answer they need. Hence, check if the device has sufficient logic analyzers.

The screen or the button board should give you a quick idea of the things you can do with the product. So, check for the features you would need specifically before making the final call.

USB Features

As mentioned before, these analyzers have several attachments, which is why they should sport USB features for easy connectivity. You can also look for WiFi connectivity options, but that will undoubtedly hike up the price. Some models are also compatible with printers and can directly print the result on the screen.


Having attachments in the form of sensors can be helpful as it enables you to reach distant places without having to stick your hand too far. Some analyzers have a magnetic back so that you can go hand-free.


This part is crucial for any analyzing tool; as a result, it will pop in the display. If it is not clear, or you cannot make sense of the numbers, the tool is of no use. Hence, be wary of the display.

How to Use Combustion Analyzer

This kind of product is very technical and often have different ways of usage based on the model. So, you cannot use the same technique across all combustion analyzer brand. However, we have gathered some basic tips that you can follow on how to use such a device.

First of all, get familiar with all the buttons below the display. Look out for the basic keys such as Stop/Start key, scroll buttons, backlight keys, etc. Every product should come with a guide, which will tell you the function of each of these buttons.

Usually, you will have to press the on button twice to turn it off or vice-versa. The next thing to do is setting the device based on your location. So, it will ask for location codes, date and time, and other things related to your area.

You will also have to set the units from different measurements, such as temperature, pressure, etc. After setting up, you will be ready to use the machine. If your model comes with sensors or probing devices, you will have to select that mode on the analyzer for it to function.

When you measure, make sure you are outside to get as close to a zero count on the device. Otherwise, the device will not reset properly for fresh analysis, and the result will not be accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Combustion Analyzer

Q. How do I toggle between the numbers on display to change the result?

Answer : Unless your display is a touch-screen, the device should have arrow buttons, which you can use to scroll between the numbers.

Q. Can I change the location settings after set-up?

Answer : Yes, you can change the settings, but it might be a time-consuming process.

Q. Is it possible to detect more than one compound using these products?

Answer : Usually, such devices can easily tell the presence of more than one of gas, oil, or other particles.

Q. What can I do if the product leak?

Answer : Some models have a condense trapper that accumulates any liquid, and you can open the latch to let it pass. The probing devices also have adjustment systems, where you can tighten it to ensure zero leakage.

Q. What happens if the filter gets damaged?

Answer : After a certain time, the filters will be too dirty, causing faulty readings. So you will have to replace them at regular intervals.


Finding the best combustion analyzer can indeed be challenging. You will have to kiss multiple frogs before you find the perfect product that fits all your needs. It is mostly because these products are very different from model to model, and a beginner will face issues trying to work with them.

Nevertheless, hopefully, this article guides you in the right direction and helps you find the product that you truly need.

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