Best Furniture Sliders For Tile Floors

Nobody likes to move furniture around a room. Lifting the bigger pieces of furniture often requires more than one person, and although smaller pieces of furniture do not require a partner (or a group of partners) to move around, it is still a massive inconvenience to move them around and transport them.

Furniture sliders were invented for this very reason. They are designed to make it possible to move even the biggest pieces of furniture around the room without needing to pick them up, and most of them will not affect the floor when you slide them around a room with them on the feet of your furniture. The issue with furniture sliders is that there are so many of them. They are very easy to make, and they have become surprisingly common.

This means that you need to search for the perfect furniture slider if you ever hope to obtain one that will not damage your floor or your furniture. Finding the perfect furniture slider is not an easy task because as mentioned earlier, there are so many of them out there. Fortunately, there are some furniture sliders that stand out above the rest. Although these furniture sliders are not perfect, they are decisively better than most other sliders out there.

List of the best 5 furniture sliders for tile floor-  our top picks

Top 5 Best Featured Furniture Sliders Reviews

1. X-PROTECTOR 16 PCS Furniture Sliders Review

Furniture Sliders X-PROTECTOR 16 PCS - Furniture Sliders Hardwood Floors & Felt Furniture Movers - Moving Pads All Floor Types! Heavy Duty Reusable Sliders for Moving Furniture -Do It Easily & Safely!

Most furniture sliders tend to only work on solid flooring. In most cases, they are only truly effective on tile floors. Using furniture sliders on other floors could result in scratching or scraping a vinyl, linoleum, or wood floor.

Different than most other furniture sliders, X-Protector’s furniture slider set is suitable for not only tile floors and other kinds of floors that have a hard surface, but also carpets. This sets X-Protector’s furniture sliders in a big way, and is a very good reason to acquire a set.

The three and half diameter sliders are best suited heavy furniture for it’s excellent weight distribution on the floor. The smooth and flexible moving pads makes your furniture moving easy without scratching on the floor or your mat. This feature made this product stand out compare to other similar furniture glides and sliders.

Moreover, 16 sliders come in X-Protector’s set. This means that you need to remove them for every piece of furniture that you want to move. Even though it will be slightly more convenient to do so, it will still be time consuming to use X-Protector’s furniture slider set to move several large pieces of furniture.

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2. Multi-Surface Furniture Carpet Sliders Review

Supersliders 4703995N Multi-Surface 2-in-1 Reusable Furniture Carpet Sliders with Hardwood Socks- Protect & Slide on Any Surface 5' Linen (4 Pack)

Most furniture slider packs either come with 4 sliders that can only be used on hard floors or carpets, or they come with 8 sliders where 4 of them are used for hard floors and 4 are used for carpets.

Super Sliders’ set of furniture sliders is one of those rare packs where they are compatible with hard floors as well as carpet floors. This is accomplished by the use of the “hardwood socks” that come with the set. Simply slip them onto the slider and the piece of furniture is now able to slide perfectly without any risk of damaging a hard floor.

Only four sliders come in Super Sliders’ carpet slider pack, and the hardwood socks themselves cannot be used standalone. They need to be wrapped around the sliders. This will leave you with only a few options and unlike with the 8 pack sets, you will be using these same sliders over and over again, possibly wearing them out.

If the hardwood socks in Super Sliders’ set are lost, your ability to use the sliders on a hard floor is also lost. This is something else you should be aware of.

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3. X-Protector 8 Piece Wood Furniture Slider Set Review

Felt Sliders X-PROTECTOR (8-Pieces) 4 3/4 inch Wood Furniture Sliders - Heavy Duty Sliders – Reusable Hardwood Floor Sliders - Felt Furniture Sliders HARD SURFACES - Move Your Furniture EASY & SAFELY!

A major issue with most 8 piece furniture slider sets are that they typically come in 2 sets of four sliders: One set that is compatible with hard flooring and one set that is compatible with carpet flooring.

While this can be convenient for some, those who do not care about possessing furniture sliders for carpet floors and who instead want two sets of furniture sliders for hard floors will be left in the dark. All eight of the sliders in X-Protector’s set are designed for hard floors, making it ideal for those who possess hard floors.

Something else about X-Protector’s set that really helps with wood based furniture has to deal with the material that the sliders are made of. Being made of heavy felt and rubber foam, X-Protector’s sliders will ensure that nothing happens to the bottom of your furniture when these sliders are under them.

However, the sliders in X-Protector’s set are designed to only be compatible with hard floors, leaving those who have carpet floors completely in the dark. Also, it does not come with a lifting device for the furniture, meaning you will need to physically pick up the furniture you want to use these sliders with yourself with no real help.

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4. X-Protector 8 Piece Furniture Slider Set Review

Furniture Sliders X-Protector 8 Pack 4 3/4' Furniture Sliders for Carpet - Felt Furniture Sliders Hardwood Floors - Moving Pads - Furniture Movers All Floor Types - Move Furniture Easy & Safety!

Furniture slider sets that only contain four sliders can be an inconvenience to use, and they can be even more inconvenient to use when the sliders are not separated between those that are suitable for hard surface floors and those that are suitable for carpets.

Fortunately, X-Protector’s slider set not only comes in a set of eight, but they come in two sets of four: Four sliders that are suitable for carpets, and four sliders that are suitable for hard surface floors. This makes them much more versatile than other furniture sliders.

Another nice thing about X-Protector’s furniture slider set is that they are much bigger than other furniture sliders. With each slider being ⅝ of an inch tall by 4 and ¾ inches wide, they will easily fit underneath any piece of furniture no matter how big it may be.

There are two things about X-Protector’s slider set that makes them less than perfect. First, the set does not come with its own furniture lifter. When you place the sliders in this set underneath your piece of furniture, you will need to manually place the sliders underneath each corner at a time. This can be physically stressful and time consuming.

Also, X-Protector’s set comes with sliders that are floor specific. While this can be convenient to some, others may desire for all eight sliders in the set to be designed for both carpets and hard floors.

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5.  Furniture Moving Kit for Carpeted and Hard Floor Review

Furniture Moving Kit (16 Piece) for Carpeted and Hard Floor Surfaces Felt Pads Suitable for All The Furniture Sliders

Even though furniture sliders generally make moving furniture much easier, the fact that they only come in packs of 4 or 8 can still make moving tedious and time consuming.

Sets of 4 furniture sliders are not only tedious to use, but are one-dimensional in most cases as they are compatible with either hard flooring or carpets, but not both. If they are compatible with both, it usually takes some kind of attachment for it to be compatible with both hard flooring and carpets.

Coming with an impressive 16 sliders in the set, you will not need to worry one iota about having enough furniture sliders for either floor in Flerise’s furniture slider set. 8 furniture sliders are compatible with solid floors and 8 of them are compatible with hard floors. If you are confronted with an involving moving task, you will want Flerise’s pack of furniture sliders.

There is only one thing that prevents Flerise’s furniture slider set from being perfect, and that is the lack of a lifting device for all the furniture that you intend to connect to the sliders. Another thing that you will need to watch out for is the possibility of them scratching hard floors, as the felt on the bottom of Flerise’s sliders are not as durable as other furniture sliders.

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Furniture sliders are quickly becoming one of the most popular moving accessories, and it can be difficult to determine what the best furniture sliders truly are.

Perhaps one of the most important things that you need to know is that there are different furniture sliders for different floors. What works for a carpet will not work for a hard surface floor, and some furniture sliders come with their own accessories that allow you to move furniture on both kinds of floors.

You should also pay attention to how many furniture sliders are part of any given set. Some sets only contain 4 furniture sliders while others contain as many as 16. The need for more furniture sliders is directly related to how much moving you need to do, so do not be afraid to turn to a 16 pack of furniture sliders if your situation demands it.

Choosing the best furniture sliders is never easy, but it is possible. The above information should provide you with all the tools you need to make the right choice on a furniture slider set.

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